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A History of Georgia Lions


This History of the 1980s

is dedicated to the following

Past State Historians

Percy Plant Eugene Sanders Hugh A. lnglis Ken Massingale


In memory of Percy Plant, Decatur Lions Club.. ................... 1947-1964

In honor of Eugene Sanders, Decatur Lions Club ............... .1964-1983

In memory of Hugh A. lnglis, Athens Lions Club ................ 1983-1984

In honor of Ken Massingale, Decatur Lions Club.. .............. .1985-1986


Lionism of the 1980s

During the 1980s Lionism in the state of Georgia (Multiple District 18) saw a lot of different changes taking place. This era of Lionism saw the end of the eye bank at Emory University sponsored by the Lions of Georgia. During this era of Lionism we saw the development of a statewide newspaper that was mailed to all the Lions of Georgia.

During the 1980s we saw many changes and opportunities developed for the Lions of Georgia. Many new projects were thought of to help the various communities in the state. We saw the end of the state secretary for the Lions of Georgia being done away with. We saw more responsibilities taken over by the council of governors, We saw the state office moved from Macon to Milledgeville, Georgia, with Linda Selby staying on as the office secretary for the Lions of Georgia. We saw the end of the Lions Peach Bowl being sponsored by the Lions of Georgia. Olin C. Newby, past district governor, was asked to serve as district governor again by the district 18F convention. This was a first in Georgia Lionism. This situation has occurred several times since then.

During the ’80s Georgia had two Lions to serve as international director. In 1983 John Franklin Pearce of Dahlonega, Ga., was elected to serve a two-year term at the international convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, June 22-25, 1983. Myers Banister of the Young Harris Club was elected to serve a two-year term at the international convention in Denver, Colorado, June 29-July 2, 1988.

The state conventions of the Lions of Georgia were held in the following cities during the 1980s: Jekyll Island, 1980; Macon, 1981; Columbus, 1982; Augusta, 1983; Savannah, 1984; Albany, 1985; Macon, 1986; Savannah, 1987; Atlanta, 1988; Albany, 1989; and Columbus, 1990. All of these conventions were well attended conventions of the Lions of Georgia.

During the 1980s four different Lions served as the state historian. They were Eugene Sanders of the Decatur Club, 1980-1982; Hugh lnglis of the Athens Club, 1983-1984; Ken Massingale, 1985- 1987; and Olin C. Newby, 1988-1990.

During the 1980s four different Lions served as the state Lion Tamer. They were James B. Zittrauer of the Henry Grady Club, 1980-1982; Donald R. Hardigree of the Winder Lions Club, 1983-1984; Bob Campen, Lizella Club, 1985-1986; and William G. Bross, Thomson Lions Club, 1987-l 990.

In the latter part of the 1980s the Lions of Georgia saw the need to publish a state newsletter. The first publication was sent out in 1989. This reading of this publication was enjoyed by all.

The Peach Bowl held in Atlanta, GA., since 1969, which was sponsored by the Lions of Georgia, came out of sponsorship by the Lions of Georgia.

As you will see in the following pages the Lions of Georgia have been busy promoting Lionism and serving their fellow man.

District 18-A

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

Council Chairman 
District Governor 18-A
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
 District 18-A
District Governor, 18-A
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor 18-A
Council Secretary
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor 18-A
Council Vice-Chairman
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor 18-A
Council Vice-Chairman
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor 18-A
Council Secretary
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor 18-A
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-A
Council Chairman
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor 18-A
Council Secretary 
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-A
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-A
Cabinet Secretary
District 18-A

District 18A started the 80’s with the following Clubs:

Adairsville Cobb County LaFayette Sandy Springs
Alpharetta Cohuta Lakeview - Ft. Oglethorpe Smyrna
Atlanta College Park Marietta Smyrna Jonquil City
Austell Dade County Marietta Noon South Cobb
Ball Ground Dallas McCaysville Summerville
Bartow County Dalton Menlo Trion
Boynton Dalton Noon Mountain View Tunnell Hill
Atlanta Buckhead Douglasville NE Atlanta West Cobb
Calhoun East Marietta NE Cobb Woodstock
Cartersville Ellijay Rockmont
Cedartown Floyd County Rock Springs Lioness Clubs
Chatsworth Hapeville Rome Austell
Chattanooga Valley Henry Grady Rossville Douglasville
Chickamaugha Jasper Roswell Hapeville


1980 - 81 Year

At the District Convention in March 1980, the following District Officers were elected:

District Governor - Albert Johnson (Betty)
Cabinet Secretary Treasurer - Charles Turner (Fran)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)
Cabinet Advisor - Melville Johnson (Ellen)
The Cabinet Officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Jim McCall
Roderick Hume
Joe Burton
Ken Kyle
Charles Cash
Zone Chairmen - John Givens
L. D. Foster
Homer Brannon
Ray Bell
H. W. Boatwright
Ashley Sandrock
Andrew Derrick
Grover Newman
Andy Stephens
George Walker, Jr.
Earl Ake
K. Gerald Allen

There were 54 Lion Clubs in District 18A and 4 Lioness Clubs. The following Lions Clubs were dropped during the year: Cohutta, Marietta Noon, and Smyrna Jonquil City Club.

The 1980 - 81 District Convention was held on March 14, 1981 at Marriott Hotel.

The District Peach Bowl princess Pageant was held in Rome on October 25, 1980. Lion Jerry Curtis was in charge of the festivities. Ms. Mitzi Smith was the winner. She will represent District 18A for the peach Bowl Queen. Ms. Smith represented the East Marietta Lions Club.

There were 10 Leo Clubs in District 18A, five of them active.

There were 52 entries from 18A for state awards. There were 13 first place and 11 second place winners.

Contributions to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation: $35,948.14. 255 cases were handled for District 18A at a cost of $32,53 1.36. The Lighthouse realized over $l0,000.00 from the sale of metal frames from used eye glasses. 18A had 1,329 eye donors wills and 136 used hearing aids turned in. The Lighthouse dispensed 45 of these aids.

Lion Joe Reynolds was Vice President of the Lighthouse. The motto of the year was "Touch a Life with Hope."

The following Clubs celebrated anniversaries during the year: 30 years Henry Grady, 40 years Atlanta Buckhead and Rome, and 60 years Atlanta.

1981- 82

At the district convention on March 14, 198 1, the following officers were elected:

District Governor - George B. Haney (Dot)
Cabinet Secretary - Aubrey Lewis (Jackie)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)
Cabinet Advisor - Albert Johnson (Betty)

The Cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - John Givens
Ray Bell
Andrew Stephens
E. Gerald Allen
Zone Chairmen - Robert G. Forbes
Ron Porter
Loron Willis
Thomas Smith
Hugh Ragan
Dr. Harry Harris
Jerry Curtis
Charles Johnson
Joe Harris
Charles Langford
Jules DeNeergaard
Bill Tanner

There were 52 clubs in the District and 3 Lioness Clubs. Douglasville Lioness was dropped. The Atlanta Korean Club was added. The District Convention was held in Marietta on March 20, 1982. The speaker was incoming International President, Everett Grindstaff of Texas. The 65th International Convention was held in Atlanta from June 30 to July 3, 1982. The Convention General Chairman was Past International Director, George Crumbley.

Preparations were coordinated by the International Convention Committee and all Districts of Georgia. Visiting Lions were awed by personally viewing cornea transplant surgery at Emory Hospital. The international parade was a thrilling climax to an interesting and exciting year.

The Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held at Southeast High School in Dalton, Georgia on October 24,1981. There were 19 contestants. The name of the winner was not available. She represented District 18A in the Peach Bowl Queen Contest.

Lighthouse meetings were held in Macon on October 18, 1981 and February 21, 1982.

During the 1981-82 year the Lions of District 18A donated to the Lighthouse $69,678.92. Returned as services to District 18A was $63,771.75. 437 people in our District were assisted. The White Cane contributions were $23,638,89. 716 eye donor cards were turned in and 248 hearing aids.

The Lighthouse received $50,000.00 from the proceeds of the Peach Bowl Game.

Our District spent $16,709 on eye conservation projects, which included 423 pairs of eye glasses for the needy. Lion, Ken Massingale was Vice-President of the Lighthouse for District 18A.

Over $7,000 was raided to support the Leader Dog Program. $2,700 was donated to LCIF. The top club in the district for 198 l-82 was South Cobb Lions Club.

The following clubs celebrated anniversaries during the year: 30 years Boynton, and Roswell; 40 years Adairsville, Marietta, and McCouville; 50 years Canton, Chatsworth and LaFayette.

1982 - 83

At the District Convention on March 20, 1982, the following officers were elected for the 1982-83 Lion year:

District Governor - Fred Wilenchek (Helen)
Cabinet Secretary - Ron Porter (Barbara)
Cabinet Advisor - George Haney (Dot)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)

The Cabinet Officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Robert Forbes
Hugh Ragan
Jerry Curtis
Grover Newman
Jules DeNeergaard
Zone Chairmen - Paul Denny
James Reddick Jr.
V. R. Cran
Thomas Barrett
William Cox Jr.
Winford McDaniel
Frank Nash
Jerry Bryan
James Ron Nicholson
Gary Fox
Pierce Thompson
C.W.J. Smith Jr.

There were 52 Lions and 6 Lioness Clubs in District 18A - one new club added (Atlanta Korean). The District Convention was held at Dalton on March 19, 1983.

The Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held in Rome on October 23, 1982 to select the 18A representative for the Peach Bowl Queen Pageant.

The Roswell Lions Club celebrated their 30th anniversary on February 15, 1983.

District I8A contributed $87,208.23 to the Lighthouse. They also paid for 367 eye examinations, 367 pairs of glasses at a cost of $19,5 12.77. They also donated 133 used hearing aids. There were 106 referrals to the Lighthouse at a cost of $24,569.23.

The following Clubs celebrated anniversaries during the year: 25 years East Marietta, 30 years Alpharetta, Cedartown, Lakeview, and Fort Oglethorpe.

1983 - 84

At the District Convention on March 19, 1983, the following officers were elected:

District Governor - Jerry Curtis (Linda)
Cabinet Secretary - Andrew Derrick (Camille)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)
Cabinet Advisor - Fred Wilenchek (Helen)

The following cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Paul Denny
Robert Thomas
John Welborn
Gary Fox
Bill Tanner
Zone Chairmen - Bill Green
Gil Carter
Ray Graham
James Walters
David McLeod
Bobby Eason
Harold White
Andy Stephens
Doyle Haynes
Carol Shirley
John Thomas

There were 52 Lions Clubs and 9 Lioness Clubs in the District. The Lioness added the Smyrna Lioness, Jasper Lioness, and Henry Grady Lioness in 1984. The Powder Springs Lions Club was dropped.

The District Convention was held in Marietta on March 3, 1984 at the NW Hilton Hotel. The speaker was 1st Vice President, Bert Mason, from Northern Ireland.

District 18A became the first district in Georgia to exceed $100,000.00 in Lighthouse contributions in one year. The total was $103,782.32.

PDG, Charles Pickell, was the current Lighthouse Vice President. He will be succeeded by PDG Mel Johnson.

103 used hearing aids were collected during the year with 136 being dispensed. There were 31 referrals to the Lighthouse for sight and hearing help. The total paid services was $6 I,96352 for District 18A. The local clubs paid for 327 eye exams, and 298 eye glasses at a cost of $17,122.79.

Lighthouse meetings were held in Macon on October 16, 1983 and February 19, 1984.

The Alpharetta Lighthouse Golf Classic was held on September 26, 1983.

The Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held in Rome on October 22, following the 2nd cabinet meeting.

The top Lions Club in District 18A was the Rome Club, followed by South Cobb, Dalton, and Jasper.

Austell was the top Lioness Club.

‘I’hc following Clubs celebrated anniversaries during the year: 30 years Sandy Springs, 50 years Dade County and Ellijay.

1984 - 85

At the District Convention on March 3, 1984 at Marietta, GA the following officers for District 18A were elected.

District Governor - Grover Newman (Darlene)
Cabinet Secretary - J. D. Woodward (Sara)
Cabinet Advisor - Jerry Curtis (Linda)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)

The Cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Gil Carter
Joe Reynolds
Harold White
Carroll Shirley
Zone Chairmen - John Keeter
Ron Porter
Phil Tucker
Harold Hobbs
Alton Arrowood
John Graham
Edwin Wilkie
Chuck Thacker
Danny Cochran
Billy Vaughn

The officers for the 1985-86 Lion year were elected at the March 2, 1985 cabinet meeting. The speaker was International Director, Vern Seipks.

The Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held at the NW Hilton Hotel in Smyrna on October 8, 1984. Over 300 people were in attendance. There were 23 contestants entered. This was the largest pageant ever. The winner was Karen Marie Crawford from Rossville, Ga.

As of December 31, 1984, District 18A has donated $3,546 to the Lions Camp for the Blind for the 1984 Lion year.

The State Convention was held in Albany, GA. on May 17-19, 1985.

The Lions Lighthouse District 18A contributions for the 1984-85 year was:

Club contribution          $35,970.02
Other contribution        $18,753.27
White Cane                  $67,393.50
Building Fund               $11,710.00
Totals                         $133.826.79

District 18A collected 198 used hearing aids.

One Club in 18A gave no money to the Lighthouse, and 4 gave less than $100.00 District 18A received $68,243.00 for 286 sight service cases, and $5,521.99 for 244 hearing cases. The Clubs of 18A paid for 92 eye exams and 128 pairs of eye glasses.

The following Clubs celebrated anniversary dates during the year: 30 years Austell and Rossville.


At the District 18A Convention on March 2, 1985, the following officers were elected for the 1985-86 Lion year:

District Governor- Bill Tamer
Cabinet Advisor- Grover Newman (Darlene)
Secretary-Treasurer- Broward Garrison (Polly)
District Librarian- Stan Kelley (Emily)

The Cabinet Officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Ron Porter
Harold Hobbs
John Graham
J. D. Woodward
Bill Vaughan
Zone Chairmen - William Scoggins
Philip Nason
Buddy Mann
Robert Kock
W.R. Stroplin
Bill Pinson
LeBron Cayden
Ira Dietz
Golbert DeArmas
Robert Jamison
Don Enis

The officers for the 1986-87 were elected February 22, 1986 in Rome, Ga. at the third cabinet meeting. The speaker for the District Convention was International Director, Ernie Moore of Bramales, Ontario, Canada.

The Peach Bowl Princess Beauty Pageant was held in Dalton, GA on October 26, 1985. There were 22 contestants. The winner was Miss Debbi Kittrel representing South Cobb Lions Club.

There were. 48 Lions Clubs and 10 Lioness Clubs in District 18A.

The 1985-86 State Convention was held in Macon, GA on May 23-25, 1986.

International Director George Crumbley resigned as Executive Director of the Peach Bowl, but will remain until a replacement has been named.

Lion Hubert Hobbs, Activities Chairman of District 18A, reported on the Golden Chain Award. This is a new award for Lions who meet the criteria listed on the form. It was introduced to District 18A by Lion Hobbs.

District 18A donated $143,142.80 to the Lighthouse during the 1985-86 year. During this same year District 18A received for sight services $56,030.35 for 337 cases. For 62 hearing patients we received $1,985.90.

The following clubs celebrated anniversaries during the year: 25 years Woodstock, 40 years Smyrna and Calhoun.


The following officers were elected in Rome, GA at the third cabinet meeting on February 28, 1986:

District Governor - Bob Jamison (Carol)
Cabinet Advisor - Bill Tanner
Cabinet Secretary - Carroll Shirley (Mickey)
Cabinet Treasurer - Wallace Blaylock (Miriam)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)

The cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Robert Forbes, Maj. Gen. Ret. (Ann)
Phillip Tucker (Eloise)
Bill Pinson (Linda)
Dr. Gilbert DeArmas (Bertha)
Thomas McLaughlin (Martha Ruth)
Zone Chairmen - Jim McCall
Howard Jones (Pat)
Jon Rowland Sr. (Elise)
Jay Benson (Sandra)
Alton Arrowood (Betty)
Andy Derrick (Camille)
J. D. Woodward (Sara)
James Hulsey (Linda)
Haynes Townsend (Donna)
Richard Johnson (Sara)
Dale Powell (Elizabeth)

The District Convention and Cabinet meeting was held in Rome, GA on March 28, 1987. At this time the officers for the 87-88 year were elected.

The speaker for this affair was Lion Joseph Wrolewski, Immediate Past President of Lions International.

There was one new club chartered in District 18A during the year. The Rising Fawn Lookout Mountain Lions was chartered on June 27, 1986.

The following clubs celebrated anniversaries during the year: 50 years Dalton and Summerville.

The first cabinet meeting was held at Waleska, GA on August 17, 1986. Lion Jot Reynolds reported that District 18A had received 16 first place and 10 second place awards in the state program.

The second cabinet meeting was held in Dalton on November 8, 1986. It was attended by 85 Lions and Lionesses.

As of November 1, 18A had dropped 61 members, however, 98 new members were taken in for a net gain of 37. The clubs reported 56 new members during the October membership drive.

The third cabinet meeting was held in Rome, GA at the Hill Top Holiday Inn on March 28, 1987.

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation held a special open house of the new Lighthouse Executive offices on Sunday, November 9, 1986 at 1775 Clairmont Road in Decatur. District 18A donated to the Lighthouse $126,146.47 during the 86-87 Lion year. District 18A received from the Lighthouse sight services $89,577.52 for 501 cases. 18A also received $3,948.14 for 211 hearing patients. The District White Cane Collections for 18A was $72,843.63.

1987 - 88

The following officers were elected at the third cabinet meeting in Rome, GA on March 28, 1987:

District Governor - Ron Porter (Barbara)
Cabinet Secretary Treasurer - Howard Jones (Pat)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)
Cabinet Advisor - Bob Jamison (Carol)

The cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - John Keeter (Janice)
Jay Benson (Sandra)
Bill Striplin (Edna)
Doyle (Helen)
Wayne O’Neal (Della Marie)
Zone Chairmen - Walter Cobb (Karlene)
Robert Quinn (Anita)
Bob Thomas (Barbara)
Hart Gates (Roberta)
Lynn Carte (Kitty)
Jerry Rucker (Phyllis)
LeBron Carden (Nadine)
Andy Stephens (Ruby)
James Greeson (Virginia)
Sheppard Moore (Sarah)
Tom Collins (Dorothy)

At the International Convention in Taipei Taiwan, the delegates voted to accept females into the Lions Organization. Within two hours after the vote, nine ladies from Arizona were taken into Lionism. Shortly thereafter, three ladies from Dalton joined the Dalton Noon Lions Club.

They were Donna Townsend, Sylvia Summers and Katharine Ravenholt.

During 1987-88 the following 18A Lions Clubs celebrated anniversaries: 30 years East Point and Hapeville, 50 years Atlanta Northeast.

The District Convention was held on March 19, 1988 in Dalton, GA. The offices for the 1988 - 89 year were elected at this time. The keynote speaker for this convention was International Director, Robert Tonjes.

At the cabinet meeting District Governor Ron Porter announced that a $50,000 grant for the Diabetic Retinopathy screening program had been approved by L.C.I.F.

Our first Lt. Governor candidate was nominated by Gary Bullock of the Cobb Country Club. Being no opposition, he was elected.

The 1988 State Convention was hosted by District 18A at the Waverly Hotel on May 13th, 14th, and 15th.

The Miss Georgia Lions Pageant was held in Rome, GA on April 16, 1988, at the Holiday Inn in Rome. The winner was Miss Alexis Colleen Kelly. She was a student at Georgia Tech. She was sponsored by the Marietta Lions Club. She represented District 18A in the State Pageant at the State Convention.

There were 72 senior professional golfers entered in the 1987 Pepsi Senior Challenge.

The Alpharetta Lions presented the Georgia Lions Classic on September 2 1, 1987. This project has raised about $50,000 for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. District 18A donated $133,692.93 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation during the 1987-88 year. $116,640.26 was received for 468 sight cases. District 18A received $2,229.72 for 149 hearing cases. District 18A also donated 206 used hearing aids.

The Summerville Lions Club turned in their charter in June of 1988.

1988 - 89

The following officers were elected for the 1988-89 Lion year at the District Convention at Dalton, GA on March 19, 1988:

District Governor - Harold Hobbs (B. J.)
Lieutenant Governor - Jay Benson (Sandra)
Cabinet Secretary Treasurer - Hubert Hobbs (Clara)
District Librarian - Stan Kelley (Emily)
Cabinet Advisor - Ron Porter (Barbara)

The cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Phil Nason (Doris)
Hart Gates (Roberta)
Ken Fuller (Carol)
Haynes Townsend (Donna)
Tom Collins (Dorothy)
Zone Chairmen - Paul Phipps (Margaret)
Cecil Pinkerton (Elizabeth)
Jon Rowland (Elise)
Ray Moore (Elizabeth)
Dan Forsyth (Maria)
Lovie Davis, Jr. (Nancy)
Doyal Lewis (Velma)
Ira Dietz (Lois)
Sam Sitton
Charles Andrews (Mordi)
Robert Parks (Mary)

The NE Cobb Lioness Club was dropped as per their request and the Atlanta Lioness Club was dropped as per their request in July 1988. The year started with 48 Lions Clubs and 7 Lioness Clubs.

The following clubs celebrated anniversaries during the 1988-89 Lion year: 25 years Northeast Cobb, 30 years Dallas, 50 years Ball Ground, Jasper and Trion.

The District Convention was held in Smyrna, GA at the NW Hilton Hotel on March 11, 1989. The International speaker for this convention was International Director James Cameron of Urbane, Indiana. A banquet was held in his honor at Dobbins Air Force Base on the eve of the convention. The third cabinet meeting was held the following day. At this time, the district officers for the 1989-90 Lion year were elected.

