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Lions of Georgia, Club History 1975-1976

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District Governor: District A, Marion W. McTyre, Marietta, Ga.
District Governor: District B, R. C. Cunningham, Patterson, Ga.
District Governor: District C, Hal Council 1975-76
District Governor: District D, Ray Eastmoore, Dunwoody, Ga. Clubs: 300
District Governor: District E, Richard H. Mallory, LaGrange, Ga.
District Governor: District F, Madison T. Woo, Augusta, Ga.
Council Chairman: Ray Eastmoore, 18-D, Dunwoody, Ga.
Abbeville 18-C James L. Faircloth Monday, 1-3, 6:30 Abbeville Motel 
Acworth 18-A Lee B. Thomas Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Johnson's Restaurant
Adairsville 18-A Terry Drew Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Adairsville School Lunchroom
Adel 18-C Tom W. Thomas Tuesday, 1-3, 12:00 King Frog Restaurant
Adrian 18-F Wilbur (Sonny) G. Stephens Thursday, 1, 7:30 Adrian Housing Corp.
Alapaha 18-C James R. Gaskins Monday, 2-4, 8:00 Wrights Café
Albany 18-C B. Bruce Jones Tuesday, 1:00 Hotel Gordon
Alma 18-B Jerold Bozeman Monday, 7:00 Lions Den  
Alpharetta 18-A W. L. Brown Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Alpharetta Municipal Building
Americus 18-C George H. Erwin Jr. Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Holiday Inn
Arlington 18-C Chuck Cowart Monday, 2-4, 12:00 Arlington Community House
Ashburn 18-C Theron Reed Thursday, 1, 12:00 Quality Restaurant
Athens 18-D Hoke C. Oglesby Jr. Thursday, 1:00 Holiday Inn
Athens Classic City 18-D Bailey W. Mitchell Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Davis House
Atlanta 18-A Joseph Mc Cabe Friday, 12:15 Top of the Mart
Atlanta Buckhead 18-A J. Howard Stone Jr. Monday, 2-4, 6:30 Brennan's Restaurant
Atlanta Henry Grady 18-A Jesse F. Joiner Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Howell House Cafeteria
Atlanta Northeast 18-A W. Melville Johnson Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Standard Federal Building
Atlanta Southwest 18-A Wilson W. Culbreth Monday, 1-3, 7:15 Oliver's Place
Auburn- Carl 18-D David F. Hawthorne Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Lions Club Building
Augusta 18-F Edwin S. Presnell Tuesday, 1:00 Quality Inn Towers
Augusta Forest Hills 18-F James C. Courson Tuesday, 1:00 Red Lion Grill
Augusta Garden City 18-F Raymond S. Boyd Monday, 7:00 Thunderbird Villa Inn
Austell 18-A William J. Arnold Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Dinner Bell
Baconton 18-C Warren N. Jung Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Community House
Bainbridge 18-C Bobby R. Tedder Wednesday, 2-4, 12:00 Holiday Inn
Ball Ground 18-A Manifried Cowart Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Sequoia Restaurant
Baxley 18-B Robert L. Wiggins Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Nannys Kitchen
Bethesda 18-D Gary D. Fricks Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Country Side Village
Blackshear 18-B Sam G. Owens Thursday, 2-4, 6:30 Oak Plaza Restaurant
Blakely 18-C Joe A. Cannon Tuesday, 2-4, 12:00 Town & Country Club
Bloomingdale 18-B Jack O. Prescott Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Methodist Church
Bonanza 18-E Shelton Noble Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Hill Billy Steak House
Bowdon 18-E Everett M. Camp Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Wagon Wheel Cafeteria
Bowman 18-D Woodrow W. Lavender Thursday, 2-4, 8:00 Goshen Community Center
Boynton 18-A Jake C. Redwine Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Boynton School
Brantley County 18-B Avery Strickland Monday, 2-4, 12:00 Red Pig Restaurant
Brookhaven 18-D Warren C. Turner Jr. Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Western Sizzlin Steak House
Brunswick 18-B T. R. Johns Monday, 1:00 Galley Restaurant
Buchanan 18-E J. K. Davenport Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Ann's Café
Buena Vista 18-E T. Cliff Hollis Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Garrett's Restaurant
Buford 18-D Kenneth E. Martin Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Buford Civic Club
Bulloch  18-B James R. Harris Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 House of Sirloin
Butts County 18-E Rev. Donald L. Folsum Tuesday, 2-4, 12:00 Tomlins Restaurant
Byron 18-E Jethro Johnson Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Capri Restaurant
