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Lions of Georgia, Club History 1931-1932

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District Governor: Geoffrey B. King, Savannah Ga. 22 Clubs
Club District President Secretary Meeting Day/Time Meeting Location
Albany 18 J. H.  Lynch H. G. Cooksey Tuesday, 1:00 Cordon Hotel
Athens 18 C. D.  Mc Dorman Valco Lyle Thursday, 1:00 Holman Hotel
Atlanta 18 A. C. Keiser Wade N. Cashion Tuesday, 12:30 Henry Grady Hotel
Augusta 18 Henry A. Edwards E. C. B. Danforth Jr. Thursday, 2:05 Hotel Richmond
Cartersville 18 C. L. Collins Jr. Geo. V. Crow Tuesday, 12:15 Hotel Braban
Columbus 18 R. B. Newton Geo. W. Mathews Wednesday, 7:00 PM Ralston Hotel
Dublin 18 C. D.  Hilbun H.G. Stotesbury Wednesday, 1:15 Fred Roberts Hotel
East Point 18 J. Wayne Moore C. Lewis Davis Friday, 12:15 Woman's Club
Forsyth 18 G. H. Alexander R. L. Williams Jr. Friday, 2-4,  7:00  Masonic Hall
Griffin 18 H. M. Griffin J. P. King Wednesday, 12:10 Griffin Hotel
La Grange 18 Geo. S. Johnson C. L. Collum Tuesday, 12:10 Colonial Hotel
Macon 18 Horrance N. Mitchell C. B. Orr Tuesday, 1:15 Hotel Dempsey
Milledgeville 18 Jere N. Moore V. L. Nash Friday, 7:15 PM Baldwin Hotel
Quitman 18 W. A. May Emil J. Clower Wednesday, 12:30 Quitman Contry Club
Rome 18 E. W. Brannon D. M. Plomden Wednesday, 12:30 Hotel General Forest
Rossville 18 W. H. Alexander F. M. Gleason Friday, 6:00 PM Hosiery Mill Cafeteria
Sandersville 18 C. D. Shelnutt Minus Goodrich Thursday, 1:00 Santon Hotel
Savannah 18 Moses Berman H. C. Gould Tuesday, 2:15 Hotel Savannah
Sparta 18 G. W. Rives G. B. Moore Thursday, 1:00 Woman's Club Bldg.
Valdosta 18 Rev. A. B. Lipscombe J. W.  Norwood Wednesday, 1:00 Daniel Ashley Hotel
Waycross 18 Tuesday, 1:00 Hotel Ware
Zebulon 18 Dr. M. M.  Head L. H. Battle Thursday, 2-4,  7:00  School Bldg.

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