The Miss Georgia Pageant was held at the Amuchee High School in Rome, GA on November 5, 1988. The winner of this pageant was Lora Scogin representing the Marietta Lions Club.

During the 88-89 Lion year we lost 20 Lions due to death. These Lions will be greatly missed. The Hapeville Lioness Club lost three dedicated Lionesses due to death.

$267,000 was reported on the club M&A reports as being donated to local, state and international charities during the 1988-89 year.

The State Convention was held in Albany, GA on May 12 - 14, 1989. The International Speaker for the District Governors Banquet was International Director Earnes Tizek of Tuscan AZ.

During 1988-89 the Lions of District 18A donated $136,426 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. In turn, we received $114,351.87 for sight services. This was for 440 patients. 18A also received $2,834.32 for 118 hearing cases.

District Governor Harold Hobbs received the award for best overall support of the Lighthouse during his term.

Lion Hobbs led his District in bringing in $136,426 to the Lighthouse. This was more than any other district. Also, 18A had the highest white cane day donation - 451,982. Governor Hobbs was instrumental in getting a state Lions newsletter in the hands of over 9,500 Lions Club members in 1988-89.

District 18A ended the year with Lions clubs and 6 Lioness Clubs.

Lion Ken Fuller LCIF chairman reported that over $25,000 had been donated to LCIF over the last year.

Leader Dog donations for the 1988-89 year were $8,809.

1989 - 90

At the district convention in Smyrna, GA on March 11, 1989 the following officers were elected for the 1989-90 year:

District Governor - Hart Gates (Roberta)
Lieutenant Governor - Wayne O’Neal (Della Marie)
Cabinet Secretary - Roberta Gates (Hart)
Cabinet Treasurer - William Dodd III (Lucy)
District Librarian - Hanes Townsend (Donna)
Cabinet Advisor - Harold Hobbs (BJ)

The cabinet officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Cecil Pinkerton (Elizabeth)
Ray Moore (Elizabeth)
Bobby Eason (Peggy)
J. D. Woodward (Sara)
Sam Sitton Jr.
Zone Chairmen - Fred Van Patten
Ted Messervy (Jean)
Rusty Durham (Donna)
Rick Reader (Dee)
Sharlene Frost (Mikel)
Clyde McArthur (Vickie)
Ron Tacker
Howard German (Barbara)
William Wilson (Billie)
K. W. Gong (Shirley)
William Wigington (Betty)

District 18A started the year with 48 Lions Clubs and 7 Lioness Clubs. The following clubs celebrated anniversaries this year: 25 years Douglasville, Tunnel Hill, and West Cobb; 30 years Henry Grady Lions. The Atlanta Lions Club celebrated its 60th anniversary. It was the fist Lions Club in the southeast, founded on December 17, 1920. This was just a little over three years after the founding of Lionism. The Atlanta Club held its first meeting on March 1, 1921 in order to have Melvin Jones as a guest. Practically all of the 117 members were present, and Thomas Hardwick, Governor of Georgia, was the speaker. The meeting was climaxed with the presentation of the charter by Melvin Jones, himself.

The District Convention was held in Cartersville, GA on March 10, 1990. The District officers for the 1990 - 91 year were elected at this time. The speaker for the occasion was immediate past president of Lions International, Austin Jennings, of Woodbury, TN.

The Miss Georgia Lions pageant was held at Dalton High School in Dalton, GA on October 28, 1989. The winner was Melissa Hope Griffin representing Dalton Lions Club.

It is with report that 28 Lions passed away during the year.

The State Convention was held in Columbus, GA on May 18 - 20, 1990, at the Iron Works Convention Center. The International speaker was Gil Constantini, Intemational director from Markham, Ontario, Canada.

During the 89-90 year the Lions of district 18A donated $120,2 12.16 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. In return we received $154,038.48 in sight services, and on hearing service we received $5,450.14.

District 18A had the highest per capita regular club contribution in the state ($31.34 per member), and had the highest per capita increase in regular club contributions over the previous ear (increase of $4.57 per member).

The Lions of District 18A ended the 80’s with the following clubs:

Adairsville Chatsworth Lafayette Trion
Alpharetta Chattanooga Valley Lakeview - Ft. Oglethorpe Tunnell Hill
Atlanta Chickamauga McCoysville West Cobb
Atlanta Buckhead Cobb County Menlo Woodstock
Atlanta Henry Grady Dade County Mountain View
Atlanta Korean Dallas Northeast Cobb Lioness Clubs
Atlanta Northeast Dalton Rising Fawn - Lookout Mountain
Austell Rome Dalton Noon Rockmart Austell
Ball Ground Douglasville Rock Springs Ellijay
Boynton East Marietta Rossville Hapeville
Calhoun East Point Roswell Henry Grady
Canton Ellijay Sandy Springs Jasper
Cartersville Hapeville Smyrna Smyrna
Cedartown Jasper South Cobb

District 18-B

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

Council Secretary
District Governor 18-B
Waycross Okefenokee

Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-B
Waycross Okefenokee

District Governor, 18-B
Council Secretary
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-B
Council Vice-Chairman
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council Chairman
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-B
Council Treasurer
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council Treasurer
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-B
Council Treasurer
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council Secretary
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-B
Council Vice Chairman 
District 18-B
Cabinet Secretary
District Governor, 18-B
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-8
Cabinet Secretary
1988-89 1989-90

District 18B
1980 - 81

The District Governor for District 18B was T. G. Cosby. W. L. "Bill" Barber was Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Important dates for the 1980-81 Lion year were: August 3, 1980 - District Cabinet Meeting, 3 P.M. Jesup High School, Jesup, Georgia. 
October 5, 1980-Lighthouse Meeting, 10 A.M. Ramada Inn, I-475 & U.S. 80, Macon, Georgia. 
October 8, 1980-World Service Day. 
October 17, 18,19,1980 USA Lions Forum "80," St. Louis, Missouri. 
November 1,1980 -District Cabinet Meeting, 2 P.M. Holiday Inn, Jekyll Island, Georgia. 
District Peach Bowl Princess Pageant 7:00 P.M., Aquarama Jekyll Island Georgia. 
January 2,198l Peach Bowl Football Game, Atlanta, Georgia. 
February 15, 1981 - Lighthouse Meeting, 10 a.m. Ramada Inn, I-475 & US 80, Macon, Georgia. 
February 21, 1981 - District Cabinet Meeting and Convention 1:30 p.m. Bradwell Institute, Hinesville, GA. 
April 3,198l White Cane Day. May 3,1981 - District Cabinet Meeting, 3 p.m. Jesup High School, Jesup GA. 4:00 p.m. Incoming Officers School. 
May 15 - 17 - State Convention, Macon, GA. 
June 17 - 20 International Convention, Phoenix, AZ

As of March 1981, District 18B had contributed $586.00 to the Lighthouse Foundation.


Forcial A. Hilton was District Governor and Richard Vaughn was Cabinet Secretary.


W. L. "Bill" Barber was District Governor and Lewayne Dalton was Cabinet Secretary.

Important dates for the 1982-83 Lion year were:

July 1982

1-3-International Convention, Atlanta, GA
10-1l-Leader Dogs for the Blind, Rochester Mich
18-Cabinet Organizational Meeting Jesup, GA

August 1982

l-District Cabinet Meeting, 3 p.m. Jesup, Ga
9-Brantley County Club, 12 noon
9-Woodbine Club, 7:30 p.m.
12-Blackshear Club, 6:30 p.m.
14-Council of Governors Meeting, Augusta
17-Claxton Club, 7:30 p.m.
23-Lyons Club, 12 noon
23-Vidalia, 6:30 p.m.
24-Jesup Club, 6:45 p.m.
26-Montgomery County Club, p.m.

September 1982

2-Golden Isles, 7:30 p.m.
7-Bulloch County, 7:30 p.m.
9--Long County, Ludowici, 7:30 p.m.
13-Alma, 7p.m.
14-Kingsland, p.m.
16-Odum, 7:30 p.m.
20-McRae, 12 noon
20-Milan, 7:30 p.m.
24-26-US Forum "83", Louisville, Ky.
27-Brunswick, 1 p.m.
27-Darien, 7 p.m.
28-Bloomingdale, 7:30 p.m.

October 1982

4-Baxley, 7 p.m.
5-Waycross, 1 p.m.
7 -Savannah, 1 p.m.
7-Port Wentworth, 7:30 p.m.
1 l-Jacksonville, 7:30 p.m.
12-Screven, p.m.
16-Council of Governors Meeting, Macon
I7-Lighthouse Meeting, Macon
19-Douglas, 12:30 p.m.
19-Hazlehurst, 7 p.m.
23-District Cabinet Meeting, Jekyll Island, 2 p.m.
23 - Peach Bowl Princess Pageant, 7 p.m., Acquarama, Jekyll Island
27-Richmond Hill, 7:30 p.m.

The Goals for District 18B were as follows:

1. To serve our community in Lionism in such a way as to make our motto "We Serve" have a renewed meaning and to bring deserved credit and recognition to our Lions Club and International Association of Lions Clubs with frequent use of local news media releases.

2. To attain an average attendance in each club of 75%.

3 To again have an outstanding Peach Bowl Pageant that all clubs will attend and support.

4. For each club to sell a minimum of $100.00 in ads for the Peach Bowl Pageant Magazine.

5. To have each club schedule at least six of the following list of programs:

Lions Lighthouse Hearing Conservation
Leader Dog                 Peach Bowl
Camp for Blind            LCIF-CITE
Eye Donor Program
Membership Development and Retention
Leo Clubs
Youth Exchange
Lioness Clubs

6. To have each club represented by an Associate Director at the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Meetings in October and February and during the State Convention.

7. For each club to visit the Camp for the Blind at least once during the coming year.

8. To increase District Membership of the existing clubs at least 10% with quality Lions.

9. For all clubs to be represented at the following: a) All Zone Meetings b) All Cabinet Meetings c) Peach Bowl Pageant d) District Convention e) State Convention

10. To sponsor and continue to assist, if needed, at least one new Lions Club in the District.

11. To organize two new Leo Clubs.

12. To organize two new Lioness Clubs.

13. To have as many members as possible to attend the International Convention in Hawaii.

14. For each club to have at least one inner-club visitation.

15. To donate a minimum of $10 per member in money, material, or service to the Georgia Camp for the Blind.

16. To donate a minimum of $10 per member to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.

17. To donate a minimum of $3 per member to each of following: a) LCIF; b) CITE; c) Leader Dog.

18. To secure a total number of eye donors equal to 3 times the District membership as of August 1, 1982.

19. For all clubs to support the Peach Bowl with 100% Peach Bowl Memberships.

20. To sell a minimum of 1000 Peach Bowl Football Tickets

2 1. To continue an effective used eye glass collection program.

22. To collect a minimum of 100 used hearing aids.

23. To have each club participate in each of the following: a) October Membership Drive b) World Service Day c) White Cane Day

24. Send tear sheets to the District Librarian on a minimum of two major service activities.

1983 - 84

At its District Convention in February 1983, District 18B elected Thomas B. Williams of the Savannah Lions Club to the position of District Governor. On July 1,1983, the District was comprised of 50 clubs with one on status quo to be dropped early in the Lions’ year, leaving 49 clubs with 1,642 members.

Governor Williams selected the following District officers:

Region 1 - D.D.G. - Edwin W. Silas; Zone 1 Chairman - John P. Hanbury (later to become District Governor); Zone 2 Chairman - Ernest Grizzard.

Region 2 - D.D.G. - Elbert E. Alberson; Zone 1 Chairman - Harold McNure; Zone 2 Chairman - Price Chapman, Jr.

Region 3 - D.D.G. -James A. Arblaster; Zone 1 Chairman - F. Wade Odum; Zone 2 Chairman - James O. Ray (later to become District Governor)

Region4 - D.D.G. - Claude D. Roberson; Zone 1 Chairman - Robert P. Walzak, Zone 2 Chairman - Douglas Morgan

Also selected was Gus J. Pappas of his home club as Secretary-Treasurer and P.D.G. W. L. "Bill" Barber as Cabinet Advisor.

The honors bestowed on the above were as follows: all 4 D.D.G were 100%; 5 of the 8 Zone Chairmen were 100% - John P. Hanbury, Harold McNure, F. Wade Odum, James 0. Ray, and Douglas Morgan. There were 14 100% presidents, 10 100% secretaries, and 2 100% treasurers.

The 49 clubs in the district contributed to their charities $114,38 1.25. Of this total, funds were distributed as follows: $30,873.69 - Local eyeglasses; $21,846.90 - Camp for the Blind; $17,337.65 - Georgia Lions Lighthouse (including $6,675.15 White Cane Day); $5,243.00 - Leader Dogs for the Blind; $1,490.00 - LCIF; $6,716.00 - CITE; $30,874.01 was donated to local projects. The clubs had an average attendance of 73% for the year.

Though the first four months on Governor Williams’ year was lost due to his having a heart attack, he made the last eight months count for Lionism. Three new clubs were chartered with 86 new Lions. There was a net gain of two members in the existing clubs for a total gain of 88, bringing the District total to 1,730 members - the first gain for District 18B in five years. For this, Governor Williams received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation for a 15% reduction in membership losses for 1983-84. He was 100% District Governor and received the International President’s Commendation Award for exceeding goals set for the 1983-84 governors. He was later presented the International President’s Award for Outstanding Service to Lionism. Governor Williams served as Council Chairman, and including his club visits, he attended 110 Lion functions and traveled 20,037 miles.

Governor Williams later served three years as vice president and two years as president of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc.

1984 - 85

District Governor - Kimball A. Warnock, Sr.
Cabinet Secretary - Lynn D. Oxford

No other information was available.

1985 - 86

District Governor - James O. Ray
Cabinet Secretary - Robert Hendricks

No other information was available.

1986 - 87

District Governor - Larry G. Taylor
Cabinet Secretary - James "Chip" Beal

No other information was available.

1987 - 88

District Governor - Lonnie V. Roberts
Cabinet Secretary - Richard B. Vaughn

No other information was available.

1988 - 89

District Governor - J. P. "Jack" Hanbury

The following list of officers and chairpersons supported this term and made it possible to achieve District goals:

Inman Davis - Lt. Governor, Jon Lichner - Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, Lonnie Roberts, PDG - Cabinet Advisor

Duty District Governors and Zone Chairmen:

Paul Ganem - Region 1 l00%, Welby Stayton - Zone 1 l00%, Frank Stokham - Zone 2 100%; Horace Shewmaker - Region 2 l00%, Brad Brisard - Zone 1 l00%, Riley Martin - Zone 2 100%; Billy Newton - Region 3 100%, Arch Lobrovich - Zone 1 100 %, Roger Nye - Zone 2 100%; James Dickerson - Region 4 1 00%, Terry Hughes - Zone 1, Robert Setser - Zone 2


(This was the first year that Lady Lions chaired committees and served as directors.)

Tom Williams PDG - Lighthouse Vice President; Larry Taylor PDG - Camp for the Blind Vice President; Harvey Jones -District Steering Committee; Lonnie Roberts PDG - Constitution and By-Laws Committee; Jon Lichner - District Credential; Richard Vaughn - District Credentials Member; Tom Williams PDG - Club Extension; Preston Edwards PDG - District Librarian; Steve Bellmoff - Sergeant-at-Arms; Jackie Ricks - District Breakfast; R. C. Cunningham -Nominations and Elections; Jon Lichner - Nominations and Elections Member; Lonnie Roberts PDG - Honorary Committee; Chris Barbieri PDG - Tail Twister; Bill Gassaway PDG - Membership Development; Frank Stokham - Assistant Tail Twister; Billy Newton - Song Leader; Jerry Ney PDG - Leadership and Development; Charles Overstreet PDG - Public Relations; Bill Gassaway PDG - Long Range Planning; Jackie Ricks - Youth Exchange; Forcial Hill PDG - State Awards; Bill Barber PDG - Outstanding Blind Award; Claude Roberson - State Uniforms; Edwin Cook PDG - Outstanding Deaf Award; Kim Warnock PDG - International Candidate Committee; Chris Barbieri PDG - International Convention; Jack Allagood - LCIF; Larry Winters PDG -Leader Dog; Pat Pignataro - Used Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids; T. G. Crosby PDG - White Cane Sale; Jon Lichner - Eye Donor; Kim Warnock PDG - Eye Bank; Bill Barber PDG - Sight Conservation/C.O.R.N.E.A.; Pat Pignataro - Princess Pageant; Jimmy Wilcox - Lions Quest; Larry Taylor PDG - Rules Committee; Vance McSwain - District Pin/State Pin Committee; Bill Barber PDG - Resolutions Committee; Forcial Hilton PDG - State Convention; Dot Henderson - Lighthouse Director; Steve Bellmoff - Lighthouse Director

District 18B was made up of fifty clubs with Savannah Hostess City Lions being our first all Ladies Lions Club. All clubs were visited and records reported to Lions International. Twenty-five clubs showed membership growth. The Lions Quest program, being sponsored by thirteen clubs in their local schools, was a big step for Lions servicing the communities.

Governor’s Goals for the 88-89 year:

"I would like to serve the Association loyally, faithfully and diligently, complying with the constitution and bylaws. I would make all the required efforts and deadlines to International Lions to inform them of all changes within my district. I would visit all clubs, cabinet meetings, district functions as requested and report any problems and assist any club when needed. The objective is to grow membership and bring Lionism to everyone in the community while serving the Sight Impaired Programs our Association supports. In addition to this, 1 would like to complete all the requirements for 100% District Governor Award as per the International Lions guidelines.

I also want to personally continue the outstanding job Lonnie Roberts has done and keep a positive upbeat within the district and state. The district programs were working together and the majority of the clubs are on the upswing with more joining on."

Top Accomplishments During the Term:

Being able to attend Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind in Waycross, GA, Lions Leader Dogs in Rochester, Michigan; International Lions Convention in Denver; Georgia Lions Eye Bank and Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. This laid a very good base to promote Lionism.

Having the International Peace Poster Contest entry, from Kingsland Lion Club, be the state winner.

The printing and editing of the monthly District 18B Governor’s Newsletter for all clubs and officers.

Having one of the best District Princess Pageants which showed a profit of $1,276.03. This was a first for a new location Hartly Auditorium, Jekyll Island and a new chairman. It was shown on local TV with scholarships given to first, second, third, and fourth place winners. Regina Lynn Thrift sponsored by Waycross Lions was District 18B Princess. .

With Jackie Ricks, First Lady Lion to chair the Youth Exchange Program. She was able to arrange the exchange for Sandra Christmann from Germany to stay with a host family in Savannah.

On Christmas I was able to play Santa Claus for the Savannah Lions Children Christmas Party for the under privileged.

William L. Woolard First Vice President accepted the invitation to speak at our District Cabinet meeting February 25, 1990. Becoming ill, Mr. Woolard was unable to attend, but International Director Freddie A. Joyce from Arkansas stood in for him and did a very fine job. With the printing of the first "Lions of Georgia" newspaper, I managed to have something on all of 18B’s Lions in print.

1989 - 90

The leader, District Governor Inman Davis, came to the office after having served as the District’s first Lt. Governor. His dynamic leadership was evidenced by recognition of many clubs and individual Lions in 18B during the year. He received the 1007 District Governor’s Award from Lions International.

The year ended with a membership of 1175 which represented a 4% net increase over the preceding year A new club consisting of 54 members was chartered in Alma, Georgia. This, the Queen City Lions Club, composed of women only, chose Lion Sybil1 Lee as their Charter President. The following ten clubs (listed by scoring) won the district Governor’s achievement contest during 1989-90.

1. Baxley Lions Club
2. Savannah Hostess City Lions Club
3. Statesboro Lions Club
4. Savannah Chatham South Lions Club
5. Brunswick Lions Club
6. Savannah Lions Club
7. Hinesville Lions Club
8. Golden Isles Lions Club
9. Waycross Lions Club
10. Alma Lions Club

Each of these clubs received a beautiful plaque at the State Convention in Columbus, GA May 25, 1990. Of the many outstanding Lions in the district, 10 received Honor and Recognition from Lions International during the year. Listed via protocol, they are:

PDG Lonnie Roberts, Chairman Council of Governors - Special Commendation for Leadership

PDG Thomas Williams - commendation for Leadership (5th) Extension Award

Lion Inman Davis - 100 Percent District Governor

PDG William Gassaway - commendation for Leadership as Chairman of Membership Development Committee

PDG Larry Winters - Leadership Certificate for work with Leader Dog program - state wide

Reg. Chm. James Dickerson - commendation for Service and Leadership as District Convention Chairman

Past Cabinet Secretary Richard Vaughn - Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Past Reg. Chm. and LCIF Chm. Jack Allgood - Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Past Reg. Chairman and District Song Leader William "Billy" Newton - Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Lion (DR.) Jose Castro - Guiding Lion for newly chartered Queen City Lions Club - Certificate of Recognition and Appreciation

Over 100 Lions were recognized and appropriately honored by District 18B at the State Convention for creditable service and/or superior achievement in leadership. Thirty-five percent of the clubs had 100 percent Presidents. Fifty-five percent had 100 percent Secretaries and/ or Treasurers. Ninety-eight percent of the Executive Committee members were 100 percent honor recipients.

Working from a projected annual budget of twenty-eight thousand, two hundred twenty-three dollars for the District, an abundance of high quality services were provided. Notwithstanding the same dues structure, the $5400 ending balance was 20 percent greater than the ending balance the preceding year.

District 18B continued their long-standing support of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation during 1989-90 with contributions totaling more than $43,597 from the clubs during the year.

The Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind owes much of its success to the Lions in District 18B. Excluding in kind services, the clubs in 18B contributed $30,370.98 to the camp during 1989-90. More than $204,373 has been provided by 18B clubs during the past six years. The following clubs deserve special recognition during this six year period:

Savannah Lions Club - $20,322.80
Waycross Okefenokee Lions Club - $17,907.60
Baxley Lions Club - $13,977.00
Jekyll Island Lions Club - $13,766.10

Fourteen blind persons in District 18B have received a Leader Dog over the past ten years. Four of these are in Statesboro, Georgia. Three of the fourteen have received a second dog. A comparable interest in funding has been demonstrated by the clubs in District 18B.

Meritorious Programs and Events

Item 1 - Miss Deanna Rose Harper from Brunswick was winner of the District 18B Beauty Pageant

Item 2 - International Director Gil Quintal made an official visit to Brunswick for the District 18B convention

Item 3 - Annual program to recognize and honor select high school students in Waycross and Ware County

Item 4 - Special awards banquet to recognize Okefenokee Lions Club members with twenty or more years of continuous service

Item 5 - Davis served as District Convention Chairman, honored by International Director Howard Erickson and District Governor Lonnie Roberts

Item 6 - Davis inducts first ladies in (male and female) club in state - Bellville Lions Club, and Davis installs first lady as president of a male and female club - Bellville Lions Club - in state.

District 18-C

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

Council State
Convention Chairman
District Governor 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-C
Bainbridge (Noon)
District Governor, 18-C
Council Treasurer
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-C 
Council Chairman 
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council Treasurer
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-C
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-C
Council Secretary
District 18-C
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1988-89 1989-90

District 18C
1980 - 81

Don Sickman - District Governor
C. B. "Cotton" Hester - Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer

District 18C participated to a large extent in the Youth Exchange Program by hosting six youths from Japan. Several Lions families acted as hosts under the chairmanship of Lion Jack Dean from the Albany Club. Letters of appreciation were sent to each host family by the District Governor to express to each host family the gratitude felt for their part in this great program.

The annual Peach Bowl Princess Contest was held in October at the Downtowner Motel in Albany, GA with the largest number of contestants in our District’s history. Twenty-two girls from all over the district participated in the pageant. We also, for the first time, had Lions Clubs sponsor more than one girl from one town. Lioness Clubs were active in sponsorship and in the ad sales. The winner was Joan Chapman, sponsored by the Albany Lions Club.

The Peach Bowl Game was a success with District 18C participation on membership and ticket sales. The District Governor was honored by selection on the Peach Bowl Committee through the efforts of Lion Carroll Cook, Thomasville Club as the Peach Bowl Committee Chairman.

The Care Committee Chairman, Lion B. I. Thornton brought before the Cabinet, the goal for care for their approval and sanction. The Cabinet voted to build a school in Peru at a cost of $1752.00 and through the efforts of Lion B. I. Thornton and the Lions of District 18C, our goal was met; thus, our Care Project was a success.

Lighthouse Chairman, Lion Jack Cromer, Cordele set as our goal 100% participation in contributions to the Lighthouse. Lion Jack Cromer passed away during this year; however, he had laid the groundwork for another successful year with our Lighthouse project. Lion Jack Wolffe, Bainbridge, was appointed as Vice-President to the Lighthouse to fulfill the unexpired term of Lion Jack Cromer and was elected as Vice-President to the Lighthouse for 1981-82.

Lions Club International Foundation - Immediate Past District Governor George Erwin, Jr., Americus served as chairman and set as our goal $1000.00 to be presented as a "Melvin Jones Fellowship" in honor of Lion Jack Cromer. The $1000.00 goal was reached and we obtained our "Melvin Jones Fellowship" through the dedication of Lion George Erwin and the Lions of District 18-C.

Leader Dog - Lion Gary Cullens, Thomasville, serving as the chairman and attending the school in Michigan traveled throughout the District presenting programs and promoting the Leader Dog Project. Lion Gary has a library of films and information for use at the club level for promotion.

Eye Bank - Chairman Jack Wolffe, Bainbridge, attended meetings at the eye bank and secured funds, eye donors and support for our eye banks at Emory and Augusta, while in the later part of the year he also served as Lighthouse Chairman.

White Cane Project - Lion Jack Fore, Leesburg, Chairman challenged each club to use this project as a vehicle to assist the Lighthouse. Several clubs in the District participated in this project and turned those funds over to the Lighthouse.

Camp for the Blind - Lion Ivey Plain Chairman, reported to the Cabinet the needs of the Camp early in the year. The District responded by both monetary contribution and labor. The Camp for the Blind continues to be a vital part of our total sight conservation program.

Hearing Conservation - Lion I. E. "Rocky" McCall, Moultrie, Chairman - Although hearing conservation is a relatively new concept to this District, we have obtained several hearing aids to be repaired, catalogued and reissued through the Lighthouse. This is a growing part of our total program.

Lioness Clubs - Under the chairmanship of Lion Ivey Plair, Valdosta, our Lioness program continues to grow and become a vital part of Lionism in District 18C. Lioness Clyde Plair was appointed to the Cabinet as a Lioness representative and is the primary link between these two. We held our Second Annual Lioness Convention on February 28, 1991 at the Merry Acres Motel in Albany with successful participation. The eighth Lioness Club in the District was chartered on May 2, 1981 in Abbeville with 21 members. The Abbeville Lions Club was the sponsor.

Project CITE - A new project for the State Lions was introduced to the State Council early in the year and has as its three year goal to raise $1 ,l 00,000.00 to help finance a new facility for our eye bank at Emory University. The Council endorsed the project; however, set as our goal in 1980 - 81 to promote this project not as a commitment of dollars, but to educate the Lions of Georgia as to its purpose and "spread the word."

Lion Jack Morrison, Valdosta, Lions Information Chairman, was appointed to get this information out to the clubs and act as communication link between the State and District. Lion Jack Morrison did a fantastic job of communicating to the clubs and as a result obtained a financial commitments from the Camilla Lions Club, which was the first, and the Cordele Lions Club.

Membership drives brought in approximately 150 Lions in our District, but our net gain is in the minus. Membership and Extension is set as a number one priority for the coming year.

District Convention was held March 21, 1981 in Bainbridge, GA. New officers elected were as follows:

District Governor - Sinclair Shingler; Vice-President to the Lighthouse - Jake Wolffe; Vice-President to the Camp for the Blind -Joe Cox; and District Historian - E. W. Rhoden

The State Convention was held in Macon, GA May 15 17, 1981 at the Best Western Motel. The following individuals and clubs received awards:

Lion of the Year - Gary Cullens, Thomasville
Outstanding Dep. Dist. Gov. - Raymond Sutton, Valdosta
Outstanding Zone Chairman - Frank Scharf, Camilla
Best Bulletin (Weekly) - Jack Comer - Cordele
Best Bulletin (Semi-MO. or Monthly) - Jake Wolffe, Bainbridge
Outstanding Secretary - R. Loyd Deaver Jr., Americus
Outstanding Tailtwister - Karl Kelley, Camilla
Outstanding Club Promoting Eye Bank - Americus
Outstanding Club Promoting Camp for Blind - Fitzgerald
Club Efficiency - Americus
Most New Members - Pulaski
Highest Average Attendance (Weekly) - Cordele
Outstanding Lioness Club - Americus
Best All Around Club - Camilla
The Outstanding Club (Comer Cup) - Americus


District Governor - Sinclair Shingler, III
Cabinet Secretary - Treasurer - Leon A. Barnes

All clubs remained intact during the year, and we added a new club at Lake Francis, below Valdosta, Georgia. A new Leo club was formed by the Pulaski Lions Club of Hawkinsville, and three new Lioness clubs were formed by Ivey and Clyde Plair of Valdosta.

All official visits were completed and all District, State, and International meetings were attended.

Dr. Jack Do Bush of Alberta, Canada was the speaker at our District Assembly here in Donalsonville in March of 1982.

Ivey Plair and B. I. Thornton, Past District Governors, received the International Awards and were presented the same by Kay Murakami at the Georgia Breakfast.

1982 - 83

District Governor - C. B. "Cotton" Hester
Cabinet Secretary - Lynford Cook

No further information available.

1983 - 84

District Governor - John Childree
Cabinet Secretary - William "Bill" Dorough

No further information available.

1984 - 85

District Governor - Dave O’Scott
Cabinet Secretary - W.A. "Bud" Hurt

No further information available.

1985 -86

District Governor - Walter Sealy
Cabinet Secretary - Robert H. "Bob" Jones

District Governor Sealy visited the Leader Dog School and the Georgia Eye Bank, as well as the Quest Seminar in Macon.

The Bainbridge Evening Club returned to full status. A new club was chartered in Ocklochnee.

100% Zone Chairmen included Weathersby, Dickey, McNatt, Stansell, and Williamson

100% Deputy District Governors were all from last year.

District Convention was held on March 29 at the Albany American Legion. The speaker was International Sec. Vice Pres. Judge Brian Stevenson who spoke on "Growth and Quality of Membership in Lions Members Worldwide."

As of the March 29 meeting, the following sums had been contributed to the various charities:

Lighthouse                                            $ 3,910.00
Lions Camp for the Blind                     $15,860.00
CITE                                                    $ 7,255.18
LCIF                                                    $ 5,018.00
Leader Dog                                          $ 4,144.00
White Cane                                          $ 1,050.00

Five hearing aids and over 1000 pairs of eyeglasses were donated.,

Important dates announced included:
White Cane Week - April 7 - 12.
Council of Governors Meeting, Macon - April 12
Lighthouse Seminar for Dist. Governors Elect, New Directors and Trusties - April 19 -20
Deadline for the PU 101’s in to International - April
Lions Journey for Sight - May 3-4
State Convention in Macon - May 23-25
International Convention in New Orleans - July 9-12
USA-Canada Forum, Calgary, Canada - Sept. 19-21

Tragically at the end of the March 29 banquet, Deputy District Governor Ed Dickey was stricken with a heart attack and died. This extremely dedicated and much loved Lion will be missed by all who knew him. He will always remain an example of what a Lion can be and what Lionism means.


District Governor - James E. Ervin
Cabinet Secretary - David R. Underwood

No further information available.


District Governor - Meredith Y. Kelly
Cabinet Secretary - Jimmy E. Black

. 1988-89

District Governor - Lamar Cromer
Cabinet Secretary - Steve Rentfrow


District Governor - Jimmy Black
Cabinet Secretary - Troy Pullin

District 18-D

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

Council Vice-Chairman
District Governor 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-D
District Governor, 18-D
Council Chairman
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-D
Council Treasurer
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-D 
Council Secretary 
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-D
Council Chairman
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-D
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-D
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-D
Cabinet Sac.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-D 
Council Vice Chairman 
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-D
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-D
Council Treasurer
District 18-D
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1988-89 1989-90


Preface and Acknowledgments

In the development of a historical overview it is imperative that the material be drawn from a repository of accurate and pertinent factual information. One valuable resource is the Membership and Activities report that is filed monthly by the Cabinet Secretary. Another is the District Governor Bulletin that communicates current activities and promotional items of interest. The District Librarian is indebted to these two district officers for their diligence and attention to detail, thereby assuring that the activities of District 18D could be recorded for future generations of Lions.

In recognition of the foregoing, appreciation is extended to the following:

District Governor
Cabinet Secretary
Donald R. Hardigree Tommy Lee
W. Myers Banister Bud Parker
Conny H. Shirley Byard Roper, Jr.
Millard F. Havener Donald L. Hix
Bob G. Pinson Lincoln M. Hicks
Dr. William D. Bellamy  William E. Mundy
Loyd C. Prewett Michael Higgins
George W. Blackburn  Lewis deJarnette
Thois Masters Alfred Wright
C. L. Wilson Dwight Oliver


During the decade of the eighties the Lions of District 18D distinguish themselves in their diligent pursuit of the cause of Lionism. Those positions of leadership inspired confidence and generated a degree enthusiasm that led to levels of accomplishment only dreamed of in the past.

Humanitarian service is a powerful motivator. The range of human need from providing sight services to meeting the needs of the victims

Hurricane Hugo - were responded to with the open hearts and willing hands of the Lions of District 18D. These efforts are the ones that make headlines. However, it is well to remember and to record in the history of our District the many local needs that were met by the Lions clubs in their local, communities - the eye examinations and eyeglasses that were provided for the less fortunate, the hearing molds and audiograms that were paid for, to World Service Day projects that were carried out, the senior citizen activities that were provided, the youth groups and activities that were sponsored -these and others too numerous to mention are testimony to the fact that as Lions we are serious about our motto "We Serve."

The attention of the reader is directed to the appendices that are a part of this history. It is worthy of note that during W's ten year period contributions to the five causes showed a dramatic increase. Particular attention is called to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse ten year contribution total - a figure that exceeded one million dollars. This figure is greatly increased from a service point of view when professional donated services are added to it. Then, note the total contributions for the five service program areas - $1,503,909.44. These figures leave little doubt that the Lions of District 18D are committed to the improvement of the quality of life for those hundreds of citizens that have been helped when they could not help themselves.

One might ask "Where do we go from here?" A review of the trend in membership indicates that attention must be given to increasing the number of Lions in our District and improving our record of retention. In and of themselves, numbers are not the most important concern. Rather it is the potential for good that increased membership will make possible. The equation is simple-more members plus increased project activity equals greater resources to use in the service of mankind. The challenge that each Lion should accept is to recruit a new member each year. The more hands that we have working the greater our potential for good.

In her address to an early Lions International Convention, Helen Keller challenged the Lions to be Knights of the Blind." This District 18D has done. We have seized the opportunity to serve, we have increased the number of people assisted, but we cannot rest on our laurels- If history is a window to the past then it must, for the Lions of District 18D, become the door to opportunity during the decade of the nineties.

1980 - 90


On Sunday, March 16, 1980 Lion Donald Hardigree was elected District Governor. This was the first time in 20 years that a member of the Winder Lions Club had been elected District Governor. The Annual District Convention was held in Dahlonega, Georgia. Hardigree’s first appointment was Tommy Lee of the Winder Lions Club to serve as the Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer. Hardigree had served as a Zone Chairman, Deputy District Governor, Associate Director to the Lions Lighthouse, and, District Membership Chairman.

Serving on the District 18D Cabinet for the year 1980- 81 was Cabinet advisor Dr. John F. Pearce of Dahlonega, District Librarian Hugh Inglis of Athens, and State Historian Eugene Sanders of Decatur. Serving as Deputy District Governors were Johnny Vickery of Royston, Morris Thomas of Forsyth County, Kermit Jeffers of Winterville, Roger Vonland of Dunwoody, and Jim Ragsdale of Lithonia. Serving as Zone Chairmen were Albert Millford of Hartwell, Jimmy Jackson of Elberton, Bud Parker of Town County, Bob Pinson of Gainesville Lanier, Wilson Donehoo of Athens, Lamar Harrison of Monroe, Marion Strickland of North Dekalb, John Fowler of Druid Hills Larry Janney of Lawrenceville, and Larry Todd of Stone Mountain.

The District membership at the beginning of the year was 1,854. The year closed with an increase of 96 members at 1950. The District consisted of 57 Lions Clubs and 9 Lioness Clubs.

The District Lion and Lioness clubs gathered a total 13,049 used eyeglasses North Dekalb Lions Club was recognized as the number one club in the District, Decatur Lions Club number two and the Gainesville Lanier Club number three.

The District received a number of State Awards at the State Convention Athens earned one first place and two second places, Bethesda one first place Cornelia one first place, Druid Hills three first place and five second places Gainesville two first place and four second place, Jefferson one first place Lanier eight first place, North Dekalb four first place, Stone Mountain one second place, and, Union County one first place. Fifty one percent of ail state awards were received by clubs in District 18D.

The top ten clubs in the district were: first place North Dekalb, second place Decatur, third place Lanier, fourth place Athens, fifth place Laurel Ridge, sixth place Gainesville, seventh place Druid Hills, eighth place Towns County, ninth place Union County, and tenth place Cornelia.

District rally awards were won by the Gainesville Club for the large club category of 51 or more members; the Lanier club in the medium category with 26-50 members; and Laurel Ridge in the small club category with 25 members and under. The Lanier club received an award for the greatest net gain in membership and the White Cane contribution award. In the District Scrapbook competition, Lanier and Town County tied for first place; Athens was third place and North Dekalb received honorable mention.

The Dunwoody Lioness Club received first place in the District Governors contest and the Outstanding Service Project award went to Duluth Lioness Club. The District pledged $76,900 to the Georgia Lions Eye Bank at Emory CITE program. Of this amount, $11,260.35 was contributed during the 1980-81 year. With the forwarding of $600.00 to his successor, District Governor Hardigree balanced out the District Administrative fund.


Lion Myers Banister was elected February 22, 1981 at the District 18D convention held in Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, GA to serve as district Governor for the year 198 1-82. He selected Bud Parker to serve as his Secretary-Treasurer and the following who served as Deputy District Governors: Jimmy Johnson, Elberton; Bob Pinson, Gainesville-Lainer; Lamar Harrison, Monroe; Roger Vonland, Dunwoody; and Larry Todd, Stone Mountain.

The District Rally was held at the Holiday Inn, Gainesville, GA. The featured speaker was International Director Beauford W. Robinson of Missouri.

Extension was the major emphasis of the District Governor and under the capable leadership of Lion Ray Cox, Bethseda Club, serving as Extension Chairperson, three new clubs were chartered: Athens West, October 5,1981; Banks County, November 23, 198 1; and Clermont, February 12, 1982.

The District did exceptionally well at the State Awards contests. Of the thirty-five award categories, 18D received twenty-three first place awards and sixteen second place awards. The Outstanding Blind Award went to the entry submitted by the Gainesville Club. Gainesville won first place in the Scrapbook Award with Lanier and Town Counties tying for second place. The number one club in the state was Gainesville, and North Dekalb and Lanier were second and third respectively.


Lion Conny Shirley was elected District Governor on March 7, 1982 at the Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, GA. Lion Byard Roper of the Clarkesville club served as Cabinet Secretary and Lion Hugh Inglis of Athens was District Librarian.

The following Region Officers served with distinction:

Region I Deputy District Governor - Ray Stowe -Martin
Zone 1 Chairman - Clyde Vaughn - Royston
Zone 2 Chairman - Ray Howell - Elberton

Region II Deputy District Governor - Ross Martin - Cornelia
Zone 1 Chairman - Thois Masters - Clayton
Zone 2 Chairman - Melvin Cooper - Gainesville

Region III Deputy District Governor - Howard T. Green, Jr. - Monroe
Zone 1 Chairman - James Lance - Athens
Zone 2 Chairman - Owen Gresham - Winder

Region IV Deputy District Governor - Y. T. Abernathy - North Dekalb
Zone 1 Chairman - Lawrence Pinson - North
Zone 2 Chairman - Rhea Sumpter - Druid Hills

Region V Deputy District Governor - Larry Todd - Stone Mountain
Zone 1 Chairman - James Shore - Norcross
Zone 2 Chairman - Doyle Bell - Northlake

Lion Shirley was sworn in as District Governor at the 65th International Convention in Atlanta, GA. During the Convention, the International family was hosted by Emory University to observe a corneal transplant procedure. Also, the first installment of $300,000.00 was made on a building program at Emory that would house the Georgia Lions Eye Bank Research Center at Emory.

The District Governor orientation to the Leader Dog program at their facility in Rochester, Michigan was an overwhelming experience. Adding to the excitement of the trip was the delay in landing in Atlanta, having circled Stone Mountain five times waiting for a lightning storm to subside.

The special emphasis for the year was diabetes awareness.

A number of club anniversaries were celebrated during the year: Decatur Lions Club, 50 years; Dahlonega Lions Club, 50 years; Toccoa Lion Club, 50 years; and Winder Lions Club, 40 years.

The District Rally and Princess Contest were held at the Holiday Hall in Gainesville. The featured speaker, International Director Bill Schooler of Indiana, eloquently impressed the large audience as he spoke of the work of Lionism and its humanitarian service.

Support for the state Lions projects was excellent. Contributions to the Lighthouse and the Camp were up significantly and represented new highs over previous years.

The year ended with the State Convention, which was held in Augusta. Those attending the International Convention in Hawaii did, however, have more fun.

The accomplishments of the clubs in the district was obvious in the number of awards presented at the State Convention. Twelve clubs placed with 67% of those entering winning awards. Two Lioness Clubs entered with one receiving honorable mention. The tally is as follows:

Gainesville - 10 first places (not including # 1 in state) 4 second places
Lanier - 8 first places (not including # 2 in state) 1 second place
Tallulah Falls - 1 first place
North Dekalb - 5 first places 3 second places
Druid Hills - 2 first places 2 second places
North Decatur - 1 second place
Towns County - 1 honorable mention
Bethseda - 1 first place 1 second place
Athens - 2 second places
White County - 1 first place
Toccoa - 1 second place
Stone Mountain - 1 first place 1 second place
District Governor - 1 first place

District Scrapbook Awards went to the following clubs:
Lanier - First place - 100%
Gainesville - Second place - 99.5%
Towns County - Third place - 92.83%

The Top Ten Lion Club Awards were presented to :

# 1 - Gainesville 
#2 - Decatur Collected 5,000 pr. glasses
# 3 - North Dekalb 
# 4 - Lamer 
# 5 - Athens 
# 6 - Towns County
# 7 - Union County
# 8 - Laurel Ridge
# 9 - Norcross
# 10 - LaVista

The top Lioness Club was North Dekalb followed by the Duluth Lioness Club.

Known for his dedication to Lionism and to his good friend Governor Shirley, Cabinet Secretary Byard Roper was unexpectedly called upon to make official visits and carry out other district governor duties due to a heart attack which took the governor out of service late in the fall for a period of several months.