Cairo 18-C Danny Morrison Tuesday, 1-3, 8:00 Town House Restaurant
Calhoun 18-A J. H. Hartwell Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Ramada Inn
Calvary 18-C Charles B. Butler Tuesday, 2-4, 8:00 Calvary Methodist Annex
Camilla 18-C Richard W. Hilliard Tuesday, 12:00 Watson's Restaurant
Canton 18-A Charles T. Kellog Thursday, 1, 12:00 Pine Crest Restaurant
Carnesville 18-D Larry V. Brown Monday, 1-3, 7:00 1st Bank & Trust
Carrollton 18-E Bobby R. Simonton Thursday, 12:00 Sunset Hills Contry Club
Cartersville 18-A Doyle Sheffield Tuesday, 12:30 Morrell's Restaurant
Cave Spring 18-A A. S. Patterson Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Family House Restaurant
Cedartown 18-A Larry Kugler Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Old Mill Restaurant
Centerville 18-E Frank Wadsworth Monday, 1-3, 7:30 20th Century Cafeteria
Chatsworth 18-A Winston Massengale Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Church of God of Prophecy
Chattanooga Valley 18-A Gaines R. Hobbs Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Flintstone United Methodist
Chester 18-C Billy Mc Leod Tuesday, 2-4, 8:00 Chester Elementary School
Chickamauga 18-A Robert F. Fowler Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Masonic Building
Clarkesville 18-D Ronnie Mathis Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Adams Rib Restaurant
Claxton 18-B H. Frank Laws Tuesday, 1-3, 8:00 Lions Clubhouse
Clayton 18-D F. D. Singleton Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Heart of Raybun Restaurant
Clinch County 18-B A.D. Busbin Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Woman's Club House
Cobb County 18-A Norman J. Miles Thursday, 1-3, 12:00  Holiday Inn
Cochran 18-C Randall L. Barron Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Community House
Colbert 18-D Gordon L. Fincher Thursday, 1-3, 8:00 Swamp Guinea Restaurant
College Park 18-A Howard A. Hoffer Jr. Wednesday, 1-3, 7:30 Woodward Academy 
Colquitt 18-C Dr. Edsel Davis Tuesday, 1-3, 12:00 Youth Center
Columbus 18-E Jack S. Copelan Tuesday, 12:30 Ralston Motor Hotel
Columbus East   18-E Paul R. Tatum Thursday, 2-4, 12:00 Airport Holiday Inn
Columbus Muscogee 18-E Hubbert F. Stubbs Monday, 12:45 Airport Holiday Inn
Comer  18-D George H. Bryant Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Clubhouse
Commerce 18-D Richard Massey Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Piedmont Restaurant
Conyers 18-F Roland L. Heath Monday, 1-3, 7:00 VFW Dining Hall
Cordele 18-C Claude B. Wilson Tuesday, 12:00 Crisp County Courthouse
Cordele Evening 18-C Albert A. Allen Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Ramada Inn
Cornelia 18-D Raeford L. Thomas Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Panarama Restaurant
Covington 18-F John N. Banks Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Lions Club Pavilion
Crawford County 18-E C. E. Traxton Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 County Agent's Office
Cross Keys 18-E Walker Miller Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Cross Keys Lions Clubhouse
Cusseta 18-E Edgar L. Burgamy Tuesday, 2-4, 8:00 Cusseta Bank
Cuthbert 18-C Arthur Loewen Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Colonial Inn
Dade County 18-A Henry Elliott Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Wright's Restaurant
Dahlonega 18-D Jim Waden Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Smith House
Dallas 18-A Chris J. Good Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Hobb House
Dalton 18-A Charles K. Bevil Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Ramada Inn
Dalton Noon 18-A Winston W. Wells Tuesday, 2-4, 12:00 Ramada Inn
Darien 18-B Madison C. Whorton Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Lions Club Building 
Dawson 18-C Richard C. Barry Tuesday, 7:30 Dawson Lions Club Building
Dawsonville 18-D Hubert Bailey Monday, 1-3, 7:00 H & M Café
Dearing 18-F Jim Kay Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Dearing Elementary School
Decatur 18-D Thomas E. O' Neal Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Pritchett's Dining Room
Decatur North Decatur 18-D John C. Hunter Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Mr. Steak's Restaurant
DeKalb Central(Avondale) 18-D Henry Jackson Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Plantation Cafeteria
Dexter 18-F Phillip W. Lord Thursday, 3, 7:30 Dexter School Lunchroom
