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1970 - 1980


The International Association of Lions Clubs affords abundant opportunities for each Lion to serve his fellowman. But to be aware only of the present robs one of a proper perspective from the past.

History helps us to understand the present and to reflect on how problems of the past have been resolved. History leads us to appreciate with greater feeling the toil of those who accomplished so much before us, and history helps us to evaluate the present as plans for the future are formulated. An appropriate historical record is necessary for inspiration, reflection, and appreciation.

This volume stands as a testimony to the unselfish efforts of more than 10,000 Lions in over 300 clubs who have etched their impact on the lives of many who may never know their benefactor. It is the history of Lionism in Georgia, during the decade of the seventies, compiled from materials in each of the six districts in Multiple District 18.

The opening chapter highlights the beginning of the decade with the Lions year 1969-70. Each of the six districts have a chapter which sketches the activities, leadership, and services rendered. It is a story of growth in membership, growth in service, and growth in state-wide projects and cooperation.

This volume is not the work of one individual but of thousands of Lions committed to serving mankind. However, special words of gratitude go to State Historian Eugene Sanders and to each of the District Librarians who have faithfully fulfilled the Constitutional requirement of writing a ten-year Georgia Lions history.

As the decade of the eighties is launched, may we challenge all Lions to greater achievements, intensified harmony, and unselfish efforts.

John F. Pearce
District Governor 18-D and
Council Chairman, 1979-80

April 14, 1982

GEORGIA 1980-1981
P.O. BOX69


It is with great pleasure that the Council of Governors, 1980-1981, presents to you this history of Georgia Lionism for the decade 1970-1980.

We cannot underestimate the value of a written history. We continue to grow as Lions in our understanding of Lionism, and in our efforts to help others through the lessons learned from past endeavors. The future of any undertaking is always based upon the learning and wisdom of the past.

State Historian, Past District Governor Eugene Sanders, and each District Librarian, with this thought in mind, have worked long and diligently to provide this written history of the last ten years of Lionism in Georgia. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for their fine work.

Yours in Lionism,

District .18-A

Council Chairman




"His life and work place him among the noble."

Editing Committee


District Librarians

State Historian

Eugene Sander (Ruth)
1796 Ridgewood Drive, N. E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

A- Stanley R. Kelly (Emily)
430 South Woodlawn Drive, S. W.
Marietta, Georgia 30060
428-7101                973-6909

B- Fraser F. Rambo (Vera)
202 East Washington Avenue
Hinesville, Georgia 31313

C- E. W. Rhoden (Margaret)
1121 Ninth Street, S. W.
Moultrie, Georgia 31768
985-2644                985-1532

D- Hugh Inglis (Elizabeth)
132 Colonial Drive
Athens, Georgia 30601

E- C. Vernon Glisson (Frances)
400 Marshallville Road
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030
825-5935                 926-6261

F- F. Hughes Willingham (Mildred)
P. O. Box 216
Lincolnton, Georgia 30817


Article IV, Section 3 of the State Constitution and By-Laws states: "A committee composed of the State Historian, Past State Historians, District Librarians, shall compile, edit, and publish the History of Lions in this state every ten years beginning in 1980 as the first date of publication and every tenth year thereafter ending in zero and shall be approved by the State Council before being published."

Without the wholehearted help of these dedicated Lions officially designated to perform this duty, and whose names are listed on the cover page, the actual work could not have been done.‘

Without the generous and sympathetic cooperation of the 1980-81 State Council listed on page iii this history would not have been produced.

Before 1975 under the supervision and with the help and cooperation of the members of the State Councils a considerable body of historic material was compiled and distributed to the Lions clubs, but never produced in permanent form. From that time until the 1980-81 group of District Governors, revived interest in the work, historical activity languished, and the material for authentic historical records was neglected, sometimes non-existent. With the approach of the crucial date for publication, however, the 1980-81 officials reversed that trend, and gave every encouragement and support to those officially responsible for the work. To them we acknowledge a total indebtedness and appreciation.


1980 - 1981

Council Chairman

Albert E. Johnson (18-A)
P. 0. Box 69
Alpharetta, Georgia 30201
Wife's Name - BETTY
Business Phone: 404 572-2791
Home Phone: 404 475-5106

Council International Convention Chairman

Jimmy D. Kay (18-F)
Route 1, Box 133 A
Dearing, Georgia 30808
Wife's Name - DOROTHY
Business Phone:
Home Phone: 404 595-2237

Council Vice-Chairman

Don Hardigree (18-D)
628 Ridgeway Street
Winder, Georgia 30680
Wife's Name - DORIS
Business Phone: 404 867-6321
Home Phone: 404 867-3007

Council Advisor

Dr. John Pearce
P. O. Box 386
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
Wife's Name - CAROLYN
Business Phone: 404 864-3391
Home Phone: 404 864-2716

Council Treasurer

G. Harris Satterfield (18-E)
615 Piney Woods Drive
LaGrange, Georgia 30240
Wife's Name - BETTY
Business Phone: 404 882-2524
Home Phone: 404 882-2062

State Secretary

Eugene K. Lindsay
P. 0. Box 5671, Macon, GA 31208 (Bus)
210 Gilchrist Drive
Warner Robins, Georgia 31903 (Home)
Wife's Name - TIPPY
Business Phone: 912 743-9413
Home Phone: 912 922-7237

Council Secretary

T. G. Crosby (18-B)
207 Carol Street
Waycross, Georgia 31501
Wife's Name - LAVERNE
Business Phone: 912 283-7711
Home Phone: 912 285-3296

State Historian

Eugene Sanders
1796 Ridgewood Drive, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Wife's Name - RUTH
Business Phone: 404 377-8784
Home Phone: 404 373-4332

Council State Convention Chairman

Don Sickmon (18-C)
Route 3, Box 2208
Bainbridge, Georgia 31717
Wife's Name - CAROLYN
Business Phone: 912 246-1553
Home Phone: 912 .246-8654

State Lion Tamer

James B. Zittrauer
4020 North Peachtree Road
Chamblee, Georgia 30341
Wife's Name - N/A
Business Phone:
Home Phone: 404 458-6579


The sixties merged into the decade of the seventies with few regrets. There were high hopes of escaping the effect of the preceding decade with its holdover of influences amounting to a definite trend, if not a decided change in our social structure, our attitudes, and way of life.

At the beginning of the decade of the seventies, Lionism in Georgia was almost fifty years old. Born of World War I it may represent the unconquerable human spirit to rise in the best and highest sense to the nobler needs of man, just as the era around the great depression of the thirties saw a wide proliferation of Lions Clubs, because men needed help, and wanted to help others in need.

This has been the distinguishing hallmark of Lionism, the one thing which in spite of its failures in whatever form, has caused Lionism to grow, to prosper, to become noble, widespread and universal.

The first Lions Club organized in Georgia, which now constitutes the Eighteenth District of Lionism, was that of Atlanta, which held its first meeting on December 17, 1920. The only surviving charter member is Lion Victor Todd, who was honored by the club on Friday, November 9, 1979, after a noble and distinguished life in Lionism, which has endeared him to all who know him. He was ninety-two years of age December 26, 1979.

The decade has been referred to as the "surprising seventies, the shocking seventies", along with other characterizations less flattering. Certainly this decade has been different, but it has grown upon the stalwart body of Lionism which was begun in this state fifty years earlier.

Since the fiscal year in Lionism begins on July1 each year, the decade of the seventies was ushered in under the influence of the year 1969-70. This was the year that W. Richard Bryan, of Doylestown, Ohio was President of Lions International, David A. Evans, of Houston, Texas was Immediate Past President, and Robert D. McCullough, D. O. of Tulsa, Oklahoma was First Vice President. Joe B. Davis was our Immediate Past International Director, 1966-68; and Marvin G. Pound, Sr., 1954-56, was our only other living Past International Director, although four other Georgians had held that office: Thomas H. Halliburton, 1924-28, from Macon; George S. Johnson, 1940-42, LaGrange; Dr. Homer I. Barker, 1949-51, Carrollton; and Ivan H. Jackson, 1958-60, Cartersville. Dr. Don W. Schmidt of Cedartown became International Director in 1971-73, followed in 1979-81 by International Director Edwin C. Daniel, of Chamblee.

It was at this state Convention in 1969 that George P. Crumbley, Jr. of the Atlanta Lions Club became the District Governor of 18A. He was to become International Director 1974-76 in San Francisco, and as Executive Director of the Peach Bowl from 1968 was to lead it to the crowning success which thrilled all Georgia Lions the last day of 1979, when Clemson and Baylor played to a sell-out stadium crowd with more than 57,000 in attendance.

In the spring of 1981, Emory University announced that Lion George Crumbley received the Award of Honor, the highest distinction bestowed by the Alumni Association at Alumni Day, May 2.

Having distinguished himself in community service, George Crumbley also served his alma mater in a unique way. As a liffetime Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse for the Blind and as Executive Director of the Peach Bowl, he was instrumental in establishing the Peach Bowl as the only postseason football extravaganza with charitable objectives.

In that role he has helped to build a relationship of cooperation in Atlanta among business, civic, educational, and health leaders. Through these initiatives, growing support has come to the Georgia Lions Eye Bank at Emory and to the programs of teaching, research, and patient care in sight preservation and restoration in Emory's Eye Center which are now being thrust into International prominence.

Lion Jimmy Carter, who was to be elected Governor of the State of Georgia in 1970, and President of the United States in 1976, was Council Advisor, having served as Council Chairman the year before, and as president of his Lions Club of Plains in 1957-58, after joining the Plains Lions Club in l953. An article Carter wrote, published in THE LION, is reproduced in Appendix A for its constant value. Then, years later, speaking at the White House to a large group of Past District Governors from Georgia who had gathered in Washington to honor him on March 31, 1979, he changed his former title of Lion President" to "President Lion".

In his message from the District Governor to the clubs in his district, District Governor Jimmy Carter stated that "the achievements of Lionism must originate within the local clubs, that individual Lions deserve the credit for great work, and they also deserve the blame for failure to take advantage of service opportunities." As every District Governor should be able to say at the end of his year of service, Jimmy Carter, past President of the United States of America, said, "My dedication to the principles of Lionism has been strengthened."

In July 1969 there were 278 active Lions Clubs in the six districts. Since the first club in 1920 there had been organized in this state 509 Lions Clubs.

This ratio of active clubs to the total organized shows the constant surge of Lionism back and forth, the struggle for existence, expansion and success. Of the first 50 clubs organized in Georgia, 3l were cancelled and 22 were reorganized, according to early reports, during the first dozen years. Moreover, it is true that of late years most of these clubs have been reorganized. The population increase and suburban build-up have changed the growth pattern, so that many formerly barren places are now thriving, while other areas have suffered a loss. The constant growth in the number of Lions Clubs and the number of members attest the vigor, value, and vitality of the Lions International organization, although before the decade was over there was to be a change of emphasis, as world conditions change rapidly in international growth, pressing clubs in the United States to greater activity.


The six District Governors who ushered in the Decade of the Seventies were:

A.  George P. Crumbley, Jr. (Carolyn), Atlanta

B.  Roy L. Jones, Jr. (Evelyn), Douglas

C.  W. Asbury Stembridge (Charlotte), Cordele

D.  Robert A. Holbrook (Margaret), North Decatur

E.  William Ballek (Martha) Macon Southside

F.  Willard M. Prior (Sarah), Augusta

Past International Director Alcee F. Maxfield (Kathleen), Vine Angle, continued as State Secretary for the fifth year; Rupert Gay (Mildred), Millen, was reelected State Lion Tamer for the fourth time; and Eugene Sanders (Ruth), Decatur, as State Historian for the sixth time, and Boone B. Owen (Eugenia), Blackshear, was serving as President of the Past District Governors Group.


The Atlanta Lions Club won the district contest, with all clubs making a good showing. Thirty-four club secretaries were 100%.

The Charter date of each club was recorded in the District Governor's annual report. The Rossville Lions Club sponsored the Chattanooga Valley Lions Club, chartered March 13, 1970. There were 66 Charter Member, the largest in the history of Georgia Lionism.

International President W.R. Bryan spoke at the District Rally, held in Atlanta, December 30, 1969 at the Sheraton Biltmore with 340 in attendance. There was a net increase in membership of 68 new members; July 1, 1969 there were 2,234 members; April 30, 1970 there were 2,302 members. District 18-A sold 5,655 Peach Bowl Tickets, but the Atlanta Lions Club sold 2,229 of these. District18-A sold 46% of the total number of 12,430 Peach Bowl tickets sold by Georgia Lions. Every Club in the district made a generous contribution to the Lighthouse. A specific financial report showed $7,335.32 received and $6,739.60 expended during the year, leaving $558.73 more in the treasury than at the beginning of the year.

18-B  1969 - 70

District 18-B of Georgia Multiple District 18 is located in the southeastern section of the state comprising the coastal section and including twenty-eight counties with thirty-nine Lions Clubs. In this district is Glynn county with the marshes of Glynn made famous by Sidney Lanier, as well as a Lanier County, and part of the famous Okefenokee Swamp. Down the middle of the district runs the Altamaha River important in Georgia's history and flora.

Roy L. Jones became the fourth Lion from the Douglas Lions Club to become District Governor. Elected to this high office for 1943-44 was Robert L. Cowart; 1949-50 Dr. Walter Wilson, Jr.; 1963-64 Winston Purvis, and for 1969 Roy L. Jones, Jr. (Evelyn).

Membership in the district increased from 1,549 (July 1, 1969) to 1,761 (May 15, 1970)

Over $10,000. was contributed to the Lighthouse.

All M&A Reports reached Lions International before the deadline. Twenty-four clubs contributed to Care. Two hundred and thirty-two Peach Bowl tickets were sold, and 145 Peach Bowl memberships.

Ninety-one eye donor forms were secured. Savannah organized one Leo club. Harold Preble, President of the Savannah Lions Club received the District Governor's Distinguished Service Award.

The District Governor made 97 Club visits. The sum of $1,045.53 was contributed to the Lions in Mississippi in the Hurricane Camille Disaster. District 18-B was 100% in contributions to the Lighthouse by October 19, 1969. This was the earliest any district in Georgia had ever been 100%

The sum of $240.00 was in the treasury at the beginning of the year, and $538.83 at the end. The income for the year was $3,958.70 and expenses amounted to $3,419.87.

18-C  1969 - 70

W. Asbury Stembridge, of the Cordele Lions Club was elected District Governor of District 18-C June 3, 1969 at the state convention in Macon. The Cordele Lions Club was the fourth Lions club chartered in Georgia. It was organized March 23, 1922 by J. A. Davenport with its Charter Night April 27, 1922. According to the records of Lions International its charter was cancelled November 17, 1924 and it was reorganized January 26, 1934. Its Past District Governors are B. I. Thornton 1946-47; Jack G. Comer 1951-52; Louis H. Gilbert 1957-58; and 1957-58; and M. F. Carter 1963-64. The state convention was held in Cordele in 1944, when there were only three districts in Georgia; the District Governors being: C. Hoko Sewell (A) Bremen; Robert Cowart (B) Douglas and C. C. Higginbotham (C) LaGrange in 1944.  It was from the experiences of this convention that ideas for the State Awards Committee and the State Uniform were born. This was also the first convention attended by members of the Buckhead (Atlanta) Lions Club.

The year began with 47 clubs operating in District 18-C. Two new clubs were organized during the year, and the membership was increased by a net gain of 65.

Unadilla maintained 100% attendance for the eighth consecutive year, and Americus won the Comer award for the best all round club in the District.

Americus was the second club organized in Georgia, February 23, 1921.

First International Vice President Robert D. McCullough was guest speaker at the District Assembly in Cordele. The District was 100% in affiliation with the Lighthouse, and secured 199 eye donors.

Total income for the year was $4,527.55 and the amount expended $3,108.87. The amount received from the previous administration was $947.05; passed on to the succeeding administration was $1,418.38.

18-D  1969 - 70

Calling on District 18-D to maintain. a position of leadership  the state, Robert A. Holbrook (Margaret) North Decatur, newly elected District Governor, appointed William C. Gibson, Jr. (Eloise) from his home club as Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Lion Gibson was to become District Governor 1974-75 and serve as State Lion Tamer 1977-79. Carl L. Donaldson (Ellen) North Dekalb, Immediate Past District Governor, was Cabinet Advisor.

With a total of 55 Lions Clubs, District 18-D had developed into a district strong in many ways, for a decade containing the top two clubs in the state. Druid Hills and North DeKalb carrying off the honors year after year was just one example of the District Governors exhortation to Maintain Leadership.

Past District Governor Willard Kimsey (Marion) Toccoa, was the second president of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. from this district, Past International Director Joe B. Davis having served as president of the Lighthouse for two terms 1961-62 and 1962-63, Ken Massingale was elected president in 1979, and continues in office.

District 18-D contributed $14,495.10 to the Lighthouse during the year; $6,567.46 was spent in the District. There were 77 eye donors.

The second Peach Bowl Game generated a profit of $51,646.74. Nearly 50,000 tickets were sold; 12,430 were sold by the Lions of Georgia. Nine Clubs sold over 100 tickets each. District 18-D sold 3,434 Peach Bowl tickets.

North DeKalb won the Scrap Book contest, with Decatur in second place.

In the Annual District Governors Contest Druid Hills won first place, Toccoa second, Decatur third.

In the Membership Retention Contest the Classic City Lions Club won with no losses and a gain of 12 members, to a total membership of 34.

International President's Membership Appreciation Awards were received by District Governor Hollbrook, Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Gibson, and Past District Governor Ed Owens, Buford Club.

Five clubs maintained 100% attendance; Brookhaven, Druid Hills, Jefferson, North Dekalb, and Toccoa. Hartwell had 99.5% and Cornelia 99.3% attendance.

Twenty-five District 18-D Lions won Membership awards in the Year 1969-70.

Receipts for the year totaled $5,483.16 with $3,761.53 expended.

18-E 1969 - 70

Lion William Ballek (Martha), Southside Macon, was elected District Governor of District 18-E in June 1969.

Past District Governor W. E. Bizzell (Libby) Griffin was elected District Librarian, and Immediate Past District Governor Harry M. Jones (Louise) Columbus became Cabinet Advisor.

Lion C. Frank Hollberg, III was Vice President of the Lighthouse, and was to become its president 1973-74 and Peach Bowl President in 1979.

Peach Bowl Directors were W. T. Cooksey, Hamilton, C. H. Orrick, Thomaston, and C. Frank Hollberg, Senoia.


Two new clubs were added to the district making a total of 48. Bonanza Lions Club, sponsored by the Griffin Club, and the East Columbus Lions Club, sponsored by both the Columbus and the Muscogee clubs brought extension awards to Deputy District Governor Harry Davis and to President Austin Crouch in the first case, and to Lions Harry Jones and Duncan Chapman in the second.

Twenty one of the clubs increased membership and twelve had an attendance of 85% or more. Perry, Columbus, and Muscogee won the attendance plaques. Macon Southside was first in the District Contest, Warner Robins second, and Macon Vine Ingle third.


In response to an appeal for aid, from the five District Governors of Multiple District 30, Mississippi, for the Lions of Mississippi hit by Hurricane Camille, 28 Clubs in the District contributed $1,900.00.


The first city-wide Glaucoma screening Program in Georgia was held in Macon on September 28, 1969. The Lions Clubs of Macon, with the help of ophthalmologists and many others tested 1,191 persons. Forty persons were found with suspicion of Glaucoma and 50 eye donor forms were signed. This project received a write-up in the May Issue of THE LION.


The District was again 100% in the Care program. Each club contributed at least $5.00 per club to this cause.


This award is presented each year, at the State Convention, to a blind person for some outstanding achievement of unusual service performed for community or club.

The winner of this award this year was Lion Jack Lewis from the Macon Southside Lions Club, for an admirable list of accomplishments in Education, Employment and Professional Associations.


This award is given to a club that has a NET increase of 12 or more members during the year, May 31, 1969 to May 31, 1970. Only one club was able to win this award. This club was Stockbridge Lions Club, with an increase of 15 members.

Vine Ingle Macon Lions Club won the Herschel McElroy Award for Eye Donors. Sixteen clubs enlisted 154 donors.

Past District Governor R. Shaefer Heard (Janie), 1944-45 West Point, had already received his Key of State (75 members). Lion Heard has 85 new members to his credit, as District Governor Lion Heard shared in launching the State Awards program and the State Uniform in 1944-45. He has since received many honors for his civic contributions, among which stands as a monument the new West Point Dam on the Chattahoochee protecting West Point and environs. A Charter member of the West Point Lions Club, organized in April 1336, he maintained perfect attendance. Since serving as District Governor, he has served a term 1963-65 in the Georgia State Senate. He has been cited by the Chamber of Commerce for his record of outstanding contributions to the community, and in April 1968 was presented the Outstanding Civilian Service Award by the United States Army. In 1971 he was presented a scroll by the West Point Lions Club "for thirty-five years of outstanding service to his community through Lionism".


Twenty-four clubs in the district purchased Wishing Wells, as a means of collecting funds for the Lighthouse.

An important feature of the District Governors' Annual Report was a list of activities and projects for all the clubs in the District - a helpful and enlightening source of suggestions for other clubs. These afford good Public Relations.

There were six Zone Socials. All clubs participated in the Lighthouse program donating $10,679.38.Total spent in District 18-E was $10,970.00.

There were 20 presidents and 27 secretaries 100%.

District 18-E sold 1,300 Peach Bowl Tickets.

Lion member Dennis McBride of Willingham Senior High school, Macon, represented Multiple District 18 at Lion International's Second World Youth Congress in Atlantic City June 29, 1970.


Received from the previous administration was the sum of $1,034.45. Total receipts for the year: $6,538.95. Amount Expended, $5,342.13.

18-F 1969 - 70

Willard W. Prior (Sarah) Augusta was elected District Governor at the State Convention, and F. Hughes Willingham, District Governor 1959-60 Lincolnton, was elected District Librarian. The new District Governor appointed Walker L. Dupree (Helen) as Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer and Olin C. Newby (Rosemary), Washington as Cabinet Advisor.

District 18-F wound up the year with 40 clubs and a membership of 1,120 including the new Danville-Allentown Lions Club sponsored by the Club in Dexter, and chartered May 9, 1970.

Well attended cabinet meetings were held in Washington, Swainsboro, Augusta, and Covington.

District 18-F was the fourth district in the state to go 100% in its support of the Lighthouse during the year.

In the district contest, Louisville won first place, Sylvania second, and Midville third. Five Clubs, Midville, National Hills, Martinez-Evans, Dublin, and Glascock County lost no members during the year. The first two clubs named won the Rex Award, and the other three a certificate award. Thirty clubs received new members.

There was participation in the Peach Bowl Princess contest; the Waynesboro Lions Club sponsoring the district princess, Miss Gail Hilliard. Several clubs contributed to the Eye Bank, and there were seven Membership Keys received in the District.

District 18-F was saddened by the passing of fifteen Lions who contributed mightily to their communities and to their fellowman through Lionism. Among them was Past District Governor Henry M. Willis 1956-57, of Washington, whose steady, consistent dedication to Lionism, along with others in this noble company, advanced the principles of Service and the Objects of Lionism.

This was the year, these the Lions, and their deeds--but the DECADE OF THE SEVENTIES was already here!!



JULY 1, 1970 - JUNE 30, 1980

The decade of the 70's showed a surge of involvement and enthusiasm among all Lions of the District.

1. A. The District was served with outstanding dedication and distinction by the following Lions, who served as District Governors and Cabinet Secretaries:

July 1 through
June 30, 1970
George P. Crumbley (Atlanta) W.R. Coffey (Atlanta)
1970-71 James L. Cochran (Marietta) William R. Blakely Marietta)
1971-72 William J. Bramblett (Rossville) Andrew H. Stephens (Rossville)
1972-73 Charles L. Chapman (Jasper) L. Broward Garrison (Jasper)
*1973-74 Frank H. Durham, Jr. (College Pk) J. Gettys Rosser (Hapeville)
1974-75 Paul W. Camp, Jr. (Rome) B. R. Proctor (Rome)
1975-76 Marion McTyre (South Cobb) Lloyd Gillham (South Cobb)
1976-77 Frank Burnette (Calhoun) William J. Bramblett, PDG (Rossville)
1977-78 Charles L. Pickell (Dalton Noon) Eddie S. Cox (Dalton Noon)
1978-79 Stanley B. England (Cobb County) William M. Dodd, III (Marietta)
1979-80 W. Melville Johnson (NE Atlanta) Fred Wilenchek (Henry Grady) 
*Son of Past District Governor Frank H. Durham, Sr.

District Librarian - Past District Governor Wilbert H. Hembree served from 1970 until his untimely death in December, 1979.

B. Statewide Officers:

(1)  Lighthouse Foundation Presidents:
Maurice Newman (Rome) 1971-1973
Don W. Schmidt (Cedartown) 1977-1979

(2) White Cane Chairman:
PDG Paul W. Camp, Jr. (Rome) 1979-80

C.       (1) International Directors from District 18-A:
1971-1973--Dr. Don W. Schmidt (Cedartown), Also served on many International Committees after that. 

1974-1976--George P. Crumbley (Atlanta) and has served on many International Committees. Has been designated by International as General Chairman of the 1982 International Convention to be held in Atlanta.

Both Dr. Schmidt and George Crumbley received many International honors and Awards.

2. Project Chairmen of various District Projects were rotated between many Lions.

A. As of July 1, 1970, there were 49 active clubs. As of June 30, 1980, there were 53 active clubs.

B. Membership as of July 1, 1970, was 2,302. As of June 30, 1980, there were 2,108 members.

C. During the 1970's the following expenditures on projects were reported:

(1) Lighthouse                                                                                 $343,635.36
(2) Camp for the Blind                                                                          6,766.50*
(3) Leader Dogs                                                                                 11,834.40
                  (18-A received 5 Leader Dogs)
4) LCIF                                                                                                   5,800.00
5) CARE                                                                                              10,750.00
(6) Community and Local projects                                               1,407,753.00
                  (estimated average of 140,753.00 per year)
*Does not include materials or labor donated.

3.         A. The District actively supported Statewide projects over and above financial aid, as follows using all proceeds on projects.

(1) Collecting 9,816 Eye wills for the Eye Bank Atlanta.

(2) Participated in White Cane Day programs collecting $59,022.86 since 1975, turning all. proceeds to the Lighthouse.

(3) Sold over 51,298 tickets to the Peach Bowl and over 15,000 Peach Bowl Association memberships.

(4) Collected over 23,000 pairs of used eyeglasses and approximately 100 used hearing aids, turned into the Lighthouse. These are relatively new projects.

(5) Broom and Bulb sales--conducted at various times during the year at the choice of the individual clubs. Some clubs stock these items for continuous sale.

B. Many clubs conduct Fruit Cake and Christmas Tree sales during the year.

C. Fairs, etc. Many of the Clubs actively participate in setting up booths promoting Lions activities. Other Clubs operate ticket booths and parking facilities. Many Clubs sponsored and handled 4th of July Celebrations in their areas, especially the Bicentennial Celebrations in 1976.

4.         A. District Assemblies were held from 1970 through 1978. In 1979 and 1980, these were replaced by District Conventions when District Officers for the succeeding year were chosen. In each case, International Officers and Directors were honored guests and principal Speakers, as follows:

Attendance Speaker
1969-1970 Atlanta 340 International Pres. W. R. Bryan
1970-1971 Rome 215 Past International Pres. David A. Evans
1971-1972 Rome 327 Past International Pres. Herbert C. Petry
1972-1973 Atlanta 400 International Director Phil Sterker
1973-1974 College Park 230 International Director Herbert Diggs
1974-1975 Rome 432 International Director Burton A. Tompkins
1975-1976 Marietta 400 International Director Dr. James A. Fowler
1976-1977 Rome 231 International Director Gene Rice
1977-1978 Dalton 254 3rd V. P. International William C. Chandler
1978-1979 Marietta 430 3rd V. P. International Kay Murakami (Japan)
International Director Evan Stevenson (Canada)
1979-1980 Dalton 450 International Director Dr. Keith Gates

B. Peach Bowl Princess Pageants were held each year in conjunction with the Fall Cabinet Meetings. The number of contestants sponsored by the Clubs increased each year reaching 21 in 1979.

5.          A. During the 70's, 13 new Clubs were organized including three on-campus clubs at Southern Tech, Georgia State University, and Georgia Tech. Changing conditions at the schools forced their disbanding. In other areas, changing patterns in residential. and economic conditions reduced our net gain to four active and busy new Clubs. The high point was in 1975 when the District had 59 Clubs with 2,510 members.

Twelve Leo Clubs were sponsored during the 70's. Constantly changing student bodies and administrations, in addition to conditions affecting Lions Clubs reduced this number to four outstanding Leo Clubs in the District sponsored by Jasper, East Marietta, Northeast Cobb and Ellijay.

Four very strong, active Lioness Clubs were formed during this period by Austell, Douglasville, Hapeville and Northeast Cobb.

B. Many long time anniversaries were celebrated in the 70's. Atlanta Lions are looking forward to their 60th Anniversary in December, 1980. Cartersville celebrated their 50th year in 1979. Four other clubs served 45 years while six Clubs have over 40 years service and twenty Clubs have been active for over 25 years.