Lion Millard Havener of the Athens Lions Club was elected District Governor March 6, 1983 at the Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, Georgia.

The first District Cabinet meeting was held July 24, in Athens. Over 200 Lions and Lionesses attended the meeting. Gov. Havener visited the Leader Dog School in Rochester, Michigan and the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind in Waycross, Georgia during July and began his official visits to all Lion and Lioness Clubs in the district. The Towns County Lions Club sponsored the 33rd annual Georgia Mountain Fair in Hiawassee in August with thousands of visitors. On August 15,1983, the Athens Lioness Club was chartered with Lioness Margie Lyness as its president. The club had 18 charter members.

District Governor Havener attended the USA/Canada Forum in Chicago, ILL in September and visited Lions International headquarters in Oak Brook while there. On November 19 the District Peach Bowl Princess contest was held at the Holiday Inn in Gainesville. Miss Karin Elizabeth Pendley of Stone Mountain was selected to represent the district in the 1983 Peach Bowl festivities. Following the Peach Bowl Princess contest, the District Rally was held at Holiday Hall in Gainesville with International Director Murray Ryan from Maryland as the keynote speaker.

The Lamer Lions Club endorsed Lion Bob Pinson as candidate for District Governor for 1984-85. Lions of District 18D hosted the National Swim tryouts for the world Games for the Deaf to be held in Los Angeles in July 1985. On February 26, District 18D convened its convention at Gainesville and elected Lion Bob Pinson as District Governor for 1984-85. Lion David Sargent was elected Vice-President, Georgia Lions Lighthouse; Lion Bill Corey Vice President, Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind and Lion Tommy Lee, District Librarian. Lion Ken Massingale was endorsed for the office of State Historian.

Lions International President Dr. James M. Fowler was guest speaker at a luncheon on March 4,1984.

The Cornelia Lions Club celebrated its 25th anniversary on April 7 throughout the state of Georgia. Georgia Governor Joe Frank Harris proclaimed this day as "White Cane Day" in Georgia. Incoming Officers School was held at Gainesville Junior College on May 5 followed by the fourth District Cabinet Meeting.

Clayton Lions Club celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 3, 1984 at the Ole Clayton Inn and the Clarksville Lions Club celebrated its 50 years of service on June 9. The Norcross Lions Club celebrated 40 years of service on May 4 in Norcross.

The newest Lions Club, South Hall County Lions Club received its charter Friday, March 30 at Fellowship Brown Bridge Free Chapel, Gainesville. Lion Henry Hess was elected Charter President and Lion Jim Reid was elected Charter Secretary.

At the Lions State Convention in Savannah the North Dekalb Lioness Club received the Lioness Club of the year award. The Gainesville Lions Club was named Number One Club in the state. At the convention, District Governor Havener thanked Lion Donald Hix of the Athens Lions Club for serving as his District Cabinet Secretary - Treasurer.

Special recognition went to Lions Howard Miller, Jr. and Chuck Wilson of the White County Lions Club for their efforts in increasing their membership from 31 members in July 1983 to 71 in June 1984. District 18D had a total increase of 142 for this Lions year.


Lion Bob Pinson was elected to serve as District Governor on February 26,1984 at the Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, Georgia. He was a member of the Lanier Club and served as State Council of Governors Chairperson.

The District won the State award for highest percentage of clubs making contributions to the Camp for the Blind which was presented by Lion Joe Cox, President of the Camp for the Blind. Lighthouse awards were presented by T. G. Crosby, President - Elect of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, Inc. Highest per capita contribution of a Lions Club - First Place, Lilburn; Total highest contribution of a Lions Club - First Place, Gainesville Lions Club. International Director, Jake F. Watson of Camden, South Carolina was the guest speaker of the District Rally held at Holiday Hall, Gainesville, Georgia.

There were 270 entries submitted statewide for 37 State Awards. The following clubs in District 18D won state awards at the State Convention Westpoint - Lamer and North Dekalb tied for first place; Laurel Ridge Monroe - Druid Hills second place; Murrah - Lanier first place, Druid Hill second place- Ledford-Cartersville - Athens, Gainesville and Town Count tied for first place; Soperton -Athens, Druid Hills,, Lanier, and Bethesda tied for first place; Savannah - Loganville first place; Albany - Gainesville first place; Elkan District Governors award - Gainesville first place; Hamilton North Dekalb first place, Gainesville second place; Canton - Gainesville first place- Northeast Atlanta Key Award - Bethesda first place, Jack Comer - Hugh Inglis - Athens first place Tucker - Lanier first place; Cordele - Athens first place; Dalton - Winder first place, Snellville second place- Dugal Curri Memorial - Winder first place, Gainesville second place; Druid Hills - Lilburn second place; Moultrie - Gainesville second place; North Dekalb - Lamer first place, Gainesville second place; A F- Rolf Memorial - Snellville second place Carrollton - Lamer first place; Ivan H Jackson Memorial - Bob Pinson, District Governor; Peach Bowl - North Dekalb second place; Dr. R S O’Neal Award Athens first place; Georgia Federation of the Blind - Athens state winner; Carl E. Bergman Memorial - Lanier second place; Stone Mountain Deaf Awareness Award - Athens first place, Gainesville second place; Noel H. HaskiI Memorial - Bob Pinson, District Governor; Lanier - Forsyth County second place; Lioness Scrapbook Award - North Dekalb second place.

1985 - 1986

Lion Dr. William D. Bellamy, Dahlonega Lions Club, was elected to serve as District Governor, 18 - D on March 3, 1985 at the Georgia Mountain Center in Gainesville,  Georgia. This, the third cabinet meeting was hosted by  the South Hall County and Lanier Lions Club.

The District and Region Officers contributed much to the year’s success. Assisting the District governor were Cabinet Secretary - Treasurer, William (Bill) Mundy, Librarian, Michael Higgins, Jr. Cabinet Advisor, Bob Pinson Deputy District Governor’s Howard Whitaker Thois Masters, George Breedlove, Alfred Brunetti, and Lawrence Carlin. The Zone Chairmen worked closely with the clubs and rendered an invaluable service to the District. They were David Little, Ray Howell, Byard Roper, Jack Campbell Donald Hix, Kyle Bryant, Ray Rowell, Charles Tarras, Bruce Maney, A. Albert Wollfe.

Financial support for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse exceeded $100,000.00 for the first time in history . President T. Crosby presented the second highest per capita contribution award to the Lanier Club and the second highest total dollar contribution award to the Towns County Club. District Governor Bellamy was presented the Lighthouse District Governor’s award for best overall support of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation in the state.

The Georgia Lions Eyebank at Emory Cite program received $174308.78 Lion Jim Schwartz, President of the Gainesville Lions Club accepted for his club a sculpture for securing the most eye donor cards of any club statewide. District 18 - D turned in 931 eye donor cards.

There was a significant increase in the Support of the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind. This was due in large measure to the excellent leadership of Camp Vice-President Bill Bennett and District Chairman Jirluny Shore. Eighty percent of the Lions clubs contributed compared with sixty percent the previous year and seventy percent of the Lioness clubs also contributing. Total district-wide contributions of over $28,000.00 represents a 165% increase over any previous year. Support for the Recording for Blind was reported by 48 Lions Clubs and 7 Lioness Clubs and 54 Clubs contributed to the Leader Dog Program.

Throughout the year a good deal of enthusiasm was generated for LCIF’ District Chairman George Whitmore The District was recognized for being the top district in the state for nine of the past eleven years by Lions Club International Foundation. Ten Lions in the District were named Melvin Jones Fellows. This was a 233 percent increase over the previous year. Club. Contributions increased 8.6% and the number of clubs participating increased 18%. Overall contributions were up 108% over the previous year. Lioness Margaret Battle was the first Lady in Georgia to be made a Melvin Jones Fellow. She was a member of the North Dekalb Lioness Club.

The following clubs received recognition at the state convention and accepted state awards for their superior Performance:

Award Club Place
Westpoint North Dekalb, Southside Macon, Lanier First (tied)
Laurel Ridge - Monroe Murrah North Dekalb, Druid Hills, Lanier Second (tied)
Soperton Druid Hills, Lanier Athens First (tied)
Albany Gainesville First
Elkan - DG Lanier
North Dekalb
Canton Clermont Second
Augusta Druid Hills
North Dekalb
LaGrange North Dekalb First
Tucker Lanier
Druid Hills
Cordele Druid Hills
Dalton Winder Second
Dugal Currie Memorial North Dekalb
North Dekalb
North Dekalb Lanier First
A. F. Rolf Memorial North Dekalb Second
Peachbowl North Dekalb Second
Federation of the Blind Plaque Athens Winner
Carl E. Bergman Memorial Lanier First
Lanier Gainesville
Juvenile Community Athens Second

District Governor Bellamy received the Noel H. Haskins Award for the District collecting the greatest percentage of eye will donor cards.

International President Joseph L. Wroblewski presented Dr. Bellay with his International Presidents Award at the 1986 International Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. He also received the 100% District Governor’s Award from Lions International.


Lion Loud C. Prewett, a member of the Dunwoody Lions Club, was elected to serve District 18D as District Governor on March 2, 1986 at the Georgian Mountain Center, Gainesville. Michael Higgins, Jr., served as his Cabinet Secretary - Treasurer.

During the year a new Lions Club was organized in Snellville and a new Lioness Club was also formed. Also noteworthy was the fact that PDG Myers Banister was endorsed as Georgia’s candidate for International Director at the State Convention held in Savannah May 15-l 7, 1987. International Director K. Kay Fukushima was the featured speaker at the convention and presented ten new Melvin Jones Fellow recipients with their pins and plaques.

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse Awards were presented as follows: White Cane - highest per capita contributions, Lamer, second place; highest total dollar contributions Town County. Lighthouse Presidents awards were received as follows: highest per capita contributions of a Lions club, Lilburn, third place ($174.00 per member); highest total dollar club contribution, Gainesville, second place ($12,110.00); highest per capita contribution of a Lioness club, Queen City, first place ($342.00); highest total dollar Lioness Club contribution, first place ($5475.00).

The District contest for the Miss Georgia Lions Pageant had two contestants. Ms. Laura Haye was sponsored by the Bethesda Lions Club and Miss Sandra Lynn Parrish by the Dekalb Central Lions Club with the latter representing District 18D at the State Convention Pageant.

District 18D clubs won the following awards: Monroe - Gainesville and Gainesville, tied for second place; West Point, North DeKalb and Druids Hills tied for first place; Laurel Ridge - Monroe, Clermont second place; Murrah Lanier second place Ledford - Cartersville, Athens first place, Lanier and Towns County tied for second place, and Gainesville received honorable mention; Soperton, Athens first place; Savannah, South Hall County first place; Albany, Gainesville-first place; Elkan District Governor’s Award Athens first place, Gainesville second place; Hamilton, Clermont first place Canton, Clermont second place; Decatur, LaVista second place; Northeast Atlanta Key Award second place; LaGrange, North Dekalb first r, Athens, Clermont, and Lanier tied for first place, Druid Hills second place; Cordele, Athens first place, Gainesville second place- Dugal Currie Memorial, Gainesville first place; Druid Hills, Lanier first place Gainesville second place; Moultrie, Gainesville first place North Dekalb Lanier first place; A. F. Rolf Memorial, North Dekalb first place, Snellville second place; Carrollton, Cornelia first place; Athens, Athens first place, Clermont second place; R. S. O'Nea1, Cornelia honorable mention; Georgia Federation for the Blind Plaque, Athens first place; Carl Bergman Memorial Lanier first place, Towns County second place; Noel H. Haskins Memorial Loyd Prewett; and, Juvenile Community, Athens second place. The Jonquil Award first place was awarded to North DeKalb Lioness Club and second place went to Athens Lioness club. The second place winner of the North DeKalb Lioness Award went to the North DeKalb Lioness Club.


Lion George W. Blackburn was elected District Governor on March 1,1987 at the Georgia Mountain Center, Gainesville, Georgia. Serving as his Secretary - Treasurer was Lewis DeJanrnette and Eldon Brewster was Bulletin Editor. District Governor Blackburn was an ardent supporter of the Peach Bowl, originated by the Lions of Georgia.

The first lady Lion to be inducted into Lionism in District 18D, a member of the Dahlonega Lions Club, was Ms. Ann Mundy. Also, PDG Myers Banister was elected International Director during this year.

The District Governor’s top ten clubs were: LaVista, Athens, Gainesville, North Dekalb, Duluth, Clermont, Oconee, Hartwell, Norcross, and Lanier. The top five Lioness clubs were: Queen City, North Dekalb, Duluth, LaVista, and Decatur. Fifty-six clubs in the District applied for state awards. Fifty-three percent of those clubs entering won an award. The district won 48% of the state awards state-wide including the top club in the state, Gainesville Lions Club. Those winning awards were Athens - four first places; North Dekalb - two first places and one second place; Oconee - two first places; Gainesville - five first places and seven second places; Town County - one first place; Clermont - two first places and four second places; Lanier - two first places and two second places; Winder - two first places; White County - one first place. Clermont and Towns County tied for first place and Athens won third place in the Scrapbook Award contest.

Lion Albert Baldwin of the LaVista Club and District Drug Awareness chair received the Multiple District 18 Humanitarian Appreciation Award which was presented by International President Brian Stephenson at the State Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.


The District 18D Cabinet meeting was held March 6, 1988 at the Forsyth County High School. Lion Thois Masters, Clayton Lions Club was elected District Governor.

The District Rally was held at the Holiday Hall, Gainesville, November 19,1988 with International Director Helmer N. Lacy of Arkdale, Wisconsin as featured speaker.

The State Convention speaker was International Director Ernie Rizek of Tuscan, Arizona. The District nominee for the Outstanding Deaf Award submitted by the Bethesda Lion Club was Ms. Nancy Kelly Jones. The Outstanding Blind Award nominee was Scott Cruce of Lithonia who was nominated by the Snellville Lions Club. Both of these worthy individuals received the State award in their respective categories.

Special recognition was given Frank Parrish of the Oconee Lions Club who received the diamond addition to his Melvin Jones Fellow pin. There were twenty-two Melvin Jones Fellow recipients in the District this year. 

The Georgia Lions Eye Bank at Emory presented Lions Robert H. Beall and Bill Banks of the Gainesville Club, Bob Smith of the North Dekalb Club, and Jim Panter of the LaVista Club a humanitarian service award for providing sight to the blind in Georgia. The Gainesville Lions Club was awarded a plaque for its service as a club in recognition of its humanitarian service to the blind.

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse recognized the Lilburn Lions Club for the second place Highest Per Capita Contributions in the state and the Towns County Lions Club for the third place in the Highest Dollar Contribution statewide of $10,165.00. The District Governor received the statewide plaque for the Highest Per Capita Contributions to the Lighthouse.

White Cane had significant support with sixty of the seventy Lions clubs and ten Lioness clubs participating.


Lion C. L. Wilson was elected District Governor at the Cabinet meeting held on March 5,1989. Serving District 18D in the 1989-1990 year was Lieutenant Mike Higgins from the North Dekalb Club, Dwight Oliver, Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer, Clermont Club, Howard Miller, District Librarian, White County Club, and Thois Master, Cabinet Advisor, Clayton Club. Region Chairmen and Zone Chairmen are as follows: Region Chairman Region One M. C. Stowe, Zone Chairmen Zone One J. R. Phillips, Zone two Allen White, Region Chairman region two Don Wagner, Zone Chairmen Zone one Bill Owens, Zone two Clarence Lambert, Region Chairman region three Bobby Reynolds, Zone Chairmen Zone one Dave Helwig, Zone two Donny Canup, Region Chairman region four Jim Panter, Zone Chairmen zone one Oscar Battle, zone two Ralph Parrish, Region Chairman region five Rob Mitchell, zone chairmen zone one Marion May, Zone Chairman zone two Marcus Johnson.

The Lions of District 18D began the Lions year with a total membership of 1,945 Lions and ended the year 1990 with 1,942 Lions for a net loss of three Lions. The Chinese American Lions Club, was chartered on September 30, 1989 at a ceremony held at the Chinese Community Center in Chamblee Georgia. The incoming president was Roger Lin. The presentation of their charter was made by International Director Myers Bannister from Towns County. The installing officer was District Governor Chuck Wilson. Twenty-eight Lions were charter members of the dub. The actual charter date was issued on August 8,1989. The First Vice President of the new club was Joseph Liang. The Second Vice President was Peter Wu. The charter secretary was also Peter Wu. The charter treasurer was Frances Lai, charter directors Eugene Yen, Li Lin, James Yu, and Corina Huynh, the Chairman of the Charity Fund was Lily Yu, the Chairman of the Scholarship was Eugene Yen. The Program Committee Chairman was Joseph Liang. The Public Relations and Special Events Committee Chairman was James S. Yang. Serving as Masters of Ceremonies for the evening festivities was Past District Governor George Blackburn. Twenty-four Melvin Jones Fellows were named during the year- and the support for LCIF represented an increase over the previous. year. The Georgia Lions Eye Bank at Emory contributions totaled in excess of $20 thousand dollars for District 18D.

One hundred percent of the clubs participated in providing associate director to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse. Club contributions for the 1989-1990 year are as follows: Regular club contributions $70,141.27. Memorial contributions $5,649.00. White Cane contributions $54,767.35. Other contributions $2,697.00. For the grand total of $135,254.62.

The 69th Annual Convention was held in Columbus, Georgia at the Columbus Iron Works on May 18-20 of 1990. President of the Council was Council Chairman Lonny Roberts, District Governor from 18A Hart Gates, District Governor from 18B Inman Davis, District Governor from 18C Jimmy Black, District Governor 18E Donald Norris and the District Governor from 18F Nil1 E. Shurling. The Council Advisor was Johnny W. Bagwell.

The Convention tallies indicate that approximately 1,125 Lions were present for that convention. Part of the Georgia Lions State Convention wrap-up for 18D was the naming of the top ten clubs in district 18D; number one was Winder, number two was Gainesville, number three was a tie between North Dekalb and Towns County, number four club was Forsyth County, number five was White County, number six was Clayton, the number seven club was Athens West, the number eight club was Snellville, the number nine club was LaVista and the number ten club was Lilburn. The top four Lioness clubs in District 18D: number one North DeKalb, number two was the Queen City Lioness, number three was the Snellville Lioness and number four was the Decatur Lioness Club.

A total of 38 clubs entered the state awards contest. Sixteen of those clubs were from District 18D which accounted for a total of 42% of the total entries. Twelve clubs from District 18D placed for a total of 54% of the awards given. Those winning club awards were as follows: Gainesville won four fist place awards and ten second place awards, Winder won three first places and one second place award, Clermont won three first place awards and one honorable mention. The Oconee County Lions won three first place awards. North Dekalb won two first place awards and two second place awards, Athens West won two first place awards and one second place, Bethesda won one first place and one second place, Athens Lions Club won one second place award, Banks County won one first place award, Toccoa Lions Club won one first place award, Towns County won one first place award, White County won one first place award. Winning Lioness Clubs: North Dekalb Lioness Club won two first place and one second place award; Decatur Lioness Club won one first place award. The number on club in the state of Georgia for 1989-90 was the Gainesville Lions Club.

Contributions to the Leader Dog Program statewide were in excess of $55,000.00, the largest in the history of Leader Dog for the state of Georgia. The total number of individuals buying hospitality books for the Georgia Lions State Convention total 241 not including courtesy books which gave District 18D a total of 276 paid hospitality books. Our 33rd annual District Rally was held at Holiday Hall in Gainesville on November 18, 1989. The guest speaker was International Director Dr. Franklin G. Mason and his lovely wife Lucy from Mullens, South Carolina. Introducing the guest speaker for the night was Past International Director John Pearce, and making the response to our speakers address was Past International Director Ed Daniel.

An added highlight to the activities of this year was the formation of the first Leo Club in Barrow County. It was chartered on Thursday, September 13, 1990. Responsible for the chartering was the President of the Winder Lions Club, A. Lamar "Buddy" Ouzts, who presided over the function. The induction of its new members and the installation of its club officers was conducted by District Governor Wilson. The guest speaker for the night was International Director Myers Bannister from Towns County. The presentation of the Certificate of Organization was presented by Past District Governor Donald Hardigree. Serving as Multiple District 18 Leo Chairman was President Buddy Ouzts. The District 18 Committee Chairman was Dan Stewart from Oconee County. The charter was presented at the Winder Lions Hall in Winder, Georgia.

Added footnotes for the year: The Town County Lions Club celebrated their 50th anniversary on March 8, 1990. Immediate Past International President Austin P. Jennings gave the, keynote address. Introducing the guest speaker was International Director Myers Bannister and giving the response was Dr. John F. Pearce, Past Intemational Director from Dahlonega.

Additional footnotes - Later September, early October of 1989 hurricane Hugo passed through Southern South Carolina and in its path left destruction stretching for many, many miles. Lions from District 18D launched a program of financial allocations as well as food and blanket allocations from the District. It is anticipated that the Lions from District 18D contributed a total of over $40 thousand plus in disaster relief which was given directly to the Lions of Multiple District 32 in South Carolina for their disaster relief find. District Governor Wilson personally carried two truck loads and a trailer load of material goods such as blankets, pillows, food stuffs, candles, etc. to South Carolina to aid in the disaster relief.

At the conclusion of the year Governor Wilson was presented to the coveted District Governors Award which was presented by the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation for the best overall support to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. He was also the recipient of the Ivan H. Jackson Memorial award which is awarded each year to the District Governor and the multiple district whose district excels in membership development and retention during their year. A sad footnote is that we lost 27 Lions throughout the year to death. One added thought for awards, District 18D was awarded the highest percentage of participating clubs awards with 83% participation to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind. The District Governor also received the Melvin Jones Fellow award which was presented at the District Rally and an International Presidents Certificate of Appreciation for humanitarian services.