Donaldsonville 18-C Fred E. Burch Tuesday, 12:00 Lions Hall
Dougherty  18-C Charles O. Newton Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Sheraton Motor Inn
Douglas 18-B Carlos B. Woodward Tuesday, 12:30 Royals  Restaurant
Douglasville 18-A Marshall H. Green Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 78 Steak House
Druid Hills 18-D Thomas E. Penland Jr. Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Druid Hills Golf Club
Dublin 18-F Cliff C. Crews Friday, 1:00 Brown's Restaurant
Duluth 18-D James A. Martin Thursday, 2-4, 7:15 Dutch Mill Restaurant
Dunwoody 18-D Norman C. Schiesser Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Morrisson's Cafeteria
Eastman 18-C Gary E. Yawn Tuesday, 12:00 Carriage Inn
East Point 18-A Myer J. Abgott Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Washington Plaza Café
Echols County 18-C Donald Dukes Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Echols High School
Edison 18-C Harry C. Davis Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Calhoun Country Club
Elberton 18-D Frank M. Melton Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Elberton Civic Center
Ellaville 18-E Mickey Hollaway Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 American Legion Hall
Ellijay 18-A James R. Pack Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Top-O-Ellijay Restaurant
Fitzgerald 18-C Vic Bernhart Tuesday, 12:30 Fitzgerald Elks Lodge
Flagview 18-A Thomas S. Wilson Friday, 2-4, 7:30 Hudson's Hickory House
Fleming 18-F Kenneth Lichtenfels Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Granny's Kitchen
Floyd County 18-A Aaron J. Frost Tuesday, 1-3, 6:45 Holiday Inn
Folkston 18-B Kenneth Wainwright Monday, 2-4, 7:30 American Legion Hall
Forsyth 18-E Jerry V. Mitchell Monday, 2-4, 6:30 Quality Court Restaurant
Forsyth County 18-D Jimmy Moore Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Jack's Restaurant
Fort Gaines 18-C Rusty Cooper Tuesday, 1-3, 8:00 Tommy's and Lindy's
Fort Oglethorpe 18-A Ronald M. Mullins Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Ft. Oglethorpe Lions Clubhouse
Fort Valley 18-E James E. Bloodworth Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Bank of Fort Valley
Gainesville 18-D Richard Sargent Tuesday, 12:00 Holiday Inn
Garden City 18-B Ralph O' Keefe Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Garden City Community House
Georgetown 18-C James J. Gary Sr. Thursday, 3, 7:30 C's Place
Georgia State 18-A Wayne F. Thompson Monday, 1-3, 6:00 Pickrick Restaurant
Georgia Tech 18-A Gregory P. Haas Wednesday, 1-3, 6:00 Student Center
Glascock County 18-F Bill G. Todd Monday, 1-3, 8:00 Courthouse
Glennville 18-B Clyde Woolard Monday, 1-3, 6:30 Glennville Community House
Golden Isles 18-B Sam M. Roberts Jr. Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Peddler's Restaurant
Greensboro 18-F Jim Martin Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Nathaniel Greene Restaurant
Griffin 18-E Clarence C. Gilson Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Moose Lodge
Grovetown 18-F Amiel C. Cook Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Grovetown Methodist Church
Hahira 18-C W. S. Shehan Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Lions Club Building
Hampton 18-E Grover D. Martin Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Holiday Inn
Hapeville 18-A Walter J. Cobb Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Morrison's Cafeteria
Harlem 18-F John J. Piechocinski Monday, 1-3, 8:00 Harlem Woman's Club 
Harris County 18-E Leo J. Harrell Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Holiday Inn of Callaway Gardens 
Hartwell 18-D Blane Harris Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 The Shingle Inn
Hawkinsville 18-C Lawrence Bennett Tuesday, 12:00 Dairo-O
Hazlehurst 18-B Marvin B. Williams Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Ranch House Restaurant
Heard County 18-E Louis E. Long Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Scout Hut 
Henderson Mill 18-D Frank Stutts Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Chico's Restaurant
Hinesville 18-B Asa M. Bailey Wednesday, 1, 7:30  Methodist Church
Hogansville 18-E John R. Wiggins Monday, 1-3, 12:00 American Legion 
Ideal 18-E Joe L. Turner Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Ideal Lions Club
Ila 18-D Keith Epps Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Ila Clubhouse