C. All Clubs held regularly scheduled monthly Directors Meetings, Ladies Nights, family nights and picnics. Club Programs present a balanced mixture of Lionism programs and prominent speakers on activities affecting the community.

D. The District sent sizable delegations to State and International Conventions, as well as Lighthouse Forums and meetings.

E. Clubs of the District have all received many honors for their work in Lionism and community projects.

6. It is indeed difficult to single out all of the Lions deserving of special mention for their work. Teamwork has been the theme of the 70's.

7. District 18-A is extremely proud of the accomplishments of the 70's. Our goals for each activity during the 80’s are set at far higher levels, which we confidently expect to more than meet.


DISTRICT 18-B  1970-71

Lion Preston B. Edwards (Lorene) of the Port Wentworth Lions Club (Savannah) was elected District Governor and selected Lion Hugh Cates (Ramona) of his home club as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Roy L. Jones (Evelyn) of Douglas, Immediate Past District Governor was Cabinet Advisor; and Past District Governor Fraser F. Mambo of Hinesville was elected District Librarian.

District 18-B, comprised of 30 counties in the southeastern section of the state, contains some of the oldest clubs in Georgia, notably Waycross, the sixth club in Georgia organized May 4, 1922. Long a stronghold of Lionism, the district has been active and well organized. Lion Preston B. Edwards, as District Governor has continued and increased the good work and has followed largely the general pattern of organization.

In promoting the activities of the district, District Governor Edwards, with Immediate Past District Governor Marcus D. Raulerson as his Cabinet Advisor, selected able Deputy District Governors and Zone Chairmen, and appointed as Committee Chairmen an array of distinguished Lions who were challenged by four sets of requirements for obtaining 100% rating for Deputy District Governors, Zone Chairmen, Club Presidents, and Club Secretaries, and by a District Contest set of activities which, if followed, would make Lionism proud.

These suggestions, activities, and possibilities succinctly stated and concrete in nature give guidelines to all Lions, especially officials, which are most helpful. From them a new official can grasp the nature of the duties before him, the possibilities and methods which bring success.


The District Assembly was held in Vidalia with over 200 Lions and Lionesses in attendance. The Assembly was combined with the District Peach Bowl Princess Pageant. International Director John Eddins of Alabama gave an inspiring address on Lionism. Miss Nary Vickers of Alma was named 18B's Peach Bowl Princess.


District 18B gave more to CARE than any other District in the sate. A total of $951.00 was contributed which went for the underprivileged School Lunch Program overseas. This amount of money caused almost 2,800 children in India to have a bottle of milk a day for a year.


Four cabinet meetings were held, with good representation at each, providing the source of the enthusiasm which enabled the District to reach many of its goals and to come close to others.


The District Governor made 41 official visits and 15 special club visits, 21 other visits connected with the office, attended the State and International Conventions and traveled 18,858 miles. He was recognized by Lions International as a 100% District Governor.


The Jekyll Island Lions Club with Birge W. Kinne as President, led the District in the 18B Efficiency Contest as well as winning the award for the largest percent of member increase (from 44 to 69). Jekyll Island also made the largest contribution to the Lighthouse. The Okefenokee Lions Club, Whose President was Dr. C. M. Blanton, (Past District Governor 1950-51) won the District Governor's Distinguished Service Award. Six Clubs tied as winners of the Retention Award.


The total amount of money received was $4,509.26. The sum of $595.80 was received from the previous administration and $548.41. was left in the treasury. Of this income $3,514.10 was from dues.

The Peach Bowl income amounted to $794.56 of which $575.00 was used ($250.00 as a scholarship for 18B's Princess and $219.56 placed in the general fund).

For the second consecutive year 18B was the first district in Georgia to be 100% in contributions to the Lighthouse, a total of $10,480.31.


District 18B had five of the early District Governors during the first phase of Lionism in Georgia when the entire state was one district. These pioneers in Lionism were:

E.W. RosenthalI, Savannah, 1922-23
William C. Parker, Waycross, 1924-25
George H. Conklin, Augusta, 1925-26
Thomas A. Curry, Dublin, 1929-30
H. A. Stallings, Waycross, 1935-36


The fiftieth annual State Convention of Georgia Lions was held June 6, 7, 8, 1971 at Jekyll Island with a record attendance and a full program. International President Dr. Robert D. McCullough, of Tulsa, Oklahoma was present at the Monday luncheon, and addressed the District Governor's banquet that night. Mr. H. Lee Poore, Vice-president of the Georgia-Lockheed Co. addressed the group at the Monday luncheon, and Past District Governor Jimmy Carter (Past Governor of the State of Georgia), spoke at the Tuesday luncheon. Lion W. H. Thrift, of the Waycross Lions Club received the Outstanding Blind Award. President Willard Kimsey reported that the Lighthouse had received $85,000 this year compared with $72,000 last year. The total number of eye wills reached 882. Maurice Newman of Rome was elected Lighthouse President. Sim N. Manning, President of the Peach Bowl Inc., reported the net proceeds generated for the Lighthouse to be $74,000. The Lighthouse has benefited by $39,700 and the Peach Bowl has on hand a deposit of $34,300 as a buffer.


The 54th annual Convention of Lions International was held in Las Vegas, Nevada June 22-25, 1971. This convention drew special interest from Georgia Lions as Lion Dr. Don W. Schmidt (Elaine) of the Cedartown Lions Club was a successful candidate for the office of International Director. The campaign committee for Dr. Schmidt was: George Crumbley, Chairman; Charles Burnette, Frank Holladay, Sim Manning, Boone Owen, Robert Riley, Harry Robertson, Eugene Sanders, W. Asbury Stembridge, and Hughes Willingham.  W. R. Bryan was immediate Past President; Dr. R. D. McCullough, President; and Robert J. Uplinger of Syracuse, N.Y,, was elected President. The next convention was set for Mexico City in June 1972. The new International Headquarters address is: York and Carmak Roads, Oakbrook, Illinois 60521.

DISTRICT 18B 1971-1972

District 18B is located in the southeastern part of the state and includes all of Georgia's coastal area in sharp contrast to the mountainous areas of the northern part. The fifth Lions Club to be organized in Georgia was at Waycross 'May 4, 1922, while Savannah, Georgia's sixth Lions Club, was organized a week later. Five of the District Governors in that early period when the whole state was one district are listed as 18B Past District Governors, although district lines have been changed more than once since then. The five early governors were: E. W. Rosenthall, Savannah, 1922-23; William C. Parker, Waycross, 1924-25; George H. Conklin, Augusta, 1925-26; Thomas H. Curry, Dublin, 1929-30; and H. A. Stallings, Waycross, 1935-36.

It was at the fiftieth Georgia Lions State Convention held at Jekyll Island June 6-8, 1971 that Lion Don J. Surrency of the Jesup Lions Club, was elected District Governor. Past District Governor P. B. Edwards, Port Wentworth, was Cabinet Advisor, and Fraser F. Rambo, of Hinesville, was elected District Librarian.

The very specific rules set up by the District Governor for 100% rank for Deputy District Governors, Zone Chairmen, Club Presidents and Secretaries contributed to a high degree of success, three of the four Deputy District Governors succeeding, and other officers comparably. In retrospect it can be noted that at least half of the successful Deputy District Governors and Zone Chairmen have already advanced to the District Governorship.

There were eight 100% Club Presidents and fifteen 100% Club Secretaries. Seventeen Lions Clubs in the district gained members during the year, Golden Isles (St. Simons Island) gaining 14, and McRae gaining 11,Baxley 8, Savannah wound up the year with 150 members, and Waycross with 90-- the two largest clubs in the district.


While many clubs had Membership Development and Retention Committees and notified others of transfer members, nineteen clubs had a net loss of members during the year, and no new club was organized in the district. Nearly all clubs conducted regular Directors meetings, the District Assembly was well attended, International Director Ralph A. Lynam being the speaker. Some had inter-club visitations, and unusually large delegation attended the state convention, and several members attended the International Convention in Mexico City.

Most clubs had a Peach Bowl Committee, and sold 203 tickets, while 18B lived up to its reputation by being the first district to be 100% in Lighthouse contributions, Most clubs increased their contribution to the Lighthouse, the 41 clubs contributing a total of $10,012.61. In addition there was a contribution to CARE by all Clubs.

The Waycross Lions Club and the Savannah Lions Club celebrated their fiftieth anniveraries.

The District had 1,742 members on May 5, 1972.

DISTRICT 18B  1972-73

George Friedrichs, from France, was Lions International President in 1971-72, when at the 51st Georgia Lions State Convention Lion W. A. Gassaway of the Hinesville Lions Club was elected District Governor. Lion Don W. Schmidt, M.D. (Elaine) of Cedartown was International Director, having been elected at the 54th International Convention in Las Vegas in June 1971. Don J. Surrency of Jesup was Cabinet Advisor, In District Governor Gassaway's cabinet were three Lions destined later to become District Governors: Edwin L. Cook, Statesboro; Jerome B. Ney, Savannah; and Charles Overstreet, Hazlehurst.

Past District Governor J. Emory Sayer (Joan) Augusta, was Council Advisor, and Rodman W. Strader (Zoja) Augusta was Council Chairman. Alcee F. Maxfield was State Secretary, Eugene Sanders, State Historian, and Olin C. Newby (Rosemary) Washington, Lion Tamer. Maurice Newman (Rome) was President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., with Jim Corbett its Executive Director and Lion Edwin L. Cook, Vice President. Fraser F. Rambo was District Librarian.

To this date there had been 35 District Governors in District 18B, and five others who had served when the entire state was one district. Many of these Lions contributed greatly to the development both of Georgia and Lionism.

This district gained three new Clubs during the year, being the only district to do so. The sponsoring clubs were: Statesboro, Rincon and Hinesville. The new clubs were: Bulloch, 36 members; Liberty Coastal, 36; and Pooler, 35 members. This brought the total number of Lions Clubs to 44, with a membership of 1,892 compared to 1,710 at the beginning of the year. Twenty-nine clubs gained new members. More than half of the clubs increased the amount of money sent to the Lighthouse, the district raising a total $8,920.39.

To promote the Peach Bowl and the Eye Research Center, the district put a float in the Peach Bowl parade. The Peach Bowl Princess, Mary Petrevitch, sponsored by the McRae Lions Club, was sent to the International Convention in Miami to represent Georgia in the Hospitality Room and in the parade. Joining hands with its twin District 4A2 California, a school was built in Managua, Nicarqua to help replace thousands of earthquake destroyed classrooms. It sponsored a blind child for the Camp for the Blind.

There was 1008 participation in the CARE Program, and the District obtained 538 Eye Donors, with Rincon getting 409 of these.

Nineteen presidents and eighteen secretaries earned the District 100% award. Kingsland won the Member Increase Award for a 39% member increase.

Two Master Key Awards were won in the district during the year; Lion Robert O. Enecks, AF8454, Port Wentworth; and Lion Julian Harris, AF8413 Savannah.

District Governor Gassaway not only won the International President's Award for the three new Clubs organized in the District. It was during 1972-73 that Berbard Gill, of Virginia Beach, Virginia became our one millionth Lion. District 18B with a goal of 10% membership increase contributed 10.6%, or the largest of the six sub-districts of Georgia 18, as certified by State Secretary Alcee Maxfield, winning the state Ivan H. Jackson Award.

The top ten clubs in the district Efficiency Contest were in order: Rincon, Savannah, Hinesville, Waycross, Okefenokee, McRae, Vidalia, Douglas, Baxley, and Alma.

Another highlight of the year was a school for Tailtwisters held in Jesup by the famous Dynamite Ed Moore of Orlando Downtown Lions Club.

Exceptional also was 79% attendance of clubs at all Zone Meetings during the Year.

It was during 1972-73 that District, 18B adopted as a district project the Waycross-Okefenokee Club's Summer Blind Camp. This now is Multiple District 18's Georgia Lions Cap for the Blind.

District Governor Gassaway, who received the 100% District Governors Award, made 86 visits to the clubs in his district and traveled 12,962 miles.

DISTRICT 18B  1973-74

At the 52nd Annual Georgia Lions State Convention held in Macon, Georgia June 17-19, 1973, Lion Edwin L. Cook, of Statesboro, was elected District Governor, and selected Kemp Mabry as Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. During the year in office the District Governor made 44 official club visits, five special club visits, conducted five cabinet meetings and the District Assembly, attended two zone meetings, one zone rally, and the District Peach Bowl Pageant. He attended both the State and International Conventions, fourteen other State meetings, and the Peach Bowl Game.

The District Assembly was held April 7, 1974 and was attended by 206 Lions from 23 Clubs. The honor guest was International Director Merle Hartley of Piketon, Ohio. Seminars were conducted by International Director Dr. Don W. Schmidt, of Cedartown, Lion Ed Snyder of Athens, and Mrs. Mary Marsh, Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. This meeting was held in Statesboro with Past District Governor Vivian Yawn (1968-69) as Chairman.

Listed among the Cabinet officers were several who had served as District Governor, or were destined to serve later: Jerome B. Ney 1978-79, Savannah Port City; W. A. Watson, 1966-67, Brunswick; Charles Overstreet, 1976-77, Hazlehurst; R. C. Cunningham, 1975-76, Patterson; and Don Anderson, 1974-75, Rincon. It was Lion Anderson, Chairman of Sight Conservation who received the District Governor's Distinguished Service Award, and Rincon, his home club, which was the winner in the Efficiency Contest.

A lavish Peach Bowl Pageant was held in Savannah November 3, 1973, at which time, Miss Holly Jones, from Metter, a Georgia Southern College student, was named Peach Bowl Princess. There were entries from ten zones and 118 paid admissions. Tom Babjak was Pageant Chairman. A 16 mm film, sponsored by the Metter Banking Co. was made available to Lions Clubs.

There was an actual membership increase in the District of 1.4% during the year, the Reidsville Lions Club having the largest gain, going from 53 members to 78.

The District secured 4,071 eye donors and contributed $9,433 to the Lighthouse.

There were 849 Peach Bowl Members, and 221 Peach Bowl Tickets were sold.

In the words of District Governor Cook: "We did make it happen in 18-B."

DISTRICT 18B  1974-75

Lion Don M. Anderson of the Rincon Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 53rd State Convention held in Columbus June 9-11, 1974, and Robert E. Latham was his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. The 57th International Convention was held in San Francisco July 3-6 of the same year. 

It was a busy year for the new District Governor. During the year, he made 46 official club visits, 19 special club visits, conducted 5 cabinet meetings, the District Assembly, Peach Bowl Pageant, three Zone Meetings, one as Chairman of the State Convention. In addition he attended 17 new club organizational meetings, with five new clubs being organized. In addition he attended the State and International conventions, 14 other state meetings, and the Peach Bowl, traveling 16,754 miles.

Morticians from 18-B removed and sent to the Eye Bank 46 eyes during the time from June 1, 1974 to June 1, 1975.

The Hinesville Lions Club was host to the District Assembly held January 25 separately from the Peach Bowl Pageant. 326 Lions from 31 Clubs attended. The honor guest was International Director Burton A. Tompkins (1973-75) from Presque, Maine. Other guests were Dr. C. M. Blanton, of Lehigh Acres, Florida, International Director George Crumbley, and Ms. Mary Marsh, Director of the Lighthouse.

The Camp for the Blind at Epworth by the Sea on St. Simons Island started June 9, and for the permanent Camp for the Blind is being secured from the Department of Natural Resources of the State of Georgia. The land is situated next to Laura Walker State Park.

The District Governor was Chairman of the 54th State Convention which was held at Jekyll Island, hosted by Jekyll Island, Brunswick, and St. Simons Island Lions Clubs, probably the largest state convention ever held.

The Jesup Lions Club was host to the Peach. Bowl Pageant November 16, 1974. Miss Linda Mountjoy of McRae, was named District Peach Bowl Princess from 9 entries from nine zones, with about 225 paid admissions. Don Carter was Chairman, and "The Great Pretenders" from the Brunswick Lions Club performed at the intermission.

The Port Wentworth Lions Club qualified for the International Membership Growth Award by leading the District with an increase of 12 members. This club was chartered February 4, 1959 with Past District Governor Preston B. Edwards 1970-71 as a Charter Member and organizer, with perfect attendance since. Lion Edwards has received the Key Member Award, the Membership Advancement Key, the Master Key, and the Senior Master Key for 25 new members, along with Lions International's Membership Development Award. Brantley County with 10 new members, and Port City with 7, won second and third places.

Despite a heavy loss in May and June, with the new chartered clubs, the District showed a gain of 109 members.

Don Carter, of the Hinesville Lions Club, won the District Governor's Distinguished Service Award; while District Governor Anderson was not only elected State Lion Tamer, but for his services during the year, he received the Ivan H. Jackson Memorial Plaque, which was donated by the Cabinet of District 18 E, to be awarded each year to the District Governor of Multiple District 18 whose district excels in Membership Development and Retention during the period July 1 through April 30 each fiscal year. This award, offered for eight years, has been won four times by District B.

DISTRICT 18-B 1975-76

Lion Raymond C, Cunningham, of the Patterson Lions Clubs was elected District Governor of District 18-B at the State Convention held at Jekyll Island June 8-10, 1975, and named Mike Anderson as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. The Patterson Lions Club was organized December 18, 1950 by W. B. Currie, International Organizer, who during the 50's organized well over 100 Lions Clubs in Georgia.

Waycross was the first club in the district, being organized May 4, 1922, less than six months after Lionism entered Georgia in the organization of the Lions Club in Atlanta December 17, 1920. The organizing of the Savannah club followed in exactly one week, May 11, 1922. There are now 52 Lions Clubs the District.

Two new clubs were organized during the year; Collins, April 10, 1976 and Cobbtown May 22. As of March 1, there were 1,916 Lion Members, showing a loss except for the two new clubs.

There were quite a number of Anniversaries: Darien 25; Lyons 29; Garden City 13; Screven 20; Clinch County 32; Hazlehurst 28; Patterson 25; Jesup 20; Milan 30; St. Marys 12; Statesboro 35; Woodbine 23; Brunswick 26; Folkston 32; Kingsland 23.

The Peach Bowl Pageant, Rick Hudson, Chairman, saw Joy Waters, representing the Waycross-Okefenokee Lions Club, named Princess. Quite well attended, the Pageant produced a profit of $535.17. The district had a float in the Peach Bowl Parade, had 14 100% Peach Bowl Club memberships, which meant 728 memberships.

The District Rally was held January 24 with International Director Tom Clewes, of Sun City, Arizona the speaker. The meeting was sponsored by the Waycross and Waycross-Okefenokee Lions Clubs.

The District Cabinet Meeting was held November 16 at the Wayne County High School.

There were many club activities all over the district during the year. 32 clubs had donated to the Lighthouse by December 1, and 20 clubs had shown a gain in membership by that date. The Hinesville Lions Club had 4 new members in November. Savannah disbursed $664.41 for eye glasses, the district gave $6,000 to the Lighthouse, and Region III, Zone 1, mailed 379 pairs of eye glasses to Leroy S. Harris at Griffin. A group of clubs composed of Brunswick, Hazlehurst, Lumber City, McRae, Patterson, Savannah, Rincon, Vidalia, Waycross, Okefenokee, Statesboro, Garden City, Jekyll Island, and Jesup gave $881 to the LCIF.

Two Master Keys were received, one going to Millege C. Jones of the Garden City Lions Club; the other to Dink Nesmith, of the Jesup Lions Club.

Golden Isles raised $2,150 at a steak raffle, Alma raised $400 at a fish fry, Reidsville sent 2 boys to a safety camp, and Waycross-Okefenokee gave $1,620.29 to the Camp for the Blind. Brunswick continued its Wishing Wells and a 240 flag project, while Hinesville gave $40.00 to CARE for Guatemala.

Lighthouse services to clubs in 18-B were:

Statesboro Hospital Bill $337.40
Waycross Hospital Bill 319.55
Jesup Glasses 84.98
Pearson Artificial Eye 175.00
Jesup Outpatient 10.00
Brantley co. X-ray 10.00
Jesup Glasses 44.29
Waycross Anesthesia 78.75
Glennville Glasses 77.70
Brantley co. Hospital 430.60
Statesboro Hospital 409.15
Statesboro Anesthesia 90.00
Savannah Glasses 43.26

The Lions club of McRae was the first Lions Club in the district to apply to Lions International for a charter for a Lioness Club.

The Vidalia Lions Club in cooperation with the Women's Club co-sponsored the third annual Arts and Crafts Festival, The co-chairmen being Lion Malcolm F. Bryant and Ms. Ruth Brice.

Three Lions Clubs in the district participated in furthering the famed Star Teacher-Student Award Activity: the Alma Lions Club sponsored a banquet for Bacon County, the Folkston Lions Club for Lanier County, and the Brantley County Lions Club for Brantley County.

Many other Lions Clubs have sponsored activities for this fine group over the years as a tribute to excellence and as a means to promote excellence both in teaching and in student learning.

DISTRICT 18-B 1976-77

In 1976, June 6-8, the 55th Georgia Lions State Convention was held in Savannah, and the 59th International Convention was held in Honolulu June 23-26. Charles N. Overstreet, of Hazlehurst was elected District Governor, and appointed Marvin Williams as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. 

The Cabinet Advisor was Immediate Past District Governor R. C. Cunningham of Patterson; and the four 100% Deputy District Governors were Hank E. Cullum, James L. Castleman, Leon H. Sexton, and T. G. Crosb,y, who was to become District Governor 1980-81. There were also four 100% Zone Chairmen: Mark Steigerwalt, Albert C. Winter, Kenneth Wainwright, and C. D. Sims.

The district wound up the year with 21 presidents who earned the 100% status: Johnny Floyd, Leslie Kicklighter, Ted O. Romine, Olin H. Williams, Lester Gillis, Jarve Bennett, Waverly Larkey; Richard Nixon, Rodney C. Wynn, Henry Anderson, Ray Glisson, Dewey Medders, Herbert Hedges, Jr., Charles Clabbers, Jack Hill, Larry D. Steese, William A. Ricks, Fred D. Jones, Alex Odum, Patrick H. Morris, and Kenneth Bennett.

The 19 Secretaries who were 100%: Forcial A. Hilton, Ernest Grizzard, Charles L. Coleman, Jilian L. Crews, Warren G. Oglesby, Jr., Curtis C. Land, Charles Jones, John Trevor, Charlie R. Woodson, James O'Brien, R. C. Cunningham (Immediate Past District Governor),Remes E. LeLaHunt, George H. Timmerman, Jerome B. Ney, (to be District Governor 1978-79) Raybon H. Moore, James T. Meadows, Herman C. Gnann, Ralph Eoerly, and Tom G. Gattis.

On July 1, 1975 there were ,49 clubs in District B with a membership of 1,950. June 7 there were 51 clubs with 1,879 members. One new club was chartered during the year, and the average attendance at all clubs was 70.9%, with Patterson having the best average attendance, 93.4%.

17 Clubs had a loss in membership totaling 65, while 25 ,gained a total of 60 new members. 42 Club participated in the Efficiency Contest showed Rincon winning first place, Statesboro second, and Patterson third place.

The Clubs in the district responded to the Camp for the Blind, the newest state program, and by the 1st of June 13 Lions Clubs were 100% in membership to the Camp. Ten Clubs had renewed their membership for 1977 in the Peach Bowl.  23 Clubs were 100% in 1976.

Among the many activities attended by the District Governor during the year: 4 State Council Meetings, 4 Cabinet Meetings, the District Rally, the Beauty Pageant, Peach Bowl Game and Directors meetings, Lighthouse Meetings, Charter Night Programs, Zone Social, 51 official club visits and some twice. The mileage traveled was 18,128.

During the year the District gave $1,584 to the Lighthouse; $995 to CARE, LCIF $390. The Peach Bowl Pageant brought in $3,351.31 and cost $2,731.31. Dues collected mounted to $4,802.50, and the total amount handled during the year was $12,554.81.

Members of the State Council during the year were:

18-A Frank J. Burnette Calhoun Lions Club
18-B Charles N. Overstreet Hazlehurst Lions Club
18-C Leon Bryant Calvary Lions Club
18-D Vance L. Cecil, Jr. Classic City (Athens) Lions Club
18-E James A. McMullen Columbus Lions Club
18-F Raymond C. Peters Fleming Lions Club

The year 1976 was the first year the District of 18-B sponsored a District Peach Bowl Pageant, Supported by the Lions of the District. This was done entirely by individual clubs selling ads within their communities. This project proved successful and has been carried on ever since.

In the year 1976 District 18B won the second place trophy in the Peach Bowl Parade in Atlanta.

In 1977 at the Convention in Albany, the District Governor was presented the coveted Tom Bingham Memorial Award for the district's efforts in supporting the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Program.

DISTRICT 18-B 1977-78

District B was comprised of 28 counties with 54 Lions Clubs when the 56th State Lions Convention met in Albany June 10-12, 1977 and elected Christopher A. Barbieri of the Savannah Port City Lions Club forty-first District Governor, bearing in mind that, Georgia had District Governors 17 years before that, beginning in 1921. However, the first club in what is now this District was not organized until 1922, which saw the birth of a Lions Club in Waycross, to be followed a week later by the Organization in Savannah.

Immediate Past District Governor Charles N. Overstreet was Council Advisor, and others elected to serve as District Governor this year were: A-Charles L. Pickell, Dalton; C-Gary Cullens, Thomasville; D-Kenneth Massingale, Decatur, later to serve as President of the Lions Lighthouse and be elected to an unprecedented third term and to receive the Presidential Award in March 1981; Hubert Stubbs, Columbus; and F- J. Gordon Hilliard, Thomson.

District Governor Barbieri appointed the following Deputy District Governors: Reginald R. Seoane, Savannah Port City; James O'Brien, Metter; Leon H. Sexton, McRae; William T. Wells, Brunswick (who was to become District Governor in 1979).

As Zone Chairman he appointed the following: Y. Allen Beall, Savannah; Ray Archambeault, Cobbtown; Charles Jones, Jacksonville; Larry Hartzi, Golden Isles; Bill Barber, Waycross-Okefenokee; Ernest Grizzard, Bloomingdale; Jack Hill.,Reidsville; Albert Winter, Liberty Coastal; Kenneth Wainwright, Folkston; and C.D. Sims, Waycross.

District Governor Barbieri set high goals for the year, and from time to time in his newsletter kept clubs informed as to their progress and the events in which they should participate or have knowledge of. The Peach Bowl has generated great interest in Beauty Pageants as a means of increasing interest and participation in ticket sales. Each District at its Pageant selected a beauty princess to compete in the contest for a queen of the Peach Bowl. In District B this contest has grown in size and interest and become quite elaborate.

A beautiful 40 page program, 8-1/2 x 11, carrying the pictures of the contestants from the 26 participating clubs, listing the evening's program, the entertainment, judges, and pertinent information along with paid advertisements from well wishers was quite impressive.

Lion Rick Hudson, of the Brunswick Lions Club, was chairman of the event, and the presentation of awards to all contestants was made by Past International Director George Crumbly, who is Executive Director of the Peach Bowl. Miss Terri Anne Thompson, the 1976 Princess of 18-B, sponsored by the Patterson Lions Club, participated in crowning Amy Leigh Holton, sponsored by the Glennville Lions Club, as the 1977-78 Princess to represent the district at the Peach Bowl Game in Atlanta. Due special credit for the planning and execution of the Pageant were Lions W. T. Wells, Brunswick; R. C. Cunningham, Patterson; Cabinet Advisor Charles Overstreet, Hazlehurst; and Don Anderson, Rincon. At the Pageant Banquet 560 meals were served, the receipts were $8,399.03 with expenses of $7,901.28, leaving a profit of $497.75. Advertisements in the program amounted to $3,176.03.

Over 50,000 tickets to the Peach Bowl Game were sold. Iowa State University was pitted against North Carolina State.

Miss Lynne Adkerson was selected as the Peach Bowl Queen in Atlanta. 

The pay-off for the ambitious goals set at the beginning of his term allowed District Governor Barbieri to report June 1, 1978 that the District signed up 642 eye donors. Seventeen Clubs were listed as securing these donors, but the clubs participating successfully in one activity usually are listed in all.

Membership in the Peach Bowl amount to 790, and the tickets sold were 1,000. Special thanks were due R. C. Cunningham for his work on the float, which was the winner in the Peach Bowl Float Contest.

The goal was to raise $10,000 for the Camp for the Blind. This goal was exceeded by $166. The district gave $1,000 to CARE, $1,250 to the Lions Clubs international Foundation, and $15,000 to the Lighthouse.

Lion Billy Wells, Brunswick, contributed flag stands, the Hazlehurst Lion Club purchased a washing machine for the Camp for the Blind, and the Special Activities Committee sells caps and T-shirts for the Camp. The Waycross and the Vidalia Lions Clubs assisted two people in the Leader Dog School. 

In 1973 25 cornea transplants were done. As of December 30, 1977 our Eye Bank completed its 264th transplant.

The Past District Governors in 18B have set up an informal organization to assist in district goals and projects.

Past lnternational Director Jim Fowler, from Little Rock, Arkansas, was guest speaker at the District Rally February 4 at Statesboro.