The world of Lionism had the opportunity, on two occasions during the decade of the eighties, to have two distinguished Lions from District 18D join the leadership ranks of Lions Clubs International as International Director Each of these Lions served with distinction during their terms of office and continue to enhance the cause of Lionism both in their district and throughout the State of Georgia.

DR JOHN F. PEARCE 1983 - 1985

At the State Lions State Convention in 1981, District E proposed a candidate for International Director and the motion was tabled. During the 1981-82 Lions year, five of the six Georgia Districts endorsed candidates for International Director. After two withdrew, three candidates remained on the ballot at the State Convention in 1982. Past District Governor John Pearce won on the first ballot but his name was not on the International ballot in 1981 since the International Convention was held in Atlanta ( a candidate cannot run when the International Convention is in his home Multiple District).

Georgia’s candidate for International Director did win at the Hawaii International Convention in 1983 and served a two-year term on the International Board. He was assigned to the Finance and Headquarters Staff Committee and served as Chairman his second year on the Board. This Committee was responsible for an operating budget in excess of $26 million and a Headquarters staff of 325.

Past Director Pearce was a popular speaker throughout the United States (35 states), Canada (6 provinces), and England (two trips). He and his wife, Carolyn, traveled to speak at Lions conventions and forums most non holiday weekends during those two years on the Board. They continued out of state speaking engagements for eight to fifteen weekends per year during the remainder of the 1980 decade.

Past Director Pearce conducted leadership and drug awareness seminars in many Multiple Districts, was on the Planning Committee three years and a presenter at many USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forums, and led numerous special seminars at International Conventions. He also taught in the District Governors-Elect Schools for several years at International Conventions.

Past Director Pearce has received the Ambassador of Good Will Award, several International Presidents Awards and two International Leadership Awards. His Dahlonega Lions Club honored him as a Melvin Jones Fellow.

W. Myers Banister 1988 - 1990

Prior to his election as an International Director in Denver, 1988, Past District Governor Myers Banister was endorsed by the Lions of Georgia after defeating Past District Governor B. I. Thornton of Cordele. He served on the Membership Committee of the International Board during 1988-89 and as chairperson during 1989-90.

During his tenure he and his wife Fran spoke in one half of our United States and made four trips to Canada. Since his retirement from the Board he has been invited to speak at a number of Lions functions.

PID Banister is the recipient of three International President’s Awards, the Ambassador of Good will Award, and the Towns County Lions Club, his home club, presented him with a diamond addition to his Melvin Jones Fellow pin.

District 18-E

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

Council Treasurer 
District Governor, 18-E 
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-E
District Governor, 18-E
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-E
Council Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
Council’ International
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-E
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-E 
Council secretary 
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-E
Council Special
Projects Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-E
Council State
Convention Chairman
District 18-E
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1988-89 1989-90

District 18E

Approximately ten years ago, Lion Past District Governor, C. Vernon Glisson, wrote the history of Lions District 18E for the Decade of the seventies. He did a wonderful job. The history he wrote was thorough and complete. We are grateful to Past District Governor Glisson, who was then serving as Librarian - Historian. I only wish I could have turned out a product comparable to his. 

I have read Lion Glisson’s work covering the Decade of the Seventies more than a dozen times, and I have benefited from it very much.

In my effort to write our District’s story for the Decade of the Eighties, you will find some rather noticeable omissions. I was not able to obtain all the information I really needed, and, of course, space limitations made it impossible for me to include all of the good information I did have. I have made a special effort to include the names of Lions who served in 18E from 1 July, 1980 - 30 June, 1990. I apologize for all oversights and errors.

1980 - 81

The Lions of 18E traveled to Columbus for their second annual district convention on March 29, 1980. District Governor Freddie Horton’s term of office was winding down. The delegates to the convention held in Columbus elected Harris Satterfield as their District Governor for 1980 - 81.

The mood and spirit of this convention was excitement and anticipation. All who were in attendance seemed to have a renewed dedication to Lionism.

Others elected or appointed include: Cabinet Secretary - Treasurer Jay Wilds (Julie), LaGrange; Cabinet Advisor Freddie L. Horton, Southside, Macon. Lion Richard H. Mallory was chosen to serve as District Vice President of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, and Lion Charles King was called upon to serve as District Vice-President for Georgia’s Lions Camp for the Blind.

Region Officers - Region One:

Deputy District Governor - Guy Atkinson (Clyde), Franklin.

Zone Chairman, Zone One - Frank Jones (Betty), Carrollton,

Zone Chairman, Zone Two - J. Harrell Hardy (Wilma) LaGrange

Zone Chairman, Zone Three - Jim Mabon (Sally), Greenville

Region Two

Deputy District Governor - Bee H. Brown (Gloria), East Point

Zone Chairman, Zone One - Joseph Young (Pat), Stockbridge

Zone Chairman, Zone Two - Charles Bentley (Myrtle), Zebulon

Region Three

Deputy District Governor - Dr. Homer Wright (Gladys), Columbus

Zone Chairman, Zone One - Don Pendleton (Shirley), Columbus

Zone Chairman, Zone Two - Patrick Lee McCullough (Susan), Oglethorpe

Region Four 

Deputy District Governor - Jerry M. Payne (Faye), Macon

Zone Chairman, Zone One - Carl Bechtel (Bonnie), Macon

Zone Chairman, Zone Two - Charlie T. Smisson (Ada), Fort Valley

Important Dates from the year:

August 3, 1980 - Cabinet Meeting - LaGrange, Georgia

August 16, 1980 - State Council of Governors Meeting - Macon

October - Membership Month and International Relations

October 4 - State Council of Governors Meeting - Macon

October 8 - World Service Day

October 26 - 2nd Cabinet Meeting - Griffin

November 8, 1990 - Peach Bowl Princess Contest

January 2, 1981 - Peach Bowl

March 28 - District Convention and Cabinet Meeting - Macon

April 3 - White Cane Day

May 14 - State Council of Governors Meeting - Macon

May 15 - 17 - State Convention - Macon

May 24 - Incoming Officers School and Cabinet Meeting - Columbus

District Governor G. Harris Satterfield presided at this meeting. A word of welcome was given by Donnie Hodges and Julian Hurst.

Upon a motion offered by Homer E. Wright, the rules were suspended and the following resolution was duly approved: Resolution: Posthumous award of the Rutland plaque to deceased Lion, John Keel, submitted by the four Lions Clubs of Columbus, Georgia, August 3rd, 1980. (Copy of resolution was attached to minutes)

This is an exact quote from the minutes of the meeting: "At this time, Governor Satterfield announced the passing of past District Governor, William E. Bizzcll, on July 5, 1980. Governor Satterfield announced that as a living memory to Lion Bill, the Lions of 18E will build a school through CARE in Peru, dedicated to his years of service."

A period of silence in remembrance of Lions John Keel and Bill Bizzell was observed. At the end of the period of silence, Governor Satterfield offered a prayer and thanksgiving for these fine two Lions.

Many reports and announcements were presented to the Cabinet. Governor Satterfield reported that Ted Cline had asked to be excused as Lioness Chairman of the year. Marge Christopher had expressed an interest in carrying on the work that she had started the year before. At this point, Marge Christopher gave an in-depth on Lioness’ work within the district.

Lion Jim McMullin was not present at this meeting. Lion Ted Cline reported on the Peach Bowl Princess Pageant scheduled November 8, 1990, in Thomaston, Georgia and Lion Bob Campen reported that World Service Day was scheduled for October 8, 1980. Other reports provided the Cabinet with needed information and plans.

October, Membership Month

Again, this year, Lions International observed Membership Month in October. From all documents, articles and data which are available from this period indicate that Lions were greatly concerned about problems of membership and retention. It needs to be pointed out that this concern had been present in the mind of our past District Governor, Freddie Horton. In a sense, Lions, not only of this district, but throughout the world were struggling with this problem. As we move forward, we will find that this was a continuing and constant concern.

Council of Governor’s Meeting

Governor Satterfield visited the Riverdale for his first visit during his year as District Governor. On February 23rd 1981 he visited the Heard County Club. In between this first and last visit, he visited 53 other clubs. His visits were always inspirational and informative.

World Service Day

This significant event was held on October 8, 1980. Lion Gordon Haslett was World Service Day Chairman for Lion Satterfield. Many of the clubs participated and special help and service was provided people with various needs. This was a good program under the leadership of Lion Haslett.

The Second Cabinet Meeting

This meeting was held in Griffin, Georgia, on October 26,1980. Governor Harris urged all members of his Cabinet to be present by means of a letter sent to all Cabinet members. In his letter, he had emphasized the fact that October was Membership and Retention Month.

At this October cabinet meeting, the matter of membership and retention continued to receive special attention. The problems in this area seemed forever to linger. The difficulties involved in getting and keeping members seemed to be an ever increasing problem with Lions everywhere. At this second Cabinet meeting, progress reports from many program chairmen were given. A special feature of this meeting held in Griffin was a report given by Lion Y. T. Abernathy, Chairman of the Trustees of the Emory Eye Bank. His report furnished Cabinet members with significant and needed information.

Peach Bowl Princess Contest

This gala event, arranged and planned by Chairman Jim McMullin, was, as usual, an outstanding event. A cabinet meeting of significant importance was announced for Saturday, January 3 1,198 1 in Franklin, Georgia. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and make plans for an international youth camp for the state of Georgia. Past District Governor, Tom Eden, of the Montgomery Youth Camp, was to be a special speaker and answer any questions Cabinet members might have. The Annual District Convention was held in Macon, Georgia on March 28, 1981. Governor Harris, by this time, was nearing the end of his time as District Governor. The meeting was well attended, and the convention selected Lion Jerry Payne as its District Governor for 1981-82. The featured speaker for the banquet dinner program which was held in connection with the regular convention meeting was International Director, William W. (Bill) Thames of Jackson, Mississippi, who was at that time serving a two year term as International Director.

White Cane Day was held on April 3,198I. Our White Cane Day Chairman was Robert (Bob) Campen (Frances) of Lizella, Georgia. White Cane Day found many clubs participating and enthusiasm was high:

The Last District Cabinet Meeting was held on May 24, 1981 in Columbus, Georgia. At this meeting, Lion Donnie Hodges offered a resolution of special signiticance to the District and Governor G. Harris Satterfield.

The Resolution was as follows:


This resolution presented herewith to an official Cabinet Meeting of District 18E of the Lions of Georgia, convened in Macon, Georgia on this the 24th day of May, 1981.


THAT WHEREAS the International Youth Exchange Camp is a Project adopted and sponsored by the International Association of Lions Clubs in furtherance of the international Objective, viz. "To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the worlds.: and

WHEREAS Lion G. Harris Satterfield, District Governor of District 18E, has concluded, after investigation and study that this Youth Exchange Program has tremendous merit and would be a great asset to Lionism in Georgia; Governor Satterfield having spent considerable time, thought and effort in furtherance of its adoption by the Lions District of District 18E and throughout Georgia, and

WHEREAS through the actions and efforts of Governor Satterfield, the Cabinet of District 18E and the Council of Governors of the Lions Districts of Georgia have, by appropriate actions, adopted the establishment of the International Youth Exchange Camp as an official and approved Lions Project and Program.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that District Governor G. Harris Satterfield be recognized with great appreciation and acclaim for his efforts in this initial introduction and adoption of the Lions International Youth exchange Camp into the programs of Lionism throughout District 18e and the State of Georgia.

We lovingly remember the following fine Lions who passed on to their eternal reward during the 1980-81 Lion year:

Fred Adams - Luthersville
J. Frank Green - Villa Rica
Gus D, Hinson - Muscogee
H. W. Barrett - Hogansville
Walter G, Hollingsworth - Griffin
William E. Bizzell, PDG - Griffin
Joseph Parham - Macon
Robert D, Brawner - LaGrange
Denman Phillips - McDonough
Earl Caldwell - Manchester
William L. Sanders - Lizella
Carl H. Edwards - Columbus Evening
T. Leonard Trite - Columbus

Contributions and Membership Trends

As of 1 September 1980 - 18E membership was 1,890
As of 1 September 1981 - 18E membership was 1,985

18E Lions contributed $1,506.00 to LCIF during 1980-81. The chairman for 18E was Lion Clyde D. Rabum. Lions of 18E contributed $1,473.00 to Leader Dogs for the Blind. 18E Chairman was Lion Bill McBerry.

18E Lions contributed $2590.50 to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind. I8E Chairman was Lion Charles Ray King.

18E Lions Clubs contributed $28,489.08 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation. 18E chairman was Lion Richard H. Mallory.


Lion Jerry Payne (Faye) of Macon-Southside Lions Club was elected to serve as District Governor of this Lion year. Others elected or appointed included:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - Tom Can; Southside

Cabinet Advisor - PDG G. Harris Satterfield, LaGrange

Bulletin Editor - Don Norris, Southside

District VP, GA Lions Lighthouse - Richard A. Mallory, La Grange

District VP, GA Camp for the Blind - Otis P. Hand, Southside

Region Officers

Region One

Deputy District Governor -J. Harrell Hardy (Wilma), La Grange

Zone Chairman, Zone One - Frank Jones (Betty), Carrollton

Zone Chairman Zone Two - James N. Walker (Beth), Newnan

Zone Chairman, Zone Three - Willis Hall (Phyllis), Manchestcr

Region Two

Deputy District Governor - Harold Ethredge (Vivian),


Zone Chairman. Zone One- Gordon Haslett (Pauline), Riverdale

Zone Chairman, Zone Two -James D. Turpin (Betty), Zebulon

Region Three

Deputy District Governor - Ted Kline (Gloria)
Zone Chairman, Zone One - Hugh G. Kennedy (Charlotte), Columbus
Zone Chairman, Zone Two - Leroy Webb (Wanda), Ellaville

Region Four

Deputy District Governor - Karl Bechtel (Bonnie), Macon
Zone Chairman, Zone One - Lee Rister (Carolyn), Lizella
Zone Chairman, Zone Two - Earl F. Auchmutey (Stella), Warner

Dates to Remember

August 2, 1981 - 1st Cabinet Meeting, Thomaston
August 15, 1981 - State Council of Governors, Macon
October, 1981- Membership and Retention Month
October 8, 1981 - World Service Day
October 17, 1981 - Council of Governors Meeting, Macon
October 25, 1981 - 2nd Cabinet Meeting, Macon
November 7, 1981 - Peach Bowl Princess Contest, Thomaston
December 31,198l - Peach Bowl
March 27, 1982 - District Convention, Macon
April 3, 1982 -White Cane Day
May 14-16, 1982 - State Convention - Macon
May 23, 1982 - Fourth Cabinet Meeting

The First Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomaston, Georgia on August 2, 1981 with 104 Lions and Lionesses, and one guest in attendance. The Invocation was led by Gordon Haslett, and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by James Turpin. Foy Bentley, President of the Thomaston Club welcomed the cabinet.

It was announced that between July 6,1981 and October 25, 1981 Governor Payne visited 25 Lions Clubs. Membership and Retention were stressed with Governor Payne calling for a 10 percent increase in membership.

World Lions Service Day - Lion Charles Bentley of Pike County, Chairman, reported that many fine, worthwhile projects were accomplished on this significant day with interest and participation increasing yearly.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was attended by 58 Lions and 7 Lionesses. Governor Payne called the meeting to order at 2 p.m. on October 25, 198 1 in Macon, Georgia. A time of silent prayer was observed for Lion Lee Brown who died on October 16, 1981. The upcoming Peach Bowl was stressed and new Lioness Clubs starting in Pike County, Perry, Stockbridge and Butler were noted.

Peach Bowl Princess Contest: Chairman Jim McMullen and his cochairman Ken Reeves planned and promoted a great contest and most delightful time of food and fellowship. This event was held in Thomaston on November 7,1981. Libby Land, sponsored by the Warner Robins Noon Lions Club, was crowned as Princess. Andrea Marie Dixon, sponsored by Bonanza Lions Club, was First Runner-Up. Jeanie Braswell, sponsored by Cusseta, was voted Miss Congeniality.

In 18E a total of 403 memberships and 332 tickets were sold for the Peach Bowl. In the game itself, West Virginia defeated Florida 26-6.

Governor Payne’s Holiday Newsletter featured holiday messages from Governor Payne, Deputy District Governor J. Harrell Hardy, Deputy District Governor Karl T. Becktel, and Cabinet Secretary Tom Carr.

Between October 26, 198 1 and March 23, 1982 Governor Jerry Payne visited 29 Lions Clubs in 18E. The total number of visits during his year as District Governor was 54.

The January Newsletter - Emory Research Center

The newsletter, edited by Don Norris reported that Georgia has the "number one eye bank in the world" and that "Lions International has made a motion picture about it. . . . In 1980 a record was set with a total of 609 cornea1 transplants. . . . In 1981 that record was broken with a total of 825 cornea1 transplants."

In this issue of the newsletter, Gov. Payne observed that the results of the October membership drive were "very good."

District Convention and Third Cabinet Meeting

The meeting, held March 27, 1982 in Macon, Georgia, was attended by 75 Lions and 10 Lionesses. Various reports addressed problems and successes. Freddie Horton, Luau chairman and Cabinet Advisor, announced that plans for the Banquet/Luau were all in order. All indications are that this was a most successful and joyful occasion.

Lion Homer Wright was elected District Governor for 1982-83. All delegates were asked to stand in order to express their support for Governor-Elect Wright and his cabinet.

The Fourth Cabinet Meeting was called to order in Macon, Georgia and minutes of this meeting are available in the files of 18E Librarian-Historian.

District Governor’s Contest Winners were: Morrow Lions Club - First Place; Southside Community Lions Club - 2nd place; Newnan Lions Club - 3rd place.

Past District Governor’s Top Ten Clubs in order were: Bonanza, Carrollton Evening, Centerville, Columbus Evening, Greenville, Lizella, Morrow, Newnan, Southside Community, Thomaston.

Plaque Winners: Hershel1 F. McElroy - Morrow; Stuart Dyer Memorial - Southside Community; Herb Reimers Memorial - Freddie L. Horton, Centerville.

District Governor’s Contest for Lioness Clubs: Columbus Evening Lioness Club - 1st place; Warner Robins Lioness - 2nd place; The Jeane Bennet Memorial Plaque was won by Ruth Connell of Griffin. A new Lioness club was organized in Perry, and ground work has been laid for several additional clubs. Three Lioness Presidents and three Secretaries were 100% 


Twenty-one of our Lions Clubs donated $1,667.00 to Leader Dog. Three Lioness Clubs donated $2 10.00. Forty Lions Clubs donated $19,275.00 to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse. Five Lioness Clubs donated $I,0 19.00. Our White Cane Day collection for the Lighthouse totaled $6,203.00. Nineteen Lions clubs donated $14,000.00 to the Emory research facility. Twenty-two Lions Clubs donated $1,844.00 to LCIF. Five Lioness clubs donated $337.00. Seventeen Lions clubs donated $2,596.00 to the Camp for the Blind. Six Lioness Clubs donated $515.00. State Convention Awards were as follows: Award # 4, Murrah Award - Morrow Lions Club 1st place; Award # 30, GA Federation of the Blind Award - Morrow Lions Club 1st place; Award # 25, Smith/Raiford Award - Morrow Lions Club 2nd place; Award # 16, LaGrange Award - Macon Southside Lions - 1st place; Award # 3, Laurel Ridge/Monroe - Macon Southside Lions 2nd place; Award # 22, Moultrie Award - Macon Southside Lions 2nd place. Lions Lighthouse Foundation Plaque for District with the Largest Per Capita Increase i n White Cane Day Collections was awarded to District Governor Jerry Payne for District 18E. Georgia Factory for the Blind Award to Club with the Highest Per Capita Sales in Brooms and Mops - Winner Fort Valley Lions Club.

The following Lions who died during the 198 l-82 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Jack H. Akridge, Perry
Bee H. Brown, Riverdale
Jimmy Carter, Stockbridge
Johnny Davenport, Buchanan
T. E. Gardner, Griffin
Michael Gavin, Manchester
Charles W. Greene, Jr., West Point
Max Harper, Macon
Jerrell H. Haynes, Carrollton Evening
Lee Johnson, West Point
Ernest A. Ortenberg, Temple
Jack R. Pilkenton, Pike County
W. C. Pilkenton, Pike County
Ocie P. Roberts, West Point
W. T. Shepherd, Warner Roberts Noon
J. C. Shippey, West Point
Dewey L. Shirley, Sr., Morrow
E. L. Taylor, Pike County
Robert M. Thibadeau, Macon Vine-Ingle
G. L. Williams, Oglethorpe
PDG Noel Haskins, Manchester
PDG Ray King, Columbus

As of September I, 1981 District 18E membership was 1,985

As of September 1, 1982, District 18E membership was 1,884

Supporting records and documents from which this report was written are on file with the I8E Librarian-Historian.


Lion Homer E. Wright was elected District Governor on March 27, 1982. Others elected or appointed included: Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer James P. McGrotha, Columbus; Cabinet Advisor - FUG Jerry Payne; Librarian Historian - C. Vernon Glisson, Fort Valley; DVP Lighthouse - A. Goldsmith; DVP Camp for the Blind - Otis P. Hand - Southside

Regional Officers were as follows:

Deputy District Governors - Calvin L. Moore
Bill Mcberry
G. E. Elzworth
Earl Auchmutey

Zone Chairmen                    Nathan Price
James Walker
Willis Hall
Robert King
Johnny Edwards
David Rodriquez
Mitchell Ellis
Robert Campen
Francis Barks

The first Cabinet Meeting was held in Griffin on July 25, 1982 with a moment of silence being observed for deceased Lions Ray King and Neal Haskins. All items on the agenda were duly noted and acted on.