Irwinton 18-F Harry T. Ford Monday, 2-4, 6:30 Legion-Lions Building
Jacksonville 18-B Julian A. Williams Monday, 2, 7:30 Jacksonville Club House
Jasper 18-A Henry Carney Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Woodbridge Inn
Jefferson 18-D Robert F. Hopper Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Marlow's Café
Jekyll Island 18-B Edwin H. McCormick Tuesday, 1-3, 6:30 Wanderer Motel
Jesup 18-B Wayne Coulter Tuesday, 2-4, 6:45 Holiday Inn
Jones County 18-F George L. Jackson Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Town House Restaurant
Kingsland 18-B Douglas L. Benton Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Lions Club
La Fayette 18-A Larry P. Haun Thursday, 12:00 Surrey Restaurant
La Grange 18-E Steve E. Kilgore Tuesday, 12:00 Davis Steak and Pizza 
Lakeview 18-A T. L. Shivers Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Lakeview Elementary School
Lanier County 18-B Ben I. Copeland Wednesday, 2-4, 12:00 La Co Restaurant
Laurel Ridge 18-D Alton R. Jones Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Kentucky Fried Chicken
LaVista 18-D Charles G. Shockley Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Druid Hills Golf Club
Lavonia 18-D Roy W. Smith Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 City Café
Lawrenceville 18-D Fred B. Webb Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Edge's Restaurant
Leesburg 18-C Henry W. Martin Monday, 2-4, 8:00 American Legion House
Liberty Coastal 18-B Sidney M. Bush Jr. Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Various
Lilburn 18-D J. Ora Vaughn Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Lilburn Elementary School Cafeteria
Lincolnton 18-F C. R. Fentriss Thursday, 4, 7:00 Clubhouse
Lithonia 18-D James D. Ragsdale Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 Granny's Kitchen
Locust Grove 18-E Dan V. Joiner Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Locust Grove Elementary School
Loganville 18-D Wayne Morris Monday, 1-3, 7:30 American Legion Shed
Louisville 18-F J. Ray Mitchell Wednesday, 2-4, 8:00 Lions Club Bldg.
Lumpkin 18-C Charles B. Smith Monday, 1-3, 7:30 June's Motel Lions Den
Lyons 18-B Joe W. Roberts Monday, 2-4, 12:00 The Cabaret
Macon  18-E Walter Danuenberg Tuesday, 1:10 Macon Health Club
Macon- Rutland 18-E Wiley Hutchinson Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Porter-Ellis Community Center
Macon Vine-Ingle 18-E A. Stanford Adams Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Sheraton Motor Inn
Madison 18-F Frank W. Nunn Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Fair Building
Manchester 18-E Knox H. Hughey Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 City Café
Marietta 18-A William E. Nutts Sr. Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Y.W.C.A. 
Marietta East Marietta 18-A Frank A. Collins Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Holiday Inn
Martin 18-D Terry Moss Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Martin Community Center
Martinez-Evans 18-F Ronald E. Jones Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Captain's Kitchen
Mc Caysville 18-A Guy F. Livingston Tuesday, 1-3, 6:15 Arp's Restaurant
Mc Donough 18-E Jason J. Patrick Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Jackson's Restaurant
Mc Rae 18-B Sid Hodges Monday, 12:00 Mc Ginty Restaurant
Menlo 18-A Wilburn A. Hutchins Monday, 1-3, 8:00 Menlo School Cafeteria
Metter 18-B M. J. Fulghum Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Metter Motel
Midville 18-F Jack Brady Tuesday, 1-3, 8:00 Mc Kinney's Pond
Milan 18-B Rabun Crumper Monday, 3, 7:00 Milan School Lunchroom
Millen 18-F Cecil Buchanan Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Millen Community House
Monroe 18-D Horace Pannell Monday, 2-4, 7:30 VFW
Montezuma 18-E Jim B. Harris Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Woman's Club House
Montgomery County 18-B Robert L. Brawner Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Frank's Country Kitchen
Morrow 18-E William C. Mc Berry Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Wisteria Restaurant
Moultrie 18-C Jack King Monday, 7:30 Colquitt Hotel
Mountain View 18-A Joseph M. Rosser Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Mountain View Elementary School
National Hills 18-F Jason O. Sizemore Friday , 1-3, 8:00 Thunderbird Inn
Newington 18-F Charles E. Lee Tuesday, 3, 7:30 Newington Café