Lion Ray Durden, President of the Bulloch County Lions Club, received a special Award Patch from Lions International; Lion Steve Karlin, Port City, received a Membership Award Key; Lion Charles Drake, Waycross, received a Membership Advancement Key and a Master Key; and Lion George Timmerman, Port Wentworth, received a Membership Advancement Key.

lmmediate Past District Governor Charles N. Overstreet received his 100% District Governor Award from Past International President Fernando Sobral.

Two new Clubs were organized during the year. The new club at Portal has 20 members, and the Chatham South Lions Club was organized with 31 members.

One of the Governor's goals was to have a White Cane Day, and this was held April 18 for the first time in the district.

Another goal was for 10% of the members to attend the State Convention and 3% the International Convention in Tokyo. Both these goals were achieved.

The 56th Georgia State Lions Convention which met June 10-12, 1977 was not the first to meet in Albany. The first Georgia Lions Convention to meet there was June 6-8, 1937, and it was there that the PEACH was adopted as the Lions symbol for Georgia. 

George Crumbley wasn't here then and didn't know about it, but we had to wait for George to give us a BOWL to put it in.

This year of 1937 was also the first year for Georgia as a Multiple District.

DISTRICT 18-B  1978-79

The State Convention met in Marietta June 9-11, 1978 when Jerome B. Ney, Savannah Port City, was elected District Governor of 18-B, with Christopher Barbieri Council Advisor, and Larry R. Winters, Sr., PDG, as Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. The list of Deputy District Governors consists of framiliar names, such as Lions George Timmerman, James Castleman, Douglas Oxford, Charles Jones, William T. Wells, and James D. Brown.  This type of leadership, consistently portrayed through the achievements in the district measures the wisdom and planning that go into successful Lionism.

At the end of the fiscal year, District Governor Ney was able to write in his final report: "Our contributions to the projects we all support are ahead of last year. We have almost met our goal to CARE. Our contributions to the Leader Dog Program is six times better than last year. Our Lighthouse contributions are well ahead, and our Camp for the Blind contributions have been nothing short of phenomenal. As we begin to understand tie work of LCIF, our contributions have-increased there too.

Our Peach Bowl Pageant was the biggest and most successful yet. We were among the leaders in the sale of Cadillac Sweepstake Tickets and in Peach Bowl Association Membership. Our ticket sales to the game were not very good, but everyone agrees that the date was the problem.

We have not done as well as I hoped in Membership Development and Retention. Thus far, the District has not had a membership decrease, but we have not had an increase either.

We had the finest District Convention yet in Baxley. The facilities and planning were excellent. Unfortunately, the weather dampened the attendance a little but the turnout was not bad.

Total contribution to the Lighthouse was $10,226.06 and $28,861.33 was given to the Camp for the Blind. The amount spent in the District by the Lighthouse is not listed, but 41 of the 53 Lions Clubs did contribute to the Lighthouse, and 12 did not. Brunswick led with $2,465.00. 19 Clubs made gifts of over $100.

The Camp for the Blind received gifts from 40 clubs, Waycross-Okefenokee leading with a gift of $13,482 and Savannah Port City next with $3,055. Blackshear and the new club, Chatham South, organized in 1977-78, made contributions of $1,020 and $1,000 each, while Bloomingdale's gift was $1,700.

CARE Received $1,580.00, LCIF $1,305.00 and the Leader Dog Organization was given $2,004.00.

The District Governor's Efficiency Contest was won by Golden Isles and Hinesville a close second. Statesboro, Bulloch County, Savannah, Baxley and Douglas crowded close to the winners.

The 100% officials has the look of a roster. 23 presidents were 100%, 18 secretaries, 6 treasurers, 4 Deputy District Governors, and 8 zone chairmen earned this coveted title.

Another film, "Joy of Hearing" has been ordered for the District Film Library at a cost of approximately $100.00.

Total receipts for the year amounted to $20,548., expenditures $18,769.64. The Peach Bowl Pageant amounted to $11,629.17, of which $9,420.72 went for expenses.

Activities performed in the communities are the most powerful vitalizing influence a club can have. Without them, a community becomes unaware that the club exists. The following list is so varied and inclusive, it so well illustrates what clubs in a district can do if they are really alive, and so many groups claim to be at a loss for activities, that this list, based solely on the M and A Reports is offered for the record: .


Alma Lions Club
Sent child to Emory University Clinic                                  $91.00
Sponsored "Citizen of the Year Award"
Sponsored Star Student Teachers Award
Co-sponsored County Steer Show for Youth

Baxley Lions Club
Donation-County "Touchdown Club"                                  $100.00
Donation-Furniture for Public Library                                   500.00
Donation-Safety Patrol                                                        25.00 

Blackshear Lions Club
Donation-Chamber of Commerce                                        549.09
Purchased-6 pr. glasses                                                    255.00 

Bloomingdale Lions Club 
Purchased 1 pr. glasses & 1 eye exam
Planned public rec. facility & lights for recreation area

Brunswick Lions Club
Processed 64 sight cases                                             $2,535.00
Donation-Boy Scout Troop #203                                         125.00
Donation-Youth Football Program                                       100.00
Donation-Volunteer Assistance League                                25.00
Joined with Jekyll Isl. Lions Club in giving a
Sight Testing Machine to Brunswick Hospital                   1,800.00
Sponsored a Little League Baseball Team
Sponsored a Youth Football Team
Sponsored Boy Scout Troop #125

Bulloch County Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses                                     $424.93
Donation-Statesboro Rec. Dept.
Baseball                          $300.00
Donation-Glitter From the Dark to Reg. Library
City of Statesboro Baseball Field                                   $1,000.00
Collected 179 pr. used glasses
& 1 hearing aid

Chatham South Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses
Sponsored Eagle Scout Program
Started a Gun Safety Program

Claxton Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses                                                  $126.21

Clinch County Lions Club
Sponsored Athletic Booster Club
Sponsored Star Student Program

Cobbtown Lions Club
Purchased 6 tables for Community
Sponsored Volunteer Fire Dept.
Sponsored a 100 Year Birthday Party for Aunt Mattie Byrd
Chaperoned St. Jude Walk-a-thon
Provided Community Christmas Tree

Douglas Lions Club
Purchased eye glasses                                                   $845.00
Donation-South Georgia College                                         212.00
Donation-Braille Reader to Rest Home 
Sponsored Star Student Teacher
Sponsored H. S. Team, S. Ga. Bass Tournament                  20.00 

Folkston Lions Club
Purchased one pr. glasses
Sponsored Star Student Teacher Program

Garden City Lions Club
Purchase eye exams & glasses                                         400.00
Donation-American Diabetes Association                            100.00
Sponsored Garden City Founders & Pioneers Day
Helped Westside Boys Club
w/fund raising

Glennville Lions Club 
Purchased one pr. eye glasses 
Sponsored Jerry Lewis Tele-a-thon 

Golden Isles Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses                                     $237.00
Purchased labor & materials to repair cabinet
at Youth Estate                                                                700.00
Donation-Youth Estate                                                      500.00
Donation-Easter Seals                                                      100.00
Donation-St. Simons Swim Team                                         50.00
Donation-St. Simons Youth Assoc.                                    350.00
Donation-St. Simons PTA                                                   25.00
Donation-M. S. Foundation                                                  25.00
Sponsored Miss Teenage Ga. Contestant                             50.00
Sponsored Valentine-Ball Queen Contest

Hazelhurst Lions Club
Purchased 9 pr. glasses                                                  $120.00
Donation-Boy Scouts                                                          25.00
Donation-Committee on Mental Health                                  25.00
Sponsored Foster Childrens Christmas Party                        10.00

Hinesville Lions Club
Purchased 4 pr. glasses                                                    215.00
Donation-Ed McCarty Fund                                                200.00
Donation-Christmas Gifts for Needy Family                           50.00
Donation-Bradwell Institute Y-Club                                      165.00
Donation-Liberty County Rec. Dept.                                    324.00

Jekyll Island Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses                                  $1,010.00
Purchased Pressure Suite,
Jekyll Island Ambulance Grp.                                             285.00
Donation-Salvation Army                                                   100.00
Donation-Boy Scouts                                                          50.00
Donation-Girl Scouts                                                           50.00
Donation-American Cancer Society                                      25.00
Donation-Glynn Co. Service Ctr.                                         150.00
Donation-Easter Seal Bldg. Fund                                       250.00
Donation-Red Cross Disaster Fund                                      50.00
Donation-YMCA Bldg. Fund                                             $100.00
Donation-Jekyll Island Rescue Squad                                 350.00
Donation-Assistance League of Brunswick                          100.00
Joined with Brunswick Lions Club in giving 
a Sight Testing Machine to Brunswick Hospital                 1,800.00
Sponsored 300 children to Circus

Jesup Lions Club
Sponsored Little League Boys Baseball Team

Kingsland Lions Club
Sponsored First Kingsland Parade

Liberty Coastal Lions Club
Purchased 4 pr. glasses                                                  $221.00
Aided person whose house was burned                              225.00

Lumber City Lions Club
Purchased 3 pr. glasses

McRae Lions Club
Donation-Explorer's Post #007                                           100.00

Metter Lions Club
Purchased 5 pr. glasses                                                  $250.00
Donation-High Hope Mental Retardation School                     50.00
Donation-35' flagpole w/Ga. & U.S. flags
Helped with renovation of Welcome Center I-16

Montgomery County Lions Club
Purchased 5 pr. glasses & 1 set frames
Sponsored Star Student & Teacher Program

Odum Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses          
Donation-Odum Volunteer Fire Dept.                                 $100.00
Donation-local resident w/kidney failure                               175.00

Patterson Lions Club
Purchased 3 pr. glasses                                                  $166.00

Pembroke Lions Club
Purchased 1 pr. glasses                                                     62.00

Port City Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses                                    1,657.28
Donation-Airline tickets ,& exp. money to 
Savannah lady for Leader Dog Sch.                                    228.00
Sponsored Speech & Hearing Van Oglethorpe Mall (twice)
600 persons St. James School, Savannah (232 pers.)
Shopping Ctr. (Augusta)(200 pers.) Wilmington Island Shopping Ctr.

Portal Lions Club
Purchased 5 pr. glasses & eye exams                               147.00
Purchased auto reclining chair for disabled man                  700.00 
Donation-Christmas food baskets                                       300.00
Co-sponsored "Stand Up for America Day"

Reidsville Lions Club
Purchased 7 pr. glasses                                                    255.00
Sponsored Santa Claus visits to Early Child 
Development Ctr, & Headstart Ctr.                                      150.00

Richmond Hill Lions Club
Purchased 1 eye exam
Donation-Richmond H. S. Drama Class                              250.00
Donation-Boy Scout Troup #527                                        325.00
Sponsored Star Student & Teacher Program & 
Trip to Atlanta                                                                  100.00

Rincon Lions Club
Purchased 169 pr, glasses                                            $4,198.81
Donation-2 plaques Camp for Blind                                     349.20
Sponsored-Christmas Party for Underprivileged Children    1,154.95
Sponsored-Safety Booth at Boat Show                                 58.34

Screven Lions Club
Purchased 2 pr. glasses                                                     90.00
Donation-Needy family                                                        75.00
Donation-Senior Citizens Club                                             35.00

Springfield Lions Club
Donation-Empty Stocking Fund                                          735.00

Statesboro Lions Club
Purchased 10 eye exams & 15 pr.                                     519.50
Donation-High Hope Bldg. Fund                                         100.00
Donation-Ga. South College Fund                                      200.00
Donation-Statesboro Rec. Dept.                                         250.00
Donation-City of Statesboro-sport                                    1,000.00

Vidalia Lions Club
Purchased 5 exams & 17 pr. glasses                                 344.00
Donation-Collins Child Development Ctr.                               25.00
Donation-Vidalia Sports Boosters                                        50.00
Donation-2 scholarships                                                    300.00
Underwrote Savannah Symphony to Vidalia                        500.00

Waycross Lions Club
Purchased eye exams & glasses                                    1,000.00
Donation-Salvation Army Summer Camp                              25.00
Donation-YMCA                                                                100.00
Sponsored Christmas Party for 22 underprivileged children
Sponsored Banquet for 57 honor students
Loan to FFA & 4-H Club to purchase pigs for 
Fat Barrow Show                                                           3,100.00
Administered a Student Loan Fund as Trustee

Waycross-Okefenokee Lions Club
Purchased 7 pr. glasses                                                    288.50
Sponsored child to Safety Patrol Camp                                25.00
Sponsored Band Student                                                   $25.00
Collected food & Clothing for Salvation Army Worked w/civic & business clubs to support air service to Atlanta
Award-Lt. Jessie Griffin for services to Community & Driver Safety Program

Wilmington Island Lions Club
Sponsored Speech & Hearing Van
Visited Tybee Island Nursing Home


DISTRICT 18-B  1979-80

At the 58th Annual State Convention held in Savannah June 1-3, 1979, Lion William T. Wells (Carolyn) of the Brunswick Lions Club was elected District Governor. He named Chester V. Anderson as the Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, and Immediate Past District Governor Jerome B. Ney (Jeannie), of Savannah was Cabinet Advisor, with Past District Governor Fraser F. Rambo (Vera), Hinesville, as District Librarian.

The Deputy District Governors were: William A. Ricks (Jackie), Savannah; Bird Hodges Betty), Statesboro; Dewey E. Nedders (Elzada), Pembroke; David H. Howard (Dean), Jesup; Larry D. Hartsell (Brenda), St. Simons; and T. G. Crosby (Laverne), Waycross. Lion Crosby was to become District Governor for 1980-81.

Zone Chairmen were: Robert Bovee, Kimball A. Warnock, Sr., Kenneth W. Bryant, Bill Carpenter, Garland Stevens, Albert Winter, Forcial A. Hilton, who was to become District Governor 1981-82, David Ferrell, H. P. "Rick" Hudson, Laverne Crews, W. Frank Rountree, and Douglas Powers.

As his ex-officio Cabinet Members, District Governor Wells appointed 13 Past District Governors: R. C. Cunningham, Charles Overstreet, Boone Owen, Preston B. Edwards, Christopher Barbieri, Roy L. Jones, Edwin L, Cook, Don J. Surrency, Don M. Anderson, W. A. "Bill" Gassaway, Dr. Walter Wilson, Jr., Fraser F. Rambo, and Jerome B. Ney; among others who had not yet attained the high service of the District Governor's office. It was probably his understanding of the potential embodied in this group of experienced officials that led District Governor Wells to state that "the main goal for District 18-B for this year is for each individual Lion in every Club to do his very best to live to our motto, We Serve. With this as our goal each club can grow and expand its services to its community and to Lionism through participation in District, State, and International programs and meetings."

24 definite goals were set forth for guidance of the clubs in the district, covering every phase of Lionistic activity. These, and the 34 District Club Contest Rules, listing the value points, afforded simple guidelines for assured success, providing suggestions for activities applicable to any size and type Lions Club. Particularly emphasized were Membership Extension, Development and Retention, Attendance, New Clubs, Lioness Clubs, Leo Clubs, Eye Donor Programs, the Lighthouse, Peach Bowl, and others.

Similarly, District Governor Wells provided stringent requirements for 100% Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Zone Chairmen, and Deputy District Governors.

At this time there were 23 Past district Governors of 18-B living in the district, which was composed of 53 Lions Clubs with some 1,700 members.



Lion Ivey W. Plair, a native Valdostan, of the Valdosta Evening Club, was elected District Governor at the 49th Georgia Lions State Convention held in Macon June 14-16, 1970 after conspicuous service in his Lions Club, church, and community as both a civic and business leader. He was a Charter Member of the Valdosta Evening Club, which was organized in November 1962, rose through Club and District offices, being recognized as the most outstanding Deputy District Governor in 18-C. Dr. Robert McCullough was International President.

Chairman of the State Council of Governors was District Governor Donald K. Enzmann, of the Henderson Mill Lions Club, and District Governor Ivey Plair was International Convention Chairman. State Officers were: Rupert Gray, Millen, State Lion Tamer; Eugene Sanders, Decatur, State Historian; Alcee F. Maxfield, Vine Ingle, Macon, State Secretary; and Joseph M. Grollman, Bainbridge, President of the Past District Governors.

District Governor Plair chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion W. E. "Bill" Thompson. Immediate Past District Governor W. Asbury Stembridge, of the Cordele Lions Club was his Cabinet Advisor, and Past District Governor Jimmy Riddle was District Librarian. His Extension Chairman was Jimmy Carter of Plains, Georgia, and District Governor Plair wrote: "One of the proud and outstanding things that we did was to elect our own Jimmy Carter as Governor of the State of Georgia." It is also to be noted that Rosalyn Carter officiated at the crowning of the district's candidate for the Peach Bowl Princess at the 18th Annual Lions District 18-C Assembly at the Valdosta Country Club November 17, 1970.

There were 48 clubs in District 18-C with a membership of 1,651, at the beginning of the year and 1,682 at the end of the year, showing a net gain of 31, but by reorganizing the Cuthbert Lions Club the final gain in membership was 46.

Quoting from the Annual Report: "It has happened for many years and this year is no exception.... Alapha continues to maintain 100% attendance, Cordele had 89.%, Thomasville 83% attendance weekly. Of clubs meeting twice a month, Poulan had 96% attendance, Hahira 91, Bainbridge 89, Pelham 89, Ashburn 88, Plains 82, and Shellman 80%.

The District Assembly in Valdosta in November was a huge success with Lion Bill Padon, Senior Director of Lions International as speaker.

As usual, the district was 100% in affiliation with the Lighthouse.

Special Anniversary Programs were held by Plains-25th; Arlington, Bainbridge and Moultrie celebrating the 35th year of service.

The 12 District Awards won in 1970-71 were:

Comer Award, for Best All Round Club Eastman
Griffin Plaque, Outstanding Zone Chairman C Roy Maddox
Wolffe Plaque, Outstanding Deputy District Governor C Howell Goodwin
Gilbert Plaque, Outstanding Club Secretary J. L. Wilson
Harris Award, Club meeting weekly Highest Attendance Cordele
Harris Award, Club meeting bi-weekly Highest Attendance Alapaha
M. F. Carter Plaque, Best Weekly Bulletin Eastman
M. F. Carter Plaque, Best bi-weekly Bulletin Bainbridge
Grollman Plaque, Highest Efficiency Points Eastman
Hurley Award, Highest percent, Membership Gain Eastman
Carithers Award, Lion of the Year D. H. Smith
Bella Wolffe Eye Donor Plaque Eastman

DISTRICT 18-C  1971-72

Joseph E. Cox was elected District Governor of 18-C at Georgia's 50th State Convention held at Jekyll Island June 6-8, l971. He had been a member of the Quitman Lions Club for 13 years when he was elected C's District Governor as its 35th Governor, in the 20th year of the Quitman Lions Club, which was organized March 18, 1952. The district itself dated from 1937, when the State of Georgia was divided into three districts.

The Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer was Eugene Robers; the Deputy District Governors were C. Howell Gooding, V. Elton Henry, Edsel Harrell, Oilver Bossom; Zone Chairmen were CaIvin W. Schramm, Harold Fears, Donald Purser, Billy Wiseman, George Hart, Marshall Day, Ralph Gainey. The Cabinet Advisor was lmmediate Past District Governor Ivey Plair of Valdosta.

There were fifty Lions Clubs in the district at the beginning of the year with a membership of 1,656. A new Club was organized at Cuthbert, August 3, 1971, and membership showed a net gain of 30, winding up the year with 1,686.

Members winning distinction as outstanding leaders were:
Lion of the year, Donald Wayne Griffin, Sr. of Thomasville.
Outstanding Deputy District Governor, Edsel Harrell, Tifton.
Outstanding Zone Chairman, Billy R. Wiseman, Tifton.
Outstanding Secretary, Billy Wiseman, Tifton.


Best All Round Club Cordele
Outstanding Deputy District Governor Edsel Harrell
Outstanding Zone Chairman  Billy R. Wiseman
Club with Highest Efficiency Points Moultrie
Club meeting weekly with highest attendance Eastman
Club meeting other than weekly with highest attendance Alapaha
Club with highest percent gain in membership Valdosta Evening
Club securing the most eye donors Americus
Club with best weekly bulletin Cordele
Club with best other than weekly bulletin Rochelle
Outstanding Secretary Award Billy Wiseman
Lion of the Year Award Donald W. Griffin, Sr.


District 18-C under District Governor Cox's leadership won the Tom Bingham Memorial Award for the best Sight Conservation Program in the state, along with many other awards.

Third Vice President of Lions International Johnny Balboa was the guest speaker at the District Convention which was held November 23, 1971 in Quitman.

International, Director Dr. Don W. Schmidt of Cedartown, was the speaker when the Sylvester Lions Club celebrated its 25th Anniversary December 4, 1971.

The Thomasville Lions Club sponsored a Leo Club in Thomasville February 17, 1972.

Miss Karen Histler, Sponsored by the Sylvester Lions Club, was selected to represent District 18-C November 20, 1971 in the Peach Bowl Queen Contest in Atlanta.

The actual income for the year was $5,033.49, which includes $385 for CARE, but does not include other gifts and charities, and of this amount $3,723.11 was expended, leaving $1,310.38 on hand.

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc, received $7,746.40 from May 1971 through May 1972 as compared to $7,455.48 during the same period the previous year.

Few District Governors have an actual or potential Governor of the State of Georgia and President of the United States of America on their Honorary Committee. This District Governor had both in the same person.


Past District Governor Club Year
B. I. Thornton Cordele 1946-47
H. B. Hurley Valdosta 1948-49
Dr. William H. Harris Albany 1950-51
Jack Comer Cordele 1951-52
Joe Grollman Bainbridge 1953-54
R. A. Collins* Unadilla 1955-56
Arthur O. Justice Fitzgerald 1956-57
Louis H. Gilbert* Cordele 1957-58
George Kessler Valdosta 1958-59
Dr. Elmo Davis Americus 1959-60
D. D. Morrison Pelham 1960-61
James Riddle Moultrie 1961-62
Jake Wolffe Bainbridge 1962-63
M. F. Carter Cordele 1963-64
Frank C. Vann Camilla 1964-65
Kenneth L. Lowery Valdosta 1965-66
George E. Daniel Bainbridge 1966-67
Gordon Culpepper Sylvester 1967-68
Jimmy Carter Plains 1968-69
Asbury Stembridge Cordele 1969-70
Ivey W. Plair Valdosta 1970-71
* Deceased

DISTRICT 18-C  1972-73

The Lions year that ended July 1, 1973, is believed to have been a good year for Lionism. Credit for the gains that have been made is attributed to these factors:

1. Excellent leadership provided by Past District Governors and their cabinets have established a heritage of "Pride in Service" that continues throughout the District. The momentum generated by Past District Governor J. E. Cox (1971-72) and his cabinet was a big plus factor.

2. Most clubs had good local leadership with fair to excellent participation in service projects.

3. Past District Governors made themselves available for assistance when needed and gave freely of their time to discuss problems.

4. Members of the Cabinet, including committee chairmen, performed well. It was necessary to replace one zone chairman, and the replacement did an outstanding job.

5. Assistance from State Secretary Alcee Maxfield and others was superior in strengthening weak clubs and organizing two new ones.

6. International Director Ralph Lynam and his charming wife, Doty, provided mid-year inspiration with their attendance and his speaking to our district assembly. Director Lynam was introduced by Georgia's own Director Don Schmidt; following his speech one lady, with tears streaming down her cheeks said, "You have opened new doors of meaning in life for me." This woman had, only a few months earlier, attempted to take her Life. Ralph Lynam's speech had helped to heal the emotional scars in her mind--an outstanding example of humanitarian service.

The District Governor made at least one official visit to each club during the year. Several were visited two or more times, and deputy district governors and zone chairmen were faithful in performing their duties.

Speeches by the District Governor were used to illustrate Lions Services as follows: 

1. Local Services
2. District projects
3. Statewide services
4. International programs.

Particular emphasis was given to sight conservation in general, and the eye donor program in particular, since the District Governor (1972-73) is the only known living eye donor in Georgia, perhaps in the world. Since then at least two other transplants have been made from tissue donated by living Georgians, one at the Augusta Eye Bank and another at or near Brunswick.

Local services conducted by individual clubs ranged from one major project to several for each club. It is impractical to name each service activity, but a brief summary is as follows:

A.  Local services
Eye Examinations and glasses
Providing hospital beds and wheel chairs
Christmas baskets for underprivileged
Sponsorship of fire and police departments
Recreation programs
School improvements
Community Charities
Conducted elections

B.  District projects
CARE contributions built a school in Sacpuy, Guatemala. More than $600 was contributed, a record for the Lions of 18-C.

Used eyeglasses were collected with more than 10,000 pairs contributed. These will be sent to Central Africa through CARE.

Three training schools for new club officers were conducted, one in August of 1972 for the 1972-73 officers and two in May and June of 1973 for the 1973-74 officers. Participation was good.

C.  Statewide programs
The Lions of Multiple District 18 sponsored the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and its companion Eye Banks. Also related to the Lighthouse was the fifth annual. Peach Bowl Football Classic. Each club made financial contributions to the Lighthouse, our statewide sight conservation program. In addition, 369 eye donor pledges were secured.

Support; of the Peach Bowl increased with many Lions purchasing memberships in the Peach Bowl Association and ticket sales reaching a record high for the December 29 affair. District 18-C's princess, Miss Gail Peters, was winner of the Peach Bowl Queen's crown, competing with contestants from the other five districts. Miss Peters made visits to several communities within the district, publicizing the Peach Bowl and Lionism.

D. International Programs
Miss Jan Day, a senior at Early County High School (Blakely), spent six weeks in Belgium as a guest of the Antwerp Lions. She was the first young person in 18-C to participate in the Youth Exchange Program.

Several Clubs exchanged bulletins and correspondence with Lions in other
countries, thereby furthering international understanding.

Membership retention and development, extension, and annual convention attendance were highlighted during the year. Copies of the 1972-73 Annual Report and District Governor's Progress Report show the net gain (or loss) in membership for each club, standings in the district contest, and winners of individual and club awards. The annual report was distributed at the District Breakfast during the State Convention.

The year began with a membership of 1,650 and ended with 1,827, a gain of 177. Two new clubs were organized; Boston with 36 members and Pulaski with 43.

Of the 369 Eye Donors, Americus secured 223.

The Albany Lions Club celebrated its 50th Anniversary September 30, 1972, with International Director Dr. Don W. Schmidt as speaker.

Alapaha and Americus Lions Clubs maintained 100% attendance for the year.

During the first breakfast on June 18, committee reports were received and approved. Lion Jack Fore, Leesburg Lions Club, was recognized as the only candidate for District Governor for 1973-74, and Past District Governor Jimmy Riddle was the nominee for District Historian. Other items included distribution of certificates and awards to committee chairmen and cabinet members. A spirited period of drawings for numerous door prizes concluded the first breakfast session.

The Breakfast program on June 19 included announcement of district contest winners, district elections, and presentation of individual awards.

A resolution was unanimously adopted honoring Lion Jim Corbett, who for more than twenty years has served as Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. Lion Jim, himself a blind man, was stricken on April 5 by a series of strokes and has been hospitalized since that time. Although living in Atlanta for several years, Lion Corbett became a Lion in Albany and is carried as an honorary member of that club.

Past District Governor Jimmy Riddle of Moultrie was re-elected to the office of District Librarian, and Lion Jack Fore was elected District Governor for 1973-74. Both were unanimously chosen and elected by acclamation.

District Governor Ewart Phillips (2-A1 Texas) and Lioness Lillie were our guests at this breakfast and throughout the convention. A native of Colquitt, Georgia, Governor and Mrs. Phillips were en-route to the International Convention in Miami and chose to visit with Georgia Lions while in transit. This was a renewal of a friendship that began in Mexico City when Governors Haskins and Phillips were in training seminars together.

27 of the 50 Clubs were represented at the district breakfasts an average of 135 in attendance.

All business sessions of the State Convention were well attended, as were the luncheons and banquet.

Past District Governors Eugene Sanders and Olin Newby were respectively re-elected as State Historian and State Lion Tamer. Past District Governor George P. Crumbley, Jr., was nominated as Georgia's next candidate for the high office of International Director.

Luncheon speakers included International Director Ed Tinin of Mississippi and Dr. Thomas Whitley of Columbus (Georgia) College. International Director Don W. Schmidt was the banquet speaker and made an inspiring address to the more than 1,500 Lions, ladies and guests in attendance.

The 1972-73 Lions year had multiple beginnings throughout the district with officer installation ceremonies in each club and in Mexico City for the District Governor. Each day brought new experiences and different opportunities for services. It was a good year, a wonderful year, because the spirit of Lionism prevails in District 18-C. This spirit prevails because of the more than 1,700 Lions, joined by their ladies, who live and believe in the credo expressed by President George Friedrichs, "Humanitarian Solidarity Through Lionism."