The District newsletter was ably edited by A. Goldsmith.

World Service Day, October 8, 1982 was a success. Governor Wright commended Chairman Harrell Hardy for an exemplary job and noted LaGrange Noon, Perry, and Southside Community for their diabetes screening programs.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held October 10, 1982 in Carrollton. All reports and agenda items indicate Lionism in 18E is heading in the right direction.

The Peach Bowl Princess Contest under the chairmanship of Jim McMullen (Pageant) and Ken Reeves (Princess) was also successful. Winners: Princess - Shanie Helton, Newnan; First Runner Up - Adrianne Gordillo, Morrow; Second Runner Up - Cynthia Green, LaGrange Noon; Third Runner Up - Jill Oakly, Griffin.

The Third Cabinet Meeting, February 20, 1993 in Macon was treated to a musical program by the Academy of the Blind. 62 Lions and 9 Lionesses attended. All items on the agenda were acted on.

The District Convention in Columbus was March 19, 1993. 67 Lions and 9 Lionesses attended. District officers were elected, with Robert Campen elected as District Governor.

White Cane Day, April 9, 1983 totaled $3,940.00 in donations under the chairmanship of Lion Harold Etheridge of Thomaston.

Contributions to Charity

$ 3,860.18 GA Camp for the Blind
450.00 CARE
1565.00 LCIF
22,357.54 CITE
25,297.26 Lighthouse Foundation
3,940.00 White Cane Day
1,337.00 Leader Dog Program
584.00 AEB
993.00 Ga Lions Youth Camp
2,670.50 Peach Bowl, Inc.
34,425.68 Other Contributions (Local)
$77,998.96 Total Funds Raised

Two Lions clubs were chartered and one Lioness club was certified this Lion year.

Centerville Lions Club reported Materials and Equipment of a Lifeline Unit with Maintenance Upkeep @ $500.00 and a Recording System for the Blind @ $372.00

The winners of the District Governor’s Contest were Columbus - 1st place; Lizella - 2nd Place; Warner Robins Evening - 3rd place

The winners of The Past District Governor’s Contest for top ten clubs in order were: Columbus, Lizella, Warner Robins Evening, Newnan, Southside, West Point, Greenville, Columbus Evening, Centerville and Columbus Muscogee.

As of September 1, 1982 membership was 1,884

As of September 1, 1983 membership was 1,892

The following Lions who died during the Lion year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

M. H. Adcock, Senoia
J. L. Barnes, Tallapoosa
F. M. Chalker, Carrollton
Claude R. Collier, Columbus Evening
Mark H. Crowder, Hogansville
Cobb Edwards, Pike County
Noel Haskins, PDG, Manchester 
W. T. Jolly, Oglethorpe
Charles R. King, PDG, Columbus Evening
L. K. Moss, Buena Vista
Roland Neel, Macon
C. H. Orrick, Sr., Thomaston
Clifford G. Parker, Griffin
Bryan Patrick, Harris County
Russell B. Smith, West Point
Douglas Wilson, Senoia
William M. Wolfe, Thomaston
James T. Young, Rutland Macon


Lion Robert "Bob" Campen of Lizella Lions Club was elected District Governor for the 1983-84 Lion year at the convention held in Columbus on March 19, 1982.

Others elected or appointed were as follows:
Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - W. Lee Rister, Lizella
Cabinet Advisor - PDG Homer Wright, Columbus
Bulletin Editor - Tom Carr, Southside
VP - GA Lighthouse Foundation - J. E. Oldham, Southside
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind - Otis P. Hand, Southside

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Charles Hodges
Robert King
G. E. Elzworth
Francis Barks

Zone Chairmen                    Reuben Work
Jeffrey Lasester
Claude Harmon
David Sparks
Daniel Bolduc
Hugh Pharis
Mitchell Ellis
Donald Norris
Russell Nelson

The First Cabinet Meeting was held on July 31, 1983 in Griffin and was attended by 97 Lions and 8 Lionesses. The motto, "Join Hands in Service" was announced and all items and issues on the agenda were duly addressed.

World Lions Service day was held October 8, 1983.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held in Macon, GA on October 16,1983. 88 Lions and 10 Lionesses attended. Homer Wright received the Lioness Club Sponsorship Certificate. All items and issues were duly addressed.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held on March 10, 1984 in LaGrange. 106 Lions, 6 Lionesses, two Leos attended. The usual reports were presented and approved. Officers were elected for 1984-85. They were District Governor - Homer Wright; VP - Lions Lighthouse - Billy Oldham; VP Camp for the Blind - Charles Shepard; Historian-Librarian - Guy Atkinson

Contributions were as follows:

Georgia Lions Lighthouse - $17,099.55
White Cane Day $5,961.35
Ga Camp for the Blind $6,109.88
Lions Club International Foundation - $1,840.00
Leader Dogs for the Blind - $1,846.00

Winners of the District Governors Contest were Macon Southside - 1st place; Newnan - 2nd place; Greenville - 3rd place

Past District Governors Top Ten Clubs in order were; Macon Southside, Newnan, Greenville, Lizella, Morrow, Macon-Rutland, Columbus Evening, Columbus, Centerville and Griffin.

Those winning plaques were: 
Hershell G. McElroy - Morrow Lions
Stuart Dyer Memorial - Columbus Lions
Herb Reimers Memorial - Raymond Johnson
Lioness District Governors Contest:
Morrow - 1st place Warner Robins Noon - 2nd place Jeanne Bennet Memorial Plaque - Lioness Susan Hubbard


District Convention Held March 10, 1984 - Lion Homer Wright elected District Governor for the second time within a three year period.

Others elected or appointed:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - James McGrotha
Cabinet Advisor - PDG Robert Campen
Bulletin Editor - O. Street Dendy
VP - GA Lighthouse Foundation - J. E. Oldham, Southside
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind - Charles B. Shepard

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Jeffrey Laseter
Bill McBerry
G. E. Elzworth
Francis Barks

Zone Chairmen                    Tom Graham
David Granroos
Gordon Tyrrell
Gordon Haslett
Johnny Edwards
Robert Parker
Mitchell Ellis
Bill Thornton
Russell Nelson

The first Cabinet Meeting was held July 15, 1984 in Carrollton. There were 82 Lions and 12 Lionesses in attendance. The proposed budget had not yet been completed. All other items and issues were duly addressed.

October 8 was World Service Day

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held October 14 in Griffin. 59 Lions, 12 Lionesses were in attendance. Almost every program promoted and sponsored by the Lions of 18E was discussed and reports were received concerning all programs.

The Peach Bowl Princess Pageant was held October 27, 1984 in Thomaston. Princess - Angie Stewart, Villa Rica; First Runner Up - Rhonda Bartlett, Carrollton Lioness; Second Runner Up - DiDe Crisp, Columbus Evening, Third Runner Up and Swimsuit Winner - Tonya Anderson, Newnan; Miss Congeniality - Jana Pressley, Thomaston

Third District Cabinet Meeting, March 23, 1985 in Columbus was attended by 93 Lions and 4 Lionesses. Elected officers - District Governor - Jeffrey Laseter; VP GA Lions Lighthouse - Homer Wright; VP GA Camp for the Blind - Charles W. Shephard.

Stewart Dyer Memorial Plaque - Macon Southside
Herb Reimers Memorial Plaque - Otis P. Hand, Macon Southside
Centerville Plaque - Macon Southside
Lion of the Year - Francis "Hank" Barker, Warner Robins Noon
Secretary of the Year Award - Francis Barker, Warner Robins Noon; James M. Bentley, Warner Robins Evening; and James P. McGrotha, Columbus

Contributions were as follows:

Georgia Lions Lighthouse Regular Contributions $18,595.32; other contributions $416.90; White Cane Day collections $5,966.27; Building Contributions $1.695.00 Total Contributions: $37,112.11

Ga Lions Camp for the Blind total Contributions $9,941.13

Lions Clubs lnternational Foundation contributions $2,493.00

Leader Dogs for the Blind Contributions $1,550.00

Membership as of 1 September 1984 was 1879

Membership as of 1 September 1985 was 1845

The following Lions who died during the Lion year are lovingly remembered and appreciated
Guy Atkinson, Heard County
Jim Baswell, Morrow
Bert Blackstock, Thomaston
W. T. Cooksey
O. R. Coppage, Columbus
Robert Davis, Luthersville
Roy Dobson, Bowdon
Coylee Dyson, Senoia
W. Carl Garrett, Jr., Greenville
H. O. Harpe, Greenville
William I. Hudson, Columbus
Dr. William Jenkins, Jr., Macon
Millard T. Johns, Cusseta
Carl E. Lancaster, Macon
Dr. Charles Logue, Columbus Muscogee
George W. Maddox, Barnesville
Walker McGarity, McDonough
Hugh W. Mercer, Forsyth
R. O. Moss, West Point
Hulett Nation, Heard County
John E. Palmer, LaGrange
W. R. Perry, Macon
James Shurley, Morrow
Palmer Slack, Macon
Hal Steed, Bowden
Tim Thames, Byron
S. W. Ware, Woodbury
J. B. Warren, Carrollton
George A. William, Sr., Luthersville


The Lions of District 18E selected Jeffery Laseter of the West Point Lions Club to serve as District Governor for this Lion year. There were 59 clubs in the district at the beginning of the year. Governor Laseter provided the Librarian Historian with the information from which this particular year’s history is comprised. Others elected or appointed are as follows:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - Robert K. Dickinson
Cabinet Advisor - PDG Homer Wright
Bulletin Editor - Billy W. Kelton
VP - GA Lighthouse Foundation - Homer Wright
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind - Charles B. Shepard

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors    Fao N. Akers
Gordon Haslett
Robert Parker
Russell Nelson
David E. Granroos

Zone Chairmen                    Don Amann
R. W. Miller
Harvey Nelson
Bob Heaberlin
H. Morris Pruitt
Andrew Baldwin
Thomas E. Adams
Bill Thornton
Harold W. Holley
Willis Hall

Governor Laseter held four cabinet meetings during his year as the leader of 18E. On July 28, 1985, the cabinet met in Carrolton; Macon was the site of the second cabinet meeting, which was held October 29; the third cabinet meeting held during the year was on March 28 in LaGrange; the fourth and final gathering of the cabinet was on June 22, 1986 in Thomaston, Georgia.

At the close of his year as Governor, Lion Jeff Laseter submitted the following financial reports, indicating the condition of the district at the close of the year.

Received from previous administration -     $928.08
Receipts                                              $10, 487.89
Total to be Account for                         $11,415.97
Expenditures                                         $10,310.87
Transferred to Incoming Administration - $1,105.10

The 1985-86 year began with 1,858 members in District 18E. These belonged to the 59 clubs existing at that time. The records show there was a net loss of 68 Lions during the year, and it should be noted that 27 of those losses were by the deaths of loved and honored Lions who had served the cause of Lionism to the best of their ability. We will always remember them with gratitude and appreciation. There were 60 clubs in District 18E at the year’s end, with a total membership of 1,790 Lions. As of June 30, 1986, there were 8 Lioness Clubs in existence.

Clubs with a net gain in membership during the year were as follows: Columbus - 5, LaGrange Noon - 5, Senoia - 5, Bremen - 5, Macon - 4, Perry - 4, Centerville - 3, Oglethorpe - 3, Columbus Evening - 2, Columbus Muscogee Warner Robins - 2. Each of the following clubs gained one member during the year: Bonanza, Fort Valley, Griffin, Luthersville, Macon vine Ingle, Montezuma, and Stockbridge.

Governor Laseter noted, "The extension effort in the District paid dividends. Two new Lions Clubs and on new Leo Club were formed. The Riverdale Noon Lions Club sponsored the Riverdale Lions Club, which was chartered with 21 members on October 7, 1985, in Riverdale Georgia, with Lion Arch M. "Mac" Osborn as charter president. The Jonesboro Noon Lions Club was chartered with 22 members on February 20, 1986 with Lion Robert Lewis, Jr. as Charter President. The Leo Club of Central High School, Newnan, Georgia was organized with 39 members. Miss Amy Walker, daughter of James N. "Jimmy" Walker, President of the sponsoring Newnan Club, was elected President."

Concerning 1985-86, Governor Laseter said, "History was made as the last year of sponsorship of the Peach Bowl Classic by the Lions of Georgia matched Army and Illinois on December 12, 1985. District 18E (16 clubs) sold 325 tickets out of a total Lions sale of 6,947. Our statewide goal was 10,000 tickets.

Many Lions and friends of Lions traveled to Thomaston, Georgia to attend the eighth annual Peach Bowl Princess Pageant, win which twenty-six beautiful and talented ladies were contestants. The Thomaston Civic Center was filled with excited, happy people.

Every participant was an outstanding person that night. Every sponsoring club was proud.

Miss Keli Amelia Jerles was named as the first place winner. She was awarded a $500.00 scholarship, roses, and a very beautiful trophy. Miss Jerles represented 18E in the Peach Bowl Queen Contest in Atlanta, and was chosen as first runner up. Past District Governor William H. Heule of Thomaston and Miss Kimberly Kennedy of television station WRBL in Columbus served as Master and Mistress of Ceremonies. Lion Jim McMullen, PDG, served as Chairman of the pageant. Lioness Susan Hubbard served as Princess Chairman from the host club. This pageant was attended by 364 persons. "A great night for the Lions of 18E."

Chairman J. Harrell Hardy of the LaGrange Noon Lions Club, reported that 23 Lions Clubs, 5 Lioness Clubs and one Leo Club participated in the International World Service Day.

Contributions to our state and international projects were, generally, at the same levels as last year; however, one significant improvement was in the area of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Chairman G. E. "Elden" Elzworth contacted every club in the district and contributions were up over 38% over the previous year.

The Lions, Lionesses, and Leos made the following contributions:

LCIF                                                              $ 3,440.00
GA Lions Camp for the Blind                         $14,083.00
CITE (Emory University)                                 $ 9,953.00
GA Lions Eye Bank at Emory                                438 donor cards
Leader Dogs for the Blind                                   2,648.00
GA Lions Lighthouse Foundation                      52,040.00

The eighth annual District Convention was held at the Ramada Inn, LaGrange, Georgia on March 8, 1986. The District Officers elected for 1986-87 were: District Governor Robert W. King, Bonanza Lions Club; GA Lighthouse VP, Dr. Homer E. Wright, Columbus-East; GA Lions Camp for the Blind VP, Jimmy Walker, Newnan; District Librarian, Robert E. Sistrunk, Greenville.

The speaker at the evening banquet was International Director Lawrence A. "Larry" Emerton, of Goffstown, New Hampshire. Two hundred seventeen persons attended.

The winners of the District Governors Contest were: Columbus-Muscogee, Centerville, and Newnan. Morrow Lioness Club was the top club in the Lioness competition. Woodbury received the Hershel McElroy Plaque. Donald Norris was awarded the Herb Reimers Plaque. Centerville Lions won the Clyde Rayburn Award. The outstanding Lioness of the district was President Maurine Willis of the Columbus Evening Lioness Club, who was presented with the Jeanne Bennett Memorial Plaque.

The 65th State Convention was held in our District in Macon on May 23-25, 1986. Speaker was International Vice-President Austin P. Jennings, from Woodbury, Tennessee. District 18E collected eleven State Awards on May 25, Southside Lions Club of Macon received the most awards from our District.

The following Lions who died during the 1985-86 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Robert L. Anderson, Columbus Muscogee
Hilliard Arenowitch, Columbus
James A. Baswell, Morrow
J. Roy Baxter, Temple
J. R. Blankenship, Stockbridge
Solon Boggus, LaGrange
Arthur G. Cook, Thomaston
William M. Fambrough, Columbus Muscogee
Julius Gholson, Macon
R. W. Harrell, West Point
Robert J. Hinson, Macon Southside
Edgar P. Hoard, Griffin
John Hutto, Crawford County
Ellis Jacobs, Columbus Muscogee
Douglas Kelley, West Point
H. G. Langford, Pike County
Henry Lumpkin, Carrollton Noon
Mike Murray, Buena Vista
Paul Patton, LaGrange
John Pigg, Forsyth
Horace E. Richter, LaGrange
L. L. Strewn, McDonough
J. L. Turner, Ideal
Raymond Waid, LaGrange
C. Cody White, Columbus
Morris Williams, Tallapoosa
Joe Young, LaGrange


Lion Robert W. "Bob" King of the Bonanza Lions Club, was elected as 18E’s District Governor for 1986-87 at the District Convention which was held in LaGrange, Georgia on March 8,1986.

Others who were elected or appointed include: 
Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - Charles E. McDaniels
Cabinet Advisor - Jeffrey Laseter
Bulletin Editor - Harold Queen
VP - GA Lighthouse Foundation - Homer E. Wright

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors    Fao N. Akers
Harold Etheridge
H. Morris Pruitt
Donald Norris
Willis Hall

Zone Chairmen                    Donald Duncan
Larry Croft
Bon Haeberlin
Ron Crooks
John McCary
Charles B. Greer
Lee V Peterson
Luther M. Young
Joseph Lyttle, Sr.

The First District Cabinet Meeting was held August 3, 1986 in Jonesboro with sixty Lions representing 38 clubs and seven Lionesses representing five clubs in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Deputy District Governor Donald L. Norris. The invocation was given by Lion Floyd Carmak who also extended greetings on behalf of Chairman Charlie Griswell, Clayton County Commissioner.

PDG Laseter extended his sincere thanks to the outgoing Cabinet members and encouraged the incoming Cabinet to strive for an increase in membership this year.

Lioness Susan Hubbard was appointed by DG King as Tail Twister. $61.00 was collected in TT Fines and a motion was made, seconded, and approved to send the $61.00 to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind.

Many reports were presented and announcement made. DG King addressed the issue of the Princess Pageant now that we no longer have sponsorship of the Peach Bowl. It was generally felt that the pageant was a good fund-raiser in the past; however, there was much discussion as to what the princess would be princess of. One idea mentioned was to have Miss Georgia Lions Princess and her court involved in some way with the Pepsi Senior Challenge. DG King advised he would take this to the Council of Governors meeting for further discussion.

The Fourth Cabinet Meeting was held June 7, 1987 in Columbus and District Governor- Elect Bob Campen said that in the strive for excellence in 1987-88, membership would be a priority. District Governor Campen acknowledged that the zone chairmen would have as an additional responsibility the duty of emphasizing the extension of Lionism with 18E . . . for World Lions Service Day in October 1987, District Governor Campen encouraged that each club adopt a program above and beyond their current calendar for this event and report these functions on their M&A's.

PDG Jeff Laseter told the district of his pleasure of having been Cabinet Advisor for the year and thanked the district for their cooperation and support. Some of the District’s monetary contributions are as follows: GA Lions Lighthouse regular contributions - $19,960.16; memorial contributions $365.00; White Cane day contributions - $12,430.30; Private Contributions $4.00 and ASSOC., contributions $500.00.

Total Lighthouse Contributions - $36,352.28. 18E’s total contributions to the Georgia Lions Camp

LCIF were $5,455.00 and contributions to Leader Dogs for the Blind &as $2,048.00.

As of September 1, 1986, 18E’s membership was 1,790. As of September 1, 1987, 18E’s membership was 1,695.

The Following Lions who died during the 1986-87 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated.

Ross C. Bateman, Macon Vine-Ingle
Raymond E. Baugh, Bonanza
Willis A. Biggers, Jr., Greenville
James W. Bronson, Warner Robbins
J. Douglas Carlisle, Macon
Kenneth Carswell, PDG, Macon
Dr. William Chambless, Harris County
Grady C. Cox, Riverdale
T. Roy Crouch, Hogansville
Claude Daniel, LaGrange Noon
Allan D. Dodson, Hogansville
Hugh Findley, Hampton
Marlin Freeman, LaGrange
Barney Lee Garrett, Carrollton
Walter G. Gossett, Luthersville
C. J. Hansard, Temple
Alcee F. Maxfield, PDG, Macon Vine-Ingle
James Maxwell, Carrollton
James W. Melton, Morrow
J. C. Murphey, West Point
Cullen R. Paton, Luthersville
Thomas Stutts, Heard County
Richard Taylor, Buena Vista
Woody Thornhill, Centerville
Abraham L. Tipton, LaGrange
Wade H. Tomlinson, Jr.,, Columbus Muscogee
J. F. Williams, Oglethorpe
J. T. Williams, Buchanan


Past District Governor Robert Campen was called upon for the second time in four years to serve 18E as District Governor. Others who were elected or appointed include:

Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - Warren Beddingfield
Cabinet Advisor - Robert King
VP - GA Lighthouse Foundation - Homer E. Wright
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind -James Walker

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Fao N. Akers
Bob Haeberlin
H. Morris Pruitt
Walter Fowler, Jr.
Willis Hall

Zone Chairmen                    Charles Blackstock
David Nysewander
Hanion T. Johnson
Jack Hunter
H. O. White
John McCary
James A. Huskey
Jerry Grimsley
Sidney Michael Gay
James L. Mayborn

The First Cabinet Meeting was attended by 84 Lions and 13 Lionesses. All items and issues were appropriately addressed.

Lion David Granroos served as Chairman of World Lions Service Day which was successful.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was attended by 45 Lions and 7 Lionesses. The meeting was held in Thomaston on November 7, 1987. Various reports were presented and all items on the agenda were addressed.