Newnan 18-E Dan G. Wright Thursday, 1-3, 7:00 The Newnan House
Norcross 18-D Jimmy Pittman Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Girl Scout Hut
North DeKalb 18-D Herbert P. Gable Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Golfland Restaurant
Ocilla 18-C Charles H. Powell Thursday, 2-4, 12:00 Ocilla Community House
Oconee 18-D Jack Thomas Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Davis House Cafeteria
Oglethorpe 18-E James T. Turner Thursday, 2-4, 7:00 Lions Clubhouse
Oxford 18-F Robert M. Budd Sr. Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Community House
Patterson 18-B William F. Roundtree Monday, 1-3, 6:30 Patterson Café
Peachtree 18-D Samuel N. Werbin Tuesday, 1-3, 12:00 Golfland Restaurant
Pearson 18-B Johnnie Herron Tuesday, 1-3, 12:00 Smokehouse Restaurant
Pembroke 18-B Schirm C. Carter Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Busy Bee Restaurant
Pelham 18-C Ray E. Tew Tuesday, 2-4, 12:00 Floyd Hotel
Perry 18-E Harold G. Norsworthy Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 New Perry Hotel
Piedmont 18-A William J. Dunkin Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Pinetree Country Club
Pike County 18-E R. Larry Lynch Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Various
Plains 18-C C. L. Walters Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Lions Clubhouse
Pooler 18-B Roy G. Thomas Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Trinity United Methodist Church
Port Wentworth 18-B Cecil M. Tuten Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Lions Clubhouse
Poulan 18-C Edwin Sumner Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Poulan School Lunchroom
Pulaski 18-C Charles H. Martin Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Steak House  
Quitman 18-C Curtis Conner Thursday, 7:30 Lions Club Building
Rehoboth  18-D Rollie F. Bailey Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Bonanza
Reidsville 18-B J. Lewis Lynn Monday, 3, 7:30 Garden Club  Community House
Richland 18-C John T. Whatley Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Steak House Restaurant
Richmond Hill 18-B William E. Toler Wednesday, 4, 7:30 Recreation Center
Rincon 18-B Kim Warnoch Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Tom's Shake & Burger
Riverdale 18-E Larry E. Craft Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Hill Billy Steak House
Rochelle 18-C Al Crenshaw Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Community Center
Rock Spring 18-A Harold C. Thacker Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Rock Spring Elementary School
Rockmart 18-A Owen B. Funsch Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Women's Club
Rome 18-A Charles E. Darby Tuesday, 12:30 Holiday Inn
Rossville 18-A James Ron Nicholson Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Clubhouse
Roswell 18-A Harold P. McDonough Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Roswell Community Center
Royston  18-D LeMoyne A. Brunson Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Roystonian Restaurant
St. Mary's 18-B William B. Bennett Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Antoinette's Restaurant
Sandersville 18-F William Fred Todd Friday, 1:00 Arcade Grill
Sandy Springs 18-A E. L. Long Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Morrison's Cafeteria
Savannah 18-B Victor J. Ceryanee Thursday, 1:00 Downtowner Motel
Savannah Port City 18-B Robert "Bob" H. Bovee Tuesday, 7:00 Eric's Restaurant
Screven 18-B John H. Lewis Tuesday, 2-4, 7:30 Recreation Center
Senoia 18-E Kenneth Deitle Monday, 2-4, 7:30 American Legion Building
Shellman 18-C J. M. Dunn Thursday, 1-3, 8:00 Oliver Hall
Smyrna 18-A Lewis M. Reagin Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Harvey's Restaurant
Smyrna Jonquil City 18-A Harold D. Carter Friday,1-3, 12:15 Sizzler Family Steak House
Snellville 18-D Raymond L. Odum Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Walton E.M.C. Building
Social Circle 18-D Grady P. Lenonds Monday, 1-3, 7:00 School Cafeteria
Soperton 18-F James Windsor Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Soperton Club House
South Cobb 18-A Bob Thomas Monday, 1-3, 7:30 Mickey's Restaurant
Southern Tech 18-A Charles W. Aud Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Southern Tech Library 
Southside Community  18-E Karl T. Bechtel Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Y.M.C.A.