DISTRICT 18-C  1977-78

The officers of District C for the year 1977-78 were:

District Governor Gary Cullens of Thomasville
Cabinet Secretary Charlie Copeland
Cabinet Advisors Leon Bryant
Hal Council
Deputy District Governors George Erwin, Jr.
Ralph West
Roy Summer
Wayne Hilliard
Zone Chairmen Richard West
William Ashberry
Benny Jessup
Charles Harper
Duncan Sinclair
Dean Elevins
Robert Jenkins
James Mitchell
District Librarian E. W. Rhoden

District Governor Cullens was elected to serve as Council Chairman of Multiple District 18 at the International Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Council brought about many changes in our state organization, such as the statewide directories, the State Council Blazer, the Georgia Lions Travel Club, continued work on Georgia's first set of trading pins, and began laying the foundation for the 1982 International Convention to be held in Atlanta. The Council also helped develop many innovative changes in our State Convention such as permanent name badges, changing of the luncheons, voting by ballots and the first President Elect School.

District Governor Cullens brought changes to District 18-C such as the first Peach Bowl Princess Pageant being held separate from the District Assembly and the first District Assembly of 18-C to be held in the Spring instead of Fall, Governor Cullens also attended the first United States Lions Forum which was held in Chicago during September.

The District CARE project was to build a two and one-half room school in Honduras. The project was so successful that we were able to build two schools which were named in memory of Past District Governor Leon Bryant who passed away in late 1977.

The first separate Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held in Albany on October 29th. Sixteen contestants were entered and the winner was Miss Karen Kassandra Knight of Bainbridge. Miss Knight was also selected first runner-up to the Peach Bowl Queen in Atlanta. A special attraction at our pageant was the Mistress of Ceremonies Miss Pam Sounders, Miss Georgia 1977.

The District entered a float in the Peach Bowl parade and it was judged the second place winner of its division. A large trophy was received for the achievement.

As the Lions International Foundation project the District made Past District Governor Leon Bryant a Melvin Jones Fellow. This award was presented-to members of his family at the State Convention in Marietta in June 1978.

District 18-C had as a goal that 100% of its clubs would made a donation or contribution to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation and for the 24th consecutive year we were successful in attaining this goal. A District Lighthouse Meeting was hosted by the Bainbridge Lions Club on September 18th. Speakers from the Lighthouse, Eye Banks and the Peach Bowl discussed the work and operation of their branch of the Lighthouse Foundation.

The District Assembly was held March 4, 1978 at the Downtowner Motor Inn in Albany. The speaker was International Director John Gregory of Manassas Virginia. At Director Gregory's request a trip to Plains was arranged for him on the day following the Assembly.

The District Assembly Youth Exchange Program was with Japan and several students visited with Lions in our District from mid-June to the end of July, 1978.

Other projects that were accepted for the year were Leader Dog School, Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind, Peach Bowl, Eye Banks, White Cane Day, and the mop and broom sales for the Georgia Factory for the Blind.

District 18-C had a net gain in membership for the year and placed second in the state. Three new Lions Clubs were formed and placed the District in a tie for the largest increase of new Clubs in the State. The new Clubs were the Doerun Lions Club, the Pavo Lions Club, and the Bainbridge Evening Lions Club. The District also had Lioness Clubs formed in Cordele and Moultrie.

The District Awards fox the year were:

Best Bulletin (Weekly) Cordele Lions Club
(Bi-weekly ) Leesburg Lions Club
Highest % gain in membership Cordele Evening Lions Club
Highest Attendance Average
(Weekly) Cordele Lions Club
(Bi-weekly) Leesburg Lions Club
Outstanding Lioness Club Valdosta Lioness Club
Secretary of the year Dennis Walker, Bainbridge Lions Club
Lion of the Year Frank Shirah, Pulaski Lions Club
Outstanding Zone Chairman Robert Jenkins, Bainbridge Lions Club
Outstanding Deputy District Gov. Roy Summer, Valdosta Lions Club
Club Efficiency 1st - Cordele Lions Club
2nd - Bainbridge Lions Club
Best All Round Club Bainbridge Lions Club
Outstanding Club Cordele Lions Club

The Cordele, Bainbridge and Thomasville Lions Clubs were winners of awards given on the state level..

1977 was a very successful year for the District. Separating the District Assembly and Peach Bowl Princess Pageant proved to be successful and has been a continued practice since. New District records for contributions were set in all the projects as of June 30, 3978. Several District goals were exceeded through the dedicated efforts and service of the clubs and the Lions 0f the District.

At the conclusion of his year as District Governor of 18-C, Governor Cullens was presented the Lions Clubs International 100% District Governors Award, the District Governors Extension Award, International President Joseph McLoughlin's Extension Award and the International President's Commendation Award.

DISTRICT 18-C  1979-80

In the very beginning, I want to acknowledge a Lion who had a lot to do with my becoming District Governor of 18-C. Past District Governor Joe Grollman of Bainbridge called and expressed a trust my ability to Lead our District.

Our District's year started off with a great loss. My father had been ill for sometime and died after serving his District for only a month. After the death of my father, it became necessary that we elect a new Governor. This election took place in Albany at the Downtowner Motel. I was elected and with the support of Cabinet Secretary Joe Mathews and the other members of the cabinet, we started our year.

From the Start, I was, as I am sure all governors are at one time or another, afraid of doing the wrong thing. I attended my first Council of Governors Meeting in Jekyll Island, where I met the other Governors from Georgia. They all told me that any time I needed help or had questions to call.

Lion Joe Mathews and I went to the 1979 U.S. Forum held in Minnesota. The weekend was well spent as we took in all of the seminars that we could to better prepare ourselves for the coming year.

I was excited when we (my family) and other members from the Americus Lions Club went to Calvary, Georgia for Mule Day. We had a day full of entertainment that we will never forget.

In the middle of November, we held our annual Peach Bowl Princess Pageant at ABAC College in Tifton. There are so many Lions that did so much that it would be hard to name them all. Lions such as Jack Morrison, Terry Foreman, Don Sickmon, Joe Mathews, and Bob Prevatte made significant contributions.

We crowned a young lady from Bainbridge, Georgia, Miss Alice Pritzel, as our Princess. We were entertained by Miss Lynn Moon and Mr. Bruce Fisher. We had a large crowd in attendance.

The State Peach Bowl Pageant was a very big affair for Eloise and me. We also went to the President's Ball. We rode in the Peach Bowl Parade the day of the game and were joined there by 13 members of my family. We felt like real V.I.P.'s.

In the month of March, Eloise and I traveled to District 18-A for Governor Mel Johnson's District Convention. Mel and Ellen made us welcome at their home for breakfast before the convention and afterwards we spent the night with them. Dr. Keith Gates, International Director from Utah, was Mel's speaker, we had a great time in 18-A as always.

A very important event in 18-C in February was the first Lioness Convention. We had Lionesses from all over the district and six clubs at that time had members there. I feel that Lionesses are a big part of Lionism. The meeting was held at the Merry Acres Restaurant in Albany and we had a total of 76 Lions and Lionesses in attendance. District Governor-elect Don Sickmon was also there and said he would work to have a second meeting in his year. I must go on record and give thanks to the members of the Americus Lioness Club for their help in setting up this meeting.


This is one weekend I will never forget. We had our third cabinet meeting, electing new officers for the coming year. My special guests were: Lion Governors Mel Johnson and his wife, Ellen; John Pearce and his wife, Carolyn; President of the Lions Lighthouse, Lion Ken Massingale and his wife, Jeanie; State Historian, Lion Gene Sanders and his wife, Ruth.

My guest speaker was Past lnternational Director and Managing Director of the Peach Bowl, Lion Howard Towns. Lion Howard really fired us up. One not so interesting event that happened was that several of my fellow Lions cut off my beard. Lions like Jake Wolffe, Ken Massingale, Howard Towns, and other members of the Americus Lions Club paid money to improve my appearance. We had a 7:00 A.M. breakfast the morning after to give Lion Don Sickmon time to introduce some of then members of his new cabinet.


Lion Joe Mathews and I drove to the State Convention with our wives. Lion Joe worked to see that everything was ready for the District Breakfast while I was at the last Council of Governors meeting. This one weekend sums up the whole year. We had all worked together for a year and now were at the State Convention to join in victory. The State Convention was a sad event for most of us that knew and remembered that this was to have been my father's year. As I look back I know that it still was his year because everything that he started the Lions of 18-C finished for him. We had our best year in CARE and LIF. We had every club in 18-C give to the Lighthouse, keeping a 26 year old perfect record and we added a new Lioness Club to 18-C.


CARE has always meant a lot to the Lions of 18-C as well as the Lions of other districts, but we have the edge. We have the leadership in Chairman Lion B. I. Thornton who helped raise over $1,800 to build a two room school house in Peru in the memory of Lion District Governor George H. Erwin, Sr. This was one of the largest amounts ever raised in 18-C.


My father had asked Coleman Speer, a Lion from the Americus Club, to be the Chairman of the Lions International Foundation. We had no idea that we would lose my father before the year got started. So many of the Lions Clubs who knew my father wanted to do something that would show other Lions how they felt about him. Many, many clubs sent checks to Lion Coleman asking that we apply their money toward a Melvin Jones Fellowship award and before the year was half over we had reached our goal and beyond. At the State Convention Lion Jake Wolffe presented my mother the Melvin Jones Fellowship Plaque.


Lioness Chairman Ivey Plair and his Lioness, Clyde, worked very hard throughout the year to promote Lionism. We had several cities that were interested in Lioness Clubs and one of these towns was Richland. With the help of Lion Robert King, my Zone Chairman from Richland, we formed a Lioness Club there.

I know that one time or another every Lion has wanted to be District Governor. I was no different. As I sit here thinking of all the Lions and Lioness Clubs that I visited, I remember all the good times we had; such as going to the Bainbridge Evening Club.  So many wonderful things happened to me that I could talk all night about my year, but that is one thing I always tried to make clear. It was not my year, but the Lions of 18-C's year.

There are so many Lions that I appreciate more because of their help. I know that I can't name them all, but I must thank a few for the record. Lions such as my friend, Jack Morrison, from Valdosta, who's always ready to help save a weak club. Lion Bobby Prevatte, my Cabinet Advisor, was there when I needed him with the right answer. Lion Don Sickmon, Cotton Hester, and all the Lions from Bainbridge. They worked hard all year. Lion Jack Comer, always knew how Lion Jack felt about the Lighthouse, and he had a way of spreading that feeling. There are so many more I would like to thank, but I want to thank my entire cabinet for their support this past year. A special thanks goes to the Past District Governors Association which I am now a member, for their support.

And now, last but never least, my Cabinet Secretary, Lion Joe Mathews was always at my side not only as a cabinet member but as a friend. He was someone I could talk to and work things out. Lion Joe, I owe you a lot.

Thank you 18-C for a great year.

George Erwin, Jr.
District Governor 18-C

By Hugh Inglis


1970-1980 International Directors
Joe B. Davis, Decatur
Edwin C. Daniel, North DeKalb

1970-1980 State Officers:

Secretary Alcee F. Maxfield, Vine Ingle
Secretary Eugene K. Lindsey, Warner Robbins
Historian Eugene Sanders, Decatur
Lion Tamer Rupert Gay, Millen
Olin C. Newby, Washington
Don H. Anderson, Rincon
William Gibson, North Decatur
James B. Zittrauer, Henry Grady
District Governors Cabinet Secretary-Treasurers
1970-71 Don K. Enzmann, Henderson Mill Bill Zieburtz
1971-72 Irving D. Hellenga, Toccoa Loyd Prewett
1972-73 Edwin C. Daniel, North Dekalb Herb Gable
1973-74 B. Edward Page, Hartwell Bob Jolly
1974-75 William Gibson, North Decatur Bob Scott
1975-76 Ray Eastmoore, Dunwoody Walt Lyttle
1976-77 Vance L. Cecil, Jr., Classic City, Athens Sammie B. Parksman
1977-78 Kenneth R. Massingale, Decatur Dick Dorsey
1979-80 John F. Pearce, Dahlonega Jim Walden
1980-81 Don Hardigree, Winder Tommy Lee

District Librarians
Sam B. Wilson, Carnesville
Robert A. Holbrook, North Decatur
Hugh A. Inglis, Athens

1970-1980 Clubs in District 18-D

Carnesville Towns County Forsyth County
Hartwell Commerce Gainesville
Lavonia Jefferson Lanier, Gainesville
Martin Oconee White County
Royston Winterville Auburn-Carl
Toccoa Decatur Loganville
Bowman Dekalb Central Monroe
Comer Druid Hills Social Circle
Colbert LaVista West Jackson
Elbertson North Decatur Winder
Clarksville Southwest Dekalb Athens
Clayton Union County Athens Classic City
Cornelia Dahlonega North DeKalb
Tallulah Falls Dawsonville Rehoboth
Bethesda Snellville Laurel Ridge
Buford Duluth Northlake
Lawrenceville Lithonia Stone Mountain
Lilburn Brookhaven Executive Park
Norcross Dunwoody Tucker

In 1970 District 18-D had 54 and in 1980 the District Directory listed 57 Clubs.

Membership in District 18-D

July 1970 1,947
July 1971 2,067
July 1972 2,094
July 1973 2,110
July 1974 2,089
July 1975 2,030
July 1976 1,977
July 1977 1,936
July 1978 1,816
July 1979 1,852
July 1980 1,945

Lioness Clubs in District 18-D

Brookhaven Dunwoody
Cornelia LaVista
Decatur Norcross
North Dekalb Winder

Leo Clubs in District 18-D
One sponsored by Towns County Lions Club
One sponsored by Snellville lions Club


Location Dates International Speakers
Macon June 14-16, 1970 W. Richard Bryan, Int. Pres.,
Doylestown, Ohio
Jekyll Island June 6-8, 1971 Dr. Robert D. McCullough, Int. Pres.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Savannah June 11-13, 1972 Robert Uplinger, Int. Pres.
& Jimmy Carter, Governor
Macon June 17-19, 1973 Don W. Schmidt, Int. Director
Columbus June 9-11, 1974 Tris Coffin, Int. President
Rosemere, Quebec, Canada
Jekyll Island June 8-10, 1975 Edward Kosjer, Int. Director
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Savannah June 6-8, 1977 Harry J. Aslan, Int. President
Albany June 10-12, 1977 Karov Munakasum, Int. Director
Kyato, Japan
Marietta June 9-11, 1978 U. S. Senator Sam Nunn
Savannah June 1-3, 1979 Dr. Don Schmidt, Int. Director, Cedartown
Jekyll Island May 16-18, 1980 Earl Maddox, Int. Director, Colorado


Locations Dates International Speakers
Gainesville Civic Center October 24, 1970

Rohit C. Mehta, Int'l Director
Ahmedobad, India

Gainesville Civic Center October 9, 1971
E. B. "Tex" Mayer, Int'l Dir.
LaGrange, Texas
Gainesville Civic Center November 3, 1972
Aubrey Greene, Int'l Past Pres.
York, Alabama
Gainesville Civic Center November 3, 1973
Paul E. McCrary, Int'l Dir.
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Gainesville Holiday Hall October 26, 1974
Bob McCullough, Int'l Past Dir.
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Gainesville Civic Center October 25, 1975
Don A. Buckalew, Int'l Director
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 13, 1976
Joseph M. McLaughlin, 1st V-Pres.
Stanford, Conn.
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 19, 1977
Joseph L. Wroblewski, Int'l Dir.
Ashley, Pennsylvania
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 11, 1978
Lloyd Morgan, 1st V-Pres.
New Zealand
Gainesville Holiday Hall November 10, 1979
Dr. Jim Fowler
Little Rock, Arkansas
Gainesville Holiday Hall 1980 Dr. L. Keith Gates, "Int'l Dir,
Logan, Utah

The attendance was about 700 persons each year.


1940-41 (18-A) Hugh A. Inglis, Athens
1944-45 (18-A) Eugene Sanders, Atlanta
1947-48 (18-A) Joe B. Davis, Atlanta
*1947-48 W. J. Andrews, Toccoa
*1948-49  R. M. Mathews, Gainesville
*1949-50  C. R. Clegg, Young Harris
*1950-51  W. B. Caldwell, Greensboro
1951-52  Kenneth Carswell, Downtown Macon
*1952-53  W. Neal Whitworth, Lavonia
1953-54  Robert C. McAloney, Toccoa
*1954-55  Forrest M. Runnels, Gainesville
1955-56  H. O. Carlton, Clarkesville
1956-57  Ed M. Dyer, Roswell
1957-58 R. E. Cross, Clayton
1958-59 Willard Kimsey, Toccoa
1959-60  Dr. William F. Mosher, North DeKalb
1960-61  Dr. Carlos A. Shaw, Winder
*1961-62  Charles R. Marchman, Clayton
1962-63  J. Ralph Hampton, Gainesville
1963-64  Roland K. Weekley Decatur
*1964-65  Sam B. Wilson, Carnesville
1965-66 Edgar P. Faulkner, Tucker
1966-67 Ed L. Owens, Norcross
1967-68 Joe H. Hutcherson, Toccoa
1968-69  Carl L. Donaldson, Atlanta
1969-70  Robert A. Holbrook, North Decatur
1970-71  Donald K. Enzmann, Henderson Mill
1971-72  Dr. Irving Hellenga, Toccoa
1972-73  Edwin C. Daniel, Chamblee
1973-74 B. Edward Page, Hartwell
1974-75 William C. Gibson, North Decatur
1975-76 Ray A. Eastmoore, Dunwoody
1976-77 Vance L. Cecil, Jr., Athens
1977-78 Kenneth Massingale, Decatur
1978-79  David Sargent, Gainesville
1979-80  Dr. John F. Pearce, Dahlonega
1980-81  Donald R. Hardigree, Winder


Name, Purpose, Trust Fund, Membership

The name of the corporation is "Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc." referred to hereafter as "Lions Lighthouse" and the designated phrase to be used with this name is "A Sight Conservation Project of Georgia Lions Clubs."

The purpose of this corporation is to foster Sight Conservation and restoration and shall be administered as set forth in the powers given in the Constitution and By-Laws.

Primary emphasis will be directed toward the Youth of Georgia who are not eligible for any specified government or employer program; but within resources available, assistance will be rendered to any citizen of Georgia not otherwise eligible or capable of obtaining assistance.

To help those already blinded through a program of counseling and guidance in their period of rehabilitation.

To encourage and participate in eye research programs through direct grants to such agencies as are designated by the Board of Directors.

To operate such eye banks in the State of Georgia may be approved by the Board of Directors.

Trust Fund

A "Trust (or Endowment) Fund" shall be maintained to insure a permanent and continuing program of the Lions Lighthouse Foundation, ministering to and assisting needy citizens of Georgia requiring ophthalmological and/or optometric care, and to promote the Sight Conservation Program.


Each member of an active Lions Club in Georgia Multiple District 18, is automatically a shareholder in the Lions Lighthouse and, as such, is privileged to give it his wholehearted support, both morally and financially. He has official representation on the Board of Directors through the Associate Director from his local club as appointed by his Club President. Also, his attendance is urged and desired at all Lions Lighthouse Meetings, particularly at the Meeting held annually in conjunction with the part of the State Convention.

Past Presidents of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

3/49-6/50 Lion Ollie Reeves*, Atlanta
6/50-2/52 Lion Ancel Leake, Atlanta
2/52-6/54 Lion George Rankin*, Atlanta
6/54-6/56 Lion J. D, Carithers, Moultrie
6/56-6/58 Lion Bob Matthews*, Gainesville
6/58-6/60 Lion Gen. A. Lester Henderson, Savannah
6/60-6/62 Lion W. T. Cooksey, Hamilton
6/62-6/64 Lion Joe B. Davis, Decatur
6/64-6/66 Lion F. Hughes Willingham, Lincolnton
6/66-6/69 Lion S. N. Manning, Alpharetta
6/69-6/71 Lion Willard Kimsey, Toccoa
6/71-6/73 Lion Maurice Newman, Rome
6/73-6/75 Lion Frank Hollberg, III, Senoia
6/75-6/77 Lion Edwin C. Daniel, Chamblee
6/77-6/79 Lion Don W. Schmidt, M.D., Cedartown
6/79-Current Lion Ken Massingale, Decatur


The official location is: 1711 Tully Circle, N.E., Suite 116,
Atlanta, Georgia 30329; Telephone (404) 325-3630

The officers are: President, Treasurer, Secretary and Administrator. The Vice Presidents: One from each of the Districts (A, B, C, D, E &F) From each of the Multiple Districts are: Six Directors; Three Trustees from each of the six districts is one Lion member on committees as follows:

Constitution and By-Laws

Eye Bank

White Cane Sales

Club Program and Education

Sight Conservation


Hearing Conservation

Public Relations

The Lighthouse also has the District Governor and Cabinet Advisor from each District.

Two Lion Members from each District to represent the Hearing Aid Bank Board of Directors.

The Georgia Lions Eye Bank, Inc., Executive Director and Technician.

The Georgia Lions Eye Bank, Augusta--Executive Secretary

The Peach Bowl, Inc.--Executive Director





White Cane

1970-71 $18,961.83  *
1971-72   24,233.96  *
1972-73   26,854.80  *
1973-74   38,479.53 $   899.50
1974-75   32,587.06   1,086.50
1975-76   45,516.00   3,002.00 $10,500.00
1976-77   42,496.00   1,593,00   10,588.00
1977-78   50,958.00   1,448.50     8,889.15
1978-79   46,194.44       915.67   10,690.42





*Included in the "Regular" Account

District Governor Ray A. Eastmoore is responsible for the launching of the White Cane Sale in 1976.

Trust Fund

The Citizens and Southern National Dank is managing the Lighthouse Trust Fund. Fund Balance June 30, 1980 -- $663,369.84.


Founded in1939 by a group of Michigan Lions, the purpose is to train dogs to lead blind persons and provide facilities and means whereby blind persons may obtain leaders. The non-profit organization is served by a National Board of 30 trustees. The training school and executive offices are located in Rochester, Michigan.

There is no charge for a Leader Dog or any part of the four weeks training program. It costs the school about $4,500 for each team.

See District 18-D Contributions in the table.

By the end of June 1980, 68 Georgians had received 89 Deader Dogs; and the total number of dogs furnished to date, including replacements, was 5,451 dogs to 3,532 Deader Dog Graduates (people).


District 18-D has located in it at Athens, Georgia one of the few units in the Nation. Here volunteers read textbooks into recorders and the tapes are furnished blind students.

For about10 years, Athens Lions Club and Classic City Lions Club have supported Recording for the Blind as a club project. For the past three years, the President and a special committee have worked with the District Governors publicizing the services and the need of this chapter. The response in District 18-D has been good and the District Governor lists it for the 100% Goals for local clubs. The Athens Lions Club contributes $500 to $800 per year. See table for District 18-D.

Other Districts have begun to respond to the letters the from the President of the Athens Lions Club.


Purpose of Eye Bank: (1) Provide corneal tissue for anyone who can have vision restored with corneal transplant, (2) continue our research and, (3) educational program for public hospitals, doctors and others.

Lion Y. T. Abernathy, Chairman Board of Trustees, Georgia Lions Eye Bank, Inc. Emory University and a member of North DeKalb Lions Club has done an excellent job of promoting and expanding the services of the Georgia Lions Eye Bank. Because of his good work he was named Vice President of the Eye Bank Association for the Southeastern Region.


A letter sent out to supporters of the Eye Bank by Y. T. Abernathy, Chairman Board of Trustees and Ms. Janie Benson, Executive Director, reported the 1980 total transplants through October stands at an all time high of 485.

Janie Benson gave a report for the Eye Bank (not by Districts) for transplants as follows:

1973 - 25 1977 - 244
1974 - 64 1978 - 423
1975 - 100 1979 - 475
1976 - 160 1980 - 607



Eye Donors

Used Eye Glasses Collected

Used Hearing Aids Collected

1970-71    213
1971-72    209
1972-73    220
1973-74    524
1973-74 1,508
1974-75 1,794 11,680
1975-76 1,465   2,926 20
1976-77 3,261   5,725 44
1977-78 2,537   6,398
1978-79 3,238   9,106 44










Leader Dog

Recording for the Blind

Camp for Blind

1970-71 1,375.00
1971-72 1,187.00
1972-73 909.00
1973-74 2,262.00
1974-75 1,447.00 1,849
1975-76 1,603.00 2,450
1976-77 1,698.00 1,595 595
1977-78 1,884.75 2,881 1,840 1,834.60
1978-79 2,166.00 2,338 2,098 2,600.28
1979-80 2,241.00 2,225 4,038 2,339.00 3,413.00







Lions International Foundation

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) grants are available to Lions Clubs and Districts seeking to provide services in three areas: major disaster relief, such as floods and earthquakes; vocational assistance for developing countries to improve living conditions through agriculture and nutrition training; humanitarian services, such as eye surgery and other medical support.

The grant applicant must justify the need and have the ability to insure the success of the project.

Contributions from Lions, Lionesses and Leo Clubs and other individuals are sources of the funds.

Projects for Raising Funds

Sales of Brooms, mops and lightbulbs Birthday Calendars
Sale of Fruit Cakes Paper Drives
Sale of Christmas Trees Annual Auctions
Pancake Suppers Chicken Frys
Barbecues Flea Markets
White Cane

Hearing Aid Bank

In 1972-73, Athens Lions Club inaugurated a Hearing Aid Bank in cooperation with the University of Georgia. In 1973-74, it was expanded to the District level in 18-D. In 197&-75, the Athens Lions Club bought an audiometer.

At the State Convention, 1974 in Columbus, Frank Hollberg, President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, appointed Ed Synder, Chairman of Hearing Conservation in Georgia. The work spread rapidly throughout the state.

During the year 1975-76, a grant of $1,000 from the lighthouse was given to the University of Georgia for a study to determine the hearing needs and the projected costs to conduct a program of aid through the Lighthouse.

The Hearing Aid Bank is located in the office of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia. It is under the guidance of Chairman Ed Snyder, Athens, and his excellent leadership in hearing conservation. Other civic clubs and other states are asking for information about the Georgia Lions Hearing Conservation Program.

Rosa’s Van

Rosa's Van valued at $14,185.46 in the U.S.A. and purchased by Lions for crippled children in VITRA School, Buenos Aires, Argentina, was made possible by the work of Lion Sam Hale during 1978.

Lion Sam Hale, a member of Athens Lions Club, has been a Lion since August 1935. On October 19, 1979, Lions International made him a Life Member.

This humanitarian act was made possible by funds from sources as follows: (1) Lion San's own club made a contribution; (2) about half the members of his Club made a personal donation; (3) many Lions Clubs in District 18-D made contributions; (4) some business people made donations; (5) a check for $5,000 was received from L.C.I.F. (Lions Club International Foundation); and (6)Lion Sam Hale paid the balance and made the trip to Buenos Aires to see the Van come off the boat and being delivered to the School for crippled Children.

The Van was equipped with an elevator to lift crippled children in wheelchairs from the ground up into the van and later unload them after the trips to school.

50 Sewing Machines for Equador

Donald K. Enzmann, Past District Governor 18-D, at the Cabinet Meeting held in Gainesville, February 6, 1972 announced they had over 50 sewing machines and 30 commercial machines being shipped to Ecuador from New Orleans. This was a District Project in lnternational Relations.

Lion Don spent time in Ecuador, made colored slides of schools and projects sponsored by Lions and presented these slides to fellow Lions and others when he returned home.

Toccoa Falls Institute Disaster

Sunday, November 6, 1977, at 1:20 A.M. during a rain storm Kelly Dam, above Toccoa Falls, burst. In the path of the flood below was Toccoa Falls Institute where approximately 40 persons drowned in the flood water coming upon them while they slept in the night.

The Governor, George Busbee, his Civil Defense team and other department heads rushed to the scene of the disaster. President Jimmy Carter, a Lion, sent his wife Rosalynn to Toccoa Falls to view the disaster. The U.S. Government gave over one million dollars, the State of Georgia helped with road repair, clean-up the debris and other jobs.

Lions Clubs throughout Georgia sent contributions to Toccoa Falls Disaster Fund. Humanitarian needs is where Lions serve. Lion Willard Kimsey, a member of Toccoa Lions Club, reported 20 Lions Clubs gave $2,834.00 to Toccoa Falls Disaster Fund.

Barbara Shirley, Honorary Lioness

Barbara Shirley of Clarkesville, Georgia went before the Lions Convention at Jekyll Island in June 1975 and told us that she grew up in Toccoa, went to Chattanooga to school and while there found that she could not see to read and called her dad to come get her.

She never knew the 72 year old eye donor of the cornea she received in the transplant at Emory University Hospital. Because of this gift she dedicated her life to helping develop a Georgia Eye Research Center second to none. She went before group after group to tell movingly of her personal miracle, the gift of sight.

In recognition of Barbara Shirley's crusading, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for the Blind made her an honorary lifetime director. The Atlanta Eye Bank put her on its Advisory Board.

Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett worked in accounting for the Southern Railroad for 25 years before he was struck with total blindness. He came from Albany to Atlanta to be the Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

During Jim Corbett's leadership of about 20 years, the Lighthouse grew from regular contributions of a few thousand dollars to $93,000 reported for the year 1972-73. This was exclusive of the Peach Bowl and memorial Fund.

On the morning of April 5, 1973, Jim attempted to arise and get ready for work. He could not because of complete paralysis on his left side. The Lighthouse could not purchase retirement or hospitalization for Jim due to his physical impairment.

Jim's per day cost at Wesley Moods was $37.00 per day or $1,110.00 for 30 days. Add that to his apartment and living expenses for his loyal, devoted and faithful wife, Myrt.