The Miss Georgia Lions Princess Pageant was held November 7, 1987 in Thomaston and Miss Denise Daniels, sponsored by the Columbus Lions Club, was crowned winner. Lions Jim McMullen and Ken Reeves, cochairmen, did their usual wonderful jobs.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held in LaGrange on March 12, 1988 with 74 Lions and 13 Lionesses present. Past International Director Mike Butler was a guest. Reports were given, items on the agenda were addressed and election of Cabinet Officers for the coming year was held. Among those elected were: Lion Fao Akers, DG; Don Norris, Lt. Gov,; Francis Barks, VP GA Camp for the Blind; PDG Jeff Laseter , District VP GA Lions Lighthouse, Warren Bedingfield, Librarian-Historian.

White Cane Day, E.B. Trigg Perry Lions Club-Chairman, yielded $14,134.50 in contributions with 31 clubs participating.

As of September 1987, 18E had 1,695 members.
As of September 1988, 18E had 1,704 members.

Contributions include:
Ga Lions Lighthouse Foundation            $38,234.80
GA Lions Camp for the Blind                $15,418.99
Lions Club International Foundation -    $15,283.00
Leader Dogs for the Blind -                   $  2,107.48

Based on available pertinent information of the accomplishments of 18E Lions Clubs during 1987-88, DG Campen decided to present a special award to the Columbus Lions Club. This award was over and above the regular DG’s awards to the top three clubs.

The winners of the DG contest were:
Bonanza Lions Club - 1st place; Columbus Evening Lions Club - 2nd place; Columbus Lions Club - 3rd place

The winners of the PDG’s Top Ten Club were: Bonanza, Columbus Evening, Columbus and 4-10 (listed alphabetically) are Centerville, Columbus Muscogee, Macon, Macon Southside, Warner Robins, Warner Robins Noon, West Point

The following Lions who died during 1987-88 are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Olen Arnett, Macon
Cecil Baldwin, Greenville
C. Edward Berry, Columbus
James R. Carter, Tallapoosa
Joseph E. Chapman, Jr., Columbus
Dr. W. E, Cm-ran, Columbus
Ernest Flitter, Thomaston
Hugh M. Glidewell, Jr., Butts County
Larry Jales, LaGrange
H. E. Hobbs, Cusseta
Wiley Hutchenson, Sr., Macon Rutland
W. I. Lanier, Tallapoosa
Brown McDowell, Heard County
W. D. Pool, Ideal
Paul R. Pope, Columbus
Joe Psalmond, Manchester
R.J. Simanton, Tallapoosa
Early Smith, Talbotton
William G. Spencer, Columbus
Harry R. Spikes, LaGrange
Darden Spradlin, Bowden
William G. Thomas, Macon Vine-Ingle.


The District Convention held on March 12, 1988 in LaGrange, Georgia was presided over by Governor Robert Campen. Lion Fao Akers was elected District Governor. Others elected or appointed were:

Don Norris, Lieutenant Governor (the first to be elected to this office); Francis Barks, VP GA Camp for the Blind; PDG Jeff Laseter , District VP GA Lions Lighthouse, Warren Bedingfield, Librarian-Historian.

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors    Charles Blackstock
Charlie McDaniels
H. Morris Pruitt
Virgil Peterson
Willis Hall

Zone Chairmen                    Daniel Jackson
Daniel Hutcherson
David Sparks
Jack Hunter
Forrest Hobbs
James C. Brooks
Robert R. Robinson
Timothy Hawkins
Clark W. Stevenson
Weyman Owen

The First Cabinet Meeting in Jonesboro was held on July 31,1988 was attended by 86 Lions and 4 Lionesses. All items and issues were duly addressed.

The Second Cabinet Meeting was held on October 16, 1988 with seven Lionesses and 51 Lions in attendance.

Many reports were presented. A crowded agenda was duly accounted for.

Morrow Lioness Club installed its first male member during the month of October 1989. Barnesville Lions Club installed seven new members recently and in so doing doubled their membership. Also note that Fort Valley recently five new members.

The Princess Pageant was held on February 11,1989 with Kimberly Clark Eason, who was sponsored by the Columbus Lions Club, winning the pageant.

The Third Cabinet Meeting, District Convention was held March 18, 1989. Guest Speaker was International Director James Cameron. Donald Norris was elected District Governor and Robert Robinson was elected Lieutenant Governor.

As of September 1, 1988, District 18E had 1,695 members.

As of September 1,1989, District 18E had 1,704 members.

GA Lions Lighthouse Foundation              $33,523.09
GA Lions Camp for the Blind                    $21,779.84
LCIF                                                         $ 7,702.00
Leader Dogs                                              $ 5,307.00

The following Lions who died during the 1988-89 year are lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Samuel C. Allison, PDG, Muscogee
B. J. Arrington, Heard County
Gilbert P. Burdick, Vine-lngle Macon
Willard E. Cagle, Rutland Macon
R.D. Crawford, Pike County
K. B. Hardwick, Cross Keys Macon
Dr. Joseph M. Hawley, Columbus
Dr. G. C. Holroyd, Hogansville
Joe Huckabee, Hogansville
Harry Jones, PDG, Columbus
P. H. Jossey, Sr., Forsyth
Lloyd A, Kirkland, Byron
Clarence D. Leverette, Perry
George Markwalter, Macon
Charles Matthews, Talbotton
C. W. McMahon, Cross Keys Macon


Deputy District Governor Donald Norris were elected to serve as 18E’s District Governor for the Lion year. Robert Robinson was elected Lieutenant Governor.

Others who were elected or appointed include: Cabinet Secretary-Treasurer - James A. Husky
VP - GA Lighthouse Foundation - Jeff Laseter
VP-GA Lions Camp for the Blind - R. W. King

Region Officers:

Deputy District Governors   Charles Blackstock
Charles McDaniel
James P. McGrotha
Robert Heaberlin
Wyman Owen

Zone Chairmen                    Edwin Harman
Bill Miller
Bill Pitts
Bob Heaberlin
Weldon Adams
Tommy Martin
Robert Edwards
Joseph Maloney
Fred Thompson
Joseph F. Lyttle, Sr.

The First Cabinet Meeting was held in Macon, Georgia in July 23, 1989 and was attended by 74 Lions and Lionesses.

The Chairman of World Lions Service Day was Frank Jones of Carrolton.

A special cabinet meeting was held October 15, 1989 in Macon. Governor Norris called this special meeting to elect a new District Vice President for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation to fill the vacancy created by PDG Laseter’s recent resignation. Lion Ronald W. Crooks was elected

The Second Cabinet Meeting and Rally was held in LaGrange on November 4. The items and issues of the agenda were duly addressed.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomaston on March 10,1990 with 70 Lions and Lionesses in attendance. Lion Charles McDaniel was elected to serve as District Governor for the upcoming year.

The Princess Pageant was also held March 10 in the evening following the Cabinet Meeting. More than 200 people attended the dinner held in connection with the pageant. Karla Gardener, sponsored by the Lizella Lions Club, won the pageant.

Contributions for the year include
Ga Lions Lighthouse Foundation            $30,106.79
GA Lions Camp for the Blind                 $16,980.10
Lions International Foundation                $15,523.00
Leader Dogs for the Blind                        $ 6,519.00

The Top Ten Clubs:

Columbus - 1; Warner Robins -2; Columbus Muscogee - 3; Southside - 4; Macon - 5; Bonanza - 6; Warner Robins - 7; Griffin - 8; Carrollton - 9; McDonough - 10

The Number One Lioness Club was Morrow. The Stuart Dyer Plaque Winner was Southside. The Herb Reimers Plaque went to Lamar Christopher. The Clyde Rayburn Plaque went to Southside. The Jeanne Bennet Plaque went to Gail Morris.

The following Lions who died will be lovingly remembered and appreciated:

Ridley Bell, PDG, Columbus
Theodore Bowen, Waverly Hall-Ellerslie
Thorns E. Campbell, Griffin
Ralph Cribb, Macon-Southside
Robert Bass Edge, Columbus Muscogee
F. Emory Green, Macon Southside
Henry C. Ivey, Columbus Muscogee
J. Alan Jones, Villa Rica
Carl Mays Kennedy, Byron
Ruth Mock, East Columbus
Claude Parrish, Temple
Henry Persons, Talbatton
Robert R. Robinson, Macon-Rutland
Jess Walters, Senoia

District 18-F

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

Council International
Convention Chairman
District Governor, 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District 18-F
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1980-81 1981-82
District Governor, 18-F
Council International
Convention Chairman
District 18-F 
Cabinet Sec.-Treas. 
District Governor, 18-F
Council Treasurer
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1982-83 1983-84
District Governor, 18-F
Council Secretary
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1984-85 1985-86
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-F
Council international
Convention Chairman
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
1986-87 1987-88
District Governor, 18-F 
Council Treasurer 
District 18-F
Cabinet Sec.-Treas.
District Governor, 18-F
Council Vice Chairman
District 18-F
District 18-F

District 18F


Theme: "Touch a Life With Hope"

District Governor - Jim D. Kay, Dearing Lions Club

During the Annual Convention on Jekyll Island on May 5, 1980, Jim D. Kay was elected District Governor. The first Cabinet Meeting was held in Adrian, GA on July 22, 1980. The following cabinet officers were elected.
Darrell Wells - Cabinet Secretary / Treasurer
Cabinet Advisor was C. W. Edwards, Jr.
Region I Deputy District Governor -P. Allen Walker, Lincolnton Club
Zone 1 Chairman - Elwood Free, Covington Lion Club
Zone 2 Chairman - Willard Lance, Washington Lion Club
Region II Deputy District Governor - Robert P. Lyons
Zone 1 Zone Chairman - C. B. Comb Jr., Louisville
Zone 2 Zone Chairman - Joe Reese, Swainsboro
Region III Deputy District Governor - Gary Wilkes, Forest Hill Club
Zone 1 Chairman - Charles E. Irvin, National Hill
Zone 2 Chairman - John M. Harrison, John M. Hanison, Harlem
Region IV Deputy District Governor - John W. Lee,
Zone 1 Chairman - Ralph Harris, Sandersville
Zone 2 Chairman - Wade Clark, Soperton

There were 38 clubs in the District. There were 5 Lioness clubs in the district. There were Masters (Augusta, Milledgeville, Swainsboro, Thomson and Washington).

The second Cabinet Meeting was held at Waynesboro, GA with the Waynesboro Club serving as Host.

The Third Cabinet Meeting was held at Glasscock Co. Lions Club in Gibson.

The fourth Cabinet meeting was held in Thomson with the Thomson Lions and Thomson Lioness Clubs serving as Host.


At the last Cabinet Meeting in May 1981 in Thomson, Robert P. "Bob" Lyons of the Swainsboro Club was elected District Governor of 18F. Phil Jones served as Secretary-Treasurer. The regional officers were:

Region I Deputy District Governor - Melvin Lee Harter, Covington
Zone 1 Chairman - Elwood Free, Covington
Zone 2 Chairman - Michael E. Pullen, Sylvania
Region II Deputy District Governor - Joe Reese,
Zone 1 Chairman - Philip I. Gambrell
Zone 2 Chairman - Michael E. Pullen
Region III Deputy District Governor - Dr. Gary Wilkes
Zone 1 Chairman - Charles E. Irvin, Garden City
Zone 2 Chairman - Paul C. Randolph, Mortivey Evan
Region IV Deputy District Governor - Mac Johnson, Milledgeville
Zone 1 Chairman - William Darrell Bowden, Macon
Zone 2 Chairman - Duren Payne, Dublin

The first cabinet meeting was held at the Lions Club Building in Louisville, GA on July 18, 1981. The Second Cabinet Meeting was held in Augusta. The third Cabinet Meeting was held at Milledgeville on February 28, 1982. The fourth Cabinet Meeting was held in Sylvania Lions Club, Sylvania, GA with this one being the incoming Officers School.


At the last Cabinet Meeting in Sylvania, Charles E. Church Irvin of Garden City Lions Club was elected District Governor. The Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer was Robert Whithe.

The Regional Officers were as follows:

Region I
Deputy District Governor - Melvin Lee, Harter
Zone 1 Chairman - Robert Deon, Covington
Zone 2 Chairman - Dr. Arthur Strickland, Worlyton
Region II
Deputy District Governor - Joe Reese, Swainsboro
Zone 1 Chairman - Phil Gombell, Milledgeville
Zone 2 Chairman - Richard Jersey, Waynesboro
Region III
Deputy District Governor - Dr. Walter Smith III, Forest Hill
Zone 1 Chairman - John Pittman Jr.
Zone 2 Chairman - James C. Hampton
Region IV
Deputy District Governor - Mac Johnson, Milledgeville
Zone 1 Chairman - Wade Hodges, Milledgeville
Zone 2 Chairman - J. Brachen Palmer, Dublin

The District had a total of 38 clubs for the year. This year the District had 6 Lioness Clubs, including Dearing, Masters, Milledgeville, Swainsboro, Thomson, and Washington. All clubs were active.

The Best Secretary for the year chosen by the District was Cecil G. Rodgers of the Twin City Club. The winner of the Washington Plaque was Garden City. The Millen Plaque was won by Sylvania Lions Club. The Madison Plaque was won by the Madison Lions Club. The most eye donor forms were collected by Covington Lions Club. The highest percentage increase in members was given to Garden City. The clubs winning awards were:

1st Place - Garden City
2nd place - Augusta
3rd place - Swainsboro
4th place - Twin City

The Augusta Club hosted the State Convention this year.


After some encouragement from various members in the district, Albert B, McClure was elected District Governor of I8F. Lion McClure is a member of the Conyers Club. He selected as his Cabinet Sec./Tress. Lee H. Cronan Jr., also of the Conyers Club.

The Region I Deputy District Governor was Robert Deon of the Covington Club and Claude Phillips of the Oxford Club and Olin Newby of the Washington Club serving as Zone Chairmen of Zones I and 2, respectively. In Region II, Michael Pullen of the Sylvania Club served as Deputy District Governor with Travis W. Taylor of Louisville and Donald P. Toole serving as Zone Chairmen of Zones 1 and 2, respectively. IN Region III, William S. Bross served as Deputy District Governor with Leslie C, Gotschall of the Augusta Club and Jerry M. Sineath of the Dearing Club serving respectively as Zones 1 and 2 Chairmen. In Region IV, Mac Johnson of the Milledgeville Club served as Deputy District Governor with Ed Bzdyk of Milledgeville and A.D. Joyner serving as Zone Chairmen of Zones 1 and 2, respectively. There were 38 clubs in the district. The second cabinet meeting was held on November 5 in Conyers. The District Convention was held in Milledgeville, GA with Williams S. Bross of the Thomson Club elected as District Governor. The Lioness officers for the year were Mac Johnson of the Milledgeville Club. Lioness Committee Chair: Lioness District Associate, Ruby Johnson, Milledgeville Lioness; Region I and II Associates Idell Hawkins and Rosemary Newby of the Thomson and Washington Lioness Clubs.


William G. Brass was elected District Governor at the April Cabinet Meeting in Milledgeville, GA. He also served as Council Secretary for that year. Wilton A. Hinton served as Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer. The Regional Officers were in Region I : Robert Kelley Deputy District Governor of the Conyers Club.

William G. Adair of the Madison Club serving as zone chairman of Zone 1 and Jerry Stover of the Washington Club serving in Zone 2. Region Two had as its Deputy District Governor Michael Pullen of Sylvania and Harvey L. Sapp of Waynesboro as Zone Chairman of Region and George H. Evans of Milledgeville serving as Zone Chairman of Zone 2.

Region 3 had as its Deputy District Governor Jerry Sineath of Dearing with Walter L. Dupree of Augusta serving as Zone 1 Chairman and Charles Hawthorne of the Thomson club as Zone 2 chairman.

In Region 4, J. B. Deal of the Milledgeville Club served as Deputy District Governor with Fred Todd of the Sandersville Club as Zone 1 Chairman and Cliff Crews as Zone 2 Chairman.

The first cabinet meeting was held in Sylvania GA on July 24 with 19 Lions Clubs and 3 Lioness Clubs in attendance. Miss Tammie Tesch of District 18 won the state contest and was crowned Queen of the Peach Bowl. The second cabinet meeting was held in Milledgeville along with the 21st Annual District Rally and Peach Bowl Princess Contest. The Third District Cabinet Meeting was held at the Fleming Club in Augusta on January 19, 1985. The winners in the District Governors Contest were Thomson - first; Conyers - 2nd and Sylvania 3rd. The winners of the Augusta Plaque was Secretary L. H. Morris of the Garden City Club. The winner of the Madison Plaque (Highest % gain in members) was the Martinez Evans Club. The winner of the Washington Plaque (highest % attendance) was the Garden City Club. The Millen Plaque (highest % attendance for clubs meeting bi-monthly) was awarded to the Sylvania Club. Harvey Sapp was elected District Historian. Contributions to Leader Dog amounted to $3638 for the Lions Club and $414 for the Four Lioness Clubs.

There was a total of 37 Lions clubs and 4 Lioness Clubs.


In April 1985, Olin C. Newby, past District Governor, was asked by District F Cabinet to consider serving as District Governor for the year 1985-86. After consideration, he accepted the job as District Governor of 18F for the year 1985-86. He and other officers were elected at the April Cabinet Meeting. District Governor William G. Brass had great influence on Newby’s decision to serve again as District Governor. Newby had served previously in the 1968-69 year. Newby attended the International Lion Convention in Dallas, Texas in July 1985. This was the first time that a previous Governor had offered to serve as Governor for a second term.

The First Cabinet Meeting was held in Thomson, GA on August 11, 1985. Cabinet Officers elected were: District Governor - Olin Newby

Cabinet Secretary - Treasurer - Mark Harrison; Cabinet Advisor - William G. Bross

Region Officers

Region 1 Deputy District Governor - Edwood Free, Covington
Zone One Chairman - Robert Stanton, Jr., Covington
Zone Two Chairman - Jerry Stover, Washington
Region II Deputy District Governor - Donald P. Tool, Sylvania
Zone One Chairman - Harvey L. Sapp, Waynesboro
Zone Two Chairman - Glenn Cl. Fennell, Swainsboro
Region III Deputy District Governor - Herb Ashline
Zone One Chairman - Johnny Bogwell
Zone Two Chairman - E. L. Wall, Thomson
Region IV Deputy District Governor - Cliff Crews
Zone One Chairman - Ed Megar, Milledgeville
Zone Two Chairman - John Lee, Soperton

Newby served as Vice Chairman of the Council of Georgia. Newby was also instrumental in moving the State Office to Milledgeville from Macon. This was also the year that the Peach Bowl was played for the last time for moneys for the Lions Lighthouse.

The other cabinet meetings held on November 1, 1985 were held in Swainsboro with that being the District Rally. The elections and district convention was held in Twins City Georgia and the club Officer School and last cabinet meeting was held in Washington Georgia. The convention was held on May 23-25 of 1986 in Macon Georgia with the International Convention in July 9-12, 1986 in New Orleans.

There were 105 Lions and Lionesses to attend the state convention in Macon.

The following Clubs were presented awards:

Augusta Dr. Domecan Plaque             Walher Dryree
Washington Plaque                             Garden City
Millen Plaque                                      Matting Evans
Madison Plaque                                  Covington
Covington Plaque                                Thomson
Sylvania Plaque                                   Sylvania

Jimmy Newman of the Fleming Club was presented the 100% Treasurer award.

One new club was chartered. This club was the Sardis Club. The income for the district was $7131.08. The expenses were $5898.40, leaving a balance of $1232.68 to be turned over to the 1986-87 cabinet.

Total contributions to the Georgia Lions Lighthouse amounted to $10,817.70 in regular contributions; $485.00 in Memorial Contributions; $8288.08 in White Cane Day Contributions; $1460.00 in Building Funds and Corporation 250 for a total of $21,300.98. Leader Dog School received $4544.00.

The following were 100% presidents:

James T. Williams               Covington
Gerald M. Treadway          Conyers
Kenny D. Fuller, Sr.           Milledgeville
Vincent P. Broderich          Fleming


Idell Hawkins                     Thomson
Berta Hartzell                     Milledgeville

The following are 100% Secretaries

Walter Dupree                    Augusta
L.R Brooks Jr.                   Thomson
Randall McBride                Sylvania
James K. Maddox              Dublin
Pete F. Henderson             Wadley
Cecil G. Rogers                 Twin City
Keith L. Stewart                Louisville
Lamar B. Gay                    Nullis
Charles Blyrd                     National Hills
William G. Adair                Madison

Five Clubs contributed to the CITE program for an amount of $1254

The Clubs of Fleming, Covington, Grovetown, Harlem, Madison, Milledgeville, Oxford and Sandersville contributed $63.00 Recording for the Blind-Athens, during the year..

A total of 69 eye donor cards were turned over to the Medical College of Georgia Eye Boothe. Representing 8 clubs a total of 161 eye donor cards from 9 clubs were turned into the Lions Eye Bank at Emory in Atlanta.

A total of 4 clubs contributed $1300 to Lions International Foundation. These donations included an amount to Mobc Mac Johnson a Melvin Jones Fellow.

At the District 18F Rally and Peach Bowl Princess, Marty Glenn Fennel1 of the Swainsboro Club and the members did an outstanding job in hosting the event.

lnternational Director Kenneth E. Lautzenheiser from Jerome, Michigan spoke at the banquet. Kathleen Elaine Rice of Augusta sponsored by the Fleming Club won the contest.

Winners in the Governors contest are as follows:

First place                            Augusta
Second place                       Covington
Third place                          Conyers
Fourth place                        Thomson

The Lioness Club standings are:

First place                           Thomson
Second place                      Milledgeville
Third place                          Dearing
Fourth place                        Masters of Augusta


Johnny Bagwell

Johnny Bagwell was elected District Governor for the 1986-87 Lions Year. Serving with him was Jimmy Newman of the Fleming Club of Augusta, GA. The regional officers were: in Region I Gerald Treadway, Conyers, and Richard Ward, Union Point.