Southwest Dekalb 18-D Thomas R. Anderson Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Bonanza Steak House
Sparta 18-F Marvin G. Pound Jr. Wednesday, 1:00 Community House
Springfield 18-B Bobby Massey Thursday, 2, 7:30 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Statesboro 18-B J. Mooney Prosser Tuesday, 2-4, 1:00 Mrs. Bryants Kitchen
Stockbridge 18-E R. G. Kelley Monday, 1-3, 7:00 My Place Café
Stone Mountain 18-D Emory F. Maddox Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Granny's Kitchen
Summerville 18-A David H. Petitt Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Chattanooga High Cafeteria
Swainsboro 18-F Louie Dryden Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Tick Tock Restaurant
Sylvania 18-F Ray R. Robbins Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Town House Restaurant
Sylvester 18-C Marion Gill Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Town Restaurant
Talbotton 18-E Eugene Culpepper Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Talbotton Restaurant
Tallapoosa 18-E Gordon Heath Tuesday, Ea., 12:30 Tally Mountain Club
Tallulah Falls 18-D Melvin G. Smith Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Tugalo Community House
Thomaston 18-E Harold Maguire Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Hotel Upson
Thomasville 18-C Ralph H. Fudge Thursday, 7:00 Plaza Restaurant
Thomson 18-F Marion E. Greene Tuesday, 7:00 Lions  Building
Tifton 18-C Billy R. Wiseman Monday, 12:00 Chalet Inn
Toccoa 18-D Lamar Davis Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Sheraton Motor Inn
Towns County 18-D William M. Bannister Wednesday, 2-4, 7:30 Young Harris College Cafeteria
Trion 18-A William M. Barker Monday, 1-3, 6:30 Riegeldale Tavern
Tucker 18-D William B. Zieburtz Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Bonanza Sirloin Pit
Tunnel Hill 18-A Jerome Q. Thomas Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Tunnel Hillian Restaurant
Twiggs County 18-F James K. Maddox Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Rustic Cafe
Twin City 18-F Carloe Langford Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Twin City Community House
Unadilla 18-C Alley Y. Pittard Thursday, 2-4, 12:00 Town House Restaurant
Union County 18-D Elmer Thompson Thursday, 1-3, 7:30 Milton Inn
Union Point 18-F Ernest E. Newsome Tuesday, 1-3, 7:00 Community Center
Valdosta 18-C William B. Shirmans Tuesday, 12:00 Holiday Inn
Valdosta Evening 18-C Ivey W. Plair Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Valdosta Elks Lodge
Vidalia 18-B Dent L. Temples Monday, 6:30 Southern Cafeteria
Vienna 18-C Buford W. Carr Jr. Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Colonial Inn
Villa Rica 18-E J. Hoyt Thomas Thursday, 2-4, 7:30 Treasure Lake Country Club
Wadley 18-F Donald F. Lumpkin Monday, 1-3, 7:00 Wadley Café
Warner Robins 18-E Robert W. Wentz Wednesday, 2-4, 7:30 20th Century Cafeteria
Warner Robins Noon 18-E James R. Clance Monday, 2-4, 1:00 Warner Robins Country Club
Warwick 18-C Theodore F. Myers Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Lions Recreation Center
Washington 18-F Manuel Hunter Monday, 7:30 Lions Club Bldg.
Waycross 18-B James D. Bowan Tuesday, 1:00 Ware Hotel
Waycross Okefenokee 18-B Bill Barber Monday, 7:30 Holiday Inn
Waynesboro 18-F William R. Morgan Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Waynesboro Motor Court
West Cobb 18-A Melvin N. Cowey Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 At's Dinner Bell
West Jackson 18-D Leroy W. Kinney Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Family Recreation
West Point 18-E Paul Fiquett Wednesday, 12:00 Tiki Restaurant
Westside 18-A Lester E. Norton Monday, 2-4, 7:00 West Side School
White County 18-D Hoyal Priestly Monday, 2-4, 7:00 Gateway Restaurant
Wilmington Island 18-B Richard W. Seitz Tuesday, 1-3, 7:30 Jug Parrish
Winder 18-D Robert H. Odum Thursday, 2-4, 7:15 Winder Lions Clubhouse
Winterville 18-D Kenneth D. Hodges Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Winterville Lions Club Building
Woodbine 18-B Dan A. Williams Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Plaza Restaurant
Woodbury 18-E Lynwood Moreland Monday, 2-4, 7:30 Woodbury Youth Club House
Woodstock 18-A Joe C. Long lll Tuesday, 2-4, 7:00 Old Dixie Inn
Wrens 18-F H. Woodrow New Tuesday, 1-3, 6:30 Boy Scout Clubhouse
Wrightsville 18-F Eugene Attawat Tuesday, 2-4, 6:30 Paul's Café


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