During the Annual Meeting in Macon at the Lions Convention, the Lighthouse President appointed a special committee to devise ways to help Jim and Myrt. The Committee recommended immediate help of $1.00 contribution from each Lion in Georgia on a free will basis. The Decatur Lions Club members gave $1.00 each to the Jim Corbett Fund to supplement income from Social Security and financial help from Medicare.

Lionism is a humanitarian service. This was a special way to help.

First year was 1968.


Teams (Winner Underlined)


Clubs 100% Members

Total Tickets Sold

1968 LSU-Florida State 31-27 35,206
1969 S.C.-West Virginia 14-03 53,969
1970 N.C.-Arizona State 48-26 52,969
1971 Ga. Tech-Ole Miss. 41-18   4 38,599
1972 N.C. State-West Virginia 49-13   8 51,413
1973 Georgia-Maryland 17-16 19 41,313
1974 Vanderbilt-Texas Tech (tie 06-06 33 41,313
1975 N.C. State-West Virginia 13-10 32 51,120
1976 N.C.-Kentucky 21-00 39 33,947
1977 N.C. State-Iowa State 24-14 35 43,063
1978 Georgia Tech-Purdue 41-21 39 33,947
1979 Clemson-Baylor 24-18 42 58,933


Miami-Va. Tech  




On a cold rainy night, December 30, 1968, the first game was played in Grant Field, Atlanta. A suggestion from Atlanta Journal Sports Editor, Furman Bisher, caused Jim Corbett, Executive Director of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to move in the direction of sponsoring a bowl and use the proceeds for the blind and for sight conservation. Jim Corbett was blind himself.


1970-71 Membership Key (2 Members)
John Thomas, Gainesville Elton Daniel, Norcross
Edward Weaver, Hartwell Conrad Anderson, Toccoa
Aubrey H. Fleming, Lilburn Lamar Davis, Toccoa
Stephen Cruce, Lilburn Grover Head, Toccoa
Robert L. Keys, Lilburn Loyd Prewett, Toccoa
J. R. Morton, Lilburn Claude Smith, Toccoa
W. N. Wells, Lilburn

Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
Don K. Enzman, Henderson Mill


1971-72 Membership Key (2 Members)
Glynn Nichols, Dunwoody B. Jack Stone, Athens
Charles N. Moss, Mountain Park Vance L. Cecil, Jr., Classic City
France Hogsed, Towns County William C. Nicholson, Classic City
Clay Dotson, Towns County Leroy Eller, North DeKalb
Carlos Russell, Towns County A. D. Wright, Gainesville
Ed Page, Hartwell Robert Howell, Gainesville
Roger Vonland Marion Kephart, Gainesville
James B. Weaver, Classic City Dewey Kephart, Gainesville
Robert S. Synder, Lilburn

Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
James B. Weaver, Classic City W. W. Banks, Gainesville

Extension (Oconee and Bowman Clubs)
Ed Synder, Athens Don Enzman, Henderson Mill
Hugh A. Inglis, Athens Loyd Prewett, Toccoa


1972-73 Membership Key (2 Members)
W. W. Banks, Gainesville John W. Crumpton, Lithonia
Jimmy Hasten, Peachtree J. Fred Goddard, Lithonia
Jim Dill, North DeKalb John S. Norris, Lithonia
Billy A. Johnson, Lithonia Edward Hedden, Towns County
Dale E. Thurman, Towns County

Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
Vance L. Cecil, Classic City John Quinn, Gainesville

Master Key (12 Members)
William W. Banks, Gainesville
Senior Master Key (25 Members)
Edward "Ed" Snyder, Athens


1973-74 Membership Key (2 Members)
Robert A. Scott, No. Decatur Gerald Doggett, Laurel Ridge
Robert C. Cohen, No. Decatur James M. Grimes, Snellville
Ronald H. McClure, Forsyth Co. W. J. Britt, Snellville
C. W. Cox, Jr., Forsyth Co. Edwin Britt, Snellville
William Worrell, Laurel Ridge James F. Woodall, Tallulah Falls
Alton Jones, Laurel Ridge

Membership Advancement Key (6 Members)
W. Henry Scott, Tallulah Falls

Master Key (12 Members)
Ray Eastmoore, Dunwoody William A. Noble, Laurel Ridge


1974-75 Membership Key (2 Members)
Doyle A. Ashley, Classic City Benny Nuckolls, Forsyth County
Robert Bearden, Gainesville Howard Page, Gainesville
James T. Caudle, Henderson Hill Clifford M. Pitts, Norcross
Charles E. Cory, Henderson Hill Major B. Rice, Athens
Argel B. Forrester, Norcross J. Bryson Tanner, Jr., Athens
R. Doris Garrett, Forsyth Co. Joe Waller, Lithonia
John M. Hamilton, Norcross

Membership Advancement (6 Members)
J. Fred Goddard, Lithonia Ronald McClure, Forsyth Co.
Robert L. Keys, Lilburn E. V. Medernach, Lavonia

Master Key (12 Members)
Ronald McClure, Forsyth County


1975-76 Membership Key (2 Members)
Ernest B. Carey, Dunwoody Ralph W. Hunt, North Decatur
Howard W. Wells, Dunwoody J. Cecil Penland, North Decatur
James W. Livingston, Gainesville LaMoyne A. Brunson, Royston
Joel A. Wise, Gainesville Bob Rogers, Royston
Culver O. Davis, Lavonia Mike Shirley, Royston
John Gill, Lavonia Ed Smith, Royston
Celland A. Tyson, Lavonia Mike Sanders, Stone Mountain
Rudolph E. Buice, No. Decatur J. Lewis Braselton, West Jackson
Robert A. Hollbrook, No. Decatur J. C. Pounds, Stone Mountain


1976-77 Membership Key (2 Members)
Price Kembro, Buford Paul Simpson, Lithonia
Larry V. Brown, Carnesville Charles G. Shockley, LaVista
Ben E. Lilly, Dunwoody Rufus L. Brown, Gainesville
Bobby W. Gresham, Lithonia Grady Howard, Jr., Gainesville
John Harris, Lithonia E. C. Harvey, Jr., DeKalb Central

Membership Advancement (6 Members)
Loyd Prewett, Toccoa


Past District Governor and President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., Ken Massingale, was awarded the lnternational President's Award by International President William C. Chandler at the 18-D District Convention in Gainesville February 22, 1981.

State Historian Eugene Sanders was presented the International President's Award by International President Lloyd Morgan at the annual Banquet of the Past District Governors in Macon February 16, 1980. The Awards in both cases were presented by International Director Edwin C. Daniel for the lnternational Presidents.

Past lnternational Director Joe B. Davis received his first International President's Award from International President Edward M. Lindsey in 1967 at the State Convention at Jekyll Island. He was presented the lnternational President's Award in 1968 by International President Jorge Bird at the State Convention in Atlanta, his third in 1970 by Past International President W. R. Bryan, and a fourth in 1977 by lnternational President Joseph M. McLoughlin at the forty-fifth anniversary meeting of the Decatur Lions Club.


In 1970 lnternational President W. R. Bryan presented Joe B. Davis with the Ambassador of Goodwill Award. A president can make only twelve of these awards in the whole world of Lionism. State Secretary Alcee Maxfield delivered the Award for President Bryan at a Ladies Night meeting of the Decatur Lions Club.


President Jimmy Carter was presented the Melvin Jones Fellow Award, also known as the Lions Clubs International Foundation Award. On Saturday, March 31, 1979 the Past District Governors of District 18-D and their Lionesses were among 134 Past District Governors and their Lionesses from over Georgia who were the guests of the Carters at the White Rouse. President Jimmy Carter was District Governor of District 18-C in 1968-69. As an expression of our love and appreciation for Lion Jimmy and Lioness Rosalynn, we past District Governors of Georgia presented the Melvin Jones Fellow Award to Jimmy and a plaque to Rosalynn.

State Historian Eugene Sanders was presented the Melvin Jones Fellow Award by his Decatur Lions Club in 1978. Lion Gene is respected and affectionately known as state Historian for more than a decade. In 1952, he was selected as Georgia's Outstanding Lion.


Lion Sam A. Hale, Sr., was presented the Life Membership Award at the 55th Anniversary Banquet of the Athens Lions Club, October 19, 1979. Lion Sam has rendered outstanding service to Lionism in raising 22unds, procuring Rosa's Van, and work as Chairman of Conventions. William C. Chandler, First Vice President Lions lnternational, was speaker at the Athens Lions Club 55th Anniversary and presented the Award.

Lion Hugh A. Inglis was presented the Life Membership Award by William C. Chandler, First Vice President Lions International, who was the speaker October 19, 1979 at the 55th Anniversary celebration of Athens Lions Club. Lion Hugh served in many ways as: District Governor, lnternational Youth Exchange Chairman, Trustee Lions Lighthouse Foundation, winner four years out of five as Editor, Athens Lions Tales, in State Bulletin Contest, and District Librarian since February 4, 1979.

Past District Governor Carlos A. Shaw, member of Winder Lions Club, who has rendered outstanding service in Lionism as a member of his club and as District Governor of 18-D, has been awarded Life Membership.


1970-71 Dr. Irving Hellenga, Chairman -- Four applications received. Hosts: Lavonia Club - 2; Gainesville Club - 1; Toccoa Club - 1;

Sponsors: Toccoa Club sent Judy Morris to France; the Gainesville Lions Club was host for Jussi Salo and Karo Kennemon from Finland; North Dekalb sent Judy Daniel to England

1971-72 Lion Tom Jackson, Chairman. Participating Clubs were: Athens, Lavonia, Toccoa, Carnesville, Laurel Ridge, Gainesville, and North DeKaIb.

1972-73 Lion Byson Tanner, Chairman. There is a bond of friendship when these youth get to travel and visit in our homes, that is never forgotten. Participating clubs were: Druid Hills, Lilburn, Toccoa, Dunwoody, North DeKalb, Laurel Ridge, and Snellville.

1974-75 Lion Jim King, Chairman.

Sponsors: Laurel Ridge Club sent Richard Worrell and Mike Summer to Ontario, Canada Henderson Mill Club sent Susan Pizzatola to Ontario. Clayton Club sent Ben Marchman to Ontario. Host Club to Canadian Visitors were: Clayton, Classic City, and Towns County.

Lion Wilworth "Bill" Frankum transferred from the Carnesville Lions Club to the Athens Lions Club reported direct that all his children had participated in the International Youth Exchange Program as follows: David Frankum to Finland; Adel Frankum to Sweden (1972); and Lynn Frankum to Switzerlaud (1976). Visiting in the Frankum home from Finland were: Jussi Salo and Kari Kenneman (1970). Visiting in the Frankum home from Switzerland was Laurence Delzut (1977).


1970-71 North Dekalb-1st place  $15.00 1975-76 Six Clubs Submitted:
Toccoa- 2nd Place 10.00 Gainsville-1st Place $35.00
Decatur-2nd Place 25.00
1971-72 Nine Scrapbooks submitted: Druid Hills-Hon. Men.
Athens-1st Place 15.00
Gainesville-2nd Place 10.00 1976-77 Gainesville-1st Place
Toccoa- 3rd Place 5.00 Decatur-2nd Place
Winder-3rd Place
1972-73 Four Scrapbooks submitted:
Decatur-1st Place 25.00 1977-78 Eight Clubs submitted:
Toccoa-2nd Place 15.00 Gainesville-1st Place
Hartwell-3rd Place 10.00 Decatur-2nd Place
Athens-3rd Place
1973-74 Four Clubs submitted:
Decatur-1st Place 25.00 1978-79 Decatur-1st Place
North Dekalb-2nd Place 15.00 Druid Hills-2nd Place
Lavonia-3rd Place 10.00
1979-80 Lanier-1st Place $25.00
1974-75 Four Clubs submitted: Monroe-2nd Place 15.00
Athens- 1st Place Druid Hills-3rd Place 10.00
Decatur-2nd Place


Minutes of Georgia Lions State Convention May 16-18, 1980, Jekyll Island has a long list of 32 Awards. Out of the six Districts, about one-third of the Awards came to District 18-D. For details you may refer to Annual Meeting Minutes of the District 18 (Georgia) Lions State Convention. A summary of State Awards is found in only a few of the District 18-D Annual Reports as:

1979 State Awards First Place Second Place
Druid Hills (No. 1) 5 2
Gainesville (No. 3) 4 1
Athens 2 2
North DeKalb 2 1
Union County 1
Lavonia 2
District Governor 18-D 1


The 50th Anniversary of the Athens Lions Club was celebrated November 22, 1974. The Athens Lions Club received its charter on August 29, 1924. The speaker for the 50th Anniversary was International Director William C, Chandler, Montgomery, Alabama, who in 1980 was elected President of Lions International.

The Athens Lions Club is one of the oldest and most active Clubs in Georgia. In 1935-36, William T. Ray was Chairman of the International Board of Governors.

In 1937, he presented a report at the Albany convention that divided Georgia into Districts 18-A, 18-D and 18-C. On July 28, 1932, W. T. Ray presented the Charter to the Decatur Lions Club.

The 55th Anniversary of Athens Lions Club was celebrated October 19, 1979. The Banquet was held at the U.S. Navy Supply School. The speaker again was William C. Chandler, First Vice President of Lions International.


The Decatur Lions Club was chartered July 28, 1932. W. Joe Scott was the first President. The speaker at the charter night banquet was Sam Stukes, President, Decatur Civitan Club. The Charter was presented by Lion W. T. Ray of the Athens Lions Club.

The 45th Anniversary Celebration was held July 23, 1977 at the Century Center Motor Hotel. Lion Horace Franklin, President; Ken Massingale, District Governor 18-D and a member of the club gave forty-five years history of the Decatur Club and the speaker was Lion Joseph N. McLauhlin, Stamford, Connecticut, President of Lions International.

The Clarkesville Lions Club was chartered June 14, 1934. Frank Gabrels, Ordinary Habersham County was the first President. Hugh A. Inglis who gave leadership in organizing the club and was chairman of the Charter Night Committee was in June 1940 elected District Governor at the State Convention in Columbus. The Charter was presented by "Skeet" Johnson, District Governor.

The 45th Anniversary party was held in connection with their Christmas Party on December 7, 1978. Awards were presented and history of the club given.

The Clayton Lions Club received their charter in June 1934. The 45th Anniversary was observed on June 21, 1979. The speaker was Past District Governor Joe Hutcherson of Toccoa Lions Club.

The Toccoa Lions Club, chartered in 1933, observed a 40th Anniversary on June 9, 1973 held at Toccoa Falls Institute. Lion Willard Kimsey, Past District Governor, presided. Lion W. J. Andrews, First Club President and a Past District Governor, gave a brief history of the Club. The speaker was John O. Eddins, Birmingham, Alabama, Past lnternational Director.

The Lavonia Lions Club chartered 1934 observed a 40th Anniversary on March 9, 1974. Marshall L. Allison, Charter President, introduced the speaker. The speaker was Dr. Don Schmidt, Cedartown, Past lnternational Director.

The Towns County Lions Club held their 40th Anniversary Party during a snow storm in Northeast Georgia, March 1, 1980. The Towns County Lions Club held their charter banquet. March 8, 1940. The club was sponsored by the Clarkesville Lions Club, S. M. Foster; President, and Hugh A. Iglis, Deputy District Governor.

The Charter was presented by Wade H. Wright, District Governor 18-A and accepted by Cline Puett, the first president of the new Club.

The Georgia Mountain Fair is sponsored by this club. The fair is a huge success. They have visitors from throughout the United States and from other countries.


1970-71 Auburn-Carl, White County and West Jackson
1971-72 Oconee, Bowman and (reorganized) Avondale
1972-73 Peachtree
1973-74 Bethesda
1974-75 --
1975-76 --
1976-77 --
1977-78 --
1978-79 Lanier Lions Club
1979-80 Executive Park Lions Club
(The Executive Park Lions Club will be listed in the 1980-81 Annual Report.)


An interesting occasion April 26, 1979 was the celebration by the North Decatur Lions Club and friends of Robert Arthur Holbrook Night, on the occasion of his removal to Florida. Joining ; April 29, 1956, he served as President 1959-60, as District Governor 1969-70, and as District Librarian since 1967. He had 22 years of perfect attendance.

By C. Vernon Glisson


Lion Hazel F. Faile (Claire) of the Southside Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 50th Annual. State Convention at Jekyll Island 8 June 1971. Governor Faile chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Tom Carr (Catherine) of the Southside Lions Club. Past District Governor Harry Davis (Mildred) of Griffin become the Cabinet Advisor; Past District Governor William "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was re-elected District Librarian.

District Organization

The District was divided into four regions with a Deputy District Governor over each and each region was divided into two zones with a Zone Chairman responsible for each.


The first goal in District 18-E this year was to retain Lions through a strong membership development and retention program. The following clubs realized this goal having a net increase in membership through April 30.

Bonanza Buchanan Buena Vista
Carrollton Columbus Crawford County
Forsyth Fort Valley Hampton
Heard County Hogansville LaGrange
Macon-Cross Keys Macon-Rutland Manchester
McDonough Montezuma Newman
Perry Riverdale Senoia
Tallapoosa Warner Robbins West Point

Warner Robins had a net increase of 7 members while 3 clubs, Heard County, Macon-Rutland, and Tallapoosa had net increases of 6 members.

The second goal, to increase membership in small clubs to at least 25, was achieved by Buena Vista, Hogansville, and Riverdale. Seven of the remaining small clubs did increase their membership even though they did not reach the goal of 25. Heard County and Newman did not have any dropped members during the year.

District Membership Growth Month

The months of January, February and March were proclaimed Growth Months by the International Board of Directors and Pins were awarded to sponsors of new and transfer members.

District Governor's Membership Month

The Council of Governors for Multiple District 18 offered double points in the District contest for clubs bringing in two or More new members during April. The award was announced to all club presidents April 3. The following Clubs qualified by adding two or more new members in April:

LaGrange Macon-Cross Keys Manchester
Macon-Southside McDonough Morrow

Key Awards

The following Lions received membership Keys during the year:

Herbert J. Reimers, Bonanza Key for two members
Courtney E. Phelps, Thomaston Key for two members


There were three winners in the District Attendance Contest. Among the Clubs which meet semi-monthly, two clubs, Perry and Southside, tied with 100% for the year. Of the nine clubs which meet weekly, Columbus-Muscogee club was first again this year with 90.1%

Although plaques are not awarded for runner-up positions, these clubs deserve recognition: Bonanza-99.2%; Hampton-97.7%; in the semi-monthly group and among those meeting weekly: Vine lngle, 81.6%; and West Point, 79.1%

Club Anniversaries

Perry and Riverdale celebrated their 20th anniversaries this year.


Under the leadership of CARE Chairman Grady Cox, the interested Lions of District 18-E once again reached and over-subscribed the $5.00 per Club quota to CARE. This year the District was 100% for CARE by the November 21st Cabinet meeting. Another record.

District Contest

Each year a District Contest is agreed upon at the first Cabinet Meeting. Each Club is automatically entered in this contest. Points are earned for accomplishments and the following clubs are the winners:

1st Place - Southside......................2116 points

2nd Place - Macon Rutland.............1751 points

3rd Place - Warner Robbins...........1714 points

District Assembly

The fourteenth annual District Assembly was held at the Moose Lodge in Griffin on November 15, 1971 at 7:30 P.M. with the Griffin Lions Club hosting the event. As in past years, they did an outstanding job in making arrangements and helping coordinate the details which make the difference between a successful Assembly and one that is just average. We sold 484 tickets and fed 468 people.

Second Vice President Tris Coffin of Montreal, Canada was an inspiring speaker. Would that all of you could have had the opportunity we enjoyed entertaining Tris and his charming wife, Jill. Even though we were with them only a few hours, we soon felt as though we had been their close friends for years.

Princess Contest

The afternoon before the Assembly dinner, our fourth Peach Bowl Beauty Contest was held to select a Princess to represent our District in the statewide contest. The weather was beautiful and so were the 9 contestants sponsored by Buena Vista, Bonanza, Columbus, Muscogee, Montezuma, Macon Rutland, Macon Southside, Thomaston and Warner Robins. Miss Susanne M. Vossfeldt, sponsored by Columbus, was chosen Princess. First Runner-up was Vicki L. Ross, sponsored by Warner Robins. Second Runner-up was Mary Elaine Henson, sponsored by Buena Vista. Third Runner-up was Patricia D. Brown, sponsored by Columbus Muscogee. Other participants were Dossie Cantrell of Macon, Teri Hicks of Montezuma, Denise McAbee of Thomaston, Becky Satterfield of Jonesboro and Wanda Whitten of Macon. The Lions of 18-E congratulate each of the contestants and thank them for adding beauty and charm to our assembly.


Under the leadership of Past District Governor C. Frank Hollberg, III, of Senoia, our district increased its contributions $1,800 above last year to $12,080.70 for the year May 1, 1971 to April 30, 1972. All clubs except one contributed and the hold-out spent over $5,000.00 in local sight conservation.

Eye Bank 

District 18-E has been a leader in promotion of the Eye Bank Donor program for many years. This year our clubs submitted 179 Donor forms to the Lighthouse Eye Bank. These clubs participated in this very worthwhile project: Byron, Carrollton, Centerville, Columbus, Columbus Muscogee, Griffin, Hampton, Heard County, Hogansville, LaGrange, Macon Cross Keys, Macon Downtown, Macon Rutland, Macon Southside, McDonough, Morrow, Perry, Riverdale, Warner Robins and West Point.

Herschel McElroy Award

The Warner Robins Club sponsors this award annually to the club that has the highest percentage of Eye Donor forms submitted to the Eye Bank during the year as reported by the Club Secretary, including the names of the donors, on his monthly M&A Reports. This year the award was won by Southside with a percentage of 82.8%.

Peach Bowl

The fourth annual Peach Bowl was played in Atlanta Stadium on December 30, 1973, at 8:00 P.M. As before, it rained and almost flooded the field for a while. We had a good game with two well known teams: Ole Miss and Georgia Tech.

This year 38,599 tickets were sold for the game. Again 18-E fell short in its support of ticket sales by selling only 1,039. We sold only 309 memberships. The Senoia Lions Club with only 28 members led the District in ticket sales with 204.

District 18-E is very fortunate to have three dedicated Lions serving as Director for the Peach Bowl: W. T. Cooksey of Harris County, Charles H. Orrick of Thomaston, and C. Frank Hollberg, III of Senoia.

We are happy to congratulate George Crumbley and his organization for the outstanding job they did in handling the game.

100% Presidents and Secretaries

This year there were 23 Presidents and 21 Secretaries who received 100% Awards from the District Governor.

District Public Relations

Lion Otis P. Hand of Southside did an outstanding job as Chairman this year. He not only mailed publicity material on the District Governor to each club in the district; he accompanied him on 24 of his visits. Lion Hand compiled a scrapbook from material furnished him by the clubs, which was judged one of the best in World Lionism at the International Convention in Mexico City. The Lions of Georgia also placed First in the marching unit competition.

Incoming Officers School

The Annual District School for incoming Officers was held simultaneously with the fourth cabinet meeting, May 7, 1972, in conference rooms at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. District Governor Nominee Samuel C. Allison was in charge of the school. The Presidents class was taught by Joe Chambless, President of Southside, with 19 attendees. Herb Reimers, Secretary-Treasurer of Bonanza, instructed 15 secretaries. Ten Tailtwisters were taught by Past District Governor C. V. Glisson of Fort Valley. The five Bulletin Editors received their instructions from the Headmaster, Sam Allison. In all, 49 incoming officers took advantage of this opportunity to benefit from the experience of veterans of these important functions of club affairs.

Fund Raising Activities

There were various fund raising activities throughout the district, such as: paper drives, box lunches at races, broom and mop sales, light bulb sales, tours of historic homes, calendar sales, fruit cake sales, radio days, candy sales, cushion sales at football and basketball games, barbecues, Halloween carnivals, operated parking lot at Atlanta Raceway, chicken dinners, talent shows, brunswick stew dinners, winter games, white elephant sales, concession stands at races, pancake breakfasts, food booths at fairs, football programs, turkey shoots, rodeos, swimming pool.

Service Projects

The Service Projects were just as diverse. For example: sight conservation, high school scholarships, college scholarships, contributions to Lighthouse, contribution to Girl and Boy Scouts, lighting of ball fields, operation of concession stands, youth activities, CARE, contributions to recreational programs, contributions to needy families, contributions to safety patrols, purchase of Little League uniforms, high school awards, contributions to 4-H Clubs, nurses training scholarships, Blind Academy Boy Scouts, youth centers, Christmas gifts to Industrial Home Children, community recreation facilities, playground equipment, beautification of community, contributions to hospitals, football banquets, beauty contests, Christmas baskets, glasses for the needy. These were some of the ways the profits from our fund raising activities were used. 

Deceased Members

We are saddened by the passing of these members during the year. C.R. Carter, C. P. Awards and Wilson M. Willis, of Buchanan; Olin C. Hammock of Byron; Rfaord M. Robinson of Columbus; W. W. Perrott, Jr., of Columbus-Muscogee; Fay Dodgen of Hampton; M. E, Grover of LaGrange; Lamar B. Lester of Perry; Art Nims, Joseph W. Popper, J. H. Waits, Jr. of Macon; John A. Whitley of West Point; Brooks Yeomans of Macon; Joe F. Stubbs of Macon-Rutland; and R. H. McRae of Talbotton. They will be missed.

Financial Report

Cash received from previous administration ................... $1,228.42

Total receipts for year ............................................................8,054.20

Total disbursements for year ................................................6,497.20

Cash to next administration ..................................................1,556.51

DISTRICT 18-E 1972-73

Lion Samuel C. Allison (Mary) of the Muscogee Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 51st Annual State Convention in Savannah. June 13, 1972. Governor Allison selected as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Louis Dowell of the Columbus Lions Club. Past District Governor Hazel F. Faile (Claire) became Cabinet Advisor. Past District Governor William Bizzell (Libby was re-elected District Librarian.

District Organization

The district was organized into four regions with a Deputy District Governor for each. Each Region was divided into two zones with a Zone Chairman responsible for each.


The first goal in District 18-E for 1972-73 was to strengthen membership through service, vision and determination. The following clubs had a net increase in membership through April 30, 1973.

Buena Vista Byron Carrollton
Centerville Columbus Muscogee
Fort Valley Hampton Heard County
Hogansville Ideal LaGrange
Macon  Rutland Montezuma
Morrow Newman Senoia
Thomaston Warner Robins West Point
Woodbury Tallapoosa

Byron had a net increase of 20 members which gave them a 100% Increase, LaGrange had 26 new members; Macon had 10; Thomaston 14; Warner Robins 12; Muscogee 12. These were the top clubs in new Members. District 18-E had 88 new members with a loss of 38 or a net total of 50 gained.

The second goal was for each club with less than 20 members to have this many by April 30, 1973. There are still nine clubs with less than 20 members, however, some of these smaller clubs have shown more true Lions spirit and have proven our motto "We Serve" more than some of those with greater numbers.

District Governors Membership Month

New members honor your District Governor. Clubs will receive double points in the District Contest for each member gained in April. These clubs-gained the extra points: LaGrange, 4 new members; Byron and Stockbridge 3 new members; Columbus, Muscogee, Griffin, Cross Keys, Southside and Riverdale, 2 new members; Bowdon, Fort Valley, Hampton, Heard County, Macon, McDonough, Montezuma, Perry,

Pike County, Talbotton, Warner Robins and Woodbury had one new member each.

Key Awards

John E. Jones, Warner Robins                     Advance Key for 4 Members
John P. Nixon, Warner Robins                      Advance Key for 4 Members
Myron B, Becraft, Warner Robins                Key for 2 Members
C. V. Glisson, Fort Valley                              Key for 2 Members
Gene Sheffield, Fort Valley                           Key for 2 Members

District Contest

Each year a District Contest is agreed upon at the first Cabinet Meeting. Each Club is automatically entered in this contest. Points are earned for accomplishments and these clubs were the winners:

1st Place                   LaGrange                   9,514 Points
2nd Place                  Griffin                          5,234 Points
3rd Place                   Southside                  3,353 Points

These Clubs also deserve recognition for their participation in the contest and high scores attained: Bonanza, Centerville, Byron, Perry, Carrollton, Fort Valley, Vine Ingle, Stockbridge, Thomaston, and Warner Robins. Very few points separated these clubs from the winners. Congratulations.

District Governor's Special Awards

A special Award from the District Governor goes to: 
Byron for increasing their membership 100%.
Griffin for their untiring efforts for hosting the District Assembly.
Zone Chairman Herb Reimers for unselfish dedication as a true Lion, and for securing the only live Lion Mascot for District 18-E.
Youth Exchange and Leo Club Chairman Lion Otis P. Hand, for his untiring and successful leadership.
Lion Duncan L. Chapman for his outstanding work as Public Relations Chairman.


Even though all clubs did not participate District 18-E contributed over $500.00 to the CARE Program. This far exceeds the $5.00 requested of each club.

Club Anniversaries

These clubs celebrated anniversaries this year: Columbus 50th; Carrollton 40th; Warner Robins and Hogansville 25th, and Muscogee 20th.