Serving in Region 11 was Glenn H. Finnel of the Swainsboro Club with William R. Spears, Jr. serving as Zone Chairman of Zone 1 and Robert P. Lyons of Swainsboro serving as Zone chairman of Zone 2. In Region III, Walker Dupree of the Augusta Club served as Deputy District Governor and Joe T. Jordon, J. of the Garden City Club served as Zone Chairman of Zone one. Ben Deitz of Grovetown Club served as Zone Chairman of Zone II. Ed Menger, Jr. of the Milledgeville Club served as Deputy District Governor with J.B. Deal of Milledgeville serving as Zone Chairman of Zone 1 and Gary Campbell of Dublin served as Zone 2 Chairman. Lion Governor Bagwell set up criteria for the District 18F Lion Of the Year Award. This was voted on by the Lions and Lionesses at the breakfast held at the state Convention. William G. Bross of the Thomson Club was elected Lion of the Year. The average attendance for the District Club attendance was 80%

The following received the Melvin Jones Fellow during the year: Dave Jarrow of the Garden City Club, Johnny W. Bagwell of the Fleming Club, Bill Adair of the Madison Club, A.D. Jocker of the Soperton Club, Rod Stroder of the National Hills Club, Jimmy H. Newman of the Fleming Lions Club, William G. Bross of the Thomson Club, Lioness Rubye Johnson of the Milledgeville Lioness Club, J. B. Deal of the Milledgeville Club, Bob Lyons of the Swainsboro Club and Al McClure of the Conyers Club.

District 18F had a Beauty Pageant. The following clubs had contestants:

Conyers Lions Club - Princess Kim Shue
Conyers Lions Club - Princess Lee Tyner
Covington Lions Club - Princess Jacquelyn Kristie Wood
Fleming Lions Club - Princess Laura Latice Mundy
Garden City Lions Club - Princess Sandra Homer Smith
Greensboro-Union Point Lions Club - Princess Kay Elizabeth Ellenburg
Madison Lions Club - Princess Jodie Lunn White
National Hills Lions Club - Princess Angela Christine Maietta
Swainsboro Lions Club - Princess Mary Kathryn Kent
Waynesboro Lions Club - Princess Melissa Shannon Bumell

Winner - Princess Jacquelyn Kristie Wood
1st Runner Up - Princess Sandra Homer Smith

The following school systems in 18F adopted the Lions Quest Skills for Adolescents Curriculum for next year: Wilkes County - thanks to Lion Olin Newby of the Washington Lions; Screven County - thanks to Lion Don Toole and the Sylvania Lions; Evans Middle School thanks to Lion Pat Jackson and the Martinez Evans Lions and Emanuel County - thanks to Lion Glen Fennel1 and the Swainsboro Lions as well as Twin City and Adrian Lions.

I would like to commend PDG Road Strader, National Hills Lions Club, PDG Olin Newby, Washington Lions Club, PDG Bill Bross, Thomson Lions Club; Lion Keith Steward and Lion Bill Hat-rod, Louisville Lions Club for your untiring efforts in getting two new Lions Clubs started at Sardis and Wrens, Georgia. These two new Clubs allowed District 18F to win President Sten Akestam Presidential Award. These two new clubs were the first new Clubs formed in District 18F since 1976. Thanks again to the above Lions for their dedication to Lionism. 

White Cane Day was a great day and the greatest year ever for District 18F. Chairman Lion Bill Bross again set a record by receiving the largest contributions ever and the largest number of Clubs participation in District 18F. We collected $12,405.30 and 29 Lions Clubs and 3 Lioness Clubs joined together to support this drive.

Camp for the Blind - Many thanks to Vice President Lion Ed Menger, Jr. for the greatest year we have ever had in the support and contributions to this wonderful State Project. My special thanks to every Club and every member in District 18F whom made this an outstanding year for this project.

Each club had a fair and equal chance to win in the District Governor’s Contest. Every club was automatically entered into the contest and graded according to the rules set forth in our Multiple District Directory. The contest was a total of points scored during the year ending May 3, 1987.


Division 1 -                 Swainsboro 1st place
                                  Forest Hills 2nd place
Division 2 -                 Garden City 1st place
                                  Covington 2nd place
Division 3 -                 Augusta 1st place
                                  Thomson 2nd place
Division 4 -                 Milledgeville 1st place

District Award Winners:

Augusta - Dr. Damem Plaque - Walker Dupree, Augusta
Washington Plaque - Garden City Lions
Millen Plaque - Martinez Evans
Madison Plaque - Grovetown
Covington Plaque - Thomson
Sylvania Plaque - Martinez Evans

Matinez Evans Plaque - C. H. Stephens (5) Grovetown

Leader Dog Program - Thanks to chairman Lion Bill Bross for another outstanding year with our Leader Dog Program. We are real proud of this project. In the Leader Dog program there were 28 Lions Clubs and 3 Lioness Clubs that made contributions to this great humanitarian project. total amount of $8146.37 was contributed in District 18F. this was the greatest amount raised by any District in 18 for the year 1986-87. It also enabled District F to lead the state in contributions to Leader Dog for the year. In the beginning of the year I set a personal goal of $6,000.00 for Leader Dog. All of you can readily see that this goal has been surpassed by 33%. So, again, thanks to each of you for making this happen.


Kay Peters District Governor

Ray Peters Sr., of the Fleming Lions Club was elected District Governor. Serving as Cabinet Secretary Treasurer was Joseph 1: Jordon, Jr. Others serving as Regional Officers were Region One - Gerald Treadway of Conyers with James T. Williams of Covington serving as Zone Chairman for Zone one and Thomas Campbell of Union Point serving as Zone chairman for Zone two.

Harvey L. Sapp of Waynesboro served as Region II Deputy District Governor and William Harrord of the Louisville Club served as Zone one Chairman and Roy Cook of the Mitten Club served as Zone two chairman. In Region III, J. I. Teasley of Fleming served as Deputy District Governor with Norman L. Daniels of Garden City as Zone Chairman of Zone one and Rile Shirling of Thomson as Zone Chairman of Zone two. In Region IV, Ed Menger of Milledgeville served as Deputy District Governor with Mac Johnson serving as Zone one Chairman and Randy Hester of Dublin as Zone two chairman.

At the suggestion of DG Ray Peters, and the initiative of Lion Tamer Curly Bross, our District Has broken new ground that will help every Georgia lion and may eventually bring us International attention. Briefly, what Lion Bross did was go through the catalogue and pick out those items that he felt would be most helpful and attractive to local Lions. From this list he chose items that he felt would actually sell well. These selected items were ordered and displayed at our 18F District Rally. At International’s suggestion, Lion Bross tacked on ten percent to cover handling and transportation costs which we had paid. The response was so good, he began taking the material around to other district meetings and has sold about two-thirds of the original approximate $1500.00 amount. The overall idea gained such good acceptance that the Council of Governors voted to take over the whole project as a means of making these Lions items more readily visible and accessible to Lions who probably have never seen the catalog, and the thousands of attractive items it contains. We, in the sense of comic relief, like to think of the whole thing as "Curley’s Little Red Country Store."

At the District Rally held in Augusta, Past District Governor Mac McClure was awarded the Melvin Jones Plaque. Past District Governors Olin Newby, Johnny Bagwell, Rod Strader and William G. Bross were each awarded the Lions International Certificate of Appreciation by 1st Vice President Austin Jennings for Lions International President Judge Brian Stevenson.


At the 18F Cabinet Meeting held on February 7,1988 at Milledgeville Georgia, J. B. Deal of the Milledgeville Lions Club was elected District Governor for the year. William Harod of the Louisville Club was elected Lieutenant Governor. This was the first Lieutenant Governor elected for the District. Past Governor William G. Adair of the Madison Club was elected Vice President for the Camp for the Blind. Johnny Bagwell of Fleming was elected Vice President of the GL Lions Lighthouse. Olin Newby of Washington was elected 18-F Historian. Others elected were Ed Menger of the Milledgeville Club was elected Cabinet Secretary, and Morris Hutcheson of the Milledgeville Club was elected Cabinet Treasurer. Serving as Region I Deputy District Governor was James T. Williams of the Oxford Club. Ben B. Poole of the Conyers Club served as Zone one chairman and Robert Drake, Jr. served as Zone two chairman. In Region III Floyd Montgomery of the Augusta Club served as Deputy District Governor with Gary Wilkes of the Forest Hill Club serving as Zone Chairman of Zone one and Patrick R. Johnson serving in Zone two. Gary Campbell of the Dublin club served as Zone Chairman of Region IV with Theron Johnson of Sandersville Club serving as Zone one chairman and Wade Clark of Soperton serving as Zone 2 chairman.


Billy E. Shurling of the Thomson Club was elected District Governor for the year 1989-90. Serving with him as regional officers were: Chip Jernigan of the Conyers Club as Region Chairman with James E. Dear Jr., of Covington as Zone One Chairman and Dr. Don W. Schmidt of Lincolnton as Zone Two Chairman.

Robert P. Lyon of the Swainsboro Lion Club was elected Regional Chairman of Region II with William B. Miller of the Wadley Club serving as Zone One Chairman and Donald P. Toole of Sylvania as Zone two Chairman. In Region III, Patrick R. Jackson of the Martinez Evans Club served as Regional Chairman with David Adams of Augusta serving as Zone one Chairman and Alpha Peeble of the Thomson Club as Zone two Chairman. In Region IV Theron Johnson of the Sandersville served as Regional Chairman with Clayton Kitchen of the Jones County Club as Zone one Chairman and John Popovich of the East Dublin Club as Zone two Chairman.

One Lioness Club remained in the District, that being the Thomson Lioness Club. This club has been a very active club both in the local and state level. Joyce Shurling served as President and Mattie Peebles served as Secretary. Ben Poole from Conyers was elected to serve as Lieutenant Governor. Robert Lyon was elected to serve as District Librarian.


History of The Decade

July 1,1980 - June 30,1990

(by: Marlene Lague, Executive Director)

The Georgia Lions Lighthouse began the eighties decade with a call to commitment by Lion Ken Massingale, president. "Commitment means more than talk, it requires positive action and sometimes a little sacrifice", said Massingale. During the 1980-8-l fiscal year, the Lighthouse helped 693 people receive vision and hearing care, supported the Augusta Eye Bank with $21,226, the Emory Eye Bank with $55,871, the Camp for the Blind with $12,500, and corneal research at the Medical College of Georgia with $10,200. Total receipts for the year were $396,478.15 and expenditures were $323,973.24. $50,000 of the income was received from the Peach Bowl.

Lion Massingale finished a three-year term as president in 1981-82. Lion Massingale began the District Governor-Elect seminar in 1982-83. It was designed to provide Lighthouse information and education to newly elected state leadership. During the year, sight and hearing was provided to 611 Georgians, White Cane Day brought in $57,000, the Peach Bowl generated the highest income ever--$89,000, and 252 hearing aids were dispensed. Total income for the year was $428,296.35 and disbursements, $277,600.60.

The next year brought a new president, Lion Marion McTyre of the South Cobb Lions Club. This year the Peach Bowl generated $100,000 for the Lighthouse, making it possible for a new dimension to be added to the Lighthouse program. The board of directors approved a $45,000 grant to Emory for the purpose of establishing the "Georgia Lions Hearing Research Laboratory" for the study of the ear and hearing disorders. Executive Director Nancy Belch reported that 1,180 requests for sight and hearing services were received. A record was set in the used eyeglass recycling program as it generated $21,468 in income. A Radio Shack TRS-80 computer was purchased for the office as the Lighthouse joined the age of technology. The market value of the trust fund held at C & S Bank climbed to over $657,000.00.

Under President McTyre’s leadership in 1983-84, the board made an exciting decision. They committed to a building program and voted to purchase a lot on Clairmont Road in Decatur, just north of the VA Hospital. Total receipts for the year were $396,278,57 and expenditures were $396,278.57. Over 1,500 patients applied for services.

The building fund program gained momentum during President McTyre’s last year in 1984-85, and groundbreaking was held on June 8, 1985. The Georgia Lions Hearing and Ear Research Laboratory at Emory began clinical training for the cochlear implant surgical techniques. This implant enables people with profound hearing loss to hear for the very first time.

Two new leaders came to the Lighthouse in 1985-86 with Lion T. G. Crosby as president and Mrs. Marlene Lague as executive director. Lion Crosby, Mrs. Lague, and the building committee worked together in overseeing the construction of the new building which was occupied in April of 1986. During this fiscal year, the staff focused on getting hospitals to give discounts to Lighthouse patients and $15,522.00 was written off. Over 2,000 people applied for vision and hearing care. 1985 was the last year of the Peach Bowl for the Lighthouse. A total of $740,942.05 was received from Peach Bowl contributions from 1968 to 1985. White Cane Day income climbed to an all time high of $144,225 with 52% club participation. Total support and revenue for the year was $612,169 and expenditures totaled $399,231. The trust fund, now managed by Montag and Caldwell, had a total market value of $1,014,143.

The Lighthouse continued to grow in 1986-87 and the first Senior PGA golf tournament was held in Roswell to help meet the demand for services. Some of golf’s greatest players, including Arnold Palmer, Billy Casper, Miller Barber, and Chi Chi Rodriguez, competed for the Pepsi Senior Challenge’s first prize check of $37,500.00. Senator Pierre Howard spoke at the sixth annual District Governor-Elect seminar. 566 roaring Lions and Lionesses attending the Lighthouse Day with the Braves on June 21, 1987. The Board of Trustees devised a strategy for increasing the value of the trust fund and making our future secure. The driving force behind this new Ten Million Dollar Club was Lion Tom Williams of Savannah. Twenty-one people joined the Club with $100 donations as the program began.

Dancing his way into the presidency with humor and enthusiasm was Lion Charles Pickell of Dalton who took office on July 1, 1987. President Pickell danced on a table to raise money for the Lighthouse. The most important venture of the year was the decision to join with the American Diabetes Association, Georgia Affiliate in a diabetic eye disease project called Fight for Sight. Lions Clubs International Foundation supported Fight for Sight with a $50,000.00 grant. The research conducted in the Georgia Lions Hearing Lab received attention from researchers around the world. 1,934 patients applied for services, courtesy discounts from hospitals and anesthesiologists climbed to $55,484.33, and 418 patients received hearing aids. Total support and revenue for the year was $600,444 and expenses were $552,770.

40 colorful balloons were released during the pregame ceremonies at our Day with the Braves in June of 1989 to commemorate our 40th anniversary. Lion Tom Bingham, a blind member of the Atlanta Lions Club founded the Lighthouse in 1949 with $3,000. 1988-89 had some disappointments. The PGA cancelled the Pepsi Senior Challenge after its third year, and White Cane Day was rained out causing the first drop in White Cane donations in 10 years. On the positive side, attendance at board meetings reached over 300 and several thousand diabetics were screened for eye disease in the Fight for Sight project. In addition, 2,050 patients applied for services. 75% of the patients had total household incomes of $900 a month or less. Total revenue was $590,526 and expenditures were $532,982.

Lion Pickell completed the decade of the eighties with his third and final year as president. This was a year of unsurpassed growth. Applications increased by 45% over the previous year as 2,972 patients asked for help. Discounts reached a high of $85,904 from hospitals and anesthesiologists and an estimated additional $400,000 was donated by eye doctors. To help with the growth, the Georgia Health Foundation, Inc. made a $50,000 grant to the Lighthouse in honor of Dr. Morgan Raiford, one of the first ophthalmologists to participate in the Lighthouse program. A multi-user computer system was purchased for the Lighthouse office to replace the Radio Shack TRS-80. The trust fund continued to increase as it reached a fair market value of $1,495,461 on June 30, 1990. Total support and revenue in this last year of the decade was $583,417 and expenditures were $649,931.

Georgia Lions Lighthouse 1985



Activities of Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation

Diabetes Eye Disease screening

White Cane Day

Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind, Inc.


1980 - 1989

Written and compiled by:
Robert L. Yaun
Executive Director

May 1995

The 1980's covered a period of exceptional growth for the Georgia Lions Camp. During this developmental time, the idea and promotion as a statewide project: eventually reached all 330+ clubs. A steady increase in campers fueled the needs of facility expansion as well as the funding thereof. Slowly but surely, the vision was becoming a reality.

During this time, summer attendance nearly tripled, rising from 52 to 153, and the operating budget climbed from $25,000 to over $130,000. Additionally, nearly l/4 million dollars of improvements were added to the camp's property including a 48 capacity dormitory; a new pick-up; a dining hall and kitchen extension; a utility building with bathrooms and laundry facilities; a fishing pond; director's residence; a 12 passenger van, and modern office equipment including a computer, printer, and copier.

Organizationally, the Board grew into a well rounded representation of the entire multiple district (statewide). With average board meeting attendance increasing from 15 to a resounding 75. Associate Director appointments were begun and involvement by each club. which encouraged representation and involvement by each club.

Administratively, two full-time positions were created to operate and manage the camp, an Executive Director and an Office Secretary.

Collectively thru the 80's, the camp earned its right as a major service project of the Lions of Georgia. A project that has touched the lives of over 700 of Georgia's youth with visual disabilities by giving them confidence in themselves, a touch of independence and the dignity to say "yes I can".


1980 -  Catfish pond constructed near back of property.
Received a grant from Lighthouse $12,500.
Trust Fund Committee established.
52 blind & visually impaired campers attend camp.

1981 -  Camp Director hired to operate camp during Summer for his college internship.
Participated in newly formed National Conference of Lions Camps.
Established rates for leasing the facilities.
Total club contributions at end of 1980-81 FY $32,072.
53 campers attended summer camp.

1982 -  Addition of Associate Directors positions begun to create statewide representation.
Executive Director hired on a full time basis.
94 campers attend summer sessions.

1983 -  Annual income and operational expenditures reach the $50,000 mark.
Summer program expanded to 9 weeks, including a session for blind young adults.
92 campers attend summer sessions.
A Light at the End of the Tunnel* slide program was
developed by North Georgia Vocational/Tech School.
Year round secretary added to camp staff.
TV raffle started as a statewide fundraiser.
Regular board meeting location moved to Milledgeville.
Average board meeting attendance approximately 20 people.
Upgrade to exterior walls on gazebo completed

1984 -  Ground breaking for new 4500 sq ft dormitory, Dr. John Pierce, International Director is speaker.
400 meter track added / adventure course started.
Needs list: published.
113 campers attend summer program.
Don Anderson, Past President and one of the camp's Founding Fathers, dies in motorcycle accident.
First quarterly "Lion Gator", camp newsletter distributed to all clubs.
First set of policies developed for camp operations.
Information & promotional packets sent to every club.
Camp receives an $18,000 grant from Lighthouse to furnish new dormitory.
Received $16,000 bequest from Orkin Smith Estate.
Received $7560 grant thru Government Emergency Funds.

1985 -  Camper attendance climbs to 130.
New dorm dedicated.
Perched owl logo with wording, "Vision For A Brighter Tomorrow", officially adopted as camp logo
Offices moved into older cabin which was converted to Administration Building.
First Diabetic Youth Retreat held by Southeastern Health District at camp with 19 campers.
Joined membership into ACA.
Received $6,500 from Don Surrency Estate.
Received $20,000 building grant from DNR for new dormitory construction.

1986 -  New Dining Hall and kitchen addition opened for use and named "Lioness Hall" in recognition of their extensive support.
139 campers attend summer program.
The Century Club, a capital improvements fundraiser, was started under the direction of Camp President, Don Lynch.
Received $10,000 grant from DNR budget for dining hall construction and renovation.

1987 -  GLC hosted Annual Conference of Lions Camps in fall - - 65 attendees from 16 Lions Camps.
New camp video available entitled "Visions of Summer".
152 campers attended 1 of 5 sessions during summer.
First Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) camp held for 1 week session 25 kids attend.
Began weekend outings for adult blind during fall & Spring.
Annual income and operational expenditures exceed the $100,000 mark.
Purchased 12 passenger van to help transport campers.

1988 -  157 campers attend camp during summer.
Questionnaire sent to parents revealed positive results.
Directors residence completed.
Camper designed Christmas cards used as a fundraiser.
MDA camp continues, most of kids in wheelchairs.
Regular Board Meeting moved to Dublin, and adopted 2 day format.

1989 -  Started 100% Banner Patch Awards for clubs giving $25+/member.
North Florida MDA Camp leases camp for 1 week summer session.
Number of Century Club membership reaches 100 mark.
Grant application for $24,000 submitted to LCIF for Arts & Crafts building. (Approved in 1990)
Plans accepted to get underway with first Azinger Pro-Am to benefit camp.
Camper sponsorships raised to $150/camper/week.
Trust Fund balance at $47,700.
Building block fundraiser begun to finance Director's residence.
Average Board Meeting Attendance between 75 and 90.
Total annual club contributions (at end of 1989-90 FY) have increased to $138,000.

Lions from District A plan District Convention Hospitality Night

District B

District B Governor Jack Hanbury with International President Austin Jennings in 1989 meeting.

International President William Woolard congratulates Inman Davis of District 18-B

Lonnie Roberts prepares for response to speaker - 1989

(Left to right) Inman Davis, District Governor; John Knox, Mayor of Waycross; Clarence Billups, President of the Waycross Chamber of Commerce; the speaker; and Jim Tucker, President of the Waycross Lions Club. (Ted Walden, Superintendent of Waycross Schools, was present but as a member of the Waycross Lions Club was hosting one of the students and Family.)

(Left to right) Jim Tucker; J.D. McLean, Principal of Waycross High School; Mrs. Williamson; Mr. Williamson, Principal of Ware County High School; Alex Peavy, Chairman of the Wart County Board of Education; Mrs. Dial; Dr. Dial, Superintendent of Ware County Schools.


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