Under the leadership of Past District Governor Frank Hollberg, III, we reached the 100% goal in Lighthouse contributions, $13,331.00. These clubs exceed the $6 per member asked: Carrollton $2,000; Southside $1,435; Vine Ingle $1,300; Villa Rica $1,000; and others above $6.00.

Eye Bank

District 18-E has long been the banner bearer for the state. The leading clubs this year were LaGrange 763, Griffin 325, Southside 116, Warner Robins 76, and Ellaville 20. These Clubs also obtained donors: Woodbury, Carrollton, Centerville, Muscogee, Columbus, Fort Valley, Heard County, Cross Keys, Macon, Vine Ingle, Riverdale, Perry and possibly others that failed to report on their M &A Reports.

Herschel McElroy Award

The Warner Robins Club sponsors this award annually to the club that has the highest percentage of Eye Donor forms submitted to the Eye Bank during the year as reported by the Club Secretary on his monthly M & A Report, including the name of the donor. This year the award was won by Griffin with 902.7% LaGrange was second with 553.9%.

District Assembly

The 15th Annual District Assembly was held at the Griffin Moose Lodge 7 November 1973 at 6:30 P.M. with the Griffin Lions Club hosting the event. With a Club like Griffin, any unforeseen can be met. We gave them reservations for 450, changed it to 500-550 and then fed and seated 605 dedicated Lions and Ladies. The day was filled with our 4th Beauty Contest with eight participants. Carrollton's beauty, Terre Cagle, was the winner to represent us at the Peach Bowl. The highlight of the evening for the District Governor was the presentation of the Home Club Banner for the District Governor from the Muscogee Lions. Distinguished guests were State Secretary Alcee and Mrs. Waxfield, Past International Director Joe and Mrs. Davis, District Governors Ed and Mrs. Daniel and Ron and Mrs. Strader, Jim and Mrs. Corbett, and our own International Director Don W. and Mrs. Schmidt. Don gave the response to our International Speaker, First Vice President of Lions International, Tris Coffin, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, who has accompanied by his lovely wife, Gil. Lion Coffin gave the highlights of his travels throughout the world to show us what Lions are doing everywhere. This distinguished Lion will be International President for 1973-74. The hostess of the Griffin Moose club is commended for an outstanding job in service and hospitality.

100% Presidents and Secretaries

There were 30 Presidents and 22 Secretaries who received the District Governors 100% award at the State Convention in Macon.

International Award

The International Understanding and Cooperation for Outstanding Club in District 18-E for 1972-73 was given by Lions International to Southside Lions Club.

Peach Bowl

The fifth Annual Peach Bowl was played in Atlanta Stadium and believe it or not it did not rain nor sleet nor snow. A packed Stadium was thrilled with the outstanding performance of North Carolina State University and West Virginia University Football teams. Each team received for their efforts $165,797.52. The Georgia Lions Lighthouse share was $43,000. The highlight of the halftime was the presentation our Beauty Queens, our live Lion Mascot and State Governor Jimmy Carter and his wife in an old surrey and Lieutenant Governor Lester Maddox on a Tennessee Walking Horse.

This year the District Governors were added to the Board of Directors of the Peach Bowl for the time they are in office.

Public Relations

Lion Duncan L. Chapman did an outstanding job as District Public Relations Chairman. His sincere dedication was proven throughout the year. He worked long and hard to publicize Lionism in the district. He gathered material from the Clubs for the District Scrapbook which received Honorable Mention when judged at the International level.

Incoming 0fficers School

The annual District School of Instruction for Incoming Officers was held simultaneously with the fourth Cabinet meeting 20 May 1973, in conference rooms at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. The Southside and Warner Robins Lions Clubs were hosts for this very successful event. The school was under the supervision of Deputy District Governor Walk D. Wilson who taught the Presidents. Other instructors were Past District Governor C. V. Glisson for incoming Secretaries; President Richard Mallory of LaGrange for Bulletin Editors; Southside President R. J. Lindsey instructor for Tailtwisters.

Fund Raising Activities

Lions Clubs throughout District 18-E have many fund raising activities. Of course, the best of all activity would have to be our Broom and mop Sales. We give the blind workers many work hours, we meet the home owners as we go house-to-house selling, we have good fellowship with our fellow Lions as we walk the streets selling. A high percentage of all clubs use this worthwhile project. In addition, the Clubs have light bulb, fruit cake, candy, white elephant and many other sales. Barbecues, food booths at State fairs, pancake breakfasts, radio days, paper drives, horse shows, carnivals, talent shows and many other ways to raise funds, all requiring much work on the part of Lions.

Service Projects

With the funds raised by all the clubs, here are some of the worthwhile service projects:

Sight Conservation Safety Patrols
Scholarships Needy Families
Uniforms for Ball Teams Earthquake Relief
Playground Equipment CARE
Christmas Baskets Boy and Girl Scouts
Blind Academy 4-H Clubs
Community Improvement High School Awards
Lighthouse Eye Bank
Glasses for needy FFA Clubs
Storm relief Youth Activities

And many other worthwhile projects carried on but never reported.

Financial Report

Received from Previous Administration ......................... $1,545.91
District Dues ......................................................................   4,088.70
To be Accounted for .........................................................   5,634.61
Total Expenditures ............................................................   4,303.73
Balance to Incoming Administration ...............................   1,330.88

Youth Exchange

1973 was the year of the big snow in Region IV of District 18-E. We had a young man visiting in the region who had never before seen snow. Can you imagine how 19 year old Helton S. Rosa felt when 18 inches of snow fell while he was visiting this area under the Lions Youth Exchange Program. The young man was a pre-med student from Brazil. His father was a member of the Lions Club De Salvador, Itapagipe, Bahia, Brazil.

While here, Helton visited with doctors, hospitals and clinics. He was domiciled with a number of families with young people his age or near. Each family enjoyed having him and from comments he made, he had quite an experience, including playing in the snow. Youth Exchange Chairman Otis P. Hand of tie Southside Lions Club coordinated Helton's visit.

Deceased Members

District 18-E lost fifteen good Lions by death this year:

Gordon L. Hobbs, Talbotton I. B. Vinson, Jr., West Point
John H. Edwards, Griffin Lynn Sewell, Newnan
H. M. Herin, Columbus B. A. Martin, Bowdon
R. C. Bartlett, McDonough Charles R. Musselman, East Columbus
William J. Meyer, Warner Robins Emory Sherrea, LaGrange
Charlie Smith, Thomaston Lee G. Rorris, Hogansville
W. Wesley McGee, Macon Vine-Angle W. H. Norris, Pike County
Thomas Lipham, Heard County

They will be missed by all of us, especially their clubs.

DISTRICT 18-E 1973-74

Lion Robert F. Young (Flo Rene) of the Heard County Lions Club was elected Governor of District 18-E at the 52nd Annual State Convention in Macon 19 June 1973. Governor chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Richard H. Mallory (Georgia) of the LaGrange Lions Club; Past District Governor Samuel C. Allison (Mary) of the Muscogee Lions Club became Cabinet Advisor; and Past District Governor William E. "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was re-elected District Librarian.

District Organization

The 46 Clubs were organized into 4 regions and 8Zones with a Deputy District Governor each Region and a Zone Chairman for each Zone.


One of the goals in District 18-E was to retain Lions through a strong Membership Development and Retention Program. The following clubs realized this goal by having a net increase in membership through 30 April 1974:

Bowdon Bonanza Byron
Ellaville Fort Valley Griffin
Hampton Hogansville LaGrange
Locust Grove Macon Cross Keys Macon Southside
Manchester Montezuma Newnan
Riverdale Senoia Stockbridge
Villa Rica Warner Robins Woodbury

Stockbridge had a net gain of 12 new members; Byron and LaGrange had a net gain of 10 new members each; Villa Rica had a net gain of 9 new members; Ellaville and Hampton had a net gain of 6 new members each.

The LaGrange Club is now the largest club in District 18-E with 145 members and the third largest club in Georgia.

District 18-E ended the year with 1,913 Lions.

District Membership Growth Months

The months of January, February and March were proclaimed District Governor Growth Months by the International Board of Directors and special pins were awarded to sponsors of new or transfer members inducted during these months. 79 Lions in 32 clubs earned these Membership growth pins.


There were two winners in the District Attendance Contest. Among the clubs which meet semi-monthly the Macon Southside Club was the winner with 98%. Of the Clubs that meet weekly the Columbus Muscogee Lions Club was the winner with 90%. Other Clubs with 85% or over were: Hampton 96%; Perry 96%; Macon Cross Keys 94%; and Macon Vine Ingle with 85%. Plaques are not awarded to these clubs, but they deserve recognition.


Under the direction of Chairman J. MS Madden of the Hogansville Lions Club the Lions of District 18-E contributed $300.00 to CARE.


Past District Governor C. Prank Hollberg, III of the Senoia Lions Club was President of the Lighthouse this year. Under the direction of our Vice President Past District Governor William Ballek, District 18-E had 100% affiliation with the Lighthouse contributing in excess of $17,000.00.

White Cane-Day Sale

Governor Young started a new District-wide project. All clubs selling white canes on the same Saturday, with the additional donations from the Newnan Lions Club of $500.00 and the Griffin Lions Club of $319.04 this new District project grossed $4,707.99 more for the Lighthouse.

Eye Bank

District 18-E has been a leader in the promotion of the Eye Donor Program in Georgia for many years. Due to the dedication and hard work of District Chairman J. E. "Billy" Oldham of the Southside Lions Club, our clubs submitted 1,000 eye donor forms to the Lighthouse Eye Banks. These clubs were outstanding in their eye donor drives: East Columbus, Macon Southside, Newnan, Warner Robins, and West Point.

Herschel McElroy Award

The Warner Robins Lions Club sponsors this award annually to the club that has the highest percentage of Eye Donor forms turned in to the Lighthouse Eye Banks during the year as reported by the Club Secretary, including the names of Donors, on his M & A Reports. This year the award was won by the East Columbus Lions Club with a percentage of 1,518%.

District Assembly

The District Assembly was held at the Holiday Inn in Callaway Gardens 10 November 1973 with over 400 Lions and Lionesses attending. The honored guest was International Director William C. Chandler from Alabama. Peach Bowl Executive Director gave the response to the Speaker. Council Chairman B. Edward Page was on hand to pay his respects. Past District Governor Wham Ballek was the Master of Ceremonies for this delightful occasion.

The afternoon before the Assembly our Peach Bowl Princess Beauty Contest was held to select our representative in the Statewide Contest. Peach Bowl Princess Chairman P. Scale Hipp of the LaGrange Lions Club was in Charge. Miss Gail Copeland, sponsored by the Warner Robins Lions Club, was the winner. First Runner Up was Miss Randall Johnson, sponsored by the LaGrange Lions Club. Other contestants were sponsored by the Bonanza, Macon Rutland and Macon Southside Lions Clubs. All seven of the young ladies had such beauty and talent a decision was difficult. None of the judges were from District18-E.

Peach Bowl

District 18-E is fortunate to have three dedicated Lions as Directors of the Peach Bowl Association: Lion W. T. Cooksey of the Harris County Lions Club; Past District Governor C. H. Orrick of the Thomaston Lions Club; and Past District Governor C. Frank Hollberg, III of the Senoia Lions Club.

The Annual Peach Bowl was played in Atlanta Stadium on December 29, 1973. when the Peach Bowl was started, the Lions of Georgia pledged to sell 35,000 tickets. This time only 13,998 tickets were sold by Lions, less than half our pledge. When Georgia beat Maryland 17 to 16, the game was televised into 10,925,000 homes. All those empty seats looked bad. Let's fiII the stadium next time.

International Understanding Award

The West Point Lions Club won this Award in recognition for their participation in the lnternational Youth Camp and for entertaining these young men from throughout the world.

100% Presidents and Secretaries

There were 14 Presidents and 27 Secretaries that received the 100% Award from the District Governor at the State Convention in Columbus.

District Public Relations

Public Relations Chairman J. Harrell Hardy, LaGrange Lions Club, did a superb job of publicizing Lionism throughout the District this year. Brochures and news releases were sent to all the clubs. He also collected material. from the clubs for preparation of an excellent scrap book. District 18-E has for a number of years had outstanding scrap books and this year was no exception.


Governor Young, during his year, made 130 visits official and others. This included trips into our sister state of Alabama.

Incoming Officers School

The annual District School for Incoming Officers was held simultaneously with the Fourth Cabinet Meeting on May 19, 1974 in conference rooms of the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. The Presidents school was taught by Deputy District Governor E. L. Greenway of the Warner Robins Lions Club. The Secretaries school was taught by the Secretary of the Macon Vine Angle Lions Club. Tailtwisters were taught by Zone Chairman Frank Jones of the Carrollton Lions Club. The Bulletin Editors were taught by Rev. James W. Gunter, LaGrange Lions Club. In all, 39 Incoming Officers attended the school.

District Contest

Each year a District Contest is agreed upon at the first Cabinet Meeting. Each club is automatically entered in this contest. Points are earned for accomplishments and the following clubs were winners of this contest:

1st Place    East Columbus ........................... 4,342 Points
2nd Place   Villa Rica ..................................... 3,372 Points
3rd Place    Vine Ingle .................................... 3,352 Points

These Clubs also deserve recognition for receiving high scores:

Southside                3,193              Warner Robins               2,192
West Point              3,115               Newnan                           1,974

Ivan H. Jackson Memorial Plaque

Governor Young was the recipient of this award given to the District Governor whose district excels in Membership Development and Retention.

Financial Report

Received from Previous Administration.................................... $1,200.00
District Dues ................................................................................   4,750.00
Total to be accounted for ............................................................ $5,950.00
Total Expenditures .......................................................................   5,050.00
Balance to Incoming Administration .......................................... $   900.00

Fund Raising Activities

The Lions Clubs of District 18-E find many different ways to raise the funds needed to carry on their service projects. Some require a great deal of work on the part of the Lions and some not so demanding. Of course, the broom and mop sales using Georgia Factory for the Blind made products has been the most popular. The Newnan Lions Club usually sells more of these products per member than any other club in the state. Quite often, Fort Valley is running a, close second. Other means of raising funds are: flea markets, paper drives, box lunches at races, light bulb sales, tours of historic homes, candy sales, calendar sales, fruit cake sales, radio days, cushion sales at football and basketball games, barbecues, Halloween carnivals, chicken dinners, talent shows, operated parking at Atlanta Raceway, Brunswick stew sales, winter games, white elephant sales, pancake breakfasts, turkey shoots, rodeos, food booths at fairs, football programs and others.

Service Projects

Just as they find ways to earn money, they find various ways to spend money, such as: Georgia Lions Lighthouse, purchasing glasses locally, operations on eyes, little league, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H Clubs, nurses training scholarships, CARE, contributions to safety patrols, contributions to hospitals, Christmas Baskets, high school awards, college scholarships, youth centers, football banquets, playground equipment, contributions to FFA Clubs, lighted ball fields, dental expenses for needy, glass eye, sponsored Blind Academy Boy Scouts, purchased optiscope for library so elderly could read easier, equipped cottage at Industrial Home, fruit and flowers to residents of nursing homes, beautification of community, contributions to needy families. These are just a few reported on M&A Reports some are never reported.

Deceased Members

Herbert J. Reimers, Bonanza Herman Johnson, Tallapoosa
Sid Holderness, Carrollton W. B. McDaniel, Thomaston
C. E. Crandall, Byron J. Earl Williams, West Point
C. Neal Thomas, Columbus Lige Moore, Macon
Grady West, Columbus Muscogee Gerald Johnson, Ellaville
Eugene Paul Moulton, Harris County Carlton E. Lindsey, Griffin
T. O. Webb, Oglethorpe Emory Sharrer, LaGrange
E. B. Connell, Pike County

These lions left us from May 25, 1973 to May 25, 1974.

DISTRICT 18-E 1974-75

After a spirited and very close race between Lion Richard Mallory, LaGrange Lions Club, and Lion Walter Wilson, Southside Lions Club, Lion Wilson was elected District Governor of 18-E at the 53rd Annual State Convention in Columbus, Georgia June 1974.

Governor Wilson (Hilda) chose as his Secretary-Treasurer Lion Tom Carr (Catherine) of the Southside Lions Club. Immediate Past District Governor Robert F. Young (Flo Rene) became Cabinet Advisor, and Past District Governor William E. "Bill" Bizzell (Libby was re-elected District Librarian.

District Organization

The 46 clubs were organized into four regions with a Deputy District Governor appointed for each. The Regions had two zones each with a Zone Chairman for each zone.


The month of October 1974 was designated as International Membership Growth Month and during this month 19 clubs sponsored 57 new members. The months of January through March were proclaimed as District Governors Membership Development months and 74 Lions from 29 clubs sponsored an additional 86 members. Special pins were provided by International to sponsors of these new lions. Through April1975 the district inducted 207 new members, and dropped 148 for a net gain of 59. The following clubs had a net increase in membership through April 30, 1975:

Carrollton Villa Rica Manchester
Bonanza Locust Grove Morrow
Stockbridge Butts County Forsyth
Senoia East Columbus  Macon Rutland
Byron Centerville Crawford County

Two clubs, Bonanza and Stockbridge had gains of 10 members. Crawford County had the largest percentage gain, 30;&, followed by Butts County with 21%. Villa Rica gained seven members, The Morrow Club, after reorganization, gained 22% after two months. As of April 30, Macon Downtown, with 135 members was the largest club in 18-E.


There were two winners in the District Attendance contest using the standard make-up rules. Among clubs which meet weekly, the winner was the Columbus Muscogee Lions club with 87%. Among clubs which meet semi-monthly the winner was Perry Lions Club with 99.5%. Other clubs with attendance 85% or more are: Southside 97%, Hampton 96.5 Centerville 96%, Macon Cross Keys 94%, Macon Vine Ingle 92%, Bonanza 91%, Stockbridge PO%, Ideal 89;%, and Riverdale 86%. Although plaques are not awarded to these clubs they deserve recognition.


The contributions to the Lighthouse from the clubs in18-E including White Cane Day Sales was in excess of $21,000.00. Special recognition should be given to the Carrollton Lions Club which gave the largest donation including White Cane Sales, $3,244.00 and to Macon Vine lngle which gave the largest per capita donation including White Cane Sales, namely $39 per member.

Eye Bank

District 18-E has been a leader in the promotion of the Eye Donor Program in Georgia for many years. This year the clubs submitted 949 eye donor pledges to the Eye Banks. The following Clubs were outstanding in their eye donor drives: East Columbus, Forsyth, Griffin, Warner Robins and Centerville.

Herschel McElroy Award

The Warner Robins Lions Club sponsors this award annually to the club that turns in the highest percentage of Eye Donor forms to the Lions Lighthouse Eye Banks during the year ending April 30 as reported by the club secretary, including the names of donors, on his monthly M &A Reports. This year the award was won by the East Columbus Lions Club with a percentage of 2,016%..

International Understanding Award

The West Point Lions Club won this award in recognition for their participation in the International Youth Camp sponsored for the 12th year by the Montgomery, Alabama Lions Club. This program brings together young men from approximately 26 foreign countries and exposes them to the full spectrum of the American life, i.e., business9 family, church, school, etc. through association with young American men.

Herb Reimers Award

This new award was established this year in 18-E through the courtesy of the Bonanza Lions Club in memory of Lion Herb, a former member of their club. This Award is designed to recognize a Lion in 18-E who has performed exemplary service to the cause and principles of Lionism and the first winner of this yearly award was Lion L. O. "Nip" McCullough of Southside Lions Club.

District Contest

Each year a District Contest is agreed upon at the first Cabinet Meeting. Each club is automatically entered in this contest. Points are earned for accomplishments in a wide range of activities. This year the point allowances were set in a manner to encourage clubs to be active in all phases. Consequently, we believe that the winners this year have demonstrated truly outstanding performances in many phases. The winners are:

1st Place Warner Robins .................................. 1,220 points

2nd Place Centerville ......................................... 1,122 points

3rd Place Villa Rica ........................................... 1,013 points

The following clubs also merit recognition for achieving high scores:

Bonanza .............. 1,050                        East Columbus ........... 976

Griffin ...................... 948                         Harris County ............. 946

Manchester ...........  940                         Riverdale .................... 906

Macon Vine lngle ... 889                         Perry ........................... 886

District Assembly

The social highlight of the year was the District Assembly on November 16, 1974 at the Holiday Inn in beautiful Callaway Gardens. Over 400 Lions, their ladies, Peach Bowl Princess Contestants, Judges and distinguished guests were in attendance. Our guest Speaker was International Director Howard Towns from Florida. Past District Governor Gordon Sanford, Southside Lions Club, was in charge of this successful affair. The 10 clubs having the largest percentage of members present were: (1) Riverdale, (2) Warner Robins, (3) Hogansville, (4) East Columbus, (5) Bonanza, (6) Harris County, (7) Pike County, (8) Manchester, (9) Southside, and (10) Macon Rutland.

15 Clubs (a new high) sponsored contestants in the District Peach Bowl Princess Contest. The clubs were: Bonanza, Centerville, Columbus, Griffin, Hogansville, Harris County, LaGrange, Manchester, Macon Rutland, Montezuma, Riverdale, Southside, Thomaston, Villa Rica and Warner Robins.

Miss Jill Beshears, representing the Warner Robins Lions Club, was the winner selected to be District18-E Princess. Miss Judith Ann Hay, Columbus Lions Club, was 1st Runner-up and Miss Karen Annette Warren of Villa Rica was 2nd runner-up. The judges for this event were chief judge and former Miss America, Mrs. Neva Jane Langley Fickling and two prominent Atlanta professionals. Chairman L. O. McCullough of Southside and committeemen Bill Brown, Pike County Lions Club, and Bob Smith, Centerville Lions Club, are to be commended for their efforts in making this part of the District Assembly so enjoyable for those present. The highlight of the contest was the Evening Gown competition which was conducted on a stage in the center of the banquet room. Imagine 15 lovely young ladies parading in beautiful evening gowns.


Through the hard work of many good Lions in 18-E, two new clubs were chartered and one club re-chartered which had gone inactive in April 1974 and was on status quo.

The first new club to charter was the Warner Robins Noon Club, sponsored by the existing Warner Robins Club. The official charter banquet for this club was held on March 22, 1975 with 24 charter members, Lion Jim Glance serving as Charter President Lion Jay Jones served as Guiding Lion and Lion Myron A. Becraft was the E&tension Award Recipient.

In March l975 the Morrow Lions Club was re-chartered with 19 new members through the very special and dedicated efforts of Zone Chairman

Charlie Hutcheson, Lion Phil Lauria, Lion Bill McGarrah and Lion Carl Weldon. Lion Lauria served as interim President pending election of officers for 1975-76. The Club re-chartered with four more members than it had when it closed and through April had gained another four new members; a 50% increase over the number of members when it previously ceased functioning.

Lions International Foundation (LIF)

The program initiated at the suggestion of Past International President Dr. Robert McCullough from Oklahoma, is designed to provide a method of financial relief. This money is used by the Foundation to provide disaster, education and development support where needed throughout the world. Although this is still a new program in Lionism, support to the Lions International Foundation program this year, through the hard work and dedication of Chairman Wright E. Davis, Columbus Lions Club, was over $800.00 from the Clubs in 18-E.

Hearing Conservation and Work for the Deaf

This program adopted by Lions International only last year has yet to be brought into full bloom. Lion Doyle Aiken of the Carrollton Lions Club was the 18-E Chairman for this program this year. 18-E was fortunate in getting at least one highly significant program underway through the courtesy of the Macon Vine lngle Lions Club. This club allocated $l,000.00 for the procurement of hearing aids for indigent persons examined by the Central Georgia Speech & Hearing Center in Macon. This tremendous step forward should provide the impetus for a great future in 18-E and International Lionism in the hearing and work for the deaf program.

District Public Relations

Chairman J. E. (Jay) Jones did a great job this year. He sent each club publicity news releases on the District Governor's visits, Cabinet and other meetings as well as the District Assembly. He compiled an excellent scrapbook which was on display at the State Convention prior to being sent to the International Convention where it was awarded honorable mention. The District had three write-ups sent to Lions Magazine this year. One was a carry over from last year on the LaGrange Lions Club's activities in the field of agriculture. A story citing the tremendous effort of the Centerville Lions Club on behalf of Charlene Leverett and a story covering the Georgia Lions Relief assistance to the city of Fort Valley, Georgia after its tornado disaster. Columbus was preparing a story for input to the magazine with regard to the $10,000 donation for special laser beam equipment provided to the Columbus hospital.

Peach Bowl Association

18-E was privileged this year to have elected from the District the President of the Peach Bowl, Lion W. T. Cooksey, Harris County Lions Club, and Past District Governor C. Frank Hollberg, III, Senoia Lions Club as Vice-President, as well as retaining Past District Governor C. H. Orrick, Thomaston Lions club, as Director. Lion Orrick has served since its inception. Also serving from 18-E this year was Past District Governor William "Bill" Ballek, Macon Vine Ingle Lions Club.


The 1974-75 District 18-E CARE Project was formally designated as: Honduras 340-F, approved 11267, PDP 185; Site 4, El Portillo (meaning Small Gate), Narajito, Honduras. The project goal was to provide funds in the amount of $558.00 for the construction of the two classroom school at above site. The construction of the classrooms was completed in July 1975, The building was dedicated with suitable marker and formal ceremony in memory of Past District Governor Harry Collins of Ellaville, Georgia, District 18-E.

Under the direction of Chairman A. I,. Shewfelt of Griffin Lions Club, the clubs in 18-E contributed a total of over $700.00 to CARE: in 1974-75, this far exceeds the goal of $558.00 necessary to build the classrooms in Honduras. These additional contributions were used to support CARE's efforts in Honduras.

Fort Valley Tornado Relief

After the devastating tornado in Fort Valley in February 1975, the Fort Valley Lions Club gave $l,000.00 to start a relief-fund. Offers of aid came from Lions Clubs all over the state; as a result actions were spearheaded by Past District Governor C.V. Glisson, Fort Valley Lions Club, assisted by President Ben Robertson, Byron Lions Club and Lion F. L. Purdom, Perry Lions Club at the request of the District Governor and under the auspices of the Council of Governors, Multiple District 18 to provide a disaster relief fund. Letters were sent to all 300 Clubs in the state of Georgia from the State Secretary's office, The response was great, over $4,800.00 was given to the Fort Valley Disaster Relief Fund, administered through a program established by Mayor Paul Reehlng. Lion Y. T. Abernathy, Parker-Abernathy, Inc., the major supplier of lightbulbs for Lions Projects, sent the Fort Valley Club 200 packages of bulbs which the Fort Valley Lions sold and added the $450.00 to the fund making a total of $1,450.00 from the club. Once again Lions prove that their motto "We Serve" is for real.

Incoming Officers School

The annual District School for incoming Club Officers was held simultaneously with the 4th Cabinet meeting on 4 May 1975 at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. This combined event enjoyed the largest participation yet with a total of 89 Lions from 23 clubs being in attendance. Listed below is the school, instructor and attendees. Zone Chairman Joe Chambless, Southside Lions Club was in charge:

School Instructor Attendees
President Zone Chairman Joe Chambless
Lion L. O. "Nip" McCullough
Secretary Past District Governor Noel Haskins
President Willis Hall
Bulletin Editor State Secretary Gene Lindsay 6
Tailtwisters Lion J. E. "Billy" Oldham
Lion Freddie Horton

Additionally, there was a session conducted by members of the Beth Peck Unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians, This session was a brief overview of parliamentary procedure on the making and handling of motions and conducting efficient club meetings.

lnternational Trading Pins

Another first this year for 18-E was the design for the Multiple District 18 Georgia/International Trading Pins. Requests for sketches of the proposed design was made to all districts in Georgia and to District 18-E in the District Bulletin. The sketch submitted by Lion L. O. "Nip" McCullough from the Macon Southside Lions Club, was selected in 18-E, and subsequently selected by the Council of Governors for use as the official Georgia Pin Design.

District Luau

A very special ice-breaker/get acquainted outdoor fish fry/luau was held this year on Sunday evening at the State Convention for District 18-E Lions and Lionesses. This affair was to enhance socializing among attendees and to insure that those attending the state convention for the first time got off to a warm welcome.

100% Presidents and Secretaries

29 Presidents and 29 Secretaries were presented the 100% Award by District Governor Wilson at the State Convention on Jekyll Island, Georgia June 9, 1975.

Fund Raising Activities

These are a few of the ways Lions Clubs District 18-E raised money to finance their service projects: broom and mop sales, Halloween candy sales, calendar sales, pancake breakfasts, pancake breakfasts, parking automobiles at Atlanta Raceway, barbecue dinner sales, manning fair booths, chicken dinner sales, selling radio advertising and announcing, donkey baseball game, lightbulb sale, fruit cake sale, holding winter games, Junior Peach Bowl, flea markets, farm bureau livestock show and others.

Service Projects

This is how the money was spent: Boy and Girl Scouts, nurses scholarships, cleaning and caring for cemetery, maintaining youth centers, nurses scholarships, cleaning and caring for cemetery, sponsoring mortician to enucleation school, removing old cars from the highways, blood bank drives, installing street signs, support Georgia Federation for the Blind, providing generator for hospital, sponsoring a senior high school science fair, acquired land for public park, midget football teams, Little League baseball teams, sponsored children to Boys and Girls State, local eye care (examinations, glasses, and operations), sponsored Central Georgia Lions Eye Clinic, provided Argar Laser Photocoagulator for medical center, sponsored local vocational training program, provided Braille dictionary to college, supported Georgia Industrial Home Orphanage, sponsored Special Education Olympics, furnished glass eye, purchased white cane for blind child, contributed to tornado disaster relief, contributed to CARE, contributed to eye banks and the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

Deceased Members

Norman Roach, Bowdon Wallace Peavy, Byron
Joe Darsey, Tallapoosa Paul Gill, Ellaville
Henry C. Robertson, Harris County William J. Kimball, McDonough
Hugh Parker, Heard County Ray Birdsall, LaGrange
George S. Johnson, PID, LaGrange W. H. Mitchell, Montezuma
E. L. Bardwell, Talbotton Mark D. Croxton, Buena Vista
Harry C. Collins, PDG, Ellaville Louis Prator, Columbus Muscogee
Ed King,Ellaville J. C. Brown, Villa Rica

These were good Lions and they will be missed.

18-E Financial Statement July 1, 1974 to June 30, 1975

Acct. No. Income
Received from previous administration $ 891.88
Refund from Cabinet Advisor R. F. Young for 73-74 Awards 200.00
A Income--dues from clubs 4,721.50
7A,7B District Assembly and Process Contest 4,335.78
12A,12B Alcee Maxfield Retirement Banquet and Gift Fund 1,476.00
12C White Cane Day Sale 4,006.32
12D Donations for Ga, Lions Lighthouse, Convention Breakfast Fines 179.00
12E Donations for CARE, Inc. 121.70
12F Donations for Peach Bowl Float 105.00
12G LUAU at State Convention, ticket income 1,150.00
12H Donations for new clubs           20.00
A Dues to Multiple District 18 State Council $ 2,275.80
1 Cabinet Members expenses 485.00
2 Public Relations Chairman for Scrapbook 194.37
3 Stationery, postage, supplies 394.06
4 Awards for cabinet officers, clubs and club officers 703.27
5 Cabinet Sec.-Treasurer's Convention expense 100.00
6 Audit, end of year (1973-74) 30.00
7A,7B District Assembly and Princess Beauty Contest 4,284.50
8 Printing District Directory  181.28
9 Printing Annual Report 309.00
10 Surety Bond Premium 20.00
11 District Governor's gift 44.00
12A,12B Alcee Maxfield Retirement Banquet and Gift Fund 1,476.00
12C White Cane Day Sale Expenses 462.10
12C Ga. Lions Lighthouse Found., from White Cane Sale 3,544.22
12H Ga. Lions Lighthouse Found., donations from Bkft fines 179.00
12D Ga. Lions Lighthouse Found., memorial donations 80.00
12E CARE, Inc. donations from clubs 121.70
12F Peach Bowl Parade Float  250.00
12G LUAU at State Convention 1,140.00
12H Flowers for PDG Harry Collins' funeral 12.88
12H New clubs, donations forwarded          20.00
Check to H.J. Thomas, Cabinet Sec-Treas., 1975-76        900.00

NOTE: Donations made by clubs directly to CARE, Lighthouse for White Cane Sale, and to new clubs are not included in this financial report, only funds through District 18-E account.

Respectfully submitted,
T. N. Cam, Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer

Rebuilding Fort Valley

Fort Valley, population 9,251, is being rebuilt. Last February a tornado ripped through the central Georgia Town, virtually destroying a major portion of it. Two people were killed and more than 100 injured. Several hundred others were left homeless and damage was set at $7.5 million. 

Among the first groups to respond to the emergency was the 15 member Fort Valley Lions Club. After helping with initial cleanup operations, the Lions realized the need for financial assistance. They didn't have far to look because Lions Clubs throughout Georgia had already volunteered to help. The Multiple District 18 Council of Governors authorized and solicited voluntary contributions from all Georgia Clubs and Council Chairman Walter D. Wilson, 1974-75 District 18-E Governor, appointed a coordinating committee to handle the fund drive. More than $4,800 was eventually received from 56 Lions Clubs. The Committee determined this money should be placed in the Fort Valley Urban Development Corporation for distribution to individual storm victims. This non-profit organization was created for the sole purpose of receiving and distributing donations for tornado relief.

The Fort Valley Lions personally raised and donated $950 to the relief fund and earmarked another $500 for the purchase of an emergency generator for a local hospital. Their total amount included a contribution from Y. T. Abernathy of Parker-Abernathy, tic., one of the major suppliers of lightbulbs for Lions Fund raising projects. He provided 200 packages of bulbs for sale with Lions raised $450 in this sale.

Upon receiving a sizable Lions' tornado relief check from District Governor Wilson, Fort Valley Mayor Paul Reehling thanked the Georgia Lions for their generosity in helping the town rebuild.

Small Club - Big Job

Charlene Leverette was fighting a losing battle against blindness when the Centerville Lions stepped in last May to help even out her odds. At two years of age, Charlene had already lost her left eye to a rare form of cancer called retinoblastoma. Three tumors continued to plague her right eye, even after she had received 24 cobalt treatments and was undergoing laser beam therapy to starve the tumors' growth.

When the small band of Centerville Lions - numbering only 15 - were alerted to Charlene's plight, they went to work immediately. Members launched a campaign for funds to offset the tremendous medical bills that the tot's already financially troubled family was facing.

The first sizeable donation came in almost immediately: $1,200.00 from high schoolers who'd put on a benefit musical folIies program. Another $400 was raised when Robert Smith, a Past Club President, mentioned the fund at the State Convention and fellow Lions responded.

Bank accounts were soon established at several area banks to handle the flood of donations which came pouring in from all over Georgia, as well as outside the state. The plight of Charlene Leverette had touched many people. Centerville Lions had no trouble enlisting the aid of other clubs, organizations and even government Officials.

The largest single contribution was brought in as a result of the county Fourth of July festivities. Proclaimed Charlene Leverette Day, a $1 donation was collected from everyone who entered the fairground. Volunteer firemen manned the food concession stands and city officials, including the sheriff and mayor, offered themselves as targets in the dunking booth.

Nearly $25,000 was raised through all the donations made to Charlene's cause. The youngster is still fighting her battle against blindness, but with the Centerville Lions in her corner, the odds are better than ever that Charlene will come out a winner.

Little Club Does Big Job

The Centerville Lions Club had a visitor, Ted Pulsifer, in May 1974. Mr. Pulsifer is a very civic minded and well known man in the community, having served as its Civil Defense Director. Mr. Pulsifer made us aware of a serious need for help by a little two year old girl--Charlene Leverette.

When there is a need in the Centerville community, most people think immediately of the Lions Club. In the Club's seven years of existence, there have been many cases of need to come before the club; and, as always, the club was ready to meet the challenge and provide the necessary help.

Charlene, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Leverette, has a rare type of cancer which is affecting both eyes. At this point, she had already lost her left eye to retinoblastoma. Doctors Hagler, North and Jarrett of the Doctors Memorial Hospital in Atlanta were waging a desperate battle to save her right eye. Three tumors were affecting Charlene's right eye and she had already received twenty-four coboIt treatments. The doctors were then administering laser beam treatments which could be safely repeated to starve the growth of the tumors.

The Leverettes have two other children-- four year old Robbie and seventeen year old Ron. Ron has always enjoyed excellent health; but, with Robbie, the Leverettes experienced the first of many medical problems. Robbie was born with a very rare disease called congenital renal tubular acidosis--a failure of the body to produce acid necessary for proper kidney function.

They were given no hope that he would live; however, after the acid had been administered for several years, Robbie's body began to produce the necessary acid and he is now a picture of health.

Robbie's medical expenses, the mounting expenses for Charlene, several years of crop failure, the burden of invalid parents, and a heart attack which befell Mr. Leverette left this farm family destitute. The Leverettes had already sold their home in an effort to defray the medical expenses. There was no bitterness, however, when Mrs. Leverette said, "Material possessions don't mean one earthly thing to me in comparison to the life or eyesight of my child."

The Centerville Lions Club sprang into action. Although we have only 15members, it was clear that the indebtedness which this family had already incurred, plus the thousands needed to continue the fight to save Charlene's eye presented the greatest challenge our little club had faced.

President Leroy Carter and incoming President Harvey Coleman began organizing the club into committees in order to meet the challenge. Centerville, a small city adjacent to the city of Warner Robins in Houston County and 15 miles south of Macon, decided to include the entire middle Georgia area in their plans for Charlene.

Since the Warner Robins Chamber of Commerce holds an annual Fourth of July fireworks display at the fairgrounds, Mr. Pulsifer suggested we have a "Charlene Leverette Day" on the Fourth of July at the fairgrounds which would be capped off with the huge fireworks display. He stated that the plan had been discussed with a number of people in the county and that the response had been most invigorating. Everyone--press, radio, and television--offered their full support. All during the month of June many group and individual efforts were made to make the Charlene Leverette fund drive a success. The Lions Club enlisted the aid of other clubs, organizations and governmental officials. Local newspaper and radio coverage was tremendous during this entire period. The First National Bank in Centerville established a special account for the Charlene Leverette Fund with other banks in the area also accepting deposits for Charlene.

Prior to the actual Charlene Leverette Day activities, a group of local students and their director presented a special "Summertime Follies" Show which raised $1,200. During this same period of time, Robert Smith, Centerville Fire Department Chief and past president of the Lions Club, announced the Centerville Lions Club's plans at the State Convention District 18-E Breakfast in Columbus. Those attending that breakfast donated nearly $400 and as the news of our efforts spread, donations came in from all over the state and even from other states.

The Warner Robins Lions Club and the Perry Lions Club, along with many other clubs, joined forces with the Centerville Lions Club to make the Charlene Leverette Day a big success.

The Houston County Fairgrounds was a beehive of activity on July 4, 1974. At 12:01 A.M., a Rock Concert kicked off the day. By noon the fairgrounds began to fill and the crowd continued to come on into the evening hours.

The Centerville Lions were accepting one dollar donations from everyone who entered the grounds. Chief Smith and his Volunteer Fire Department crew manned the food concessions. Saddle clubs from eight counties participated in the horse show. This was a political summer and many candidates bought booths in the exhibit hall.. Activities included bazaars, cake sales, flea markets, leather crafts, auctions, games, tides, and concessions galore.

One of the most popular booths proved to be the Jaycee Dunking Booth where the sheriff, mayor, and other dignitaries had volunteered to be dunked. Willie Still, Magnolia Reds, Stillwater, and Whitehall were among the musical groups which performed during the day.

At 8:30 P.M., the Centerville Lions Club presented the grand prize--a new Ford Pinto-- to the lucky winner, Lion John Newton of Perry, Georgia.

The fireworks display, which was larger than ever before, followed the grand prize drawing. The Robins Ramblers, a local square dance group performed an old fashioned barn dance completed the day's activities.

The warmth, friendliness, and fellowship which was shared by all on this day will not be soon forgotten and a note of thanks went to the local police and sheriff's departments who handled all the traffic.

Success?? Yes!!! One of the most successful projects of this type which has ever been undertaken in Houston County. Total receipts, donations, etc., including tickets on the 1974 Ford Pinto given away, was $23,000. 

Expenses, including cost of the automobile, utilities, food, etc., was $4,800, leaving net receipts of $18,500. At this writing medical expenses for Charlene have been approximately $5,000. This leaves a cash balance of $13,500 of which $10,000 has been deposited in 6% savings certificates to gain interest and add back to the fund until such time as it is needed.

The reports from Charlene's last visit to Doctors Memorial Hospital in Atlanta have not been as good as had been hoped. The three tumors on her right eye are continuing to grow; but at a slower rate than during previous periods. In addition to the use of laser beam treatments, doctors are contemplating an operation that would deposit a very minute particle of radium directly into the tumors in her eye to be left for only a few days and removed. 

The only encouraging note to the picture is that whatever the need for her eye treatment will be, the Centerville Lions Club has led their area in a project which will pay all of the expenses that may be incurred in providing the best care and treatment that modem. medical science can provide,

We of the Centerville Lions Club believe that "WE SERVE" And we also believe that we have a great Witness to that fact in the Charlene Leverette Fund Project.

DISTRICT 18-E 1975-76

Lion Richard H. Mallory (Georgia) of the LaGrange Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 54th Annual State Convention on Jekyll Island 10 June 1975. Governor Mallory chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion H. J. Thomas, Jr. (Brenda) of the LaGrange Lions Club. Past District Governor Walter D. Wilson (Hilda) became Cabinet Advisor. Past District Governor William E. "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was re-elected District Librarian.

District Organization

The 48 clubs were organized into four regions with a Deputy District Governor for each and each region was divided into two zones with a Zone Chairman responsible for each.


One of the goals in District 18-E this year was to retain Lions through a strong membership development and retention program. M. B. Mike Becraft, Warner Robins Lions Club, was District Chairman for this committee. Listed below are the clubs with net increases through 30 April 1976:

Heard County Villa Rica Butts County
Morrow  Talbotton Carrollton
Columbus East Griffin  Centerville
Oglethorpe  LaGrange Pike County
Senoia Riverdale Tallapoosa
Ideal Cross Keys McDonough
Southside Community

Heard County had a net gain of 21 new members; Villa Rica 18; Butts County 16; Morrow and Talbotton 13 and Carrolton 11. These were the top clubs in new members. District 18-E had 136 new members including two new clubs, Bremen with 52 and Temple with 36.

New Clubs

Under the guidance of Extension Chairman Charles R. "Ray" King of the East Columbus Lions Club, the district has chartered two new Lions Clubs.
1. The Breman Lions Club sponsored by the Carrollton Lions Club.
2. The Temple Lions Club sponsored by the Breman Lions Club.

Please note: The Bremen Lions Club, as soon as it was chartered, sponsored the Temple Lions Club.

Two other clubs are being organized:
1. The Peachtree City Lions Club sponsored by the Senoia Lions Club.
2. The Columbus Evening Lions Club sponsored by the East Columbus Club.

Special recognition is extended to J. B. Warren for two Extension Awards, Pat Stevens for one extension award, Past District Governor C. Frank Hollberg, III for his work in sponsoring the Peachtree City Club and District Extension Chairman Ray King for his work in sponsoring the Columbus Evening Club.


October was proclaimed by Lions International as Membership Development Month and special pins were awarded to the sponsor of the new or transfer members. There was a net gain of 80 new members. The top three clubs were: Villa Rica with ew members, Butts County with 15 and Heard County with 12.

District Membership Growth Months

The Months of January, February and March were proclaimed District Governor Growth months by the International Board of Directors with special pins to be awarded to sponsors of new or transfer members during these three months. At the State Convention in Savannah, District Governor Mallory awarded these Membership Growth Pins to 62 Lions in 18 Clubs.


There were two winners in the District Attendance Contest. The winning Club that meets semi-monthly was the Perry Lions club with 100% attendance. Other Clubs scoring high were: Centerville with 97.%; Hampton with 97.2%; and Stockbridge with 91.4%.

The winning club that meets weekly was the Columbus Muscogee Lions Club with 83.6%. Other weekly clubs scoring high were: West Point with 82.5%; Carrollton with 61.2%; and LaGrange with 59.6%. Good food and good programs keep attendance high.

District Governor Appreciation Month

At the recommendation of Past International Director Alcee F. Maxfield and Membership and Retention Development District Chairman Myron B. Becraft the fourth Cabinet Meeting at Macon declared the month of May as District Governor Appreciation Month and urged all clubs to sponsor at least two new members during this month.

International Understanding Award

Lion Garner Hallman, District Youth Exchange Chairman, and Lion Paul Fiquette, International Relations Chairman, both of the Nest Point Club, were in charge of this important project. The West Point Club won this award in recognition of their participation in the lnternational Youth Camp.

Herschel McElroy Award

The Warner Robins Club sponsors this award annually to the club that has the highest number of eye donor forms per member turned in to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Eye Bank during the year as reported by the club secretary including the names of the donors, on his monthly E&A Reports. This year the award was won by the Morrow Lions Club with an average of 10 eye donors per member.


The Bonanza Lions Club annually sponsors this award to the lion who has made the most significant total contribution to the cause of Lionism. Narrative to be a documentary of specific outstanding achievements during the contest period. The winner this year was Lion Ronald K. Abercrombie of the Morrow Lions Club.

District Contest

Each year a District Contest is agreed upon at the first Cabinet Meeting. Each Club is automatically entered. For credit all contest information must be listed on the M&A Report. The contest time period was 1 July 1975 through 30 April 1976. Points are earned for accomplishments and the following clubs are winners:
1st Place     LaGrange............................................................... 14,641 Points
2nd Place    Macon Southside ................................................. 12,722 Points
3rd Place     Butts County ......................................................... 12,141 Points

These Clubs also deserve recognition for their participation in the contest, and high scores attained: Senoia, Manchester, East Columbus, Heard County, Morrow and Macon Vine Ingle.

District Assembly

Under the direction of Past International Director Alcee F. Maxfield, Macon Vine Ingle Lions Club, the District Assembly was held Saturday, 22 November 1975 at Callaway Gardens with 453 Lions and Lionesses attending. lnternational Immediate Past President Johnny Balbo was the speaker. Past President Johnny and Ann Balbo were introduced by District Governor Mallory and International Director George P. Crumbley, Jr., gave the response. Honored guests included Georgia Lions Lighthouse President Edwin and Grace Daniel; State Secretary Eugene and Tippy Lindsay; State Lion Tamer Don and Kitty Anderson, and Peach Bowl President W. T. "Bill" and Mildred Cooksey. Based on ticket sales and club membership, the following clubs were high attendance winners:

1st Place         Warner Robins Noon ........................................ 157.1%
2nd Place        Riverdale.............................................................  73.1%
3rd Place        Griffin ................................................................... 55.3%

These are also high in attendance and deserve recognition: Macon Southside 47.1%; Harris County 36.1%; LaGrange 35.6%; Villa Rica 32.6%; Thomaston 26.7%; West Point 23.2% and Carrollton 21,5%.

Peach Bowl Princess Contest

Past District Governor Hazel F. (Doc) Faile was chairman of this event held in conjunction with the District Assembly. There were 12 contestants: Gail Bunn, Griffin; Elaine Watson, Fort Valley; Sandra Eakes, Warner Robins; Bonnie Shoemaker, LaGrange; Jeanne Brown, Southside; Rhonda Ann Testes, Thomaston; Linda Gilbert, Perry; Janice Mathis, Bonanza; Linda Doyle, Villa Rica; Cathy Payton, Butts County; Melanie Lofton, Newnan; Paula Nesmith, Manchester; Susan Lee, Hogansville; and Lynn Hutchinson, Macon Downtown.

The winner and District Princess was Sandra Eakes, Warner Robins; First runner up, Linda Doyal, Villa Rica; Second Runner-up Gail Bunn, Griffin.

Mrs. Marilyn C. Wolf, Miss Jerry Peters and Mr. Don McDugal were the judges.

Special Note: For the first time in the history of the Peach Bowl, our Princess, Miss Sandra Fakes, won the title of Peach Bowl Queen for the 1975 game.

The third quarterly cabinet meeting was held during the afternoon of the District Assembly. Past International. President Johnny Balbo, Past International Director Alcee F. Maxfield, International Director George P. Crumbley, Jr. State Secretary Eugene K. Lindsay, State Lion Tamer Don Anderson, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundations Inc, President Edwin C. Daniel and Peach Bowl President W. T. "Bill" Cooksey were among the esteemed Lions who gave outstanding reports.

!he West Point Lions Club gave a color slide report on their participation in the International Youth Camp.

W. T. "Bill" Cooksey, Chairman of the District Hospitality and Entertainment Committee is to be commended for the excellent work during the District Assembly. Lion Bill is a member of the Harris County Lions Club.

Peach Bowl Game

Past District Governor Bill Ballek was District Chairman for our Peach Bowl Ticket Sales and Memberships. The eighth Annual Peach Bowl was played Wednesday 31 December 1975 at 2:30 P.M. in Atlanta between North Carolina State and West Virginia University. West Virginia won 13 to 10. District 18-E sold 2,240 tickets for an increase of 1,466 over 1974; Senoia sold 517, LaGrange 251; Harris County 220, Macon Southside 204, Macon Vine Angle 115, Warner Robins 106, Butts County 100, West Point 98 and Carrollton 87 tickets. Also the District sold 768 Peach Bowl. Memberships for an increase of 355 over 1974, a new record for the district. Proceeds of $23,769.84 from the Peach Bowl Game were turned over to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. WE SELL "TICKETS FOR SIGHT" -- WE SERVE.

District Public Relations 

Lion J. Harrell Hardy of the LaGrange Lions Club did an excellent job as District Public Relations Chairman. His news releases on the District Governors visits to the clubs were timely and he collected material from the clubs for an EXCELLENT scrapbook.

Leo Clubs 

Under the guidance of District Leo Club Chairman J. Roy Spinks of LaGrange, a Leo Club with 17 members was chartered at the LaGrange High School, sponsored by the LaGrange Lions Club. This club is very active and is doing a great job.

District18-E Directory

The District Directory was dedicated to George S. "Skeet" Johnson, International Director 1940-42; born 17 March 1905 - died 20 November 1974. Lion Skeet was a charter member of the LaGrange Lions Club; President1931-32; District Governor 1933-34; and Executive Council of Governors Lions International 1934-35.

Incoming Officers School

The Annual District School for Incoming Officers was held simultaneously with the Fourth Cabinet Meeting 2 May 1976 in conference rooms of the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon. Deputy District Governor Otis P. Hand was in charge of the school.

The Presidents School was taught by Cabinet Advisor Walter D. Wilson of the Macon Southside Lions Club with 24 in attendance. The Secretaries School was taught by Past Secretary Egbert Palmer of the Morrow Lions Club with 15 attending. Past International Director Alcee F. Maxfield of the Macon Vine Ingle Lions Club and Past Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Tom Carr of Southside assisted.

The Tailtwisters were taught by District Public Relations and Information Chairman Herbert R. Johnson of the Columbus Muscogee Lions Club with nine attending. The Bulletin Editors were taught by Past President Reverend James W. Gunter of the LaGrange Lions Club assisted by Deputy District Governor Otis P. Hand, with eight in attendance.

White Cane Day

Under the guidance of Rev. John Caylor, Carrollton Lions Club, the White Cane Day was a success. More than $4,433.00 was contributed by the clubs participating in this important sight conservation project. The proceeds were turned over to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. The top three clubs were: 
Morrow                               $610 or $17.43 per member
Bowdon                              $330 or $  9.25 per member
Macon Vine Ingle               $392 or $  9.11 per member

Other clubs deserving recognition are: Carrollton $497, Senoia $300, Griffin $287 and Manchester $260.

Eye Donors

1,054 Eye Donor forms were turned in to the Lighthouse Eye Banks. The top clubs were: Morrow 360, East Columbus 160, Southside 101, LaGrange 129, Heard County 54, and Griffin 48.


Under the direction of Vice President of the Lighthouse, Past District Governor William "Bill" Ballek of Macon Vine Ingle, the district increased its contribution to the Lighthouse by $3,077.47 for a total of $23,435.47. This is a new record for the District. The top club was Carrollton with $2,141.56 or $25 per member. Others contributing $10 or more per member were: Macon Vine Ingle $1,000 or $20; Warner Robins Noon $180 or $12; LaGrange $1,260 or $10, Griffin $390 or $10; Harris County $370; Senoia $310; McDonough $400; Macon Rutland $320; Heard County $4.30; Morrow $350; Tallapoosa $420; Riverdale $260; Butts County $300; and Perry $250 all giving $10 per member. These totals DO NOT include White Cane Day Sales.

Eye Glass Recycling

Dr. LeRoy Harris, Griffin Lions Club, is District Chairman for this new project. Dr. Harris did an outstanding job in personally helping secure over 22,000 pairs of old eyeglasses, getting them recycled and distributed to those in need. 500 pairs to Haiti.

The Council of Governors of Multiple District 18 Georgia on 1 May 1976 expressed appreciation to Dr. Harris for his outstanding services and recommended all Georgia Lions send old eyeglasses to him. As a result Dr. Harris has received glasses from three Lions Clubs in 18-B; two in 18-C; five in 18-D; two in 18-F; 17 in 18-E, and one from Alabama, the Shawmut Lions Club. In addition, he has received old glasses from individuals in Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri, New York, and Ohio. Professional Optometrists in Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maine, North Carolina, California, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, and the Optometry Clinic, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

1,000 pairs of these glasses were recycled at the Macon Area Vocational Technical. School. 3,000 pairs at the Optometry college, University of Alabama. Approximately 50% of these glasses are discards, so it takes a great many to produce a few.


The Fourth Cabinet Meeting in Macon 2 May 1976 approved the naming of a two classroom school with teacher's quarters to accommodate 60 students at Site IX in Conception Huista Province, Huehuetenango State, Guatemala, in memorial to the late Past District Governors of 18-E, Hiram A. Myhand of West Point and Gordon R. Holston of Thomaston. The total cost will be $1,400 and the District will raise these funds through the CARE Program. District CARE Chairman E. L. Greenway, Warner Robins Lions Club, reports he has received $267 for CARE. This exceeds the goal of $5 per club.

Lions International Foundation

District Chairman O. Kirk Straughan, Thomaston Lions Club, reports the District has contributed $267 to LIF.

World Service Day

Under the direction of Past District Governor Noel Haskins, Manchester Lions Club, World Service Day was observed 8 October 1975 throughout the district. This is the day when Lions go the extra mile, not only as clubs but individuals also. The ways are diverse, taking gifts to residents of nursing homes, visiting patients in hospitals, taking children in orphans homes on picnics are just a few of the ways. The LaGrange Lions Club donated $6,000 to furnish the equipment for a sight conservation room in the new Troup-Harris-Coweta Regional Library in LaGrange for the visually handicapped. The Fort Valley Lions Club with 15 members sold advertising to the businesses in the area and held a radiothon over Radio Station WFPM and sent $1,200 to help rebuild a children's hospital that was damaged by the earthquake in Guatemala.

100% Presidents end Secretaries

The District Governor presented 100% Awards to 19 presidents and 36 secretaries at the State Convention in Savannah 7 June 1976.

Financial Report

Received from Previous Administration .......................................... $ 900.00
Received from Club Dues ................................................................. 4,358.69
To be accounted for ..........................................................................$5,258.69
Expenditures ....................................................................................... 4,303.73
Balance to incoming Administration .................................................    634.14

Fund Raising Activities

This is the way the money was made:
Broom and Mop Sales; White Cane Day Sales; Halloween Candy Sales; Parking Automobiles-the Raceway; Pancake Breakfasts; Barbecue Dinners; Chicken Dinners, Manning Fair Booths; Radio Advertising and Announcing; Donkey Football Game; Lightbulb Sales; Fruit Cake Sales; Winter Games; Junior Peach Bowl; Flea Markets; Farm Bureau Livestock Show; Paper Drive; White Elephant Sale; Carnivals; Beauty Pageants; Cushion Sales for High School Ball Games; Fall and Spring Carnivals; Selling Programs at High School Ball Games; and Concession Stands. 

Service Projects

This is the way the money was spent:
Georgia Lions Lighthouse; Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind; Girl and Boy Scouts; Eye Donor Drive; Maintaining Youth Centers; 4-H Club Fat Cattle Sale; Nurses Scholarships; Cleaning and Caring for Cemetery; Sponsoring Mortician to Enucleation School; Blood Bank Drives; Installing Street Signs; Support for Georgia Federation for the Blind; Providing Christmas Baskets and Programs; Manning a Glaucoma, Diabetes and Hypertension Screening Clinic; Sponsoring Citizenship Course; Providing a generator for Hospital;
Midget Football Teams; Little League Baseball Teams; Sponsored Children to Boys and Girls Scouts; Local Eye Care Examinations and Glasses; Sponsored Central Georgia Lions F&e Clinic; CARE, Inc.; Lions International Foundation; Hearing Conservation; Recognition of Veterans Graves; Sponsored Special Education Olympics; Supported Georgia Industrial Home Orphanage; Provide Braille Dictionary to College; Provided ARgar Laser Photocoagulator for Medical Center; Sponsored Local Vocational Training Program; Sponsored a Senior High School Science Fair; Acquire Land for a Public Park.

Peach Bowl Parade

The 8th Annual Peach Bowl Parade was held Tuesday morning December 30, 1975 down Peachtree Street in Atlanta. Past District Governor Walter D. Wilson supervised the construction of our District 18-E float at a cost of $300 and pulled it in the parade with his own car. The theme was "FREEDOM RING". A large banner displaying our District theme "LIONISM IS LOVE" was carried by the LaGrange High School Cheerleaders followed by the District Governor's wife, Georgia, and four of their children riding on the float, followed by the LaGrange High School Band. There were five other bands and marching units from 18-E in the parade.

This was the first time the event was carried on live TV (Channel 2) and the rain falling failed to dampen anyone's spirits.

Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind Inc.

This new project for Georgia Lionism is beginning to capture the interest and hearts of the Lions Clubs in District 18-E, many have contributed money and man hours to help make this a success. The Directors for 18-E are:

1 year Director - Richard Baggerly, Macon Southside 
2 year Director - Grady Cox, Riverdale
3 year Director - Otis P. Hand, Macon Southside


District 18-E Trading Pins

For the first time in the history of the Lions of Georgia, Our district had not only one but three district pins.

I. "LIONISM IS LOVE" This is a beautiful pin made of aluminum, it is triangular 3"x3"x3". It has a gold border of interlocking rings or circles representing God's love which is endless and unconditional. The letters are white on a dark blue background. The Lions emblem is raised in the lower corner on the left side are the words District 18-E, on the right side is Georgia 1975-76. Lioness Georgia Mallory, the District Governor's wife, designed the pin. Governor Mallory's name and address is on the back.

II. Peach Bowl Pin (small) This pin is 1 1/2" round, hard enamel. The message at the bottom "WE SELL--TICKETS FOR SIGHT--WE SERVE". These Peach Bowl pins are dedicated especially to the following officials from 18-E: Peach Bowl President, W. T. Cooksey; Peach Bowl Vice President, C. Frank Hollberg, III; Peach Bowl Director Charles R. Orrick; and Peach Bowl Director William "Bill" Ballek. On the back of the pin is inscribed Profits go to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse". The Macon Southside Lions Club designed this pin and are congratulated for this work of art.

III. Peach Bowl Pin (large) This pin is 3" round and is the same design as the small one; however, on the back is inscribed "Georgia Multiple District 18, Important Service Projects, Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc., Peach Bowl, Inc., White Cane Day. The official Lions Club emblem is raised on this pin. The colors are patriotic and the peaches are pink. This pin is not for sale -- it is awarded by District 18-E only to those Lions and Lionesses who have performed outstanding services to Lionism.

Deceased Members

From May 21, 1975 to May 19, 1976

Robert Griffin, Carrollton Stewart Dyer, Macon Rutland
Julius C. Barnes, Columbus Jack Simpson, Senoia 
G. Rudolph Norris, Columbus L. O. McCullough, Macon Southside
J. R. J. Shepard, Columbus G. B. Evans, Tallapoosa
David B. James, Columbus Muscogee Gordon Holstun, Thomaston
V. A. Morrison, Columbus Muscogee Charles Orrick, Jr., Thomaston
G. A. Banks, Forsyth Floyd Wynn, Warner Robins
John Collins, Forsyth Shi Gray, West Point
William B, Sutherland, Harris County B. B. McGinty, West Point
H. J. Mickle, Heard County Hiram A. Myhand, West Point
Cliff Henley, Locust Grove Johnny Rutland, West Point


Earlier this year, the Byron and Fort Valley Lions Clubs cooperated in an effort to raise money to help rebuild an orphan's hospital that was damaged in the earthquake in Guatemala. A radiothon was held on Station WFPM. A check for $1,200 was presented by Tony Sellier of the Fort Valley Lions Club and Blue Bird on a recent trip to Guatemala.

Lion President Harry Hanson said in a letter, It is with great pleasure that the Fort Valley Lions Club with backing from the merchants and citizens of Fort Valley and Byron, Georgia, is able to contribute the enclosed amount of $3,200 toward the rebuilding of your hospital facility. We understand the prime function of the hospital to be the caring for and physical revival of underprivileged and undernourished infants and children and we unanimously applaud your life-saving efforts. We realize that compared to your needs, the sum is meager, but our hearts and our minds are with you."

"We are also enclosing a list of the local merchants and Individuals who made direct contributions. There were 87 other unlisted merchants who participated in our fund raising activity and indirectly contributed through the purchase of radio advertising which the Lions sold and announced."

Jaime Tabarine, Director of the hospital, responded in part "It was really very helpful for us to know of the kindness of so many of the people of your country that wanted to help us and to cooperate in the job of rebuilding the hospital.... Attitudes like this encourage us to continue our job for the well being and health of the Guatemalan Children.. .a job that was seriously affected by the tragedy that our country suffered.

"For the above, please accept in my name and of the hospitalized Children, our most sincere thanks for the valuable donation you sent us. Also please make extensive our thanks to every-one that kindly contributed and that assisted in the collection of the amount of the donation. The donation was most valuable to us because we know that it was given with affection."

Yours very truly,
Jaime Tabarine
Director Colonia Infantil

DISTRICT 18-E 1976-77

Lion James A. "Jim" McMullen (Cecille) of the East Columbus Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 55th Annual State Convention in Savannah 8 June 1976. Governor McMullen chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Michael Langford (Sharon), East Columbus Lions Club. Past District Governor Richard H. Mallory (Georgia) became Cabinet Advisor. Past District Governor William "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was reelected District Librarian.

District Organization

The 50 clubs were organized into four regions with two zones each. Four Deputy District Governors and eight Zone Chairmen.


The District began the year with 1,900 members and ended the year with 1,973, a net gain of 73 members. This included three newly organized clubs: Columbus Evening Lions Club with 24 members; Lizella Lions Club with 30 members; and Peachtree City Lions Club with 28 members.

Financial Report 

Cash received from Previous Administration.................................$ 757.32
Total income for year .............................................................. 10,302.88
Total Disbursements for year ...................................................  9,187.24
Balance ..................................................................................  1,115.64

District Activity

The 19th annual District 18-E Assembly was held at the Idle Hour Country Club in Macon, Georgia, Saturday 13 November 1976 with 300 attending. The guest speaker was International Director Austin Peavey Jennings of Tennessee. The Highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 15 lovely young ladies competing for 18-E Peach Bowl Princess.

Peach Bowl

Peach Bowl Officers and Directors from 18-E this year were:
W. T. Cooksey (Mildred), Harris County Club, President
C. Frank Hollberg, III (Sandra), Senoia Club, Vice-President
Charles H. Orrick (Elizabeth), Thomaston Club, Director
William Ballek (Martha), Vine Ingle Club, Director

There were 13 clubs with 100% membership in the Peach Bowl. The ticket sales to the game weren't very good; the district only sold 1,092.


18-E Vice President was Past District Governor William Ballek (Martha) of the Vine Ingle Lions Club. Under Lion Ballek's leadership the clubs in the district were again 100% in support of the Lighthouse.

Eye Bank

Lion William McBerry was chairman of the District Eye Bank Committee. Due to his efforts, over 1,500 eye donor forms were received.

Eyeglass Recycling

13,000 pairs of eyeglasses were collected in the District this year with 2,000 pairs being completely recycled.


Three new Lions Clubs: Columbus Evening, Lizella and Peachtree City; and two new Lioness Clubs were organized during this Lions year. Lion Charles "Ray" King (Ruth) was chairman of the District Extension Committee. Lion King traveled many miles and gave many hours to this project.


Past District Governor William Lovejoy Harwell (Margaret) was District CARE Chairman. Under his leadership, enough funds were contributed to build two schools in Guatemala.

Lions International Foundation

District Chairman was Lion Hubert F. Stubbs (Elizabeth), Muscogee Lions Club. $400.00 contributed by clubs in district.

Incoming Officers School

The school was held at the Holiday lnn Locust Grove with very good attendance. Lions Ray King, Billy Oldham, Tom Carr and Bill Bizzell were the instructors.

State Awards

Clubs in 18-E received 11 first place and 11 second place awards at the State Convention in Albany June 10, 11, 12, 1977. Southside Lions Club with eight was the leader.

Deceased Members

We lost 31 Lions to the Grim Reaper this year; they are:
RONNIE RHODES, Carrollton; T. H. MAHONE and DAVID B. CONARD, Columbus;


1976-77 was a good year in 18-E. District Governor McMullen and his Cabinet worked hard to reach his goals. Three new Lions Clubs and two new Lioness Clubs were organized. The contributions to the various projects were up. The support of the Peach Bowl wasn't as good as wished. The Lions Camp for the Blind was started and many $10.00 deeds purchased. The Cabinet operated within its budget and turned funds over to the incoming Cabinet; thus, ending the year on a positive note.

DISTRICT 18-E 1977-78

Lion Hubert F. Stubbs (Elizabeth) of the Columbus Muscogee Lions Club was elected District Governor at the 56th Annual State Convention in Albany 12 June 1977. Lion Ron W. Crooks (Vertie), Muscogee Lions Club, was named Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Past District Governor James A. McMullen (Cecille) became Cabinet Advisor. Past District Governor William "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was re-elected Cabinet Librarian.

District Organization

The district was again organized into four regions with each region having two zones, a total of four Deputy District Governors and eight Zone Chairmen. There being 53 clubs in the district.


On June 3O, 1977, when District Governor Elect Stubbs assumed the District Governor's position, 18-E had 53 clubs and 1,973 members. At the close of his term on June 30, 1978, there were 56 clubs with 2,010 members. There were three clubs chartered with the total membership of 123. Luthersville was chartered 5 November 1977. Waverly Hall, was Chartered 10 December 1977. Greenville was chartered 27 January 1978. Governor Stubbs was awarded District Governor Extension Award for chartering three new clubs during his year as District Governor. Our thanks to Lion Bill Cooksey, Harris County Lions Club; Lion Noel Haskins, Manchester Lions Club; 18-E Cabinet Secretary Ron Crooks, and State Secretary Gene Lindsay for their assistance in organizing these new clubs.

Leader Dogs for the Blind

Under the chairmanship of Past International Director Alcee Maxfield, District 18-E contributed $1,345 to the Leader Dogs for the Blind program.

Lighthouse and Eye Bank

District 18-E during the l977-78 year under leadership of Past District Governor Richard Mallory contributed $20,116.52 to the Lions Lighthouse. Memorial contributions were $1,098.50, and White Cane Sales were $1,662.62. During the same period of time, 1 July 1977 through 3O June 1978, District 18-E obtained 3,394 eye donors.


Chairman Lovejoy Harwell of Griffin is to be commended for the great results District18-E achieved for our CARE program. Our goal for the year was $1,443. We exceeded that goal and chartered two schools in Honduras and dedicated these schools in memory of two deceased Lions. The school in the community of Aqua Blanca Municipality Catacamas, Honduras two and a half rooms to accommodate 75 children was built at a cost of $880 and dedicated in memory of Past International Director George S. "Skeet" Johnson from LaGrange. The second school was built in LaCruz, Honduras and dedicated in memory of Lion Ivan H. Jackson from Cartersville. This school is a one and a half room building accommodating 50 students.

Peach Bowl

The Peach Bowl was held on 31 December 1977 at 12 noon. North Carolina State beat Iowa State by a score of 24 to 14. District 18-E had 26 100% Clubs with membership of 257. Total memberships sold in 18-E was 831. Under the leadership of Past District Governor Richard Mallory, 18-E sold a total of 1,831 Peach Bowl Tickets. This was an increase of 284 over 1976. 18-E was also represented in the Peach Bowl Parade with a float representing World Lionism. 18-E was represented in the Peach Pow1 organization by Lion W. T. Cooksey as President and Frank Hollberg, III as Vice President.

Lions International Foundation

Dr. Homer Wright was the District Chairman for this very important international program. District 18-E contributed $2,030.00 to this. The West Point Lions Club purchased a $1,000.00 Melvin Jones Fellowship in the name of Past District Governor Shaefer Heard.


District 18-E was fortunate in winning many state and national awards. We are most grateful for the cooperation extended the District Governor by the 56 clubs for making his year a great success. District Governor Stubbs was awarded:

1. The 100% District Governor Award
2. The District Governors Extension Award (by chartering 3 new Lions Clubs during his year
3. The Ivan H. Jackson Memorial Award
4. First place in the George S. Johnson Award

The Clubs of District 18-E received 24 State Awards at the State Convention in Marietta, Georgia June 1978; 13 First Place Awards and 11 Second Place Awards. Southside with nine, led the District.

Deceased Members

Death removed 29 good Lions from our ranks this year:

District Governor's Travels

During his term of office, District Governor Stubbs made 86 visits traveling 18,153 miles. These visits included 57 club visits, one State Convention (Marietta), one lnternational Convention (New Orleans), one District Conference (Callaway Gardens), four District 18-E Meetings, 22 other visits which included organizational, charter, anniversaries, Ladies Nights, and so forth.


The word for LIONISM in District 18-E during 1977-78 was UP. Membership was UP contributions were up, attendance was up, Peach Bowl Memberships were up, interest in the Peach Bowl Game was up. Three new Clubs were formed and work begun on others. All in all this was a GOOD year for LIONISM in 18-E.

DISTRICT 18-E 1978-79

Lion Charles "Ray" King (Ruth) of the Columbus Evening Club was elected District Governor at the 57th Annual State Convention in Marietta 11 June 1978. Governor King selected as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Past District Governor James A. McMullen (Cecille). Past District Governor W. E. "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was re-elected District Librarian.

District Organization

The 56 Clubs were organized into four regions with a Deputy District Governor for each and nine zones (Region I having 3 Zones) with a Zone Chairman for each.


District 18-E had a net loss in membership this year even though one new club with 23 members was chartered. The main reason for loss was members dropped for non-attendance.

Peach Bowl

18-E was among the leaders in 100% Peach Bowl Memberships and Cadillac Sweepstake Ticket Sales. The sale of tickets to the game was not good. Some clubs did an outstanding job while others did nothing. We feel the date of the game hurt sales.

Princess Pageant

The Pageant to select the district's Peach Bowl Princess was a separate event this year. This was held in Thomaston 16 September 1978. 365 Lions and Ladies attended and enjoyed great food, outstanding entertainment and 16 lovely young ladies. Miss Penni Lynn Kolarik was selected District Princess. Miss Kolarik was sponsored by the East Columbus Lions Club.


Contributions to the projects we support was mostly better than last year. Contributions to Leader Dog School, Camp for the Blind and CARE were up. The Lighthouse received $22,848.54, Lions International Foundation received $1,700; the largest contribution to LIF was $150. from the Columbus Evening Lioness Club.

District Convention

The first District Convention held in Columbus, Georgia Saturday 24 March 1979. The District Officers elected for 1979-80 were:
District Governor Freddie L. Horton of Southside;
Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation Vice President Richard Mallory of LaGrange;
Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind Dr. Homer Wright of East Columbus;
District Librarian W. E. "Bill" Bizzell, of Griffin.

The speaker at the evening banquet was Past International President Aubrey Green of Alabama. In spite of the inclement weather, 209 Lions and Ladies attended.

District Awards

21 presidents and 41 secretaries received the 100% award from Governor King. The top three clubs in the District were Morrow, Southside and East Columbus. East Columbus won the Herschel F. McElroy Plaque. Centerville won the Rutland Plaque. Lion Roy Huls of the Morrow Lions Club received the Herb Reimer Memorial Plaque.

State Awards

The clubs in 18-E received 20 State Awards (8 First Place and 12 Second Place) at the 58th annual State Convention in Savannah June 1979. Columbus, Southside, and Morrow received the Georgia Federation of the Blind Award. District Governor King received the George S. Johnson Award.

Deceased Members

Death overtook 10 District 18-E Lions during the year:
DR. PERRY HUFF and GRADY WALKER, Carrollton; ROLAND F. LAWRENCE, Columbus; JOHN WALL, EIlaville; JOHN MORCOCK, Forsyth; JAMES W. COCHRAN, Harris County; HARVEY MCCARTY, Ideal; DR. ROBERT S. O'NEAL, LaGrange; WALTER BOONE, Macon, and GLENN A. SMITH, Oglethorpe;

District Governor’s Travels 

Governor King made 89 visits and traveled 16,900 miles this year. - This does not include traveling to the International Convention in Japan. These visits included official Club Visits, Cabinet Meetings, Council of Governors Meetings, Organizational Charter Nights, Anniversaries, Ladies Nights, and other Special Occasions.


Two firsts this year: the Peach Bowl Princess Pageant as a separate event and the first District Convention when incoming District Officers were elected. One new Lions Club, one new Leo Club and two new Lioness Clubs were organized. Contributions to most sponsored projects were up.

District Governor, 1978-79
Biographical Sketch

Your District Governor was born on a farm in Ohio, on October 5, 1918 and is married to the former Ruth Ellen Pratt. They have three children, Cecile, Charles, and Cheryl. Ruth and Ray have made their permanent residence in Columbus, Georgia for the last 22 years. Ray retired from the military service, as a Colonel, after 30 years service.

Ray is a member of the Edgewood United Methodist Church and has served his church in various capacities, including Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent, and as Chairman of the Administrative Board and is a Trustee. He is a thirty second degree Mason and is active with the Boy Scouts.

Ray joined Lionism through the East Columbus Lions Club and served in various offices and committees. When he was President of the East Columbus Lions Club they were recognized as the number one club in District 18-E. Ray is now a member of the Columbus Evening Lions Club. He served as 100% Deputy District Governor in 1975 and has served on both District and State Committees.

Over the last three years Ray has assisted in the organization of six new Lions Clubs and three new Lioness clubs. He is a Key Member and has received among other awards the Lion of the Year three times, Lions International Extension Award, and the Lions International Medal of Merit.

District 18-E 1979-80

Deputy District Governor Freddie L. Horton of the Southside Community Lions Club was elected District Governor at the first annual, District Convention in Columbus, Georgia 24 March 1979. Governor Horton is the fourth District Governor from the Southside club in its 25 years. Governor Horton chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Thomas M. Carr (Catherine) of the Southside Lions Club. This is the third time Lion Carr has served in this capacity. Past District Governor Charles "Ray" King (Ruth) became Cabinet Advisor.

District Organization

The 57 clubs were again organized into four regions with a Deputy District Governor for each and nine zones, with a Zone Chairman for each.


With the addition of 30 Charter members of the new LaGrange Evening Lions Club and 232 new members the District ended the year with 1,960 Members.

Peach Bowl

The District had 732 Peach Bowl memberships with 21 clubs being 100%. The ticket sales for the game were disappointing - only 887 were sold.

Princess Pageant

The second annual Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held 10 November 1979 at the Thomaston Civic Center. 24 lovely young ladies competed for the title, with Miss Cynthia Jan Grifftin, sponsored by the Bonanza Club, the winner. Miss Griffin was given a $200.00 scholarship. This was a first. 500 tickets were sold to the affair. Lion Roland H. Neal, a charter member of the Macon Lions Club, was honored at this meeting for being one of the oldest Lions in the world in years of service. What an inspiration!


Contributions to our sponsored projects were generally up this year. Club contributions to the Lighthouse totaled $23,865,37 with additional funds from White Cane sales of $4,416.07 and Eyeglass recycling of $9,959.05; for a total of $38,340.49 to the Lighthouse. Local club expenditures for eye care was, $16,692.13 for 483 cases. Contributions to the Leader Bog School totaled $1,473.00. Lions International Foundation received $1,081.00. Camp for the Blind $3,000.00. Contributions from 18-E to CARE built two classrooms for 97 children in Peru.

Eye Bank

There were 2,377 eye donor cards sent to the Eye Bank. East Columbus Lions Club with 772 and Southside Lions Club with 612 were the two top clubs in the state in obtaining eye donor cards.

District Convention

The second annual District Convention was held in Columbus, Georgia 29 March 1980. Deputy District Governor G. Harris Satterfield (Betty) was elected District Governor for 1980-81. Past District Governor Richard Mallory was re-elected District Vice President for the Lighthouse and Past District Governor Charles Ray King was elected District Vice President of the Lions Camp for the Blind.

Past International Director Dr. Jim Fowler spoke to over 400 people at a Country Style Barbecue held in an old livery stable. Each person carried home an iron skillet, a Mason Fruit Jar and a Checkered Napkin. A very unusual and delightful occasion, enjoyed by all even though the roof leaked.

District Awards

The top three clubs in the District Governor's Contest were: Monroe, Southside, and East Columbus; a repeat of last year and in the same order. The Herschel F. McElroy Plaque was won by the East Columbus Lions Club. Past District Governor James "Jim" McMullen received the Herb Reimer Award. ln addition, PDG McMuIlen received a "Special Award" from Governor Horton for his outstanding contribution to the district.

State Convention

Governor Horton presented 100% President and Secretary Awards to those earning them at the State Convention (59th Annual) on Jekyll Island May 1980. Past District Governor W. E. "Bill" Bizzell (Libby) was re-elected District Librarian. The Clubs in the District won five first place and two second place awards at the State Convention. In addition, Southside received the Ga. Federation of the Blind Award. Mr. Morris Kirby of Warner Robins received the Outstanding Blind of the Year Award. Mr. Kirby has since become a member of the Centerville Lions Club.

Deceased members 

These 14 Lions left us for good during the year:

ROGER C. MURPHEY, JR., Byron; JOE MCGIBONEY, Carrollton; EUELL KIRKLAND, Columbus; A. L. WILLINGHAM, Forsyth; LEWIS GORE, Heard County; DR. RED CHAMBERS, LaGrange; CHARLES E. PRINCE, Locust Grove; JOHN W. KEEL, Muscogee; P. T. MCDONNELL, Pike County; WILLIAM FOUNTAIN, Villa Rica; CHARLES MOXLEY, Vine-Ingle; HUBERT FORD, Past District Governor R. SHAEFER HEARD and WALTER T. REID, JR., West Point.

Financial Report

From Previous Administration ............................................. $    500.00
Receipts ...........................................................................  10,285.69
Total to be Accounted for ...................................................  10,785.69
Expenditures .....................................................................    9,772.42
Transferred to Incoming Administration ................................    1,013.09


It was a good year. Contributions were up over the previous years. We Chartered one new Lions Club and one new Lioness Club. Our total Membership increased. District Governor Horton worked very hard and his Cabinet supported him all the way,



In June 1970 at the State Lions Convention, Lion Howard E. Alford was elected District Governor of 18-F. Lion Alford was a member of the Madison Lions Club. He chose Robert C. Mooney as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past District Governor Willard W. Prior of the Augusta Lions Club was Cabinet Advisor, While Past Lighthouse President F. Hughes Willingham was re-elected District Librarian. Olin C. Newby of the Washington Lions Club, was elected Vice President of the Lighthouse from District 18-F, and named as Directors from the District were Milton B. Gray, Swainsboro Lions Club; W. G. Bross, Thomson Lions Club; Marvin Pound, Jr., Sparta Lions Club; Billy Flanders, Kite Lions Club; David Dodd, Covington Lions Club; and Dr. Robert P. Thomas, Augusta Lions Club.

Trustees elected for the Lighthouse were: F. Hughes Willingham, Lincolnton Lions Club, Marvin G. Pound, Sr., Sparta Lions Club, and Willard W. Prior, Augusta Lions Club.

The 40 Lions Clubs of District 18-F, as of April 1971, had a membership of 1,255 members. Of this number an average of 22 clubs were represented at each of the four Cabinet Meetings, which were attended by an average of 82 Lions.

Sixty-six eye donor forms were turned in to the Lighthouse during the year. Miss Christine Mullins was crowned Queen of the Peach Bowl for the 1971 Peach Bowl Game.

The Washington Lions Club celebrated their 30th Anniversary on November 9, 1970 with Dr. Don W. Schmidt, Past District Governor District 18-A, as the guest speaker.

In fiscal year ending 1972, District F contributed $7,697.29 to the Lighthouse.

In 1971-72 Lion Emory Sayer, Augusta Lions Club, was elected District Governor of District 18-F. He chose as his Cabinet Secretary-treasurer Levings W. Laney. Immediate Past District Governor Howard E. Alford, of the Madison Lions Club was Cabinet Advisor.

In 1973 at the State Convention, Lion Roy Varner of the Lincolnton Lions Club was elected District Governor of District 18-F. He chose as his Cabinet Secretary-treasurer Lion Clinton Hogan of the Lincolnton Lions Club. Immediate Past District Governor Rodman Strader of the National Hills Lions Club was Cabinet Advisor.

The following clubs were winners in the District Governors Efficiency contest: Fleming, Garden City, Augusta, National Hills, Covington, Oxford, Wrens and Lincolnton. Eleven Clubs in the District had an average attendance of above 85%. Sixteen clubs had 100% Secretaries. The Fleming Lions Club of Augusta was winner in the District Governor Contest.

The District Rally for 1973 was held in Augusta at the Richmond Hotel. The Rally was hosted by the five Augusta Clubs. The speaker for this occasion was William E. Steinbruck, International Director from Chesterfield, Missouri.

In 1977 at the State Convention, Lion J. Gordon Hilliard of the Thomson Lions Club was elected District Governor. He chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Charles H. Branch, Thomson Lions Club. Immediate Past District Governor Raymond C. Peters was Cabinet Advisor.

The following clubs were winners in the District Governors Efficiency contest: first place Augusta Lions club; second place Thomson Lions Club, and third place National Hills Lions Club. In the District Governors contest for clubs making the highest percentage of improvements in the District Governors Contest over the previous year, the first place winner Harlem Lions Club, second place winner Thomson Lions Club, and the third place winner the Louisville Lions Club. District 18-F had six clubs with a membership attendance record of 86% or above in the District. The District had five100% Secretaries, for getting their reports in within 48hours after the last meeting in the month. 

This was the year the Camp for the Blind became a reality. The Madison Lions Club led the District by selling $750.00 worth of deeds for the Camp for the Blind property. During the year with Past District Governor William Prior, as Vice President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse, all clubs of the District made a contribution to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse. During the year the clubs of the district sent in over 500 eye donor pledges to the Eye Bank.

The District Rally was held in Milledgeville for the year.

Miss Sharon Eakes, represents the Forest Hills Lions Club was the winner in the Peach Bowl Princess contest. Past International Director Dr. Don W. Schmidt, Cedartown Club, was the speaker for the Rally. At the end of the 1977-78 year the District had 1,195 members.

For the year 1978-79, Lion Charles C. Jordan of the Washington Lions Club was elected District Governor. He chose as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer Lion Manuel Hunter of the Washington Lions Club. Immediate Past District Governor J. Gordon Hilliard, Thomson Lions Club, was Cabinet Advisor.

Most of the clubs supported the Georgia Lions Lighthouse and the Eye Bank with their contributions. Six clubs participated in the District-wide White Cane Day. During the year,407 persons willed their eyes to the Eye Bank, by signing Eye Donor forms giving their eyes at death to the Eye Bank.

The Sandersville Club and the Sparta Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary during the year. The Garden City Lions Club of Augusta and the Louisville Lions Club celebrated their 25&h Anniversary. The Garden City Lions Club of Augusta was the winner in the District Governors Efficiency Contest. Nine other clubs placed in the contest. The District also had eight 100% Secretaries.

The District Rally was held in Washington, with the Washington Lions Club hosting the District. Miss Debra Clement, sponsored by the Lincolnton Lions Club, was chosen as Peach Bowl Princess from District 18-F. Past International Director Dr. Lacy Presnell, Jr., was the speaker for the banquet.

For the year 1979-80, Lion C. W. Edwards, Augusta Lions Club, was elected District Governor of District 18-F. He chose Walker L. Dupree as his Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Immediate Past District Governor Charles C. Jordan, was Cabinet Advisor.

The District Rally was held in Augusta, at the Augusta Hilton Convention Center, with the Augusta Lions Club hosting the District. Lion William C. Chandler, First Vice President of Lions International, was speaker for the Rally.

One of the highlights of the 1979-80 year was the formation of four Lioness clubs in the District: Swainsboro, Thomson, Washington and Fleming. The Sylvania Lions club received the plaque for the most improved club over the year before. Eighteen clubs in the district were 100% in Peach Bowl membership. Miss Lorraine Poss, sponsored by the Thomson Lions Club, was selected Peach Bowl Princess from District 18-F.

Recipients of District Awards were Lion Fred Verner, Thomson Lions Club, for Outstanding Lion in the District. Lion Robert Lyons, Swainsboro Lions Club, was recipient of outstanding President Award for the District. Lion Walker Dupree, Augusta Lions Club, was recipient of the Damren Plaque for the outstanding, Secretary in the District. Garden City Lions Club, with 100% Attendance was the winner of the Washington Plaque for highest percentage of attendance for club meeting weekly. Forest Hills Lions Club with 45% was winner of the Madison Plaque, for highest percentage in net growth in membership. Thomson Lions Club was winner of the Covington Plaque, for the largest number of Eye donor forms, turned in 104. This figure was taken from M&A Reports.

The District had nine 100% Secretaries for the year. National Hills Lions Club was first place winner in the District Governors efficiency contest. Second place winner was the Thomson Lions Club. Third place winner was the Covington Lions Club.

On June 23, 1980, the Washington Lions Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary. The following members received chevron Awards: James A. Johnson, 40 year award; Marion Willingham, 30 year award; Leslie Jackson, 25 year award; Thomas Conner, 10 year award, and Martin Burgess, 10 year award.

District Governors of district 18-F for the decade 1970-80:

1970-71   Howard E. Alford
Madison, Georgia

1971-72  J. Emory Sayer
Evans, Georgia

1972-73   J. Emory Strader
Augusta, Georgia

1973-74   Roy L. Varner
Lincolnton, Georgia

1974-75   Dudley L. Godwin
Harlem, Georgia

1975-76   Madison T. Woo
Augusta, Georgia

1976-77   Raymond C. Peters
Augusta, Georgia

1977-78   J. Gordon Hilliard
Thomson, Georgia

1978-79   Charles C. Jordan
Washington, Georgia

1979-80   Jim D. Kay
Dearing, Georgia


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